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  1. Stopped in at the Merrillville, IN store again last night. Down to the dregs with the automotive kits: nothing but curbside Vettes and the Camaro concept. Gotta think and they'll be getting at least one more shipment in before X-mas?
  2. Absolutely great show and, as you said, great "automotive casting". Season 1 especially seemed completely on-point as far as era-correct, mundane vehicles you would truly see in the mid-70s. While watching, really about the only car that took me "out of the moment" briefly was an early '70s full size Chevy wagon with polished Torq-Thrusts. Technically, it's possible you could have seen that around 1977, but in reality nobody was trying to make those cars are look cool back then, and its just not something you would typically see at that time. Mindhunter is produced (and many episodes are directed) by David Fincher. The whole series has a look and feel very similar to his movie "Zodiac" from about 10 years ago. If you haven't seen that one, I also highly recommend it. That movie was also noteworthy for its accurate vehicles, and I suspect he utilized some of the same production personnel to ensure accuracy in Mindhunter. Mindhunter season 2 is set sometime after the first season. Not sure if they actually said what year its supposed to be, but my impression was that it should be about 1982-ish Unfortunately, it seems like they slipped a bit with the vehicles in season 2, allowing quite a few mid-80s and even late-80s vehicles to creep in. Still worth watching, and I agree: it will be a crime if we don't get a third season.
  3. Yup, stopped at the Merrillville, IN store and got one of the Gremlins - 07/01/2020 date on the bottom. Similar situation with several of the kits I bought there last year - at least some of these kits are manufactured specifically for Ollies. Nothing else of interest to me the other day. They also had the Camaro Concept, newer Vette coupe and convert, and the Escalade EXT, plus a bunch of the big rig stuff. Hoped they'd have the '55 Vette, Hurst/Olds, or T-bird, but no dice. I'll have to keep popping in to see what they restock over the next week or two.
  4. Looks quite similar to the Foresight Indy 500 also...
  5. Huh, never knew that place existed! Took a look on Google maps, kind of tucked away back there. I'll have to stop in there sometime. Pretty unusual to see a new LHS open up. Let's hope they stick around.
  6. Jim, it's a bit of a drive from Valpo, but if you're heading west you owe it to yourself to check out G&G Hobbies in downtown Griffith. Old school hobby shop that's been there forever. Best part is that almost the entire east side of the store is model kits, mostly automotive. They're the only local brick and mortar location I know of that carries Moebius, and they also have everything from Round 2 and Revell, so it's the place to go for any of the kits that HL decides not to stock. Very competitive prices too. Unfortunately, like the rest of the country, all the other local "old school" hobby shops have slowly withered and died off.
  7. I stopped in there on Friday, that end display looked.exactly the same, so I don't think they sold a thing. I didn't think they had any auto kits either, but further back in the store down one of the toy aisles they had a cluster of about a dozen Lindberg "1938 Custom Ford Van" Boyd-looking thing. . Took a hard pass on that one. Nothing else automotive that I was able to find
  8. If they're still working on retooling the '30 coupe components, replacing the Deuce-style roof insert with a stock style fabric roof would make it worth the wait, IMHO (just saying...) Almost a sure thing that they'll just recreate the original tooling using the existing CAD files. Still seems like a dopey decision to design it with that Deuce roof insert when 99.9% of 1:1 Model A rods DON'T have that. It'll still sell like hotcakes, regardless.
  9. Stopped in at my local HL yesterday (Hobart, IN). Still no Supernatural Impalas, but they finally did have several new releases: '65 Fairlane Stocker, '70 Galaxie Police, and the Revell '29 Roadster. First new kits I've seen there since the reopening.I For all I know, they may be carrying the SN Impalas and they're just selling out. They only seem to stock two of each kit on the shelves, and frankly they don't seem too diligent about restocking at this location. No auto kits on clearance either, but did see some aircraft/ships with red tags. Suspect there's probably several guys that come in systematically to poach any marked down car/truck kits. I scored a bunch several years ago, but that was just timing/dumb luck on my part.
  10. Technically, since that has the high-mounted side trim, I believe that's probably a '67 Bel Air. (For some reason, in 1967 Chevy decided the Bel Air would get the 6-light taillights, like the Impala. Every other year they used the basic 4-light arrangement like the Biscayne)
  11. My local Hobart, IN Hobby Lobby also still hasn't gotten these. No surprise since it always seems to be back of the pack as far as stocking new releases. Literally nothing new on the shelves since they reopened, and no spaces marked for anything upcoming.
  12. Stopped at my LHS yesterday after work and was able to FINALLY snag one of the new release Revell '29 Model A roadsters. Told me they've been flying off the shelf as fast as he can stock them. Also stopped by Michaels the other day and got another '32 Ford 5-window with their 50% off coupon. Can't have too many of those, just for parts.
  13. Wow, that was 2014? Time flies. I have that reissue, but don't remember the cheaters slicks. I'll have to take a look at them next time I'm digging through the stash.
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