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  1. I have always liked Cougars and Mustangs. Yours gives us the best of both...I also like the under the hood situation...I am building a Cobra Jet for a project...I like your detail ideas.
  2. It is like Yen and Yang The Long and Short The Day and Night...Duality of Consciousness. Heavy Heavy Heavy. And yes I get it, and I like it.
  3. Rich you are the man on these 50s classics...Your cars bring back great memories. Thanks
  4. The 57 chevy is one of my favorites...Yours is one also....I don't know how you did it...But I like it a lot... looks so long and low...The Paint is just right...One Tuff 57. She is so nice...So not nice.
  5. Really nice work. Now I cant stop thinking about this car...Ok I am going back for one more look.
  6. Really Keen. I like your Ford. How did you get it so low....love the stance...The paint...everything.
  7. Looks like an "Endless Summer Woody"....This one has been chasin' waves...."Tubular Dreams"
  8. Really good looking. You did a great job the top looks so real.
  9. Thanks Carl always good to hear from you. Hope everything is going well for you. I have cleaned both kits with 409 and a toothbrush, rinsed with water. I have started my body work on the Mach 1. This AMT kit seems pretty nice. I think it is one of those kits that is not long on details in certain areas, for example the front suspension is molded in and rear differential/drive shaft and leaf springs are one unit. Again I think it looks OK once you have it built. Just the same I will probably go to the "Bone Yard" and find a front and rear end I like better. It looks like I am going to have my hands full with the Sedan Delivery, this kit get did not get rave reviews...Still I have been looking forward to building it. My plan is to use the Cobra Jet motor from the Mustang....It has enough optional parts to build 3 different engines. One is stock "I think its a 351" This is the one I am using in the Mach 1. The 3rd option is called a "Resto Rod" motor. The Tran'ys on all these motors seem to cut off at the bell housing. I guess this is because once the motor is installed in the Mustang you cant see it so they omitted the detail. I think I can come up with something to make it look right. Carl thanks for looking and your kind words. I will try to post pics to keep you updated on these projects....I am having a lot of trouble posting photos and I am not sure why. Website keeps giving me the message my files are to large....I have tried setting my digital camera to the lowest resolution, doing a save as to a file using the small web setting. The strange thing is I had no problems until about 3 weeks ago....with the work arounds I could post 1 maybe 2 pics....Now I cant post any.
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