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  1. '69 Chevy Nova SS

    I think over all you have a nice clean build. I agree with trying different paint system with your next build. Its good that you try different techniques.
  2. 50 Olds Rocket 88

    Thank you every one for your kind words. I appreciate them.
  3. 50 Olds Rocket 88

    Just finished this kit tonight. I built it box stock. I really like this kit so much that I bought another one. The kit went together with no fitment issues but there were a few things that I could have done better like the BMF and the paint could have come out a little nicer but I'm happy with how it turned out. The only thing I have to complain about are the white wall decals, they were a pain and they would have been nicer had the white walls been printed on the tires The only thing that I think could be considered custom would be the color, it's Testors Deja blue. To my surprise my daughter who is a true girly girl took a liking to this model when I was building it and asked if she could have it when I finished so now it sits on her dresser. She was so excited to have it on display that she couldn't wait to show my wife. Here are a few pics hope you like it. As always I ask for your opinions and constructive criticism so that I can learn more tips from all of you great builders as well as sharpen my skills. Thank you
  4. scratch building header question

  5. scratch building header question

    Thanks for the tips and its good to see that this thread can help others who want to build there own headers.
  6. scratch building header question

    Are there resin casts made? If so, what would the venders name be? Thanks for the advise.
  7. scratch building header question

    I want to learn how to make my own headers for a project I'm thinking about. I've tried youtube but I'm not finding anything. Would anyone know where I could find some how to videos or tutorials. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Dr Crankys Rat Rod

  9. Moebius Belvedere

    I just bought this kit I didn't check to see if the body was warped. I'll have to do that later but so far I am a little disappointed with the body panel lines being so shallow. Granted they could be scribed deeper but for the price of the kit no one should have to. I have the Chrysler 300 and Hudson kits they are very nice so comparing those to the Belvedere kit I feel let down by the body from this kit. I just hope its not warped.
  10. I have found that if you apply the primer in heavy coats you will get cracking or crazing. If you want to try to do it again apply lighter coats and hopefully that will help. I've sent a UPC label a couple of times for new bodies and parts and yeah it can take some time to get the part but give it a try if you want. They send the replacements free of charge so there is no risk invovled.
  11. 69 camaro

    I haven't been doing much work at the bench lately and this project has been sitting for a while. I started getting the itch again to do some building so got back to working on this again not much is done. Before the cold weather started and I took a little brake I was able to get the body painted. The past couple of nights I been sanding and polishing it. For my first black paint job it came out pretty good not perfect but I think acceptable. Thought I share a couple of pics, let me know what you think. Thanks.
  12. Golden Submarine

    Was searching around of some images of cars and saw this and thought this would make a cool kit and its something different. I am not sure if it would be a big seller or if it would catch anyone's attention but I like it.
  13. 69 Nova Street/Strip

    Awesome work!!
  14. 1969 Plymouth GTX - 440, 4 Speed, a Resto Car

    You are doing some great work I really like the color. Nice detail on the engine can't wait to see more.
  15. 69 camaro

    It's been slow going. I'm not able to get too much bench time. Much of my time is spent with my kids so maybe one or two hours during the week after they go to bed. It is still in the mock up stages but I did finish setting the stance that I wanted. Next I'll start working on the engine but for now here are some pics of what I got. Not a lot of progress but a little something is better than nothing. Also going to try to open up the grill so I was thinking the best and fastest way would be with a dremmel. It will be my first time attempting this so any tips are appreciated. Thanks