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  1. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Glue Questions for a novice   

    What an unbelievable response to my question. Thank you all so much for your great ideas. The response to a new guys questions are really appreciated. This is the right way to expand peoples interest in the hobby. All the help from all of you is so appreciated. Thanks again!
  2. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Glue Questions for a novice   

    Ah - Now that is an interesting approach. I really like that idea. Thanks!
  3. Mr Motts added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Glue Questions for a novice
    I am returning to this hobby after about a 30 year absence. I have what is probably going to be considered a real stupid question.

    When I built models when I was younger I made sure that plastic was glued to plastic. If there was paint of chrome I would scrap off the surface that needed to be glued on the mating parts and then glued them together. If I scrapped to much I would have to go back and touch up the paint after it dried.

    My question is if other glues will hold well enough to a painted surface? It seems this would be easier for instance when assembling engine parts. I could paint all the different colored parts individually and then glue them together with out scraping the painted surfaces.

    I have seen some videos on you tube of people using testors enamel clear to glue the parts together. I would think that the bond would not be as strong with this but maybe it is.

    My concern is looking realistic and also having a strong bond. Overall I am just confused on this - Any help would be appreciated as I have no idea what I am doing
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  4. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Brush Paints   

    Great thinking G
  5. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Brush Paints   

    Hello Niko, Thanks for the great reference photo and advice.

    I think I am going to try the Model Masters Chevy Engine Red enamel and see if I like it better than the Acrylics I have been using.
  6. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Brush Paints   

    Thanks Carl
  7. Mr Motts added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Brush Paints
    Hello Everyone,

    I am wondering people's opinions of paints for motor parts that will be brush painted.

    I am starting my first model car kits in many years. Over the last few years i have done miniature models and figure models. For these kits I used acrylic paints. Mostly GW miniature paints and some craft paints as well. I have also tried a little airbrushing with Tamiya paints and had good luck with them on figure models.

    My first model attempt is a Revell 1970 Chevelle. The color call out is for Chevy Engine Red. I could use some acrylic paints I have, or I could try Model Masters. I see they have that color in both enamel and acrylic. I plan on brush painting the motor, tranny, etc.

    When using Acrylics in the past the finish is usually flat. I do not like brush painting with the Tamiya paints, as they seem to thin for me. Will the enamel paint give me a more realistic finish for the motor parts?

    Any advice would be a great help to the new guy

    Mr. Motts
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  8. Mr Motts added a post in a topic Newbie   

    Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome
  9. Mr Motts added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   


    I am new to scale auto model building. I used to model all the time when I was a youngster. Now I am fifty! I started to dabble in models again over the last few years with what little spare time I have. Mostly horror figure models. I am going to try and set more time aside and get into scale auto modeling.

    I figured this would be a good place for a total rookie to ask for a lot of advice from the masters.

    I hope this will be the start of a brand new hobby for me to relax and enjoy!

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