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  1. and listen to your customers wants would be a great concept? I have been in the retail end of models for the last 36 years and been building for at least 55 years as well. The products Round 2 are bringing out are laughable at least,if they actually took the bull by the horn and turned out a brand new kit like Moebus or Monarch models do, which are very small home grown companys with little capital ,they could afford to bring other new one to market again.I think they would invest $30 grand in a new mold and run maybe 20,000 units tops cuz the molds are cheap aluminium and move on. Reissuing unwanted kits cuz its cheap will be the demize of the industry & hobby.my 2 cents worth.
  2. The Johan building is gone and so is everything else around it but a few houses. Heres some insder pics to enjoy.
  3. Hobby Lobby doesn't exist here in Canada , BUT if you need a GOOD hobby shop! I go to McCormick's Hobby in London, Ontario, they have the best selection of new and old out of production kits around.Yea they don't have the 40% off coupon but they have a loyalty card that gets you 25% off once you start to purchase from them. I have never seen so many Johan & AMT kits in one place other than ebag and the prices are VERY reasonable. If you ever get a chance to go you got to see it! Google it there at 241 Oxford east, London ,Ontario nice friendly place.
  4. Yes I totally agree, Yell at them Tell them how bad you want it, and maybe they willl do it???
  5. Here a picture of other rare combo kits everyone would love to see reissued.
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