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  1. Guards Red and 2k clear from Splash Paints. First time using my new Creos .5 tip airbrush. Very happy with the results so far.
  2. Interior bucket configured, dash slightly modified for under dash AC and new aftermarket insturments and new door panel pattern.
  3. In reference to the seat grommets, GT 40 seats used brass grommets on the 1/1 cars that don't have a silver or chrome finish, at least all the ones I've seen or read about.
  4. Took me too long to join up with this forum. I live in the Portland metro area and am one of the founding members of the Scale Auto Builder's Association (SABA). I enjoy all genres of the model car world but pretty much stick to sports cars, formula 1 and GT race cars for my own builds. Sometimes I do get side tracked especially when it comes to Chevies from the 60's, and some of the 50's, oh and Ford made some pretty cool stuff and what about all the orphan cars......and on and on.
  5. thanks for the name suggestions but the 1/1 has already been christened.
  6. It was a wild idea I had after considering other options.
  7. Giving a go at replicating No Camino's seat pattern by modifying the bench seat from the AMT Impala kit by narrowing it and inlaying craft wire to create the border between the pleats and the flat sections.
  8. Added .010 evergreen rod to replicate wheel well trim
  9. I'm building a replica of a friend's custom '67 Nova that has been reborn as the No Camino. I began by basing the body conversion on the Jimmy Flintstone Nova sedan delivery. After removing the entire roof section I grafted on a narrowed 65 El Camino roof section to the main body of the nova. Bed is built up using Evergreen sheet and square rod and strips.
  10. Saw this during Monterey car week in Pacific Grove. It was actually in service for the city for many years and was treated to a full restoration upon retirement. I'm not a truck builder but this one almost could convert me but too many other projects on the bench. Any one up to the challenge?
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