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  1. R2 April 2019

    And what's up with the red version shown in the upper right corner of the T/A box art? is leaving the rear spoiler off supposed to qualify as an alternate version? Since the rear spoiler was standard on the T/A, that doesn't really work, especially with the molded in air extractors on the fenders. Now if they went ahead and tooled up a new Formula hood or a plain Firebird hood, I'd give them a pass. I still have a '90s reissue of this one sitting in the box, mid-conversion to a base Firebird. Filled the hood hole with scrap plastic, but didn't care enough to put in all the work to smooth it and get the contours right.
  2. Hobby Lobby

    Picked up a '59 Imperial at the Hobart, IN location about a week and a half ago. The one I'm waiting for now is the '68 Chevelle. They've had the location on the shelf tagged for about a month and a half, but still empty every time I stop in. According to others on this board, they've had them at other HL locations, but so far nothing here (or maybe they're consistently selling and they're not restocking the shelves quick enough?)
  3. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    Totally believe it. I also got one of the '48 Ford police cars last year on clearence, when it was grouped with a bunch of other kits. Seemed at the time like it was pretty soon to have put that one on clearance. They also put both the S&H Torino and the factory stock version (blue car on box art) on clearance. But after the clearance ended, they've continued to carry both since then. None of it makes any sense, so I'm convinced all of those were mistakes. The '68 Chevelles and AMT branded '34 pickups.are just hitting the shelves, so there's no doubt that was a mistake, too. I was at my local HL today, and there were no kits on clearance, so I don't think it's anything from corporate. My guess is the local store manager screwed up.
  4. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Crimony! Every other release is a Coca-Cola!
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Would this be the Street Rods kit that was only issued once back in the '70s?
  6. VW Beetle Mooneyes

    Incredible! That is some of the most convincing rust I've seen on any 1/25 scale vehicle.
  7. I've got to say, about a year ago it seemed like Round 2 was off their game a bit, but seeing some.of their recent releases, it seems like that was just a lull. Nice to see the extra effort they put into this one. They'll be rewarded with my $
  8. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL, 427 R Code.

    Absolutely stunning! Outstanding work, as usual.
  9. Don't forget Frank Drebin's car from The Nekkid Gun:
  10. Top Sportsman '69 Camaro WIP

    That's too cool!!!
  11. I don't recall ever seeing the R-M branded engine parts packs in stores - probably was during my "modeling hiatus". Anyone know if these were still molded in America? If so, let's hope Atlantis got the tooling (can't see the Germans being too interested in these...)
  12. Airfix VW Beetle?

    Anyone know if the old Revell 1/25 Beetle tooling ever made its way to China? If it remained stateside, I wonder if Atlantis has it now? Can't picture the Germans really being interested in the old 1/25 tooling when they already have the new 1/24 tooling. If it ended up in China, I think we'll never see it reissued.
  13. Revell '77 Monte Carlo SnapTite

    I give up! Tried posting a detailed response last night, repeated 404 error. Still happening, yet I can post this? Maybe it doesn't like what I'm trying to quote?