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  1. is the revell mid/late 70s chevy/gmc discontinued? I am talking about the 78 gmc pickup with plow, the 76 chevy stepside and the gmc big game pickup? i saw they are not in stock at hobbylobby, on amazon they are way overpriced by scalpers. i was able to find 2 of the big game pickup and 1 of the chevy stepside at my local hobby lobby, but they didnt have the gmc with plow. I dont need anymore now that i found it at my local hobby lobby, but i am curious if this is discontinued now? im not going to build the big game pickup with the giant tires, but i wanted to get it in case it is discontinued. i am sure i can find some normal sized tires in my stock pile
  2. i never thought of using tissue paper with white glue. i think my wife has some. i will have to give that a try
  3. i would just google goodrx and the product name. it would show me the prices for the products and where to get it the cheapest. i always go to cvs, since its the only one by my house. typically they are all within a dollar or so. for example, if you looking for amoxicillin, i would just google goodrx amoxicillian and it would bring back this result https://www.goodrx.com/amoxicillin dont know if the paid version is cheaper. its basically like a coupon program, but it seems like every product i have ever needed was there. my wife was on a really expensive medicine, it took off like 100 dollars over retail, but it was still like 300 dollars a month. her rx plan brought it to 40 dollars. my wife's insurance is good. mine isnt. unfortunately adding me makes hers very expensive and not worth it.
  4. is this one the one? This is kind of what i had in mind. i could probably make it of out cloth, but it would take a long time since i am not much of a sewing expert
  5. I used goodrx free version a couple of times before. My prescription insurance is not great. Its almost always within a couple of dollars of my paid prescription plan. I didn't know they had a paid version but the free version is good
  6. Do any kits have a 70s or 80s style camping tent? I will make one if i have to, but if there is one in a kit, i would prefer it Also, do any kits have a small squirrel or little bird
  7. i just got an email from round2. they say 2 to 4 weeks or longer for the replacement part. if the amazon one isnt good, this is going to the closet for a while. how much do you want to bet when the replacement part does come, that it will be warped too i think i will work on the revell gmc pickup with snowplow instead. or maybe finish the bronco or ford courier i have wip. i dont typically buy amt stuff, but i really liked the subject. meh, this ruined my whole lunch break now
  8. I was finally able to find one i liked. It was some brand, Beckham hotel pillow. It took several days before it broke in, but its very comfortable. I think they were 20 dollars or so. I sleep better but still not through the nights. basically any noise wakes me up and i have trouble sleeping again. i also had to put up 2 sets of light blocking curtains. my neighbors hung up these bright lights on the shared porch next to our window and they shine right in. Over xmas they put Christmas lights on the bushes outside our window. They took great offense to when i unplugged them. Im not a scrooge but having 4 sets of strings on 2 tiny bushes is too much. We didn't even need to turn on our bedroom light at night. It was like the griswold house. Maybe they are afraid of the dark. Tgis is the same neighbor that hosed Down our door 2 hours after the baby birds left the nest on our door. Getting water into our hallway through the mail slot. They are different neighbors though then the one who stopped me in the walkway to tell me she can hear every noise in our apartment and proceeded to list from a piece of paper what time i got home each day, at 430pm. When i did my laundry at 5pm. Knowing we went to sleep at 1030pm. That was a weird conversation
  9. I have very bad times sleeping. i bought a my pillow from Amazon in hopes it would help. It Was the worst pillow i has ever used. It says to push down to get the shape you want and the pressure of your head will keep it there. I am someone who rolls back and forth and would have to reshape it every time. i returned it.
  10. wow. all i can say is wow. This is by far the worst kit i have ever built in my life. up to now every single piece has been warped. everyone. i even exchanged it with hobby lobby 3 times, and they are all the same. only my love for this truck is pushing me forward. i have contacted AMT to try to get replacement parts for the ones that are so bad, i dont think i can fix it. i have the same kit that i abandoned several years ago that is turning out to be my only relief. on the old one, i had messed up the bed pretty badly, and the body was really messed up. on this one the hood, the both of the bed panels, the bed floor, all so twisted and warped, its hard to work with. unfortunately for me, the bed was what i messed up previously so i couldnt take anything from the old one. at this point i have managed to get the bed together and mostly square. i also got one of the bed panels glued in straight enough that it doesnt look warped. the other panel is really twisted. i tried putting it in hot water, and twisting it back. and trying to tape it in shape, so far nothing is helping. i ordered one from amazon, in hopes that its really old stock, that isnt warped, but i dont think so. it looks like the 2019 ones are warped and the 2017 are not. the 2017 have the body mismolded a bit on the bottom, but everything else is generally ok. the 2019 has the body corrected, but everything else on the body is warped. if the amazon one is 2019, i am going to return it. i dont have interest in ever building this one again. i love the 1978/79 ford truck design so much, which is the only reason i am continuing. i have seen this kit built nicely, so i know it can be done, but i am hoping its not too much for my skills and patience. i will post pictures once i get the other bed panel on, but i think its going to need to wait for either the amazon order or the amt replacement parts shipment. i dont think im going to bother with the other pieces until i get a good panel or can fix this one.
  11. Its the raft from the toyota snap. The 4 wheeler is the one from the ridge runner set. I dont have a 3 wheeler kit
  12. this one has me hopping mad. i got the AMT 1978 ford pickup firestone kit from hobby lobby to work on over the weekend. I get home and break open the parts bag and find the panel is really warped. really bad. i put it back in the box, drive all the way back to hobby lobby (30 minutes away) and exchange it for another. in the car, i open the box to verify the parts are not warped and they dont look warped. I drive all the way home and open the bag and find there is severe damage to the part that i didnt notice at when i was at the store. it looks like someone grabbed the part with their thumb when it was still not dry and pushed in the plastic. i tried for about 1 hour to fix it, but i couldnt get it perfect. i spent full retail price on it because i really wanted to work on it over the weekend. i was so focused on making sure the part wasnt warped, that i didnt even notice it was pushed in. i should have taken it out of the bag and inspected it closely. i ordered another kit from amazon and ordered a replacement part from AMT because i am not going back a 3rd time. its my own fault for not checking it super closely, but what are the chances that 2 kits have unrepairable damage. i guess i will work on the engine and chassis or something until either the amazon kit comes or the replacement part, whichever comes first. i dont mind having a second one of these kits because i love the truck, i am just so annoyed by this Went one last time and got a good one....too soon. Bed pieces warped. Im trying to tape to flat
  13. about 1 month ago i found there is an arbys about 25 minutes from my house. i went there for lunch and it was delicious. i have gone 3 times more after that, and each time it tasted worse and worse. last night i went there and the roast beef was so dried out and gross. by the time i got home, i felt sickly and went to bed at 9:30. this morning i woke up still having stomach issues. i guess thats it for me and arbys. i just wish that first time i went it wasnt so good. if the first time i went, was like any of the 3 times after, i wouldnt have gone back. teach me to trust an arbys attached to a gas station
  14. i just skimmed through this whole thread. the old horse and buggy really interests me. i wish i had seen this thread back then, although i wasnt going to stores then, so probably it wouldnt have mattered. also, im surprised that 48 ford police car was at 10 dollars last year, that is a great kit
  15. for sure or maybe model king. im just very surprised they used the car pulling the car. Although i build car kits, i prefer to build truck kits. honestly, for me sometimes nice box art is just as interesting for me to look at as building the kit. regardless of what truck was chosen, i would have bought this if they had a truck pulling it.
  16. So they only change the model stock twice a year? Does this thread contain the onfo about the fake fire and other stuff. Im interested in reading it
  17. I wish there was a truck pulling the trailer
  18. Does ollies rotate the stock often. I mean have different selections? The kits i got are nice but really im not going to buy another set of these. None of them were on my must have list. i got them cause they were cheap more than anything.
  19. i wasnt surprised they brought back the noid. this new generation has yet to come up with any original ideas
  20. i went there tonight. its quite an interesting store. they had about 7 or 8 different model cars and some 18 wheelers and a firetruck. i got a 75 gremlin, a vw scirocco, a 69 gtx and i got the fire truck. i have never been interested in fire trucks before, but for 20 dollars, its worth a look.
  21. I had never heard of ollies before. However there is one not too far from my home. Do they typically stock plastic models or is it just random.
  22. It came with the revell ridge runner set from the 80s. Its an incredible kit. I wish fhey would release it again
  23. This is the 4 wheeler i built. Looks like its ok in the time period https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Odyssey_(ATV)
  24. I didn't see any addon items. However, i wasn't looking for anything either. It was a crazy night.
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