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  1. I built this original many moons ago. Currently in the rebuilt stage, this time in blue like the box art, just have to apply decals.
  2. Sold for $2700+. I have a built one but without the foot pedal. Wonder what it's worth...
  3. Been looking for a 20's to early 30's coupe for a long time. Have to find a trustworthy seller. Don't want to really use facebook or ebay. This would be nice. Built by Matt Seret, but doesn't exist in this form any longer.
  4. Is this the same kit as the Ratpacker?
  5. A coworker found a STL file online and used a 3-D printer. Not hi res, but good enough for me.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post. Just used a bunch of spare parts.
  7. I built the Rod Shop kit back in the day. I have all the parts, just couldn't find any repop decals, so it's been stalled.
  8. Has anyone here bought a vehicle thru "Bring a trailer"? Good or bad outcome? Is it compared to eBay? TIA
  9. The selection of kits at the HL closest to me started to shrink several months ago. No empty slots of kits to come. A few of the newer kits but nothing floats my boat even with the coupon.
  10. I rarely find kits at yard sales but picked up a sealed '69 Camaro Z-28 RS for a dallah. Seller had a cherry 1:1 in the garage.
  11. Looks good in my book. Great for your first try.
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