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  1. Hi Brizio how r ya? this build is lookin pretty nice!!! i have a ? for u.i am trying to build Tamiya GT3 and put a modern water cooled engine/Drivetrain in said build. any ideas where that might come from? kit or seperate, doesnt matter,thanks shaun.
  2. that looks very professionally done nice work!
  3. Dude i would lose those scoops as well, unless u were to widen the rear fenders, paint color I tits!
  4. Very cool offsetting the engine /drivetrain to the right.I presume, that is for steering column /gear clearance?
  5. hi Ray! wow now i think ive seen just about every kind of scale model cobra there ever was?????????? have fun !
  6. Hey Fodder,I love that steering wheel in the 1/1 pics at the beginning of ur build! Nice work so far
  7. dude everytime i see a,build and it says MOPAR,I Think its yours and again absolute brilliance! this is super cool !
  8. yea shoot Delete no way I say! that one looks pretty cool as well as Kenny Boys version.good stuff u guys!
  9. lookin downhill from here! i think its awesome u have such profound knowledge of how to play nice with your paints!
  10. very nice fab work, are you gonna keep it period correct, or add modern upgrades?
  11. Dave,,super cool of you to post those Reference shots !
  12. Hey Jonathan, Awesome build,did u say which kit maker this came from? Thanks Shaun
  13. Hey Jim, alright alright, alright! I love the metalflake in the paint!.Nice details on the HEMI !
  14. Good start, keep on it! Ur lookin good!#SUPERBIKE_SHAUN
  15. Great, ,,,,,,just what,I need Randy, more AWESOME inspiration from U!
  16. Hey Randy,thanks so much for sharing your work,and reference material! As ever,your manipulation of this kit so far,looks pretty nice
  17. Wow, Bobby,somthing,tells me,if you wanted to cast copy s of that you could do it w/one hand behind your back! AWESOME stuff bro
  18. Hey KmB,I think if you can find,a Gunze Sanyo kit, I think you will be pretty happy, what u need to know is these kits all come as a curbside,kit though,,,so if u like your builds,w/ engine and drivetrain details you might want to pick up an older AURORA models,Ferrari BERLINETTA, that will have said engine and drivetrain details. Good luck,superbike-shaun.
  19. Hey Mitchell, great work! The engine bay looks soooo real,,,u should be HAPPY!
  20. Nah ahh, I have the exact location of that missing exhaust tip.(lol) this is looking awesome can u tell us about the interior color ?Please
  21. JJ,awesome work, did u use the paint warming technique?
  22. This looks awesome especially after having Cheyenne take it down and throw a suplex on it!
  23. I'm watching also only bcuz I have this one (and the Johan one) to see what u do with it!Shaun
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