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  1. woodsnake added a post in a topic FAQ's?   

    Just to let everyone know, I haven't given up on the car. I let it sit for a total of two weeks, and the paint came off enough that I can now get back to work on it. I also got a copy of "custom car modeling" on ebay. Lots of tips, yes but mostly black and white. Oh welll.
    Once I get some actual progress pictures, I will post them up.
  2. woodsnake added a post in a topic FAQ's?   

    Well, after a few days, I am seeing some real signs of paint failure. Underneath the red color, is an ugly 'Dukes of hazzard" orange....The interior is coming back to clean white plastic. I guess I will just let it soak for a few more days. I am not in a hurry at this point in time.
    I am glad that the purple power won't weaken the plastic! That was my fear with the brake fluid, that it would melt the plastic.

  3. woodsnake added a post in a topic FAQ's?   

    I have had my cougar now soaking well over night, in a sandwich bag with purple power degreaser, straight.
    It doesn't look like the paint has been touched. So if I go buy a bottle of brake fluid, what do you guys do with the old fluid? Just throw it out in the trash after the paint has been disolved?
  4. woodsnake added a post in a topic FAQ's?   

    Thanks guys! I recently started my first decent day job in almost two years, and so I don't have as much free time as I would like. However, I will be puting the 427 in the Cougar body! I am still debating painting it like my 67 Cougar XR7, which is a one of two by color combo, or if I will go with the primer gray of my hotrod 68 Cougar.
    I will try and do some more reading....

  5. woodsnake added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Hey guys,
    I know I am a newbie here, and I haven't had a chance to read all the previous posts about some of my questions.
    But, there are a few things I am particulalrly interested in finding out.
    For example, what is the most prefered method of paint removal for a barnfind?
    Who likes brake fluid over purple power paint stripper, and why?
    What do you guys use for detail stuff, like spark plug wires? I have three "real" Mercury Cougar's that I am in the middle of working on. Two are serious restomods, the other will be a cosmetic restoration, with upgraded drive train bits.

    I would like to perhaps make a copy of my 67 Cougar XR7, to show with the real car, instead of the XR7 GT-E I was thinking of. Tough call for me.
    I spent a lot of time while I was deployed planning engine build and drivetrain variations, I guess I will have more of the same with the kit restoration!

    Also, what are some of your favorite tools to use on a barn find restoration? Other than an exacto knife? I was enjoying the read on using soap and water to freeze apart a built kit, I never would have thouhgt of that.
    Dremel tools seem like they would spin too fast to be a viable option.

    I also was reading about using automotive body filler and paint primer for plastic kits. That seems like it would be much harder to work with, than some other plastic filler. But?

    Curious what you all have to say, and I aplolgize if I have missed a previous thread on these topics. If so, mods please let me know and delete this thread.
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  6. woodsnake added a post in a topic New guy to an old past time   

    Also, here is a link to my car page,

    And, an ad for a 71 Mustang I have for sale, in Idaho.
    If you know anybody that wants one, please help me find this one a new home! I don't want to have to pay to move it out here to NY if I don't have to.


    As I will be working on the Cougar exclusively, what catagory should I start posting in?
  7. woodsnake added a post in a topic Mopar guys DON'T LOOK!   

    Wow....One of my biggest pet peeves is when guys put a chevy motor in any Ford chassis, I've never seen somebody transplant a Y block into anything else before!!!!!!!!
  8. woodsnake added a post in a topic New guy to an old past time   

    Hopefully you guys can see these, I am learning how to post pictures here as I go...

  9. woodsnake added a post in a topic New guy to an old past time   

    Thanks guys! Here are a few shots of the begining bits and pieces that I am working with.
  10. woodsnake added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New guy to an old past time
    Hello all you fellow model car builders! I have been away from scale model cars for many, many years. But, I now find that my only outlet
    for building cars will be small ones for a while, and so since I will have the time to dedicate, I would like to do a better job than when I was a teenager.
    I recently bought a 68 Cougar and a Cobra on ebay, and will be creating a "GT-E" type car, while my real fleet of cars are waiting for me out west.
    I will put up some pictures soon, and try to update as I go along.
    I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the rest of you who have done what I am doing, so that I can get a good looking kit, to show with my
    "real" cars!

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