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  1. not really a movie, but the turner and hooch new series on disney+ is really good. i watched each episode twice already
  2. this is mostly my fault for buying this and not continuing searching, but... i bought something on amazon from a 3rd party seller, shipped by amazon. it is not supposed to arrive for 5 days after i ordered. the next morning, i found almost the exact same thing for the same price on amazon but would arrive the next day. i saw the item had not yet shipped from amazon, so i clicked cancel order. i got an email that they wont cancel it because its shipping soon. however, here we are 2 days later (3 days total) and it is still not marked as shipped. i know it should arrive in a couple of days now, but out of principal, they said its shipping soon, and it still hasnt. i dont see why they wouldnt cancel it. it said on the email that i could return it if i like, but at this point, im just going to keep it. also, irked that i bought something on ebay that says ships within 2 days. here i am 5 days later and still not shipped. printing the usps label within 2 days is not the same as actually shipping it. i paid more for this over a different seller because it said it would arrive faster. 5 days is pretty long to not even ship something and its sunday, so it will go into its 6th day at least. the ebay estimate was that it is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but that isnt going to happen. but god forbid if you leave neutral or negative feedback for people that actually deserve it....i got a negative comment by someone on ebay for asking if something had shipped 7 days after the auction ended. it wasnt a negative feedback, but a negative comment on a positive feedback. i had not even left them poor feedback. i gave them a positive with just "arrived" as the feedback, and i get a bad comment back. i dont know why i keep getting surprised by slow shippers on ebay, it seems to become normal that things take a week to ship it. i love it that they say payment within 48 hours or they will cancel your order as non payment and then they take a week to ship i know i need to learn better patience, but meh.
  3. I watched the new suicide squad movie on hbo. It was light years ahead of the last one, but inly because the last one was such garbage It reminded me of the guardian of the galaxy movie in its humor. I thought it was ok at best. If you like t hff e style and comedy of the gardiens movie you will probably like it. I mostly watched it because I was bored out of my head
  4. this glue is hard to find now, and gets expensive. the model master glue is my very favorite. the testors version is not the same container, and not as good. the new revell glue also is not as good. i thought it would be the same, but it isnt. it doesnt stick as well. i prefer this one over the tamiya glue because it will not remove paint if as long as you dont rub it. it will stick to painted pieces quite well, but will stick to plastic to plastic better. i also found that i make more mistakes with tamiya glue. its very thin so sometimes it goes through a gap that i dont notice and ruin pieces.
  5. How well does the amt 41 plymouth go together? Is it a good fitting kit or a nightmare like the 51 chevy kits, or somewhere in between? I dont see it built too often or at least displayed in the under glass on this site
  6. got one from ebay. no longer needed
  7. Wanted: revell/monogram 1940 ford convertible I think its been in both brands. Really i only need a good body unstarted and undamaged but i think its unlikely anyone has an extra laying around, which is why im looking for the whole kit These have a tendency to break on the windshield frame, so if you could verify that it is ok there. I have bought 3 and all 3 were snapped.
  8. Those were used like air conditioners. they would bring in air from the outside and somehow cool it down a little. im not sure how well it worked Edit: according to wiki it worked best with low humid weather and used water evaporation to cool the air https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_cooler
  9. Looks really good. I really like ehat you did with it I have this next on my list. Does this car go together well?
  10. i tried a ps paint on one of my models because i ordered the wrong thing accidentally. it was smoke color i use to tint rims. however, it doesnt really stick to the rims well, if i rub on it a bit, or use tape on it, it will pull off the smoke color completely. i have never seen anything like it.
  11. without giving away anything, the last 10 or 15 minutes ruined the entire movie. it made the entire beginning of the movie pointless. Also they went from well versed in military to idiots.
  12. i typically just get it from amazon or scalehobbyist. the closest hobby store near me that has tamiya is now 1 hour away. i actually just painted one of my models a tamiya green grey airplane paint. it looks pretty good. i will take a look at the paint chart of military to see what they have.
  13. i put the model in the plastic box and put the lid on it and put it outside. i will check on it tomorrow night and see how it looks. it smells like windex almost. the model is still available, so at the very worst case, i can buy another and have a box of parts
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