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  1. Stopped at HL. Didn't have anything new. But since it's 40% off week, I picked up another Supernatural '67 Impala and my umpteenth Revell '29 A Roadster. All this stuff isn't going to get any cheaper...
  2. Very nice, I remember these well from back in day. I seem to recall seeing quite a few in my area, so I never realized they weren't common everywhere.
  3. Meijer is only in 6 states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
  4. Thanks, not too bad for being about 31 years old. That's right about the time I'd gotten my skills good enough for the final product to USUALLY match the vision in my head. I was happy enough with it to buy a Johan display case, which allowed it to pretty much remain intact all this time. I clearly remember the body was short-shot, so I had to sculpt the forward edge of the fender from 2-part putty. The chrome on the front bumper was also bad, so I masked it off and shot it with Testors "chrome". Good ol' Johan quality control!
  5. That's a steal for that GMC stepside, especially in unbuilt condition.
  6. Not to hijack your hijack, but here's my yong? to "yous guys" yin and yang: (Alright, I'll shut up now)😉
  7. Eh.....'member when we were wondering what would change with Round 2's new ownership? Between this and the $50 MSRP "Surf Shark" Ecto 1A ambulance, I think I'm seeing a pattern...
  8. Interesting, my two closest Meijer's stopped carrying model kits altogether about 4 years ago. Prior to that, the selection had slowly been withering for several years, to the point that they only had dreck like the old Monogram '56 Chevy and about a 1/2 dozen other lowest common denominators. Seems like this is coming full circle to what they were doing about 12 years ago, when they would bring in well-stocked center aisle displays as Christmas approached. Had a good selection of Revell-Monogram product at that time. That's around the last time that I managed to score a '77 Monte Carlo snapper. This is the first example I've seen of them carrying Round 2 products. I suspect it's a case of "monkey see, monkey do" after watching Walmart's recent MO.
  9. Stopped at HL this afternoon, since kits are 40% off this week. Picked up an AMT '67 Mustang, haven't seen that one there before. First kit I've picked up there in probably about 4 months.
  10. Dodge keeps selling more Challengers of all types, and the Hellcat versions and their derivatives would definitely be a candidate for a full detail kit. Despite their cost, I see a surprising number on the roads in my area. The Raptor-killer Ram TRX (also Hellcat-powered) would also be a worthy subject.
  11. Going back to the subject of this thread, I'm grateful on multiple levels that Atlantis not only obtained this tooling, but is improving them and reissuing these vintage kits, all while keeping their manufacturing in America.
  12. In addition, supposedly any existing tooling that is shipped to China and then modified in any way falls under the same categorization as if it was newly cut (if the narratives I've heard are true). Not that it really matters. They can change the "rules" however they want, whenever they want, and there's nothing the outside US or European companies can really do about it. Shipping any vintage tooling to China is the deal with the devil: now that it's there, chances are it's never coming back. So get those kits while you can.
  13. 👆THIS is great news! I always scratched my head why the old Hobbico Revell didn't follow up the '72 H/O with a 442 hardtop. No problems jumping out looking at the pics. If they were smart, they may have just cloned a Johan body. Lets hope they're thinking ahead and also planning a 1970 W-30 version, since that is the apex Olds muscle car. Also glad to hear about the '69 Camaro SS 396 variation. That's always been another head scratcher of why not? I also agree: lets all cross our fingers for a standard exhaust system.
  14. New Revell has the tooling (or really the "rights" to the tooling - any tooling in China "belongs" to China, and will never leave as long as the PRC exists in its current state). No incentive for new Revell to give those CAD files to Atlantis, they're a competitor.
  15. I was gonna pass on the '66 Malibu, but if it has the Street Rat slot mags, I might need to break down and get one - always wanted a set of those wheels.
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