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  1. Pete J. added a post in a topic Airbrushing-Keep Paint From Drying In Gun In Between Passes   

    Personal opinion but cleaning the gun if you are going to use it again within the hour is a waste of time and paint. Assuming that you are using a double action brush, the paint will not dry in the brush. Paint dries by the evaporation of the solvent when exposed to air. The inside of the brush is sealed just like a bottle and the solvent cannot escape from the paint and dry. In a gravity feed brush the paint may form a "skin" on the top of the cup if you don't have a cover for the cup. Any excess on the tip will also dry. A Q-tip with a little thinner will take care of the tip and a cover will take care of the cup. If you have a siphon feed, the system fully closed and the paint is not exposed to the air, but you may have the same issue with the tip. The only issue you may have is the paint settling out if it sits long enough. I hate to admit this, but I have had clear sit in my gun for a week and because all the seals fit well and it is double action, I could grab it an spray with no issues at any time. Not recommended. Paint only dries when exposed to air. Now this only applies to traditional solvent based paints. If you are using two part or catalyzed paint, they will harden in a set time and you need to get it out of the brush before they kick off. However traditional lacquer, enamel and acrylics are good to go.
  2. Pete J. added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Hard to call myself a modeler when I see these!
    I like to consider myself a decient modeler, but every once in a while I run into something that really humbles me.  This is one of those things.  Sothebys has two running miniature Porsche engines going up of sale.  They guy spent over 1,000 hours on each one.  I can't believe the pre-auction estimate on these is $20,000 to $30,000.  That is paying the builder $20 to $30 dollars an hour.  That is super cheap for the services of a master machinist.

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  3. Pete J. added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    So I am sitting in my family room, catching up on the latest episode of American Pickers and I hear the sound of a big diesel coming from the side street.  My neighbor has one of those jacked up, big tired AWD pickups, so I don't think anything of it, but the idling diesel continues for a good 10 minutes and I think "WTF dude"  and go out to investigate and this is what I see.  Now, I know that when someone calls 911 with an medical emergency(there was an ambulance in front of this) they bring medics and a fire truck to be sure they have everything they might need, but an ambulance, Hook and ladder and a regular fire truck?  Must have been time to exercise the big boy!  That is the only reason I can think of to bring this monster into a residential area. 

  4. Pete J. added a post in a topic Porsche 911 Turbo....   

    Very nice! Is that the Tamiya kit or Fujimi?
  5. Pete J. added a post in a topic Hello from Texas   

    Welcome Ted.  Never think that a model is unworthy of posting.  This form has all ends of the spectrum from horrible to amazing and with a few exceptions, everyone is glad to see someone just building.  Yes, there are some stunners here, but building is all about satisfying the creative genius in all of us.  Build what make you happy the way that makes you happy and you will never go wrong.  If you choose to compare your work to others, then please do it constructively.  Feel free to ask how something is done or how to correct an issue and there will be plenty of advise here.  Take what you want and leave what you don't.  Just make sure what you do makes you smile and it automatically is a winner. 
    Welcome to the zoo!
  6. Pete J. added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Well, there goes that theory!  I thought about adding "only in Southern California" when I posted this and that would have been true.  Frankly, even I was a little surprised to see it here.  There is another one running around San Diego and it is all gray.  Nothing like a funky little French car to brighten the day.
  7. Pete J. added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I had some business over at the courthouse the other day and a judge rolled up in this. I am willing to bet that I am the only one here that has seen one of these this month! Heck, I willing to bet no one else has seen one of these this year.
  8. Pete J. added a post in a topic Name That Quote.........   

    Ah the Tifosi -  Yes the master himself.  Enzo!
  9. Pete J. added a post in a topic Name That Quote.........   

    What? No takers?  Hint, it was someone who never set foot in an aircraft.
  10. Pete J. added a post in a topic As we get older our sight diminishes. Moving up to 1/16th scale might be an answer. Your picks . . .   

    I am going to echo the sentiments of those who say the failing eyesight is no reason to move up in scale.  The finest detail work I have ever done was a 1:12 scale 935 by Tamiya with the Scale Motorsports super detail set.  Literally hundreds of little bitty part including some nuts and bolt as small at .015".  The larger the scale the more detail you can add but the smallest manageable pieces still remain about the same size. 
    Today is my 66th birthday and I have been using an optivisor for twenty years now.   The only thing that has changed it the magnification of the lenses I use.  When I bought my first one, I had 2,5,7,and 10 diopter lenses.   I thought I would use 2 and 5 most of the time.  I felt I had wasted my money buying a 10.  Never thought I would use it.  I now have two visors with the 7 and 10 permanently mounted.  It is the only thing that has kept me building.  By the way, they are usable over reading glasses.  Looks weird but it really gives me all focus I need to do the tiny work. 
    Good luck and keep at it!
  11. Pete J. added a post in a topic Best single year ever?   

    Got to go with '69 for me.  That year represented the mid 60's refined.  The mustang of that year looked right with the quad headlights.  Cuda' and Challengers and then there was a deep blue Chevell SS396 with white stripes that just knocked me dead. If you want to talk in your face then there was the Judge. 
  12. Pete J. added a post in a topic Name That Quote.........   

    As a pilot, this is one of my favorite quotes -
    For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
  13. Pete J. added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    I was privileged to be part of a group of auto modelers who were asked to rewrite IPMS automotive categories several years ago and accuracy was a subject that was hotly debated for quite a while in that group for exactly the reasons mentioned.  Few judges are experts on the appropriate plumbing and wiring of all cars.  All, however should be well versed in building models and that is what a model contest is all about.  Unless there is an obvious error, such as a drive shaft attached to the muffler, it is not going to be a factor.  The quality of the build in the primary focus.  How skilled was the builder?  However having said that, the need for judging the accuracy of a build was addressed by creating a new IPMS category, "Documented Replica".  In this class the builder is required to provide documentation of the original subject.  If you are building a replica in any category, it is always a good idea to provide adequate documentation.  If nothing else, it shows that you took the time to do your homework.  That carries a lot of weight with judging.  Same with scratch building parts.  If you made something, showing a photo of the raw unfinished part will give you a leg up, if you did it well.  But again, all the scratch building and additions mean nothing if you have a blob of glue in the middle of your windshield.  Basic model building first, then added detail. 
    And last but not least, be a gentleman or lady!  If your there just for the trophy, you are there for the wrong reason.  It is a competition, but it is all about the fun of gathering with other model builders and sharing.  
  14. Pete J. added a post in a topic New "Jay Leno's Garage" series   

    Because of the commercial interruption, I prefer the YouTube version.  It has been around now.  I just checked and there are about 400 entries.  You might want to try that.