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  1. Cragar is correct sorry about the spelling. The Model i want these for is a 1970 Buick gsx. We had put 15 in front cant remember how wide on the front and 15 in'60 on the back all with brand new Cragar out of the box and mounted by our local tire store, He past away before we could finish the real car, and his parents scraped it 3 days after he paste.
  2. anybody know ware I can get 2 krager rims with 60 in 1/25 mounted on them. and of course I will need matching front tires but not 60's?
  3. No It wasn't recent or I would have cried my eyes out instead of bought it. it still hurts but some of the sting is gone. I am glad to find it however. it does bring back a lot of good memory's and some bad ones to. What we had done and and what still makes me angry is we had over $1000.00 sunk into the restoration when his parents scraped it. They Knew I would be coming to get the car to finish it for my friend. But bygone are bygone I can do this just like we planed on doing the real one. Thanks every one for your condolincis. Now that I can get pictures off my phone you will see the progress.
  4. my best friend and i were working on a 1970 Buick GSX that we dug out of a scrap yard. The real car was striped down to frame after we got it and we started from there. we got the new floors in and the body totally redone and primered and wire harshness backin. we were waiting on the tranny rear and engine and motor when my friend was killed in an auto accident. Three weeks later I went to get the car and his family had scraped it. I found the 70 Buick GSX model in a store on clearance. I snagged it the seconded. I saw it. soon as I learn to get pictures off my phone I will up date you all I am doing it just as we had it planed none of the factory non-sence.
  5. I go at least once a week mainly for paint and when I get my Resin 68 Buick skylark for the other models to finish the skylark.
  6. havent gotten it yet but will be getting a 1968 resin buick skylark. cant wait.
  7. Just heard back from Steve at Perrys Resin and he has the 68 after all this time of looking I am very excited. thanks everybody for your help!!!!!!!!
  8. Just E-mailed R&R on the 68 I hope they have one its a very special car to me. Thanks for the help lets just hope but please keep the suggestions coming just in case.
  9. Ware would be the best place to have the bode and frame of a 1968 Buick Scylark and fram cast? I have been looking for one forever.
  10. Hi all My name is dan. I hale from Michigan I had not done a model for 38 years now I am disabled and unabled to work. I needed something and had no idea what. then my son came to me with help with his snap tite. A light bulb went off in my head and I have been doing models every sense, and loveing it.
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