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  1. STitUned added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Starter need help on Aoshima ING+ Subaru WRX STi 5 door
    Hi all big brothers,

    I am completely new to modeling and need help and guidance for building the Aoshima No 63 box set as attached.

    Questions to ask,
    1. What brands for paint should I use. Tamiya's Acrylic paint okay to start with?
    2. Different type/size of brush to paint front hood, small parts like Headlight/Taillight, Rims, Rear Wind, rear hood, etc?
    3. How do I tint windows? I read that I need to use air brush but the type/model is hard for newbie to choose from.
    4. For the cement wise, Tamiya's okay to start with?
    5. If the cars came pre-painted, should I remove the paint than spray to another colour or can I use overwrite it?

    When I think of more, I will post.

    Hope you all are willing to assist me and don't mind my ignorance. Thanks!

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  2. STitUned added a post in a topic Newbie that loves Japan cars   

    Thanks all for the warm welcome. I hope I can learn the basic and complete a box set as soon as the year end, hopefully.
  3. STitUned added a post in a topic Newbie that loves Japan cars   

    You are right, I am completely new to modeling plus I am bad in DIY.

    Now I need help for selection of paints - Are Tamiya's Acrylic paint okay to start with? I don't know what kind/size of brush should I get, how to place decals...

    In short, I am kind of screw up by looking at the box set/instruction.
  4. STitUned added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Newbie that loves Japan cars
    Hi guys,

    Need some advise for me to assemble Aoshima box set.

    How do I paint and what basic equipment will I need?

    Thanks in advance.
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