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  1. I have a reply to who or what is above the law, but it would be a violation of the ban on political discussion!😉
  2. Yea, I know, Kryptonite so I guess we have come full circle and are back to a rock!😁
  3. Won't do a thing if you have Captain Americas unobtainium shield! Try and destroy that!
  4. Boy did I miss this one. I was sure that the body came from a Triumph Stag. Wheels and roof line looked so much like what came on the Stag that I really went off in the wrong direction. Now that I look at it, I do see the Capri front end. Still that weird grill looks like a shade tree mechanic cobbled it together. Yuck when I first looked at it and now that I know, double yuck!😆
  5. Lots of weird rules for these races. Luggage was just one of them. They also had to have a spare tire. Can you imagine a car stopped along the Mulsanne straight with the driver changing a tire? Also the passenger seat was pretty rudimentary as few people ever had the courage to sit there in a race. The FIA did control the rules but there were plenty of other races that the GT40 competed in that were governed by other bodies such as Daytona, so the luggage boxes were removable. Also the spare tire was not always required, in which case Holman Moody had an oil tank with a site gauge that mounted in the same place.
  6. I know what you mean. I have 4 935s(with the Scale Motorsport super detail kits) and 1 934. They are on the top shelf away from everything else.
  7. Bending tubing is a real pain and requires some care. It is too late now, but I quit using tubing and went to rod. It bends much easier, is far less likely to kink, costs less and looks the same when you are done. Most of what we do, doesn't require a hollow center.
  8. Wow, at that price you're halfway to the 1:12 scale version which is a far more interesting kit to build.
  9. Zero paints makes a really good lacquer paint kit of the Martini colors. https://www.hiroboy.com/Martini_Racing_Colour_Paint_Set_4x30ml--product--1604.html
  10. Yup. Monogram 69 GTO Judge, twice. Kind of one of those thing that just had to be done.
  11. It this a real production car? Because it looks like something I am familiar with, with a bodged up aftermarket front end. Kind of like a VW with a Rolls Royce hood.
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