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  1. How Old Are You

    Looks about right to me except I prefer a Single malt with my styrene! It mixes with my milling machine lubricant better!
  2. Model car related abbreviation?

    HLJ- Hobby Link Japan
  3. How Old Are You

    Fountain of youth? Naw, paint fumes Dave, paint fumes!
  4. How Old Are You

    I agree and seem to have to explain it to others who are younger than me. Today's cars are so complex, they are simple. They have taken so much out of the driving experience that the driver is hardly involved with the process. Personally I have a car that requires much more of the driver. My car requires me to be involved at every level from clutching and shifting to monitoring engine performance and making decisions about how I want the drive train to perform. The heater and A/C controls are connected directly to valves and baffles. There is no thermostatic setting. The radio requires that I "tune" it. When I get in and put the key in the ignition I become an integral part of the car, without which very little can function. I like that involvement. My wife's car, on the other hand, only requires that I show up and steer. It can brake for me if I forget. It will stop, if I approach a dangerous situation. It maintains distance from the car ahead in cruise mode. I can talk to it to change the radio or heater and A/C. It will maintain the center of the lane if I choose. If my hands are not on the wheel for a short period, it will ask me if I need to stop for a rest and a cup of coffee. For long cross country trips, yes, it is comfortable and I like that, but day to day.....ummm, not so much.
  5. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    It shouldn't surprise you Joe. Our society is full of "buzz words" that people throw about indiscriminately without the slightest clue about the actually legal context. "Discrimination" and "free speech" are among the most common today. For the general membership of this forum, no, I'm not going to get into it, nor am I trying to start a political discussion of those words. I use them only to illustrate my point about misunderstanding of the true legal use of words and will not respond to any comments in that regard. If you don't understand, then please feel free to do some research, but I am not going to address any comments out of the context of the prior discussion of collusion or price fixing as mentioned. That would be a violation of board rules. Please respect the rules.
  6. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    Well no. I've been converting the japanese price in yen printed on the box on Tamiya for years and when you convert it from yen to dollars, it is far cheaper than what you would pay in the US. Sometimes as low a 1/3 the price but most often half price. Example: The current Tamiya Mercedes 300SL kit MSRP here is $71. The Japanese MSRP printed on the box is 4200 yen. With the current exchange rate that is $38.22. Hobby Link Japan will ship it for about $12. In California I would have about $5 sales tax. Total cost $77 vs $50 shipped in from Japan. Just checked Squadron and they have it listed for $51. After shipping is is $65 . Yup, HLJ is still a better deal, but we will have to wait and see what happens. Shopping around will always be a prudent approach.
  7. How Old Are You

    Nope, paint fumes dude, paint fumes!
  8. How Old Are You

    I hate to admit it, but I was just thinking the same thing and I am in the upper end at 68. I would love to see the kids take this up and I would do anything needed to help them out, but frankly from my position, getting youngsters into the hobby is up to their parents and grandparents like our parents did. Not much I can do to get a young person going in the hobby. I can encourage those I see on the juniors table and treat the ones that come to the meetings with respect and encourage them, but in the grand scheme of the hobby, it's up to parents, not us old persons.
  9. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    One other part of this that many don't get it what a small percentage of the Tamiya market the US amounts too. It is less than %15 world wide. In the grand scheme of things if the gross sales here drop by even 10% of the US market, it really doesn't mean that much to the parent company in Japan. They know that if they put out the best product, people will buy it. Maybe not everyone, but they have a very specific market in mind and I think they are doing what the Japanese do and that is keeping the long view in mind. You and I may not see it, but I am certain they have plan.
  10. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

  11. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    I'll toss one more bit if info on this fire just to stir things up a bit. If you look on the end of the Tamiya box there is always a number often after the model number separated by a -. It is not a model number and always end in two or more zeros. It may also be printed in a different color. That is the JDM price in Yen. It gives you an idea of what the MAP price in Japan is. As I said, it will be intersteting to see how this affects the overseas internet sellers like Hobby Link Japan.
  12. How Old Are You

    Ok, now that makes me feel old. I'm so old they don't go back that far! Heck, I'm older than Dirt! When I was a kid, my folks use to put us kids to work pounding rocks together just to make our own dirt!
  13. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    There are a lot of products out there that do this for may reasons. Some just hate seeing their product in the bargain basement. Others use it as a method of helping detect knockoffs, so they can better protect their brand. It also forces the retailers to offer something besides bargain prices to their customers. The ones I am most familiar with are Weber BBQ's and Kitchen Aid. Home Depot got in a big dustup with them years ago and lost the right to sell them. Think of it this way. This will help protect the local hobby store that may of you are howling about saving. If the internet boys have to charge the same price as the LHS then the LHS wins with on the spot service. I do wonder how this will effect the overseas internet like Hobby Link Japan. Will there be a domestic MAP?
  14. How Old Are You

    I see you are in SD. I grew up in western Nebraska and remember B&W TV well, but we had an antenna on the roof with a rotary system instead of rabbit ears. You changed channels and had to realign the antenna to get the best reception. We had 3 channels also =(Cheyenne, Scottsbluff and Sterling) and Cheyenne didn't come in during the day in the summer. Didn't get TV period until Christmas of 1957(I was 8). First color set was in the late 60's. All my paints from that era dried up a long time ago and got tosses. Just for reference, my allowance from my parents at that time was 10 cents a week. Took a while to save enough for a model.
  15. How Old Are You

    I would say it it pretty risky to draw any inferences about the hobby from this survey. First because we don't have a large enough sample size yet, though it is starting to shape up. Second because I think the early and middle age categories are full of people who may have been like me. I built during my early years when was a kid then stopped for a spell when life intervened and I had other things like fixing up the house and other chores on the weekends, and other family stuff. I then got back into it when my son got old enough to be interested, but only very part time. I then came back at a more intense level once family did not require so much attention. I'm not surprised by the number of "old guys" on this forum because we have the time, income and interest to participate at a higher level than the occasional builder with active families. What I see in my local clubs is older members passing away but being replaced by new older guys getting back into the hobby after years away.