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  1. here's a few pictures of the seat belts not great but it's something
  2. i love it when the little one starts saying their versions of bigger words....my little one used to call airplanes "otins" and it took us for ever to figure out what trying to say
  3. jaw dropping......those faces i mean geez im lucky if i paint the intake manifold a different color than the block lol
  4. ill second this. you have to glue the cab together before priming. but i assembled the bed after paint and it made it easier to wet sand and buff out
  5. that looks like a lot of progress and very good as well keep em comin'
  6. OMG!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THE WIPERS ARE BODY COLOR...... totally kidding i think it looks very nice still blows 90% of my builds out of the water....and hey at least its finished. i seem to get to a certain point on my models and then i start a new one and it just gets pushed to the side...so keep it up and keep the builds coming
  7. that paint is gorgeous that is such a nice color and the exterior detail looks great and that engine detail and the engine bay is awesome i love the detail wiring on the firewall. GREAT BUILD KEEP 'EM COMIN
  8. that looks really cool.... i might have to try may hand at the weathered rusty look
  9. this build looks great.....what did you use for the belt if i could ask
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