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  1. haha nice!! My hat's off to you! Most people would be too scared to drive a beaut like that, never mind track it kudos
  2. Nice mustang family! I love the true blue! I have only seen one in the wild besides mine. Mine at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga
  3. Thanks... I now have new kits for my wish list...Now I'll I need is New Edge Mustang GT kit and some True Blue paint to make a copy of mine
  4. LOL I tried them but they kept falling apart lol.. I think I pushed too hard with the toothpicks. I also think it's because I used aluminum tape. I tried making my own foil. I went to Micheals but in Canada they don't have the metal leaf glue. The lady recommended I use Mod Podge glue and wait for it to get tacky... but it was a fail!
  5. Beautiful! I had to take a 2nd look because of how life like it is
  6. Here is another first attempt at foiling: C&C are welcome.
  7. Haha Thanks guys! this engine was my practice engine as I'm building the Mach1 @vamach1 I saw this reference pic as well, but I have no idea how to make the blue pipe thingy with the shinys!? Also how does everyone make the ignition coil? you guys are very helpful cant thank you enough
  8. Noice! Can you explain what's happening starting from your carb... to the thingy... and then? Sorry, I just drive my mustang... only know the basics.... gas = go faster. learning this is pretty cool.
  9. okay cool and this fuel distribution block looks like nothing I made? what happens after does it then it connect to the fuel line to the pump?
  10. Thanks, Here's the photo I referenced. It's a '67 but I had a hard time finding one with a cross boss intake manifold. I see flex lines from the carb going to something. I figured it was a fuel filter. your help is appreciated
  11. Thanks, it was hard to find reference pics of the lower rights side. I also don't know where the 9th wire goes
  12. okay so here is my first attempt at engine detailing. C&C is welcome thanks
  13. I didn't realize that, always thought it was one then the other. Either way great work
  14. Really love the weathering. The stripes are a little too clean. you might want to sponge dab some of the base coat to show weathering through the stripes
  15. You're in Ontario? Well, if you sprayed within the last few days the humidity was through the roof! In T.O. It was like 92%. That would cause the wrinkling. Anyhoo... cant wait to see what you work on next
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