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  1. Pete J. added a post in a topic Serious air brushing issues...   

    Well I suppose it depends on what finish you want but I always used alcad over a gloss finish not a flat one.  This may give you a bit less shine and being a lacquer primer it should work with alcad.
  2. Pete J. added a post in a topic Looking for a good airbrush   

    Did a little research to see who in Japan actually makes airbrushes and it is a really tangled web as is typical for the Japaneses market.  It looks like up until a few years ago, BB Rich was the primary manufacture of almost all the airbrushes, including Tamiya, Gunze-Sangyo, Iwata etc.  It seems like about 10 years ago, BB Rich was "restructured" into Olympos and yea, I've never heard of them either, but apparently at one time, they owned the "Micron" brand name which Iwata now uses.
      If you are at all familiar with Japaneses companies, it is a very tangled web of interconnections and convoluted supply channels, so a lot of product that looks the same actually is.  Surprising to me was that Iwata's primary business is not airbrushes but commercial fluid application equipment.  It is not at all surprising under these circumstances that they would have formed ties with outside sources for a lot of their airbrushing equipment.
  3. Pete J. added a topic in Auto Art   

    Best ever Turkey Cars! Happy thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I was just trolling on the internet and came across this turkey R8.  Lets see other Turkeys that you can come up with. 

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  4. Pete J. added a post in a topic Looking for a good airbrush   

    For a first time user, I would strongly suggest an airbrush that comes with multiple sized tips and needles.  You use different tips and needles to spray different types of paints and achieve different finishes. The finer the pigments in the paint, the smaller tip you can use.  The courser pigments need a wider tip.  Also bigger tips give a wider spray pattern.  This is helpful when painting large pieces such a 1:12 scale car bodies, 1:32 scale aircraft and ships hulls. 
     All of the major manufactures, Paasche, Iwata, and Badger either have kits with multiple tips or your can buy them separately.  Personally, I have had a Badger 175 for probably 20 years.  They offer a kit with all three tips included, hose, and bottles. 
    The Badger does many things well, but over the years I have added other brushes for things I need to do that it doesn't do well.  My Badger is a jack of all trades and a master of none, but for a first brush it is a good buy.  I didn't have the time to look them up, but I am reasonably certain that Paasche and Iwata also have a similar kits. 
    The other reason that I suggest these three manufactures are that they have been around a long time and as such, parts are readily available.  It is not a matter of if you will drop and damage your airbrush but a matter of when.  It does happen and having a ready source of parts can save you a lot of money and time.   Good Luck and enjoy!
  5. Pete J. added a post in a topic Stirring up paint   

    I use a little different method.  The reason a rattle can rattles is because is has a couple of small glass marbles in it.  When the rattle can is empty, I cut it open and keep the marbles.  Then after I have opened the paint, I throw one or two in.  They make great paint agitators in all kinds of bottles. 
  6. Pete J. added a post in a topic be honest   

    That is the Tamiya 1:12 scale 935 engine Trevor.
  7. Pete J. added a post in a topic be honest   

    A little bit of both.  Sometimes I leave parts and pieces out or don't bother painting them because they will never be seen.  Other times I just go whole hog and build it in great detail.  I suppose it depends on how much I like a subject.  If I like it a lot, I enjoy the research and then try to get it dead nuts on.  I it is something I like the look of but not that interested in what went into it, then I am less likely to do more than build a curb side plus.  In short, it is all about what I am interested in versus what I am passionate about.  Most often I find that  I am passionate about things that fly and things that race.  The first one is passionate the second one is not.

  8. Pete J. added a post in a topic Difference between Tamiya Ferrari Kits   

    Tamiya has been updating the art work on the boxes and in some cases there are some small differences.  Tamiya has been using Cartograph for their decals lately and so the newer kit will probably have a better quality decal.  Also in some cases they have made additions to the box, such as metal transfers or a small photoetched fret.  Most often if there is a change, they will highlight it on the box, such as the photo etched on the later Enzo box or a transparent under tray and carbon fiber decal on the first example, that didn't appear in the original issue. You may also find the Enzo molded in a different color plastic.  They did a "Gallo Modena" yellow version.  Same kit, different color plastic.  By the way, the last I heard from Tamiya, the Enzo is the best selling kit they ever produced!
  9. Pete J. added a post in a topic LHD Gulf Seven   

    Mark- Good to see you last night!  It has been a while since we were both at a club meeting. 
    Don't know how I missed this one!   I loved seeing your work on this and the other models you brought.  Having gone through this post, I see a lot that I overlooked when I was looking at the real thing.  This is a worthy addition to your other Caterhams. 
    Thanks for sharing.
  10. Pete J. added a post in a topic Scale conversion chart?   

    Not trying to be rude here, but the two Peters agree.  Scale is not that complex.  If you can't do the math in your head, your smartphone has a calculator. It is a single operation.  Of course you could use a metric measure.  Working in tenths is much easier than fractions for most people. 
  11. Pete J. added a post in a topic Can you fuse two cars together?   

    Been doing this for years.  How about an Alfa-Volvo mix, or maybe a Dodge Ram- Testarossa mashup!

  12. Pete J. added a post in a topic Just the instructions ?   

    l've seen people parting out kits before but this comes to $90 for what is essentially a $20 kit.  Caveat emptor!
  13. Pete J. added a post in a topic Autoquiz 346 - FINISHED   

    I have to agree with Bill.  The split window design with the well integrated(tapered) grill has a very nice look to it.  Too bad the lines were so hacked up.  I never knew that the split window existed.  Thanks Bill

  14. Pete J. added a post in a topic Autoquiz 346 - FINISHED   

    Between this and the Zimmer, these are cars that are best forgotten.  The 70's were a bad time for cars all around! 
  15. Pete J. added a post in a topic A Drill for General Model Work Recommendation   

    Peter, I have a lot of railroading friends and they use the darn equipment more than I do!  Seems they always have a hub to true or a bearing to make, but I understand.  Too many hobbies and too little space.