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  1. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  2. New reissue announcement from Round 2

    Safe Weld! Good stuff!
  3. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod Done

    Cool build! I know what you mean about that suspension. I put one of these together too, and the whole thing is a little tricky to get lined up and set right. I struggled with the opening hood, so great to see that you have that working and lined up very nicely. If those doors sag on you or if you can't get them tight, you can put a little tab in bottom corner to keep it evenly closed. Some other folks here might have some better advice than that, but it worked for me. I bet some of the best weathering techniques were discovered by accident, so you will definitely have to revisit that technique you painted over. Thanks for sharing your progress.
  4. My First Airbrush - Shopping list

    Yeah, good list, and I agree with the compressor idea and lube. No matter where you are locating this setup, I would definitely get a moisture trap. They are inexpensive and can save you some trouble with paint jobs.
  5. Holy Smokes!

    Very creative and certainly a different way to brush paint your model car finish - thanks for sharing
  6. Southeast Gassers Video...a Little Time Travel

    If you can go see them, go - even if it means a little road time. I watched them race at Commerce GA in 2014, and I want to see the group race again some time soon.
  7. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I found a slew of Just Plug LED lights (both stick-on and nano) at Hobby Lobby on clearance. My hopes are that these can be used in several projects that I have planned - science fiction, cars - you name it. I couldn't resist the the price on the lights, and I used a coupon to help out the with the power supply and hub. I haven't tried them out yet or found out much else about them, but they look promising for some very cool displaying in scale modeling.
  8. Hmmm....maybe some epoxy? Add just enough to let it level with the part and settle at the correct angle? It shouldn't react to the plastic. Curious to see what you end up doing. Good luck!
  9. "Wild Willys" Snap-Draggin

    Cool! I have one of these on the bench that I have pushed aside too. I like the ideas that you have incorporated. What did you use for the smoke on the tires - is that a caulking of some sort? Are the flames made of the same and painted? I can't decide what to do with the windows on mine and whether or not to do an interior, but I like how you just blacked yours out. Thanks for posting your build!
  10. Moebius Proteus kit

    I am interested in the Moebius Proteus kit if anyone has one that they would like to trade. I have several auto and truck kits to trade (including some large 1:16 scale). I can send a list if there is an area that you have an interest in. I also have similar sci fi kits to trade including: MPC Space: 1999 22' Eagle TransporterMoebius Mars AttacksMoebius DerelictRevell Star Wars Snap Tite Max Millenium Falcon and Poe's FighterThanks!
  11. blown straight 6

    Nice job with something really different - I like to see the "out of the box" stuff - thanks for sharing
  12. '69 Camaro Z/28 RS - Show Winner

    Yes, very nice touch on the headliner. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Yes, great build! What is the purpose of the diamond plate on top of the front fenders for this type of truck - is it for standing on and accessing the engine? Just curious as I've never seen that before. Again, excellent build, and thanks for posting.
  14. some issues...

    Good point - uBlock is another good one, not to mention they can help with speeding up your page load. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm?hl=en
  15. Wanted - Monogram Poison Pinto (Unbuilt)

    Good comparison info. It looks like a conversion would be pretty difficult but not impossible. There are more differences than I thought. Btw Rich, apologies and no intent to take over your topic, but if anything, I figure this might give your search more attention. Good luck!