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  1. i regretted cancelling doordash this morning. i woke up hungry and wanted breakfast delivered, but since i cancelled it, breakfast would have been like 25 dollars...eh, saved me money
  2. thank you. its slightly off. i am going to sand it straight. i just need to find where i put my level. i really need to get organized. i also didnt think about the wrap around on the front. i need to make it out of sheet styrene. I have some really thin styrene so it will be good i think.
  3. I made the cut. I used tape to keep it steady and left room to sand. Great tips for sure. Thank you for the help on this Here is the cut. Its pretty square too. A little sanding and it should be good. I used the morbius swb kit to figure where to cut to make it swb. It might not be exactly correct but eyeball version looks good to me
  4. I have a clear display case from round2, i think, that is 12x10. I will put it in that.
  5. The water concept was a complete failure. the resin leaked out and went under the base and dried overnight. When I tried to lift the base up, it was glued to the table. i tried for 1 hour to slowly cut it out and lift it, but the base is made of foam and ultimately broke off at the water. I was able to get what was left of the water off mostly, but it looked terrible. my idea of painting the ground green to make the water look green didnt work. The water looked completely clear and the green looked black. so i cut out the base where the water was and the dio is now 30% smaller. I can no longer fit the buggy and the camping equipment, so im keeping the camping equipment. tent, table fire ring. now the positive. since the is so much smaller i can fit it in a display box i have to keep dust off of it. I will try water again but i will definitely do things differently. Like put it over a plastic bag so if it does leak, it doesn't ruin the dio and the table. this is where it is now. Most of the unglued top dirt fell off, so i will need to put more. The dio looks more focused now, but i really liked what i had. Its ok though. This my first attempt and i didn't think everything would go perfectly. Besides, i like being able to put a lid on it to keep the dust out.
  6. thank you for the tips. i got the razor saw in today. i was working on my diorama water tonight, so tomorrow i will do the cutting. i will post a picture after im done...whether it is good or not.
  7. Got a pretty huge flaw in my logic. Huge flaw. There was not enough legos so i used my plexiglass sheets taped together. Well, i didn't put any on the bottom and when i poured the resin its slowly leaking out from gaps. Im hoping it will dry enough to clog whatever gaps its leaking from, but im pretty sure it wont. Im going to have to move this outside because i dont want it running out onto the carpet It looks awesome. i really hope it can be salvaged
  8. doordash support is either over generous or terrible. there was a coupon code that said 5 dollars off for members until 6/30. i put all the stuff in my cart, and now i cant find that order code on the site. the whole image with the codes disappeared from the page i contacted support and he told me that they cant help me and i need to get the code from the image...that is no longer showing up on the page. i cancelled my membership on the spot. im so tired of bad customer service. besides, without the coupon, doordash is too expensive with the fees and higher prices on every menu item. i found that the place by my house, my order is 12 dollars and change if i call them and place the order and pick it up. if i do it through doordash, the same order is 18 dollars, before the tip
  9. the legos are supposed to arrive today, so i can build a temporary wall to pour the clear resin. i hope it works ok. i probably should have done that before everything else, since i have never done it before i watched a couple of videos on doing it, so i should be ok i think
  10. Thank you very much for this great advice. i will definitely dirty up the tires on the bronco. it is meant to be permanent there. i will try to add tire tracks to the dirt as well. i have grooves in the dirt area, which is meant to look like its been driven on, but it is not really showing up on the pictures. they were quite defined before i put the dirt on, so probably i needed to make them deeper because they are not quite as visible once i put the dirt on. the dirt was glued down with white glue/water and just a little on top of that so it doesnt make a mess. the grass mat came as all one big sheet. i tried to push the grass down, but it seems to pop right back up. i am going to take a spare piece and see what happens if i push down on it with a little white glue. if it will help, or make it worse/better. i am most likely going to move the bronco to the dirt and move the 4 wheeler to the back on the grass, or maybe in the dirt by where the boat is, and i will move the boat elsewhere. i dont really like how the boat looks, so i honestly, might not include it at all. the ores are molded in place and dont look realistic at all. it looks like a baby toy for the bath tub. i do plan on getting rocks. i was going to go yesterday but i was too tired after work, and today i feel lazy. maybe tomorrow. i will be putting them all over in random places, and i have an idea of cutting out some small sections of grass to wedge in a rock.
  11. Thank you very much for this feedback. i really appreciate it. i haven't really ever built a dio before. I have removed the trailer because I completely agree its too crowded. the small picnic table replaced it. I do have some empty space now, but i will put a bush or flowers there. I might put the buggy in the back corner on the grass. This was the bronco can be alone in the foreground. do you think that would help? I really wanted to do the lake, but i think i made it too big
  12. I was going to order 2 figures but it said 1 month for delivery
  13. I ordered the tamiya campus friends set for the figures. I think I can get something good with it. Plus i have had my eye om that kit since it was released again. I looked at shapeways but they were very expensive and the turnaround time was very long. Most tgings are coming by this weekend so i hope to finish it by then. . I also want to figure out getting a cover for this. Like acrylic or something. its very big so i might cut it down a bit to fit I got a completely new kind of kit coming like i have never dome before
  14. I removed the trailer and added a picnic table i built from popsicle sticks
  15. I want to do the amt 1978 ford f150. i really love this truck, but would prefer the SWB
  16. i am thinking i might take the trailer away, and put up a picnic table or something instead in the back. Maybe move the bronco to where the trailer is. of course i would need to build a picnic table also. the bronco is meant to be the focus, so i think it should be in the middle
  17. This is still very, very early stages. This is my first diorama. The truck is the 1978 amt/model king Ford Bronco The 4 wheeler is the Honda Odyssey from the revell ridge runner set. The trailer is also from this set The fire pit is an extra rim from the Bronco kit, that i cut out and then rusted. It has a toothpick inside that is cut up and set on fire. The tent is hand made from a tissue and painted olive drab The boat is from the amt Toyota pickup snap kit The grass is just a grass mat and the dirt is just dirt glued to the base. I still need to add the clear resin for the water, but im waiting for the legos to arrive so i can make a temporary wall. I also will go to the park today to get some pebble and rocks for the base. Im also going to add some small flowers and a couple of bushes. I am also going to put a little sign or something by the water. Like no fishing or dont feed the gators or something. Although it wouldn't be smart to camp that close to a lake with gators I need to find a couple of 70s/80s figures that will be my campers. I haven't looked for those yet. I have a little dog that i forgot to add to the scene but i will add that for the next update. I am not sure if I am going to keep the trailer. Its very big and takes up too much space. Alternatively I might put it on the grass and move the Bronco to the dirt. I am still messing with the layout. Btw, the dirt is quite dark. It looks very light in the picture because of the flash Opinions are greatly appreciated
  18. thank you. i ordered a razor saw from exacto. I dont know much about tools.i appreciate the help
  19. is this a good tool to cut a long wheel base pickup into a short wheel base? is there something that is inexpensive that is better? https://www.amazon.com/CRAFTSMAN-Hand-12-Inch-Hacksaw-CMHT20138/dp/B07R92S9YZ/ref=sxin_9_ac_d_mf_rm?ac_md=0-0-aGFja3Nhdw%3D%3D-ac_d_rm&cv_ct_cx=hacksaw&dchild=1&keywords=hacksaw&pd_rd_i=B07R92S9YZ&pd_rd_r=555bc344-2d27-4cc4-9ce4-a5f2dcce1ac2&pd_rd_w=uLTjJ&pd_rd_wg=Of7Um&pf_rd_p=d00be302-86a9-4ea9-9240-f5ec923e66bc&pf_rd_r=PNS8P3CAZN4EE5E43CRB&psc=1&qid=1624328161&sr=1-1-849f3c3a-785c-4812-aab6-3d7cb06022f2
  20. I painted the logos. Looks ok. Im glad i did it. Looks better
  21. I cant find ant matching bronco decals. I have one from the 80 revell or the revell bronco sandman 2 kit, but neither match it. I also changee the back a bit. I noticed there was movement in the back that will raise the rear bumper. I glued it in place. Looks better. I also sanded the tires so they aren't shiny Going to try to find better tires. These are terrible. i might remove the back spare and use a real tire
  22. this looks really terrific. i love the barrel the most
  23. i had something shipped usps from ebay that is 45 minutes (33 miles) from my house. its now on day 4 and its still not here. i could probably walked there and back by now. usps should be ashamed
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