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  1. Amazons packaging continues to amaze me! Some stuff is so over packed it is ridiculous. I ordered some "watch" batteries for our christmas ornaments. 4 button batteries each on a single bubble card, pack in a 8"X8"X10" box full of bubble wrap. Even the post office couldn't have damaged the batteries with a hammer, in a simple envelope, so why all the packaging?
  2. Oh great. Here we go again! People getting their panties all in a bunch about an online game that is suppose to be about fun!! It's a frigin meaningless game people. Play it, have fun with it, but quit treating it like your life and reputation were on the line! M.W. puts a lot of effort into it to get it ready, but I am sure he doesn't expect anyone to make an uproar over some one else's comment. Quit taking the fun out of it and get over it!
  3. The owner looks like and engineer geek, which would make sense.
  4. Wow, a nickel for parking?? Even I am not that old. I remember the cheapest as a dime!😆
  5. Randy, I will second that one! I would love to see an instructional video on how this is done. You said the lightbulb when on. Heck I am still trying to find the socket to screw the bulb in, much less have is shed any light on how you do this! A nice long video on You Tube would be great! Definitely old school craftsmanship! Highest compliment I can pay!
  6. I have several Joe Honda books and they are excellent reference material for models. Very detailed photos.
  7. The Hindenburg effect! That is what has stopped using hydrogen in an internal combustion engine. People believe that a hydrogen powered car will burst into flames in an accident just like that ill fated airship. Unreasoning fear! Personally, I have been an advocate for hydrogen combustion engines for a very long time. Burn hydrogen, you get water, or more correctly steam. The main issue with that is you also get corrosion. Manufacturing an engine of that nature costs more to compensate for waters corrosive effects. One of the good parts about hydrogen in an accident is that if it does leak(and doesn't combust) there is nothing to clean up. Fuel spills of hydrogen do not harm the environment. If it does combust, it is no more dangerous than what happens in an accident with a propane or lp powered vehicle. The main issue with using it as a fuel is the same one that electricity has. Lack of infrastructure to deliver it efficiently.
  8. As others have said, there is ton of it out there. You are rolling the dice depending on which one you buy. Here are my tips. 1: Buy the right type for your printer e.g. injet, laser, etc. This is important as they are not interchangeable. 2: Find 8 1/2" by 11 and cut it to size. I found that I can cut to 4" x 6"(well actually 5 1/2") and put in the photo tray on my printer. I wind up wasting much less paper that way. 3: Remember you are going to have to seal it once you print it or the ink will run. Inkjet ink is water soluble. A very thin mist is all you need, but use the same stuff you are going to top coat with to insure compatibility 4: Print at the highest resolution your printer will do. 5: Get both clear and white paper. With the exception of the Alps, printers don't generally print white. 6: While your are learning, print two sets of decals. Inkjet ink on clear is often times very thin and translucent and will need a second layer of decals over the first to keep the base colors from bleeding through. White paper is opaque so a second layer if often not needed, but you need to trim them very close.
  9. I suppose you could say I built car models for a profit. I have done several commission builds for people who were willing to pay for the time and effort. Unfortunately I figured that I earned less than $20 an hour for the time I spent on them. So there was only some extra money to buy more model building stuff. I would guess my Sherline Mill and lathe were mostly covered by the work. I also built several kits for Tamiya for their display cabinets and advertisements. I also got compensated for doing seminars as part of Tamiya/con back in the day. They treated us well by paying us in product. I have a garage full of unbuilt Tamiya models. I suppose I could sell the kits and make a reasonable amount, but then I would have all this empty space in my garage.😆 Having said all this, I think the best I can say is that I have a hobby that more or less pays for itself. Don't expect to make your house payment building models.
  10. His Brother! You have to have grandchildren to appreciate this.
  11. My guess is we have the same one. These were marketed under a bunch of other names but I believe mine was a Ronco. They still sell them and if my ever quits I will buy another one. I cut the grids out of one of the rings to get additional height. Cut away 2/3s for them for a small shelf. Been on my bench for about 30 years as well. I also use it to heat rattle cans. I just keep the Tamiya primer in there and add whatever color I am going to spray when I use it.
  12. One of the blessings of living in SoCal. I was on the 405 southbound from Calabasas and these two pulled in front of me. I heard them before I saw them. Incredible snarl for both engines together. I had to roll the windows down and take in the symphony of 18 pounding cylinders. The Porsche GT 3 (which is in front)looked nasty as heck and the Lambo SVT was just wicked!
  13. Peter, there is no arguing taste. I remember cars of that era with modest fondness. I had a 72 240Z that I bought new. Never much liked the chrome bumpers, especially with the addon overrides which were critical for others who parallel parked by sound. In 1974 when the national 5 mph bumpers were mandated, a lot of these type of cars got real ugly! I appreciate your opinion. I just don't share it.
  14. I think I like the "chrome delete" look of the new one. Like so many cars of that era, there is a lot of stuff just stuck on. I also like the transition of the roof into the rear deck better. Yes the rims are not to my liking but I see the "tribute" aspect of them. Also easily changed. It is interesting to see a side to side comparison.
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