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  1. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.   

  2. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby has lost the plot with Vallejo Paint pricing   

    I honestly think it was a trial balloon - let's see how these things sell with a $10.00 higher price than most of their other typical car kits.  If they moved enough (even with people using a 40% coupon), you will start seeing that happen more often.
    Didn't work with me.  I originally planned to get one due to the steel wheels/poverty caps/Americans that weren't in the original Lindberg version.  I already have one of the Lindbergs, so I didn't NEED one of the Lawman kits, but if it was normally priced, I'd pony up using a 40% coupon.  But not interested enough to drop $25ish on one.
  3. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby reset coming   

    For some reason our local HL (Hobart, IN) seems to lag behind most others in updating their model stock.  Finally started widespread clearancing a couple weeks ago.  They already have the Foose '56 pickup and the stock '76 Torino (picked one up about 2 weeks ago).
    Stopped in today on my way home from work.  Finally have a lot of space opened up on the shelves, with tags for what's coming.  Here's what I saw:
    MPC Vending Machine
    AMT Datsun 280Z
    AMT '83 Camaro Z28
    Revell Foose Caddy Eldorod
    Revell '66 Chevy Suburban
    Revell '57 Chevy Black Widow
    Revell '64 Fairlane (T-bolt)
    Revell drag Mustang 5.0
    Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino (kinda weird for them to be stocking this and the factory stock version at the same time)
    Revell '92 Miata
    Revell Mazda RX7
    Might have been a few others that didn't register because I couldn't care less.
    Find it interesting that it looks like there will be many more Revell-Monogram subjects in this restock than Round2 kits.
  4. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1927 Turtledeck T   

    Doesn't get much better than that!  Don't think I'd change a thing...
  5. Robberbaron added a post in a topic '27 Ford Roadster w/Track Nose   

    Nice job!  Funny, I literally just got one of these '27 T bodies from Hobbylinc with a bunch of other JF stuff.  Was kind of an impulse add-on, but was so cheap I figured it's worth it just to have some fun.
    I've also been wondering how I'll piece something together.  Probably use as much as I can from the Revell '29 roadster.
  6. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Charger R/T   

    This might be the nicest build I've seen of this kit, nice job!
  7. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix customized   

    Beautiful!  Another example of how good GM's styling was in the mid-sixties.  No body mods needed: just paint, rims, and drop it in the weeds!
  8. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Indeed, that's the way to display one of Harry's builds.
  9. Robberbaron added a post in a topic New MasterBox 1/24 figures   

    Sure looks like an ascot in the actual photo, now that you mention it...
  10. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Meyers Manx in two nasty flavors   

    Almost didn't click on this because normally I could care less about the subject, but you sure put a unique spin on each one.
    I especially like the dropped red one.
  11. Robberbaron added a post in a topic A Pair of Chevys - The Camaro   

    Another very clean build.  Would never know about the rear valance if you hadn't said it.
  12. Robberbaron added a post in a topic A Pair of Chevys - The Impala   

    Nice job, super clean build.  Growing up our 1:1 '68 Impala was a very similar color blue.
  13. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 68 Mustang - a disappointment   

    I agree, looks great!
  14. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Modelhaus Resin 1967 Chevy Impala   

    Good stuff!
  15. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Round 2 August 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Nope, those are both based on the Cadillac commercial chassis, which Caddy offered specifically for companies that would be converting them to ambulances, hearses, flower cars, etc.
    As previously stated, the Eldorado was a separate model, specifically the top trim level of the 2-door hardtop and convertible (Seville and Biarritz, can't remember for sure which was which).  Main visual difference was different side trim.  Google 1959 and 1960 Eldorado and you should be able to see the obvious differences.  This brings us full circle to the first comment on this issue: the Ecto-1A ambulance diecast in the video is incorrectly labeled as an Eldorado on the card.  And yes,  I realize that 99% of the diecast collectors who will be buying it won't care...