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  1. I stood on the step of that truck & looked in it while at PE over 30 years ago when we were there buying a leftover engine (a short track engine) & other leftover stuff from this car We still have the short block
  2. I picked these up to help do this build The end result will be all you see in this pic
  3. I got the JoHan S&M Cuda off ebay complete with cut out door & wheels turned by bending a steel axle Great parts though for other builds
  4. I scored these two today at HobbyLobby the transporter was 40% off The Charger is the first of many yet to be gotten like it
  5. These three cars will become other cars in my life diorama the Vinyl top car in the middle going Hemi orange with a black top & 69' grille 340/4 Speed The others one race, one street Hemi Race
  6. I paint the chassis flat black & then come back with the gloss white thinned out & applying heavy with a brush & it gives it close to the original look for the bottom side of a Mopar as it left the factory with undercoat delete
  7. Here's the 440 Crossram/4 speed, Race Hemi/727 & Race Hemi/4 speed
  8. Here's a pic of all the Darts I've been painting & assembling 6-8 of the same parts at one sitting The three on the end are the race team cars The post car will become a current day SS/AH class style car The engines are all almost finished as are the all the chassis almost
  9. I'd like to be able to build this in scale as I did 1 to 1 or this one I'm doing now
  10. Here's some updated pics with my new resin 68 Dart post body & trailer
  11. I've been doing seven day spurts on my work project & haven't had much time for my Darts but managed to gather another set of slicks & wheels as well as some other S/S Dart only stuff off Ebay
  12. Tubbs stepped up again & has the distinction of being the first to be on both lists He's made fourth spot on both too! Thanks Al
  13. You took the words out of my mouth I'll be glad when I get my colors decided so I can get a completed back on the shelf
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