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I have been building models since I was a child but really only got serious about is 20 years ago. I have always been excited about aircraft and that is where I started building models. I was exposed to Formula One in the late 60's through a fraternity brother and the University of Wyoming. I know, a real hot bed of European racing, but between my friend and the movie Gran Prix I caught the bug. I spent 10 years in the Air Force as a pilot. That is when I really got into sports cars. My first car out of college was a 240Z which I traded in for a Porsche 911. Family intervened and my next car really fun car(after a couple of pickups and sedans) was a little know hot hatch, a Toyota FX-16. I currently drive a 93 MR 2 Turbo and they will pry that car from my cold dead hands.

My modeling career has ben diverse. My first main success that really hooked me on this was being a winner of an all expense paid trip to Japan courtesy of Tamiya and their annual Tamiya Con 1998. I got to meet a lot of "heavy hitters" in the modeling hobby and their friendship and encouragement have lead me to where I am today. My current goal in modeling is to build an totally scratch built model car. To that end I have a table top lathe and mill and am learning metal fabrication for models. Some day I will get there!

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