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  1. I figured I would give a quick update. For some reason the tamiya red paint I used was drying dull red in random spots. I tried to sand the spots and go again. I finally got it all even and went to do a gloss coat but got distracted and put on a small spot way too heavy. I sanded it down there and went to do again and some reason I got very tiny bubbles in the paint. I sanded again but had to take it down to the plastic because I couldn't get it even. I washed it all off and going to try again. I might just pick a different red since this can might be bad. In the past I would have either tossed it or given up but this is such a neat model I want to get it right. Sad part, the spot messed up would have been covered by another piece so I could have left it and would not be visible
  2. I read somewhere that vw will probably bring back the beetle in electric. I will not buy electric cars because I live in apartment so I dont have a place to charge it
  3. I dont think I will. I used to have a 2006 gti that I got tuned and it made it really quick and the vw wiped it during a service. Honestly, its quick enough for me. I used to own a 2016 mustang gt with the 400+ hp. It was too fast for me. I am really enjoying it so far. Only problem is a terrible blindspot on the driver's side, but it has the sensors
  4. It has the 2.0 turbo. It's much quicker than my fiesta that I traded in but much slower than my long gone 2016 mustang gt
  5. Nearly every day I peruse the forum for new threads and I really enjoy doing it. Last Wednesday I was in the Under Glass section and saw a baja beetle thread. It looked really cool. I went to Amazon and ordered up the tamiya kit. I did some more searching and found the 2019 beetle was finished being built last month. I knew they were being discontinued but I hadn't realized it was actually upon us I searched online for the different prices and contacted a couple of dealers in the area and found one had the exact one I liked and would sell it for 4000 under sticker including destination fees. Other dealers offered prices but not anywhere near this price. I went in to the dealership and looked at it and spoke to the salesperson. After back and forth about the price he finally agreed to the quoted price that was given when I told him I would walk. Everything went together fine after a rough start but the price was too good to walk because of a bad salesperson. The next closest price was 2000 higher Anyway I am now the owner of a new 2019 beetle...all because of a model thread
  6. youpey

    1963 Baja bug

    I hate to bump up old threads but this model got me to take a look at vw beetles again. I had not remembered that they were discontinued after this year. After further research I found they stopped building them in June or July. Before it was too late I traded in my 1:1 Ford for a new 1:1 beetle
  7. thank you very much for checking. i wanted to verify because it will be the first tamiya kit i got without it thanks again
  8. I just got the tamiya 66 vw beetle and found no decals. Is it supposed to include them
  9. I typically do clean up on any piece visible but if it's not visible I dont bother. Like I wont do any cleanup on interior tub if the chassis covers it.
  10. It's too much now. I hate to say it but revell and amt kits are not good enough for that price point. Only with the 40% off Tamiya kits are that price and are worlds better
  11. This is the first shot of a new model for me. Its different from my normal stuff but it caught my eye
  12. When you guys paint, do you prime all pieces like exhaust or intake or just spray it onto the plastic
  13. very nice. i love the paint work
  14. Honestly what is defined as a green vehicle. I mean I have a stupid Ford fiesta that gets over 35mpg. I got its cause it was cheap. Is that a "green vehicle"
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