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  1. Mine was an 85 Thunderbird. would accelerate on it's on if you put on the ac.
  2. youpey

    Any NEW kits ?

    Ok ty. Same stuff that's been said for a year. I thought it was something new.
  3. youpey

    Ad Blockers

    I saw similar thing only it cutoff the person sentence halfway through
  4. youpey

    Any NEW kits ?

    Ok. What's going on with revell
  5. youpey

    Ad Blockers

    Also Is there an option to just have all the ads at the bottom of a thread. I have never clicked on any ad ever because it's the internet and it's not smart to click on links that you dont know where it will take you. If the ads were stacked at the bottom they would still load but wouldn't be in the way. Also do you only get paid if people click or do they just need to load.
  6. youpey

    Ad Blockers

    The ads seem inconsistent now. The last topic I had looked like 2 or 3 pages of scrolling (on my phone), then another thread has just 1 small ad at the bottom. EDIT: I too just got 1 ad in the middle of a person's post. Not in between posts. In the middle, cutting off a sentence. At least this one was for hockey jerseys and not dating sites that I was getting last week. Edit2: ironically I got an ad for an ad blocker Edit3: changed my settings from dont block ads to block ads. I enjoy looking at people's models too much to stop using this site. If you get a paid sub to disable ads I will pay. Sorry. There is still way too many ad they are incredibly intrusive
  7. youpey

    Wats up?

    Thanks for the link to that. I will give it a couple of weeks and see how it is then. As I said, I know people need the ads for revenue but it's way too much. Between the popup ads, the ad at the top that u can never truly remove and the full page of ads in between random posts, it like 600% too much. I cant even see this full post because of the ads
  8. youpey

    Wats up?

    I would donate to not have to see these ads. In fact the amount of ads thrown in my face is making me want to stay away completely. I hate to say it, but it's TRUE. having a pop up ad on click is annoying and is causing me to look elsewhere Not the same but I had used a piece of software for literally years. They started randomly forcing ads and I immediately stopped using it. I went as far as contacting the company and telling them that forced ads drove me away. I understand the site need to make money but the amount of ads is overwhelming
  9. youpey

    Wats up?

    As much as I enjoy a good dig at people, I too saw an ad for an Asian dating website. However I have never looked, search or anything like that ever. Not dating or anything. It's a work phone too so it's a double no on that. Literally the only thing I look at on my phone Is this site, hockey, star wars and warcraft. edit. Now I'm getting ads for womans leggings and bras. Maybe if you dont have enough targeted ads they just give random. Also ll bean clothing. edit2, the ads are also way more intrusive now. I get a popup ad when I enter general, and one hovering at the top of my screen at all times. Even if I hide it, it pops up when it switches ads. It reminds me of those old free hosting sites like geocities where you got 40% ads on your page. Ads are pretty heavy now. Dare I say 200% too much
  10. I dont remember if it was this site or a different site. but Many years ago I posted a model and asked to have people criticize the issues. I wanted to put it in a contest and wanted honest opinions on what I could do better. When I post a thread on here is a model I built, I'm just sharing a passion of mine. Maybe it's good or not but I dont post for praise just to share. Sure it's nice if people like it or comment but I know my models are not as good as orher peoples. For the praise of others I typically only respond if something really grabs my attention. an unusual subject or really nice build.
  11. youpey

    Ad Blockers

    I use them on my PC but not my phone. I spend most of my time using it on my phone.
  12. I thought they were bought a year ago. I would be surprised but who knows
  13. Wife made me spend the day with her and her family. went to lunch and movie. After they decided to go back to their house. 2 of them fell asleep the other went into a different room because she didn't want to watch the TV show on. My wife fell asleep too. Leaving me sitting there by myself for 1.5 hours. she wonders why I never want to go with them
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