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  1. 30 A-Bone

    Two thumbs up on this one. Great build.
  2. Daytona 500

  3. Has anyone built these?

    Saw pics of the Happy Days rod yesterday and thought about building it. Maybe someday.
  4. Bugs Buggy rebuild

    IMC released it in 1971. 1/20 scale.
  5. Bugs Buggy rebuild

    Lucky for me, I didn't use much glue on this kit when I first built it as a kid. Changed up a few things. Replaced the wide rear tires with smaller ones like the fronts. Not a fan of luggage racks so I left it off. Added side skirts to cover up the seam where the body meets the frame, much like the 1:1. The 1:1 also had 5 spoke rims so I covered up the baby moons. Paint is Testor's one-coat White Lightning. Decals came from the Bird of Paradise t-bird kit.
  6. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Come on get Happy!
  7. AMT '32 Ford roadster box art build

    That's one cool build.
  8. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    I'll play...
  9. Would never thought that it was your first fade. Can't wait to see what you will do with more experience.
  10. More on Molotow pens

    Had the same thing happen to my 1mm. Haven't tried to clean it yet tho.
  11. Can you fuse two cars together?

    I started one several years ago. If all goes as planned, should be done in Jan. 2018. I want to finish my Bugs Buggy first.
  12. What did you get today?

    Got this Falcon at a yard sale a few weeks ago for $1. The main reason is that my late sister had a white one. Used to listen to the Eagles on the 8track. The second reason is that I can't remember the last time I found any kits at a yard sale or thrift market so I jumped at the chance. I think the builders must get buried with their kits around here. She's a little warped and the chassis is snapped in two. I might fix it up.
  13. new for 2018

    Thanks for the info Mark.
  14. drive in diner tray

    Anyone know where I can get a drive in diner tray in 1/25 scale? No luck at the craft store or online.