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  1. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Mine was.
  2. Do the Pontiac 389 and 421 use the same block?

    Aren't the 428 and 455 the only other blocks with the big journals?
  3. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Wow, that's in incredible condition for an original issue, down to the intact hood ornament! I built a reissue version from the "Customizing Series", probably around '88? Sprayed it in Testors metallic blue with a white interior. (Back then, when I did a white interior EVERYTHING got spayed Testors flat white, including dash and floor) It's on my eventual rebuild list. With the promo-style chassis, there's really not that many parts to blow apart and reassemble. Wouldn't mind getting another one of these kits. If you're building it box stock, it can be a quick and dirty slump buster.
  4. R.I.P.

    Proportionophilia? 😝
  5. What did you get today?

    Got another Moebius '61 Catalina from my LHS last week. Then stopped at Hobby Lobby yesterday to see if they had gotten any more of the Revell '85 442 kits: nope. Also haven't gotten in any more of the stock '70 Chargers. Luckily I got one of each the one time I saw them, starting to think that was my first and last chance. My LHS guy said they're both on back order for him. I hate to be one of those guys, but I'm going into the mode of "better get some of these Revell kits that I've been on the fence about". Since I had a 40% coupon, I decided I'd get a SnapTite '57 Bel Air, just to get the American Racing Salt Flat wheels. I can picture those on a lot of potential projects, and I figure I may need to start casting some for myself. I've debated getting one of these kits for years, but until recently it seemed like it would be available forever (and for cheap). Now, there's no telling.
  6. 1973 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Build

    Man, that is impressive work! Never noticed the weird contours of the rear window opening until I saw you posting, but sure enough, you got it right. Did you source the hub caps from a '68 Impala promo? I don't know of any other source for those.
  7. 1958/9 Chevy Cab Available?

    I agree: the Motor Max diecast is by far the cheapest alternative, $9.99 at my local Walmarts. Far from perfect, but seems pretty good proportionally, to me. For the bigger trucks, Ertl made a '57 Chevy 8400 stake truck in a whole bunch of different versions. I know you were originally asking about '58 or '59, but I figured this may be of interest. I believe it's a actually 1/25. These pop up quite a bit on eBay and can sometimes be had for mid-$20s in decent condition. I recently picked one up for less than $20 that had some play damage (missing mirrors and fender lights, and a broken leaf spring)
  8. new for 2018

    That's EXACTLY what they should be doing. Anything 1/24 brand as Monogram, anything 1/25 brand as Revell. Easy way to differentiate the brands and also let consumers instantly know what they're getting. After the whole bankruptcy thing gets sorted out, maybe the new ownership will have a better clue regarding how to brand and market their product.
  9. 1/25 AMT 1965 El Camino "Gear Hustler"

    I had the same reaction when I first saw it. Even though Round 2 is reproducing the vintage box art, it's a pretty lousy depiction of the '65 front end. It does look more like a '64/'65 mashup....
  10. To each their own. For many of the Round 2 reissues that I couldn't care less about, there are others on this forum that are overjoyed, and vice-versa. I personally don't have any warm and fuzzy feelings for the box art, and never had an original "Polyglas Gasser" Bonneville kit. However, for me the kit was a great value because of all the custom parts and the three full sets of tires. The box was noticeably heavier than the average kit, and it was absolutely packed full once I got the box open. I was actually a little scared that some parts would be warped because it was so tight, but it seems like all's good.
  11. new for 2018

    Looks like it got 2 black eyes. At least they're using the Monogram name correctly, on a 1/24 classic Monogram kit.
  12. MPC El Camino w/dirt bike at Hobby Lobby

    The only question is: should it be aqua, pink, or peach? 😎 There used to be a monochrome peach colored 1980 El Camino (flat front) stomping around my hometown in about 1991, complete with limo-tinted windows and "chaos" graphics...
  13. 1948 Cadillac

    Wow! This is BY FAR my favorite build so far of this kit! You've pretty much improved or eliminated all of the Foose gimmicks that I disliked from the box stock version. Seeing this actually makes me consider getting one of these after all...

    You here that? That's the bottom of the barrel getting scraped... C'mon Round 2: You mean to tell me that there's more demand for this than the 1959 Imperial or the 1964 Comet? Or even reissue one of the '90s Chevy C1500 or Ford F-150 kits before this, at least there's some interest in those. You guys still have all sorts of stuff that would sell better than this...
  15. What did you get today?

    Guess it was big Pontiac week for me. My LHS finally got in the stock Moebius '61 Catalinas, so I got one of those (been looking forward to that one since they announced it). Then stopped at Hobby Lobby the other day and got the AMT '62 Catalina "Polyglass Gasser II". I already have a couple of the original issue stock kits, so I really didn't NEED one of those, but Round 2 gilded the lily well enough to get me to buy it for the custom parts/wheels/tires. I need to start finding a new way of hiding all these kits from my wife...