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  1. I use the tamiya clear orange for the turn signals, but that is too orange. I have the model master turn signal paint in my drawer, i will give it a go on a spare chrome piece to see how it looks. I might need to dull it though Interestingly, on the boxnart of the kit, it wasn't painted and was left chrome Thanks guys
  2. Im working on the 1976 chevy pickup kit from revell. last night i started painting the grill and realized that i dont know what the correct color is for the chevy logo in the middle of the grill. In the picture it looks like almost a yellow orange type color. I looked in rhe instructions and it was not indicated which color to use. Does anyone make a paint that is the exact color?
  3. Cool. I guess i will buy whichever is cheaper. i dont care about the coke stuff or the wedge stuff. I guess if they were the same, i would get the wedge for the tools to throw in the truck
  4. I am curious if the coca cola chevy pickup is the same as the one from the december 2020 video, the racers wedge truck, which could also be built as a regular pickup.
  5. Is there a any place in the usa that has a pre-order for this. I really want this bad
  6. Thank you. I might try to polish it lightly. Im just afraid of messing it up Edit.. i just tried to polish the roof with finishing compound and it didn't help or hurt. Im just going to leave it. I also put on the f150 decal that came with the newer kit that i got the replacement chassis from
  7. I have been wanting a buggy for so long. I almost bought one of the old ones from ebay but it went for too much. If it does come with a buggy, i will order 3 i think. I dont care about that style bronco, i wish they would have done it with the 1980 bronco that became expensive on Ebay
  8. I just finished the old monogram ford f150 kit. I had some issues with it like warped chassis and the truck is molded in red so that stunk. Anyway here is some pictures of it. I didnt polish it ir anything. I haven't decided what to do with it since the rngine and chassis are not detailed hardly at all. I like how the paint came out, its quite reflective in person. Dont know if the pictures will show it
  9. in case anyone is interested. after 4 hours the mod podge is pretty dry. not fully dry, but dry enough to remove the tape that was holding the window in.
  10. on one of the model building youtube videos the builder recommended mod podge to use as the glue for windows and headlights. I Ordered it but when it arrived, the instructions say 2 weeks to fully dry. Since im only using it for holding windows in place how long do i need to wait before being able to work on the model again? Is it really 2 weeks? I am almost done, like 2 hours worth of stuff to do, but i would hate to have to wait 2 weeks to finish. This will be the first model i actually finish all the way in months. I have another that is 90% done that lost my interest. I guess i could go back to that one if i have to
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