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  1. i have never built a car black because they always feel very "plasticy" or "toy like" this black charger though is amazing. the paint looks realistic and amazing. nice work.
  2. i loved those thunderbirds as a kid. i actually had 4 through the years - 84, 85, 88, 95. The 84 was my first car. The 85 i had only a 5 years ago, i was going to restore it. i never did though and ended up junking it
  3. i guess i got it mixed up with 2 different articles. this is the one with the tesla guts. when i searched equus bass, this came up too. i mixed multiple cars https://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/2021-ford-mustang-r67-by-aviar-motors-ar189225.html
  4. im 99% sure my guess is correct since i found the exact picture posted on the page (to keep the game going). here is my choice. CLUE: it might be too easy to guess for people in europe, and In the USA it might be harder to guess
  5. Aviar Motors equus bass russian made with tesla guts and mustang body
  6. Then ford needs to sue someone for stolen designs
  7. looks like a 68 shelby gt500, with a custom roof vent
  8. i found that one just now too. i think you are right
  9. this is my only guess. i dont think its quite right, but its my guess. jarama. even this, i checked google for every car i could think of and had no luck
  10. i think its got to be an 80s car or maybe late 70s. the black bumper makes me think it.
  11. its the n360, which i just realized is basically the same, just different motor (maybe). I will go with the guess is correct
  12. i added a hint to mine. its one of my favorites, but i have odd taste.
  13. The tires from the mpc 1980 bronco look off road to me. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-q1-0434-ford-bronco--268449
  14. I am testing some colors out for my model. i am looking at tamiya light blue pearl. i had an idea that if i used a different color base coat under the light blue pearl, it might slightly alter the color. however, i tried 4 different colors, a silver, aqua blue, green/gray and white primer. the only difference i see between the colors, is the one with the white primer is just slightly lighter than the others. i would have thought changing the base coat color could have altered the color a bit. i was hoping a the aqua would have given it a slightly blueish tint, but it didnt happen. is it possible to do what i am doing with spray paints? or do i need to use my airbrush and alter the color before hand?
  15. i am not sure how to ask this, but how much chalk/water do you use? is it a lot of chalk to a little water?
  16. here is mine. its a japanese car, a very large and popular brand today
  17. i think a 60s fiat, but maybe not
  18. Unfortunately the paint i got is not the color i wanted. it is much too dark. I got the colormatch gm light blue metallic. i also dont like how it sprays on. I was able to run it without even going heavy on the spray. Thankfully my test was on a spoon. Im going to try the tamiya light blue pearl next with several different colors as a base coat to see what i can find I have automotive paint coming too with the exact color i want. The model itself is incredibly basic. No too much chassis details, but i think it can come out nice as a curbside. The plastic is quite firm and there isnt much work needed for clean up. I will post pics once i have something to look at. I basically prepped the body and cut the pieces off of the sprue for primer, but i didn't primer yet. I got distracted with the body color issues Because of the simplicity of the kit, i might not build the 2nd one as a matching junker. I might choose a different kit. I have the hasegawa n360 on order and i have built it once before and i like it. I might do that as the nice car/ junker car instead
  19. i heard a news article one time about a package like this happened. the label was damaged and when they fixed it, they flipped 2 digits, and it ended up in guam. hopefully they get it squared away. my latest irk. my wife's sister volunteers for an animal rescue. she is going through the house seeing what we can donate for a yard sale. i dont mind donating stuff for the animals, but she tried to donate my old wii u games. i told them some of them are quite valuable. she told me i was being silly. it wasnt until i opened ebay and showed her the listings for what they sold for did she believe me. probably 400 to 500 dollars worth of games she wanted to sell for 1 dollar each. im sure someone would have snatched them all up and made 400% profit
  20. I only recently learned of the A112 cars existance. When i first saw it, i immediately thought of the old Honda N360. Anyway, after much research on the car, i fell in love with it and was overjoyed to learn that it was made as a model kit. This kit has metal axels and a gear to motorize it (motor not included in my kit), however I will not be motorizing it anyway. The kit just arrived 5 minutes ago and loved even the details on the packaging. there is a little insert with color photo of the car and separate sections for the body and the sprues. I dont normally do a WIP on models, but this kit is too cool not to. I believe this is the same kit as the fujimi, which i have coming as well, but the fujimi is molded in red. I will start working on this and post progress as i go Since i have 2 of these kits coming, i might build one as showroom fresh and another as a rust bucket, with the same color, like before and after Ps, on the corner of the picture with the real car, my cat needs to investigate. i thought it was worth keeping in since he is my best friend
  21. thank you. i think what i will do is paint a test model the same color and do one side before and one side after and see how it looks. i just found someone on youtube about panel lines with tamiya panel line paint and it looked pretty good on video. i just want to make sure it looks good with light paint. i suspect it will look silly and unrealistic with light paint
  22. I have never painted the gaps in the doors/trunk area to show the tiny gaps. Do people typically paint it before or after the primer or even after the paint/clear? I am doing a car that is a very light blue and i dont want the gaps to look over done and fake. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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