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  1. Chase2015 added a post in a topic Tony Schumacher "U.S. Army" Top Fuel Dragster   

    Here's a oir true of the dragster! I still have a few things to finish, I've been very busy with school and baseball lately so it took me awhile. I'll try to get some more pics soon

  2. Chase2015 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Tony Schumacher "U.S. Army" Top Fuel Dragster
    I started this kit Monday. So far I finished the engine, painted the body, and now I'm working on the rest slowly. I've built a few nascar models before this but I didn't put much effort into them and they were AMT so the quality wasn't the greatest. However, I'm trying to really do a good job on this kit, tell me what you think of the engine so far! Thanks!

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  3. Chase2015 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Getting Model Kits
    Hey guys, I'm trying to start getting a good amount of Nascar model kits. I know Mikes has a bunch and ebay has some for a relatively good price but where else would be a good place to buy some?
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