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  1. i have never built a car black because they always feel very "plasticy" or "toy like" this black charger though is amazing. the paint looks realistic and amazing. nice work.
  2. i loved those thunderbirds as a kid. i actually had 4 through the years - 84, 85, 88, 95. The 84 was my first car. The 85 i had only a 5 years ago, i was going to restore it. i never did though and ended up junking it
  3. i guess i got it mixed up with 2 different articles. this is the one with the tesla guts. when i searched equus bass, this came up too. i mixed multiple cars https://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/2021-ford-mustang-r67-by-aviar-motors-ar189225.html
  4. im 99% sure my guess is correct since i found the exact picture posted on the page (to keep the game going). here is my choice. CLUE: it might be too easy to guess for people in europe, and In the USA it might be harder to guess
  5. Aviar Motors equus bass russian made with tesla guts and mustang body
  6. Then ford needs to sue someone for stolen designs
  7. looks like a 68 shelby gt500, with a custom roof vent
  8. i found that one just now too. i think you are right
  9. this is my only guess. i dont think its quite right, but its my guess. jarama. even this, i checked google for every car i could think of and had no luck
  10. i think its got to be an 80s car or maybe late 70s. the black bumper makes me think it.
  11. its the n360, which i just realized is basically the same, just different motor (maybe). I will go with the guess is correct
  12. i added a hint to mine. its one of my favorites, but i have odd taste.
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