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  1. Bandai HG 1/144 with some light wash using a pen and Tamiya paint. This model features the stick-on decals which are thin and good as can be for stick-on, but I wish I would have purchased some water slide decals instead. I don’t like to see raised edges, and these stick-on decals can’t be softened in to seams and what not. All in all, this was a fun kit, and I would like to do another version some time.
  2. Bandai HG 1/144 with DL decals and a light wash with marker and Tamiya paint. This is my first time doing a Gundham - more ‘model’ like assembly than I thought. This was a lot of fun, and I’m working on another already.
  3. I'm pulling this one out of the box yet again just to try and get something finished - we'll see if it gets done this time. I'm debating on how far to go with the chassis detail. I decided on clear glass so I'm just going with a very simplified interior - still have a bit to go. Here are a few progress pics. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi Joseph, Scott: Georgia Mountain Modelers is a great scale modeling club that meets every month in Cumming - not too far from you and much closer than ACME. This is a great bunch, and I highly recommend GMM. Meetings are the last Tuesday of every month at Northside Hospital, Bldg 1400. I'm going to pm you with my contact information in case you need to know more. I was in Blue Ridge a few weeks ago and really saddened to hear that Free Time Hobbies is now online only. I wasn't expecting that with the spectacular new site they just built. Oh well. I hope you can attend GMM - would love to have you.
  5. Excellent work - I like the stance and the way that you extended the weathering on the hub cabs. I never get tired of these trucks.
  6. Good advice for test fitting first. At this point though, you might be able to do a small bit of correction when you attach the body to the chassis by gluing one side at a time, etc.
  7. Cool build! I know what you mean about that suspension. I put one of these together too, and the whole thing is a little tricky to get lined up and set right. I struggled with the opening hood, so great to see that you have that working and lined up very nicely. If those doors sag on you or if you can't get them tight, you can put a little tab in bottom corner to keep it evenly closed. Some other folks here might have some better advice than that, but it worked for me. I bet some of the best weathering techniques were discovered by accident, so you will definitely have to revisit that technique you painted over. Thanks for sharing your progress.
  8. Yeah, good list, and I agree with the compressor idea and lube. No matter where you are locating this setup, I would definitely get a moisture trap. They are inexpensive and can save you some trouble with paint jobs.
  9. Very creative and certainly a different way to brush paint your model car finish - thanks for sharing
  10. If you can go see them, go - even if it means a little road time. I watched them race at Commerce GA in 2014, and I want to see the group race again some time soon.
  11. I found a slew of Just Plug LED lights (both stick-on and nano) at Hobby Lobby on clearance. My hopes are that these can be used in several projects that I have planned - science fiction, cars - you name it. I couldn't resist the the price on the lights, and I used a coupon to help out the with the power supply and hub. I haven't tried them out yet or found out much else about them, but they look promising for some very cool displaying in scale modeling.
  12. Hmmm....maybe some epoxy? Add just enough to let it level with the part and settle at the correct angle? It shouldn't react to the plastic. Curious to see what you end up doing. Good luck!
  13. Cool! I have one of these on the bench that I have pushed aside too. I like the ideas that you have incorporated. What did you use for the smoke on the tires - is that a caulking of some sort? Are the flames made of the same and painted? I can't decide what to do with the windows on mine and whether or not to do an interior, but I like how you just blacked yours out. Thanks for posting your build!
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