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  1. Thank you everyone for the compliments. I really appreciate them and I am glad that you like it.
  2. I've been working on this off and on for a long time. Its a box stock 300c. This kit is really detailed well and I enjoyed this build a lot. It went together with out any fit problems. The only problem I had with it was when I mocked it up I noticed the chassis was twisted. I'm not sure why but nothing that some hot water and some tweaking couldn't fix. The paint is Model Master white with 3 coats of Wet Look clear sanded and polished. I liked this kit so much I bought another one. I'm giving this one to a friend of mine who told me the 57 300c is his dream car. I hope you all like it. Thanks for looking. P.S. I was playing around and had thoughts of doing this kit in prostreet. I'm not sure because I like the stock look a lot. I thought it was just different and haven't seen one done that way. There are mock up picks at the end. Again, it's just a thought but tell what you think.
  3. Thanks everyone for your compliments. I really appreciate them and happy that you all liked it.
  4. Thanks Claude for your compliment. I should have mentioned that I applied 3 coats of Wet look Clear. When polishing I start with 4000 grit sand paper working my up to 12000 grit. Then I use Mcguires fine scratch polishing compound and finish with a coat of mothers car wax.
  5. I'm proud of this build. I did a lot of firsts with this one. First time tubbing the rear, scratch building a roll bar, and scratch building the wheelie bars. I scratch built a MSD box, and smoothed the fire wall. The side marker lights and the side louvers on the fenders were shaved off. I used valve covers from a NASCAR kit and used a resin radiator and shroud from B N L Resins. Paint is Tamiya TS-8 Italian red. So happy with this one that I would like to bring it to a show some day. Well, I hope you all like it.
  6. So its been a long time since I posted something. I haven't been at the bench for a while and had a couple of projects just sitting idle. This one me got back into building and now I've started another build while I finished this one. This kit I built for my youngest daughter whom I was surprised asked me to build her model. She likes pink so I painted it Electric pink. Not a color I would choose for any of my builds, honestly, I don't like this color but pink is her favorite and when she saw it she loved it. I didn't mock it up like I normally do when I start my builds but with this one I just went with it. I didn't do much detailing, it was all about the color. It doesn't sit on all fours wheels which is a pet peeve of mine when I'm finishing a model but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. She is going to like it anyway, hopefully. I think it turned pretty good. Well I just wanted to post it to show. Glad to be at the bench again.
  7. WOW!! They look awesome. Great builds.
  8. Outstanding job!!! Way better than my first paint job. Can't to see what else he finishes.
  9. Is it just me or do other people feel like a lot of the REVELL kits on EBAY are price gouged. I get that there are some kits that are rare, so those I can see going for $50 and I understand that there is uncertainty with the future of REVELL but come on!! To me it feels like the sellers are taking advantage and that's frustrating.
  10. I showed him all of your wonderful comments and he was really excited that you all like his model. Thanks everyone for all the great comments.
  11. Hi Nick, he is 5 years old. I hope you have a memorable time with your grandson as I did with my son.
  12. We went to Hobby Lobby to see what was on the shelves in the model section and my son who is big in to monster Jam right now saw the MAD MAX snap kit. He asked me if he was old enough to build it. Then said to me I could help him if he doesn't understand the instructions. I thought to myself why not he's a smart kid. We got home and got right to building after an hour and half he completed the kit and was so excited to have finished his model that he couldn't wait to show everybody. I couldn't be more proud of him.
  13. Your Camaro looks awesome! Nice build.
  14. I know its a long shot but I would like to see a 75 impala kit.
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