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  1. Model Master pearl yellow coverage

    I do try to knock down sharp edges on a body, but in this case I sprayed paint on the underside of a detailed hood. Just enough valleys to see the white primer.
  2. I did try a search up and down with no luck. I got a great deal on some MM pearl yellow on clearance so I picked up a few cans for a current project. I sprayed Tamiya white primer then the pearl. Three coats so far but can still see white near sharp edges. I must admit I usually spray acrylics. I couldn't find an answer online so any help would be appreciated. Should I spray a solid yellow or another color before the pearl? This was done on a spare part so nothing is lost. cheers
  3. What Kits Were Molded in Green?

    Revell "70 Boss Mustang Funny Car. The one with the funky short and wide hard plastic rear tires. Another in my junkyard pile. I "somehow" managed to melt the body in a few places.
  4. What Kits Were Molded in Green?

    Sand Crab dune buggy, in my junk pile redo list.
  5. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    I'm partial to Daddyfinks post of the BRE Datsun cuz I drive a '71 dime that looks like it everyday.
  6. 59' Bubble-top

    Very nice!
  7. 1949 Mercury Coupe

    Awesome everything!
  8. 1930 Ford Coupe Flathead Hot Rod

    Way cool. Looks like you could start it up and drive away.
  9. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    As far as rarity goes, not sure. I have an unbuilt Futurista. Mean Maverick, the cheesy 1967 GTO funny car, Sand Crab dune buggy, and the 1/16 Rod Shop Vette need to be rebuilt. Need to put on the decals for the Unreal Edsel funny car. A while back I rebuilt one of my first kits - the Uncertain T. I have a box full of my old builds and everything is tossed together.
  10. Get Your Kicks on Route 66......Before It's Gone

    Something to spice up your trip on 66: https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/infrastructure/a20082/route-66-musical-highway/
  11. FINALLY! Finished one. '57 Chevy Gasser.

    Awesome build.
  12. '36 Ford 3-Window Coupe Resto Rod

    Always enjoy your builds.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    One of these days I'm gonna find some old kits at a yard sale or thrift store. Picked up this at a sale this weekend. It was a display case for golf balls. My craft paint bottles fit perfectly on the top shelf. The glass paints will go on the lower shelves. A little bigger than 2x2. 2 bucks. Told the lady she could keep the bag of golf balls...
  14. First Tamiya build-66 VW Beetle

    Neat bug. Looks like a 1:1.
  15. 58 Impala custom-the way it was done in the 60's

    Chop looks good to me. Nice build.