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  1. Except it's a '50, not a '51.
  2. Revell 1966 and 1969 GTO

    As an FYI, this latest reissue DOES include the Hurst mags from the earlier Royal Pontiac version, even though they're not mentioned anywhere on the box. Old Revell was terrible about promoting optional parts/alternate versions on their box packaging. Why would you want to give the buyer more motivation to buy your product? (and there are many more examples besides this)
  3. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    Looks like a very nice survivor build, but unfortunately I wouldn't use this as any kind of reference for doing this conversion. This is a rare example from the "good old days" when AMT didn't come anywhere close to accurately duplicating the 1:1. The rear fin and tailgate proportions are right off a '59, not a '60, and the rear bumper isn't right either. The front end on these original AMT's is also not right. Gotta stick with photos of 1:1 examples when doing this subject.

    'Bout time with that Imperial kit! I should be in for a couple. Could the '64 Comet be on deck, I wonder?
  5. AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"

    About those wide white cheaters: see that arrow in the pics? Both of the cheaters in my kit were printed identically with the counter-clockwise arrow. So the one mounted on the passenger side would show the rotation incorrectly. Not sure if all these kits are like this (my suspicion), or maybe just my kit mistakenly got two "lefties"? If all these tires are printed identically, it probably would have been better to just leave the rotation arrow off altogether. OK, I realize you would have to get thisclose to actually see the problem on a finished model, but if you're OCD and know it's there, it IS kind of annoying.
  6. Sunset - the night is coming!

    I'm starting to think just about every vintage Monogram Chevy kit had some kind of red/orange/yellow decals...
  7. GM Design Studio Drawings, Clay Models, & Prototypes

    Who sees the '70 Cuda roof?
  8. GM Design Studio Drawings, Clay Models, & Prototypes

    Actually, just about every issue of CA features articles that explore the in-progress design of a certain vehicle or generation of vehicles. As long as the documentation still exists and is available, CA normally includes photos of the clay models in progress, and often even the initial designers sketches. If seems like it's much harder to find CA on newsstands nowadays than it used to be, but it's well worth seeking out if you have an obsession with automotive design.
  9. AMT/Round-2 reissue of '67 Shelby GT-350

    Bill, I remember that build well! You did another excellent job of correcting this kits shortcomings. I remember reading magazine reviews of this kit (back when it debuted in the '90s) describing many of the same faults that you corrected. If I do get one of these, I think my plan would be to build it as a non-GT "mainstreamer". (if you can consider a V8 1967 Mustang fastback mainstream...)
  10. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Yeah....I think that's been pretty well established. The point is that what's shown on the new (red) box art isn't going to be what's ACTUALLY in the box, as shown in the earlier box art with the actual photo of the black built model...
  11. AMT/Round-2 reissue of '67 Shelby GT-350

    Ha! Even before I read your comment, I had this EXACT same thought! Shades of malaise-era '70s MPC classics. Looks like the whole kit is an odd mix of '70s vs. '90s kit design. I myself have never gotten one, since Shelbys don't interest me much. I might get one of its Mustang GT siblings if I stumble across one sometime...
  12. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Mark: I agree with you 100% that we need a new styrene first gen Cougar kit! I've been making this same argument for years, still not sure why it hasn't happened: Note that a LOT of kit subjects that were suggested in this thread from four years ago have now been released, or are on their way, including the '80s Cutlass Hurst Olds/442 kits, new Model A hot rod kits, first gen Bronco, 1965/1966 Ford F100 (upcoming Moebius), and 2nd generation Chevelle (upcoming Revell 1968/1969). However, I did notice that I heard pretty much nothing but crickets on my pitch for a new first gen Cougar. Maybe it's just not popular enough/remembered by the general public?
  13. AMT 1939/1940 Ford Sedan

    Ended up picking one of these up at HL, just because I'd never managed to snag one of the previous releases either in a store or swap meets. Really wish Round 2 had spent their retooling money to re-engrave the trim in the hood, rather than retool that hood scoop. (did they retool anything besides that?) However, I still got one, despite knowing that...so maybe I'm the chump?
  14. For the 30's era kits. Questions

    Looks like American Dragmasters - not incorrect, just oddball. (Note that this was a different manufacturer than American Racing.) I believe they were more commonly put on VW's back in the day. Apparently the 6-slot look was popular enough that no-name knock-offs were also sold. They were also available as 5-lug, 14" and 15" diameters, in all sorts of widths. Doesn't seem like there's any version that's common anymore. Pretty much a forgotten manufacturer. The H.A.M.B. and TheSamba have a couple of threads on them, if anyone wants to learn more. I admit I've got a bit of a kink for them, just because they're different.