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  1. Damaged Porsche build Paris to Peking

    Just finished bending and fitting the nurf bar to the front bumper. The bar and attachment is all german silver wire, which is a nickel copper alloy. The damaged side is, of course bent out of shape from the impact with the rock. I still have a little polishing to get it to a chrome like finish but I don't want to do that until I am ready to mount it. I will probably use the same wire for the roof rack. German silver is really nice stuff to solder with silver solder.
  2. Nebraska Challenge 2019

    Good pictures! Just an FYI next time you have this issue you need to change the white balance in the camera. There are a lot of differant ways to do that but most common is in the settings to select the type of illumination in setting. Often is shows "sun, florecent, incandesent and others". Try a test shot with each before you shoot the rest.
  3. LHD Gulf Seven

    Mark, looking great, but I haven't seen the magic words yet. What is left to do? I can't imagine.
  4. LHD Gulf Seven

    Love the Binford tool logo. All hail Home Improvement!
  5. Anybody else also a fan of Juha Airio?

    Frankly, I don't believe he exists! It is all a conspiracy to hide a band of renegade mad Scandinavian scientist who have perfected a shrinking ray and use these cars as a way to distract us from their real intention to take over the world by shrinking it one piece at a time. Boo ahh haaaa!
  6. Not exactly sure what kind of holes you would be cutting. If you are talking about cutting panel lines then Hasegawa/Tritool has a great set of photoetched saws that do a great job of cutting plastic.
  7. Bugatti 100P in 1/24 por favor?

    I got it second hand on Facebook when they were running the "Go Fund Me" campaign. I would suggest that you go to his web site and use the contact page. I really don't have anything to give him to help out. I have chopped up too many parts on my 100P to use them as patterns for machining parts.
  8. Bugatti 100P in 1/24 por favor?

    A quick google of "Bugatti 100P model kit" showed up a Sharkit in 1:72 scale and a Planet Model kit in 1:48 scale, which seem to be available. There are also a number of diecasts out there. I know they are not 1:24 scale but they are what is available. Your really need the larger scale with this model and the real deal aircraft is tiny. The 1:72 scale version would have a wing span of about four and a half inches. By contrast the 1:48 scale would be about six inches and the Fisher Pattern is about twelve inches. I can't vouch for the quality of these kits, as I have not seen them. I can vouch for the Fisher model. Great kit. Lots of great engine and gearbox detail. Also a pretty good cockpit. I have been working on it for a while and it is really nice, but finding one will be chore. I did see a call out not long ago. Paul Fischer was apparently looking for pristine copies of some of his kits to recreate the molds as I recall. Not sure if or when he will be back in business. The Camp Fire really did a lot of people in! Terrible disaster. I hope he can get back in business. You never really know what you have until it is gone!
  9. TAMIYA Toyota Celica GT-Four (1:24)

    I've got one of those in my stash and was thinking about using the engine for another project. That has the 3SGT-e engine in it which is the same engine that is in my 1:1 93 MR2 turbo. I have the Hasegawa model of the MR2 and it is curb side. Was thinking to stealing the engine and swapping it into that kit to make a miniature of my real car.
  10. Interesting how many of the choices are pickups. I would definitely do this one. My winning entry from Tamiya/con many years ago.
  11. Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing

    Yup, love the staggerwing. Walter Beech had it just right! Best looking aircraft of the era. When I was just learning to fly, the FBO I took instruction at, had one he was trying to sell. Sale price plus restoration would have cost $30,000 in 1968. Tried like hell to talk my dad into going in on it with me. No deal. Just another old airplane. Worst mistake of my life, unless you count the 289 cobra I passed up on in California in 1973 for $4,000. Not a practical car. Bought a 911 instead. Oh the mistakes we make when we have 20/20 hindsight!
  12. Damaged Porsche build Paris to Peking

    Yes, you are right, but flatening it will not be part of the process. I intend to collapse the suspension enough so that the car is not resting on the tire. Perhaps I will even have the car on a jack or the tire off and repairs underway. As with any tire, if there is no weight on it, it will hold it's shape, but you are right about the cord and I will have to either include it or disguise it with mud. Since the car will have been towed out and not turning, it will be fairly caked with mud. Still playing with a lot of ideas and this is a long way from done, but thanks for you observation. It will be included in the process.
  13. Damaged Porsche build Paris to Peking

    Thanks for the tip and yup, world rally has some incredible disasters. Been following it for better than 20 years back when it was a regular on the cable sports network. You Tube is full of help. Also been prowling the archives of Peking to Paris to come up with an appropriate weathering scheme. I think the challenge that keeps going on in my head is going to be the mix of driving across a dry and dusty roads, hitting a stream crossing(so some the the dust will get washed of) then the mud flinging that is going to happen from being towed out of the stream bed by another car. Kind of a mix of clean,dusty and then muddy. I'm going to have to play that over in my head for a bit.
  14. What's wrong with this picture?

    They called it cut and paste which is were the term came from in Photoshop. In graphic arts departments they would take multiple large format photos and cut them up and glue them back together. I suspect that at the time the war was not that far behind and jets were pretty new so the guy pasting it together did the best he could. Also without the gear down there was less intricate cutting involved. He just got the angle wrong.
  15. Damaged Porsche build Paris to Peking

    ...and here is the front left tire damage! Rock tore up the tire and damaged the rim! Of course there is a lot of mud and other weathering that has to go on. I made a turned aluminum front part of the rim to get the damage look I wanted. I am debating making them for the other three tires just to be consistent. The aluminum is much brighter than the plastic part. The scratches were cut with a file.