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  1. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Using the "Purple Pond"   

    I will tell you from experience to definitely where gloves.  I originally used Super Clean when it first came out to degrease some 1:1 car parts.  I made the mistake of working for about 10 minutes in the stuff with my bare hands.  Skin got pretty raw, and drew all of the oils out of my skin.  Took about a week and a half to heal.
    If you live in cold weather climates, also make a point of storing it where it won't freeze.  I made the mistake of storing my jug in my unheated garage where it went through a couple of winters.  I helped my wife try to remove some paint from some craft items she had recently painted and wanted to redo.  It softened and removed about half the paint on them, but never got them completely stripped the way a fresh jug would.  This was plain old Krylon rattle can spray paint, which normally would be no problem. Probably a combination of many freeze/thaw cycles and age.
  2. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Pontiac five spoke rally II wheels.   

    So did the '86 (?) Grand Prix based 2+2 (NASCAR homologation special).  Pretty sure GMP440's picture was from one of those.
    I also remember seeing mid-to-late 70s Bonnevilles with Rally II's that were body color instead of dark gray, but with the traditional silver highlights.  Think some 73-77 Grand Prix's were also equipped that way
    But this is all kind of academic.  I get the gist of Snake's post: 99% of modelers are going to want to be painting these in the "traditional" muscle car-era color scheme.
  3. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1970 Mercury Cyclone   

    Outstanding build!  We really need a current factory stock 70-71 Cyclone in plastic again. Revell already has it halfway done with the Torino drivetrain and chassis.  Really wish they'd get on the stick and make it happen.
    Totally off topic, diggin' the vintage gold flake Formica!  Reminds me of the original 1966 vintage counters that were in my kitchen when I first bought my house.  My wife didn't seem to appreciate it as much as I did...
    No mystery what happened to it - body got converted into a NASCAR racer.  Recently reissued by Round 2 as the Donnie Allison car.  Wouldn't hold my breathe ever expecting them to return it to factory stock.
  4. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What's next in the Revell '32 Ford line ?   

    Reputable sources have stated that such a car exists in 1:1.  Key word is "a", as in one.  As opposed to the tens of thousands of surviving Model A coupes that don't have it.
  5. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What's next in the Revell '32 Ford line ?   

    Exhibit A: the Deuce-style roof insert in the '30 Model A coupe.
    Exhibit B: the coil sprung 9" Ford rearend in same, instead of the much more common/traditional/popular banjo rear end with transverse leaf.
  6. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Foose Ford Pickup photos...   

    I had the same thought: the AMT '53 always looked fine to me, but the roof on the Monogram '55 looks way too flat.
  7. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 33 FORDS   

    All excellent, but that gold one is an absolute knockout!
  8. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    Just looks right, as usual with your builds.  Really like your attention to accuracy and functionality, as far as how a 1:1 would be built.
  9. Robberbaron added a post in a topic ´32 Ford 3-window.   

    Very nice, one of the best builds of the Revell 3-window that I've seen.
  10. Robberbaron added a post in a topic '57 Ford Custom Street Machine   

    Mission accomplished!  Really has the look of a '60s street machine.  Very good attention to detail, as well.
  11. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar LULU truck switch to Fotki   

    Very nice detailing on an unusual subject.
    (Also glad to see that Ol' Gray has the common courtesy to do his business in private...)
  12. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Looks odd because the lower headlights and lower grill section are cast with the front bumper.  Upper headlights are cast separately (sitting to the right in my pic, above the wheels), as is the upper grille (hidden behind the front bumper in my lousy pic).  Rear bumper is also upside down in my photo, which probably makes that look weird, too.
    My first impression was that it was a straight repop of a '66 annual, but my little bit of research isn't showing that a convertible annual was ever available.  So seems like the master must have been converted from a hardtop annual.  Has everything necessary for a build except wheel backs, tires, and engine.
  13. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Picked up a resin 1966 Cyclone convertible resin at a local show yesterday.  Vendor didn't know the manufacturer, and a little Googling isn't giving a result, but it seems to be very good quality, complete with plated parts.
    Wasn't on my radar, and I'd normally prefer a hardtop, but I couldn't pass it up for the price.  And it's not like we're going to be seeing a styrene '66 available again.

  14. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1968 Charger 383 2bbl "Plain white wrapper"   

    Beautiful. I agree, nice to see a non R/T build.
  15. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1965 Mercury Comet   

    Beautiful job as usual, SFD!  Always enjoy following your builds...