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  1. Are they still in business? does anyone have any contact info; they only found and email with aol address but it does not work
  2. Maisto is coming out with a 1/24 2021 Tahoe on eta; could make a nice police unit with some modifications
  3. I’m looking to make hood hinges for the ford Louisville any suggestions
  4. Looking for some interior pics (cab)of ford Louisville delivery trucks that coca-cola used thanks
  5. I saw on a facebook truck modeling group someone was making a resin Mack Titan but I cant remember what site it was. Did anyone else see this and know what site it was. Thanks
  6. Can anyone recommend a easy to use 3D printer
  7. I was looking to get a 3D printer. I want something easy to use and not expensive; anybody have any experience with 3D printers and can recommend one.
  8. I wanted to buy a 3D printer. I was looking for something that's easy to use and not that expensive. Anybody have any recommendations.
  9. I was looking to purchase the prostar kit. I had a question is any difference between the moebuis and revel Germany kit?
  10. Im looking for 6spoke spyder wide steer rims also drive rims; to be used on a mack Cf fire truck
  11. I saw on a model web site that motor max (i believe) is coming out with a interceptor utility in september; i havent seen anyother info out there. Anybody else hear about this
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