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  1. Is there a list of which of the moebious Ford pickup trucks do not have the warped (Ill fitting) hood I bought 2 and they both fit terrible and I am hesitant on buying others until I know which ones are corrected
  2. best beginner amt truck model

    this post might give me some grief, but i have found in general, that revell kits are better than amt in fit and detail. obviously, this is not 100% accurate all the time, but in general. I am saying this because you mentioned AMT, and i figured why not revell?
  3. Fixing a warped frame?

    i fixed a warped chassis using boiling water. however, i have also tried and messed up a warped chassis using this method. i kept it in the water too long and it shrank essentially i put it in the boiling water for a moment or two, and took it out and put it on the flat table and tossed cold water on it after i got it flat.
  4. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    for anyone that has built this, how does the hood sit? does it sit flat. When i tried to build the prior ranger pickup the hood sit horribly to the point that i boxed it up and refused to finish it.
  5. Crinkled Paint

    i dont remember the rule. you can paint one type of paint over the other, but not the other way. i dont remember if it was acrylic over enamel or the other way. typically i always force myself to use the same type of paint and primer
  6. DeAgostini 1/8 1967 Shelby GT 500....Update! 2/5/19

    this is really awesome. i cant wait to see more pictures
  7. i called my local hobby lobby and they said they didnt have any. i am not sure if he just looked on their site or if he actually looked in the isle. I bought one on ebay but cost me over 30 dollars with it shipped,. i always like to buy 2 in case i made a mistake. i am sure i will eventually find another one. especially with this kit, i love the 40/48 ford convertible kits from revell. they are terrific
  8. the greased lightning kit seems to be quite difficult to find these days (without overpaying). was this limited production or something? even on ebay there was only 1.
  9. Harry Pristovnik

    i had never seen these before. they are stunning builds. its hard to believe how good those came out.
  10. 1950 oldsmobile difference in kits

    Thank you for posting. Your article is the one i found on a different site but i didnt know the rules of linking to other sites.
  11. 1950 oldsmobile difference in kits

    i was able to find the difference on a different site. i cant seem to delete the post though. thanks
  12. what is the difference between these 2 kits? i think they were out at the same time, so i am not sure why the different boxes
  13. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    how is the 1940 AMT Ford Sedan kit? is it accurate?
  14. Funny story. i called my local chain hobby store asking for a specific AMT kit Me: i asked do you have the AMT Ford kit? Them: we dont have that year, but we have this year (tells me the year i was looking for) Me: ok, but it says AMT? Them: Yes, but going forward, you dont need to ask about the company, AMT, revell, they are all the same company. just ask which car you are looking for Me: AMT and Revell are the same? Them: Yes. Me: Interesting Drives to chain hobby store to find the model they said they had is not the model they said they had. sigh
  15. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    i have historically stayed away from AMT because i have been burned so many times, but this thread has me thinking i need to check this one out is this the right kit https://www.amazon.com/AMT850-AMT-1940-Ford-Coupe/dp/B00MTV6UOI