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  1. here is one, that i am hoping is easy
  2. i am not a fan of vallejo. you can peel it off after it dries. its like a rubbery paint.
  3. they sell stuff related to movies and music and that type of stuff. you can get toys, posters, etc
  4. i would really like to see a modern tooling of the 78/79 bronco. the amt one is not bad (im building it now), but its old now and is very expensive to buy. the mpc, monogram and the revell are the 1980, which have a completely different front.
  5. the last time i went to michaels for a model, they had literally 2 automotive models. just 2. this might have been accurate 10 years ago, but the michaels by me, at least, is garbage for models
  6. i dont remember seeing this one. its awesome
  7. I finally got my 2nd place holy grail. I got it for a great deal too. The box is very good and its sealed inside. My holy grail is the mr sandman kit with the buggy, but this one is a very close second. i love the 4 wheeler that come with this. I have a perfect diorama idea for this with my bronco and a couple other things. Man, its coming together now. I am so happy
  8. i could have sworn there was a thread about this, but i cant find it at all. I am looking for a list of the revell kits that have addon stuff. like the gone fishing kit with the ramcharger, trailer and boat. does anyone remember this thread
  9. wanted: revell mr sandman set (or just the buggy) i really dont want the whole set, but just the buggy. However, i will gladly buy the full set if needed. Please PM me if you have it with the price. looking for the buggy that is complete and unstarted i know the new one is coming sometime this year, but i would really like this sooner, if possible thank you in advanced
  10. in case anyone cares. i tested the decals on a test model painted a dark color. the decals look good. since i printed on white decals, there is no loss of color that i can see. however, i think i really dont like how it looks on a model. It just doesnt look right. im not sure why. i am going to skip it for now and paint the model the other way i had planned and maybe will attempt it again in the future.
  11. This arrived today. came sealed, but i tore it open right away. i think im going to keep it as a police car, maybe a sheriff. i dont know what decals i have, i doubt the ones it came with will work I am excited
  12. I learned last night that my printer has a hidden higher printing resolution. I was test printing the decal and it looked fuzzy and dull and generally terrible. my plan was to just have staples print it for me on their good printer However i got the new decal paper last night and i did a test print. However, i was messing with different options and found that if i change the paper type to shiny photo paper, it brings up a completely different menu. I chose high quality there and magically the printer started printing very slowly. when it finished, it actually had the same quality that the image had. I did i light coat of clear coat and it looks great. I did get a couple of dust spots in the clear so i need to do it again in my print box where dust wont fall on it. Im going to try to cut it and put it on a test model today to see how it looks. It really is important because if it works the model will be painted a different color and i have been holding off on painting it based on the decal
  13. i somehow got myself 4x the amt 1963 corvette. and by somehow, i mean i bought three of them from amazon with a birthday giftcard. i have 4 of them now
  14. she tried to say my wife told her it was ok, but i had called my wife before i went out there and she was surprised and annoyed. she kept saying what if the babies want to come back to sleep, now they cant. i said to the lady, i will take care of it, you dont need to clean my door. they were there at 8am when my wife left and they were gone at noon when i went out for lunch. at 2pm she was hosing down the door. like jeez lady, was the hidden nest bothering you that much not that i need to even say it, but our plan (my wife and i) was to see if they came back. if they did not come back by 4pm tomorrow, i would clean it up then. that would give them a little more than 24 hours. i definitely dont want birds on my door, but i also dont want dead birds because their nest is destroyed
  15. i would bet its coming, and i would also bet it has a ton of warped parts
  16. i live in an apartment, and apparently my neighbor decided she didnt want the nest there anymore now that the birds left. she took down the nest and hosed my door down. i went out and was like wtf, your getting water in my apartment. there was a small puddle in my apartment, i am guessing through the mailslot
  17. Here is another one from a different day. this time my wife actually woke him up
  18. No way. They made a mess of the door. I would be willing to put the nest un the bushes next to my door but never again. I don't think we will put a wreath on again after this
  19. The 3 baby birds on the wreath have finally left the nest. Im glad they made it and im glad i can take down the nest.
  20. I would have bought the camaro if it wasnt 1/32. Meh
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