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  1. Hey guys, I'm a younger car guy who loves every custom detail from personal to realistic-ish fantasy I'm just trying to get back the motivation I had a year ago I would like to see unique builds, customs, Imports, scratch builds, conversions, half built hot messes I'm currently in the process of making a new area to build, I want it done this weekend but am lacking the motivation I have 2 6ft lockers full of un-built models and countless boxes full of half built or just parts I want to at least start 2 cars this years, and maybe finish an old build Thanks guys
  2. Trying to find the motivation to start building again.

    I love cars and love customization

    creativity and details, the things I fail well at

  3. It's been too long

  4. So much detail, so much work, so little time.. how about you pass some of that talent this way. Glad you are sharing with us all
  5. You're work is so good, I would hate you if I wasn't learning anything. Thank you for sharing with us
  6. I ended up grabbing a kit from goodwill amt 2009 corvette coupe, I was hoping to get a motor out of it stupid curbside, not even a hole to put an engine so I'm thinking I might use the hood just to give this car some extra character the pegs started to get on my nerves, ripped them off to get a better idea of what it may look like Now I'm trying to figure out if I want to give myself more work and cut up the old hood or should I just mold it in Any suggestions, comments, criticisms, anything at all very welcome
  7. So about the time I got to the end of the headers the Blazers decided to lose I cut out 1 door and the trunk lol I found great humor in throwing the old engine into the trunk just for the sake of a picture I wanted to start on a fender design to keep things moving
  8. Ok, used some left over stress from the past few blazer games so I got some progress and pictures, tried my hand at fitting in some headers, I thinking I might try to mold the headers together or just re-do them I didn't get them perfectly how I wanted but this is the first time I've got this deep into a build my skills patience and creativity are not very balanced out very well
  9. Love the amount of steps shared, it's helping me learn
  10. Thank you everyone, I will be looking into all the channels suggested If you'd like I can let you know which I preferred
  11. Any good, consistantly posting youtbe channels for tips and tricks I like to watch something while I'm working, and this would help me become more creative and get more ideas
  12. Just pulled car out of brake fluid, I think it may need another go. In the mean time I'm thinking about maybe hood vents or possible scoop Just not too sure on the style Any comments, Ideas, suggestions welcome
  13. There's a half cage and racing seats that comes with the kit but no seat belts, light bulb goes on, time to make a 5 point harness Right now my chasis and interior are both taking a brake fluid bath so I can clean up all the paint I'll keep taking pictures as I go
  14. I just picked up some styrene and 2part expoxy putty will be working on it like crazy tonight and 2moro But bear with me I'm still a rookie and my Trail Blazers are playing tonight so no promise on a post later tonight, but work will get done Test fit Flares to be added still need to build roof spoiler alot to go An idea of my vision still not sure on color
  15. First try at stripping/ scratching off the paint had a few too many coats of paint, and a perfect amount of clear coat Second attempt at stripping, got impatient, was only told to use brake fluid not how, so it was just brushed on and left for about 9 hours Finally got fed up and went for the oven cleaner Discoverd a nice piece of age from glue, (body cracking) tail light and trunk area where the wing was exactly where there was glue I'm sure the oven cleaner didn't help at all finally used some elbow grease and got the rest of the paint Time for primer
  16. so theres all my tunnel fixing and firewall pics obviolusly the stock driveline wasn't going to work too well, thank God I purchased a big box of parts, found one that worked but I wanted to keep the some of the original rear mounting points shaved down some of the chasis, cut the axel to correct width, made a few slits to accept the new rear
  17. Hello beautiful people, I started this project at the end of march Just finally getting some pictures together, Finally went to a swap meet I've been wanting a BMW kit, as I've owned a real one in the past, even though it might not be the exact car I had but it was worth the $2 I paid I opened up the box, painted a beautiful red it was completed at one time, but looks like the glue was not holding up the test of time so I came to the conclusion that I should use this kit to learn and make the modifications I would want on a real car First decision I had to make, keep the stock motor or swap it. I ripped a 351 v8 out of a '90s bronco, test fitted, and it looked beautiful Whipped out my dremel and got to work on the tunnel and pulling the body apart
  18. Thank you for explaining the process instead of just a one word answer. It helps me very much.
  19. what did you use to strip the paint so cleanly? I can't seem to strip the paint off my cars without taking 3 hours and still have paint spots everywhere
  20. So it's been a little bit. I've checked into the blog section and it's not working at the moment So I'm back to continue my little book. Chapter 3 So my buddy Alex hands me this car, not only am I excited with a free model and tools to use, it's a mustang. I'm a HUGE mustang fan. I got after that thing like a mad scientist with a box full of hamsters. I built the car without painting the body in just a few days took me a week to come up with a body color and then hand painted everything. then I decided I should try a roll cage With an interest in import cars and a decent tax return I felt like i should pick up a car that I would love to shoe horn a v8 into. After going to a few local model shops with stupidly high prices for models (above $20), I found the perfect car. a late 80's rx7 Unfortunately this car sat for close to a full year before I got to it. started off painting the little parts, until one day I figured i should start throwing things together. Fast forward to summer of 2013, I decided on making the one thing I think most cars should have as an option, a roll cage. Using nothing but the parts trees. Didn' really care to measure or do things by the book. Just cut and paste till I got it looking decent with believable mounting points. I even cut out the door to make room for my fingers lol. Next time hopefully I will get the story up to present day. Thank you for reading
  21. Thank you everyone!! Now I have plans to buy as soon as i get my next check
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