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  1. meh, interior paint still smells like paint. i have never used this brand of paint before. i dont think i will use it again. the tamiya paint is much nicer. i think going forward, i will stick with that. i had to touch up a couple more spots this morning. its like the paint didnt grab onto the primer right. i used tamiya primer, which in the past has worked with all kinds of paint.
  2. this is just a concept, but im very excited about it. im finishing up the bronco kit and im already thinking about this kit. the plan is to build the ford courier kit as K-9 truck from police academy 2. i know its not the exact model year, and i wont be able to build it exactly, the same, but the concept will be the same. The ridiculous looking cage in the bed, and the big dog in the cab with the driver. the car will be beat up looking too. this will be my first beater build. i typically try to make my trucks look nice. attached is the picture from the movie. i already bought some decals from ebay that say k-9. they arent exact to these, but the pictures attached from the movie are the concept, and it wont be an exact replica. just a concept to build off of with materials i can find
  3. i moved a couple of years ago and moved 9 models. i taped a model tightly with masking tape to the acrylic display case and put the display case in the box. however, i had put the boxes with the models aside and moved them myself very carefully. i was only moving across town, so i made a special trip for just them to make sure they werent mixed in and damaged. i think i had a couple that still dropped the mirrors, but they were contained in the box, so it wasnt bad. there were none that were destroyed. it looks like your trip is much longer than ours, so probably you wouldnt be able to make a special trip for them.
  4. I was able to touch up the spots. Looks ok now. Tomorrow I will detail the interior. Almost done
  5. i sprayed the interior with AK interactive bone color. it looks good as far as the color, but i had odd interaction with the paint. there was random spots that didnt take on the paint. once it dries i will give it another coat. i have never seen this before with any paints. i hope it dont have to strip it and spray it with a different paint. i really like the color
  6. just released. in fact, i didnt think it would be available yet. i found it on ebay. says 2021 on the manual
  7. there are 2 sets of wheels. in the chrome, there is another set on the bottom right, on the opposite side of the bag. they were a second tiny sprue. i will take a picture of those in a minute. Edit: here is the 2nd wheels And the close up of the wheels from the main sprue to see them side by side
  8. Mine just arrived today. It looks great. It has the free Wheeling ford decals included. this is very exciting to see
  9. This came today. I was surprised it was available so soon. Looks like it will be a nice build. This might have moved up to next in line to be built
  10. to be honest, that is almost every commercial on tv though.
  11. My wife has an annoying fear of snakes. I say annoying because she wont watch movies if it has a snake in it. She wont go into pet stores on the off chance it has a snake and it escapes. I dont remember when it got to this point but its where it is. I used to go camping when I was a kid. No chance...there might a snake.
  12. I emailed my contact about an issue. He responded with can you send this to this person It would have taken the same amount of time for him to just add his name and say fyi to the person. Keeps happening where i email him and he tells me to email random people instead of just doing it Its stupid thing to complain about, i know
  13. I used to have one like this. It was not too big but it did require a window for exhaust. I dont remember the btu on the one i had, but we went on vacation to west Virginia in july or August. We rented a house to share with the in laws. Of course since we were arriving after everyone else we were given the room upstairs with no ac. We brought the ac with us as a just in case it was too hot. it made all the difference. it was 100 each day we were there and that ac was able to cool off connecting rooms to a normal temperature. I wouldn't trust any ac unit that doesn't require an outside exhaust. One like the one i quoted is the way to go, if you can vent it Also tbe one we had would vent the water with the exhaust. it had a built in bucket to drain, but it needed draining just 1 time for the entire summer. it had wheels so we would just move it put, pull the plug and let it drain for a couple of minutes and good to go
  14. Thank you. I will see if i can find the amt/mpc snap cheap. Currently the snaps are going for like 50 dollars on Ebay. That is 2x higher than I am willing to pay for this. I really just wanted it for my diorama with my bronco and van, but i think i will change the idea. Plus if i can find it cheaper later, i can switch out trucks
  15. I am working on the AMT Model King 1978 Ford Bronco. it is from the Nostalgic Drag set, originally it was boxee as the AMT Wild Hoss. I am nearly finished with the chassis. it is very slow going because the way the chassis goes together. essentially there are no pins/holes for the bits to be glued onto the chassis. there are notches and tiny bumps to line it up correctly. However, since they aren't pins, essentially i need to glue on one or two pieces and then wait for the glue to fully dry. Typically I can glue and move on, maybe tape in place if needed until it dries. I cant do it with this one because of the lack of pins. I have the engine mounted and the front and rear suspension. i just need to put on the rear drive and rear shocks. should be today. Once i do that, i will take a picture. The body is fully prepped but i haven't decided on paint yet. It will either be a metalic blue with a white rear top or all black. I will only do the black if i can get the Free Wheeling decals right. I have the traxxas bronco rc with the sunburst free Wheeling decals, and ind im going to try to take a picture of them and then edit out the truck to only have the decal. Then i will try to shrink it and resize it. It probably wont work. I really want to finish this one, so i will most likely move on with the blue. So even with the weird way of mounting the bits, this has been a really nice kit so far. I needed to enlarge most of the holes and there was some random flash on pieces. I would definitely build it again The top has some warping so i will definitely need to glue it in place. I tried to tape it in to straighten out but it didn't help. the plastic is flexible enough that it's not worth risking damage, so gluing in place is fine. I am being as careful as I can because the kit is so expensive that I dont want to risk messing it up. The likelyhood of finding replacement pieces is very unlikely
  16. i only take medicines that im allergic to. i wonder why i always feel worse
  17. im sure its just the picture, but that one, and the MPC snap (which i think is the same kit) look very toy like. not sure why it doesnt look like a realistic truck. i have the monogram one in my stash, and i am not sure why i didnt build it. i think i will need to use the snap one though if that is the only other one. i am putting it next to another 1/25 kit. thanks
  18. I forget which one it was, but there was one that said a side effect was death. i forget what it was for, but i do remember it was for a vanity product.
  19. are there any commercials that you hate so much? need to change the channel or mute the tv? for me there are two, both are from geico. 1. geico with dick vitale - i have to mute the tv on this one. 2. geico with the worlds strongest man
  20. which is considered the best square body chevy blazer (2nd generation)? is it the really old monogram? i am looking to build a stock one
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