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  1. In addition, could someone clear for me, what color should be the bottom, frame ?
  2. Alright, Looks like winter is finally over north of the border, and I got the first coat of primer on! I'm deciding on the color, I've researched the original 69 GM colors and the local Canadian tire/wallmarts Krylon selections. I can go Hugger Orange, Buttermilk, Black, Red or Burgundy For me the blue metallics or champagne/Olympic gold colors are the best on this beast but I don't see the rattle cans of this color near by. The color that grabbed my attention is Krylons Hunter Green which is sort of darker than GM rallye green but lighter than Fathom. But I think it would make a deep, nice color on the car. It would have to be one color though without the stripe on side, because I doubt that there any chevelle decals in 1/43 and have no idea of how to replicate such a thin stripe manually.
  3. And I'm sorry for all those questions! School and work limit my time conducting research!
  4. Hello everyone! This is going to be my first try in plastic scale modeling! Im an developing fan of classic cars and all that stuff. Have a small collection personal favorites in 1/43's and 1/64's and recently got my hands on one of my muscle car fav's - the 1969 Chevelle. This model is not replicated in 1/43 by anyone, except for the AMT kit which I have, so I've signed up myself for some adventure! I did some diecast repaints before and tried the BMF so the though of the shaker can approach or foiling dosent scare me. Nonethelss, since this is a plastic body, I though I'd turn to your expertise here! So first...pic of my kit, and some motivational photos. I believe one is the work of our forum colleague, stevehansen, and the other of a japanese (?) builder. So my first concern to get it painted, pick a color combo and achieve that nice shiny surface. Here are my questions: - Im from Canada and going to use the Krylon rattle can paint. It can do its job, I've checked on metal diecast, but in dealing with plastic want to be sure. Apart from using the primer, what is the technique? Specifically I'm interested in how many levels its best to paint a plastic kit - 1-2 wet coats, or rather several more mist coats? How does the buffing and wet sanding procedure work? If I got paint wrong, can I put in in Circa 1850 paint remover, or should I use less active paint stripper? Can I paint with in a garage with +10 celcius degrees? Or wait for warmer? There are some question on the car: What color did they factory paint the belly and frame on this one? What were major distinction between 69 Chevelle and 69 Malibu? I dont want to mess with stripes common to SS so maybe will go with the Malibu variant. In any case, so far its still winter here in Ontario, and I've been buying up stuff. Here's what I've got: - Meguiar's Ultimate Compound - Tamya modeling tape - BMF Ultra Chrome (regular, I heard is better though) + modeling knife - Circa 1850 stripping - Krylon paint at local stores - Sand Paper 800/2000 grit Thanks for reading!
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