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  1. Thanks, there's a couple of things I would redo but the new owner is thrilled with it. The wheels and tires are 3d printed from Iceman Collections provided to me by a friend that had them in his stash. These though not an exact copy come pretty close to the ones on the 1/1. I wish the owner would have just gone with some nice Rallys, would have been easier, LOL.
  2. This build is a replication of the 1/1 that is owned by a good friend and will be gifted to him. I started out with a Jimmy Flintstone 66 Nova Sedan Delivery. I removed the greenhouse/ and replaced with a narrowed roof section from The AMT 65 El Camino and made up the bed from Evergreen stock. Seat narrowed from the AMT 70 Impala with new upholstery pattern fashioned with Tamiya puttty and thin wire. Door panels made up of Evergreen stock and dash modified to replace OEM instrument cluster with aftermarket round dials. Small block and chassis from the AMT 67 Nova with the GM auto from the Beatnik Bandit II kit. Air cleaner scratch built from scribed Evergreen sheet with home made decal to replicate filter mesh. New inner fenders fabricated with chassis reinforcement tubes on each side. All major wiring and plumbing added. Front IRS donated also by the Beatnik Bandit II. My buddy Gerry sourced the 3d printed wheels and tires from Iceman for me. They're not exact to the 1/1 but pretty close. Color is Porsche Gaurds Red from Splash with 2k clear from Splash.
  3. That was the intent of the builder of the 1/1 who worked in the aerospace field and had high standards for little details. He designed and fabricated bracketry for the trim, which he also made so no exposed fastener heads would show.
  4. Sorry haven't posted progress for awhile but calling it done, although I see a few spots to go do some touch up tweaks on that the camera is amplifing. It did get a !st place at the Northwest Model Car Fest last week in Portland, Oregon. The sewing machine box and bolts of fabric are a nod to the owners wife who is a big particiapant with making quilts for Vets community.
  5. The modeling community lost a great member and friend this last August, Ron Martinolich. Ron was a founding member of Scale Auto Builders Association (SABA) which was formed back in '83 along with a small group of Portland, Oregon modelers including model car hall of famer, Bob Paeth. To help his widow, a silent auction of his built models was held in conjunction with The Northwest Model Fest held in Milwaukie, Oregon on Oct. 8th. His models were divided up into 50 lots of 4 to 5 models. I'm so happy to report all lots were sold through very enthusiastic bidding actions. It was refreshing to see fellow modelers come together to benefit a fellow comrade!
  6. A feature of the show will be the silent auction of the models from the estate of founding memember of SABA, Ron Martinolich. The collection will feature over 170 of his builds and dioramas. Most will be sold in lots of 4-5 models. All proceeds will go to help out with dealing with Ron's s final expenses. A sampling of the offering;
  7. until
    After being put on hold for the last couple of years the biggest model car event in the Pacific Northwest is Back! Join us for a day of celebrating our love of the model car hobby by entering the model contest or just bring your builds to display in the no pressure NNL style format and shop the swap meet. Also this year there will be a silent auction of the vast number of builds from the late founding member of Scale Auto Builders Asociation, Ron Martinolich, to help support his family's final expenses and needs.
  8. Guards Red and 2k clear from Splash Paints. First time using my new Creos .5 tip airbrush. Very happy with the results so far.
  9. Interior bucket configured, dash slightly modified for under dash AC and new aftermarket insturments and new door panel pattern.
  10. In reference to the seat grommets, GT 40 seats used brass grommets on the 1/1 cars that don't have a silver or chrome finish, at least all the ones I've seen or read about.
  11. Took me too long to join up with this forum. I live in the Portland metro area and am one of the founding members of the Scale Auto Builder's Association (SABA). I enjoy all genres of the model car world but pretty much stick to sports cars, formula 1 and GT race cars for my own builds. Sometimes I do get side tracked especially when it comes to Chevies from the 60's, and some of the 50's, oh and Ford made some pretty cool stuff and what about all the orphan cars......and on and on.
  12. thanks for the name suggestions but the 1/1 has already been christened.
  13. It was a wild idea I had after considering other options.
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