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  1. You can see it's got some rust on it. If the owner restores is, it will be worth less? If he doesn't restore it, will it rot away? Maybe that is why they are selling it. For 5 million, I could think of a lot of things I would buy first. However if I had 5 million to blow on a car, I'm sure I would already have those things
  2. When I first saw the picture I assumed it was covered to not show the real design. I honestly thought that
  3. I definitely think there is life outside of earth. The galaxy is so large, it is unknown in size. I cant fathom there not being life on other planets With that said, I dont believe there are beings from another planet visiting earth. The global coverup required to hide that would be near impossible. especially in the world today where so many people want to be internet famous Not related. I also think that the us never had people land on the moon. I think that was a government creation to help the us win the cold war. I think that if the us went to the moon, that we would have gone again and again. The rovers and such, I do believe
  4. I dont have any pictures right now but I have more models than I can build in my entire lifetime. My wife at one point said no more models until you finish one. One gets finished, then you can get one to replace it. I have more models than my local hobby store has. I made a joke one time saying that to him because I only buy paint from him. He asked why I dont buy any models. I told him I'm not allowed anymore because I have a stash larger than his stock. He didnt seem pleased but it was true
  5. Every summer I say I cant wait for winter. Every winter I say I hate the snow
  6. The monogram lotus esprit sport 300 is molded in dark green. However this model is a retrofit of a different lotus kit. This one does not go together nicely without some effort https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-2970-lotus-esprit-sport-300--182496 The original version went together much better
  7. My friend got a new car Friday and was hit Sunday in the back while he was stopped at a stop sign. what's worse, the SUV that hit him, backed up and sped away. Now he has a banged up brand new car and has to pay his deductible to get it fixed. People make me so mad
  8. In case anyone cares, I once again got the weed ad, even though I had previously clicked dont show this ad again.
  9. This is the ad. I got it again. I googled how to take screenshots. If it's not weed then sorry for my post. I clicked the do not show the ad again now
  10. My current car vw beetle supposedly has a noise maker in the engine compartment. Its supposed to make the engine sound louder than it is.
  11. I'm getting an ad now for what looks like weed, I think. Weed is not legal in my state and I'm not a user (so it's not search history) This is a work supplied phone, and this site is fine when in on break but not if there is ads for illegal drugs. I'm not 100% positive its weed, but I'm pretty sure, but I'm not going to click it to verify. Unfortunately unless this ad issue is resolved, I cant come here on my work phone again and I rarely use my pc. I might use an ad block proxy on my phone because I like the site, but not enough to risk getting in trouble
  12. Mine was an 85 Thunderbird. would accelerate on it's on if you put on the ac.
  13. Ok ty. Same stuff that's been said for a year. I thought it was something new.
  14. I saw similar thing only it cutoff the person sentence halfway through
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