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  1. I put my vote in for the Mack Titan. Hopefully it gets more votes. I would really like to see it produced
  2. I sent in a bunch of Mack Titan pictures. I would love to see one produced.
  3. Thanks everyone I contacted double take and he is out of stock for now. I didn't realize Jamie had them because they aren't on the site. I still have to place my order with him. Thanks again everyone.
  4. I have tried contacting a few vendors looking for a set of vortox air cleaners but everyone is either out of stock or don't make them. Does anyone have an idea where I can find a set? Thanks in advance Gary
  5. Are they still in business? I have sent them an email, messaged them on Facebook and called and left them a voicemail. Their website is still up. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. Gary
  6. Looks great so far. I would like roses some pictures on the procharger
  7. I would like to know if anyone is doing a resin version of the turbine engine that was in the original GMC astro kit. I would like to build one and put it in my regular astro model.
  8. I just pick this up along with the AMT schlitz cruiseliner and fruehauf 40' trailer
  9. Picked these up off eBay. gmc astro 95 Mack DM800 Mack Cruiseliner Mack R685st
  10. Awesome thanks. I sent a message to easkew and talking with kfs.
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