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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    ^^^ "All American Trucks" - love the irony! Pretty cool nonetheless.
  2. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    As you said, probably because you don't see them anymore especially in that condition. I'd also wager that many of the people drawn to it had a personal connection to one of these cars in their past. Fairmonts were ubiquitous around here back in the '80s. If someone in you immediate family didn't own one, chances are that you knew a friend or co-worker with one. My sister's first car was a well-used black 4-door Fairmont, 4-banger, no AC. It smelled like an ashtray from the former owner (a chain smoking little old lady). It truly was the 1970s equivalent to a Model T.
  3. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    4-door Mavericks had a longer wheelbase, so that would require a different chassis than the 2-door, in addition to the different body, interior, and side glass. Aside from Gapp and Roush, don't think anyone else ran a 4-door Maverick in pro stock (at least that's the only one that people remember and would be interested in building). There might be about 100 people worldwide interested in building a stock 4-door Maverick, so tooling one up would be a financial disaster. This is the perfect example where resin would serve a niche market. I thought someone did cast a 4-door Maverick already. Don't recall who it was or when I may have seen it, since I have zero interest. As far as no agreement with GM, that's nonsense. Moebius has already produced the '61 Pontiac Catalina and Ventura kits. Now, I realize Moebius has been sold to Pegasus, but there's no reason to assume they won't be able to get new licensing agreements, if necessary. My big concern is whether or not Pegasus continues to allow Moebius to develop new automotive subjects. I suspect their main interest in buying Moebius is the sci-fi side of the business, and the automotive stuff may be low priority/no interest.
  4. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    I'll admit I didn't notice the bullet center caps on the new box art. Since Round 2 had to change the box art, I'd be (a bit) surprised if they didn't show what's actually going to be in the box. So my reckless speculation was probably way off base 😉 The other obvious factor I didn't think about till now is that with the side-mount spare, they can't just throw a set of four wheels in from a different kit. So pretty much no way they're throwing the wheels from the '36 into this kit.
  5. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    Comet front bumper is different - center section extends forward to match the protruding grille. Maverick bumpers/grilles/hoods are flat front.
  6. Barn find...

    I like everything about this, the screwdriver trunk lock is the icing on the cake.
  7. 1970 Dodge Hemi Charger RT in factory B3 blue

    I think this is the nicest build that I've seen of this kit, excellent all around.
  8. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    Very nice! Most of those Motor Max diecasts have at least some of the proportions incorrect, but this one looks spot on. Might need to get one or two of these to play with. I have one of the Johan Pro Stockers, but I'd be less guilty modifying one of these.
  9. 39/41 Wagon Rod

    This is the first build of the Wagon Rod that I actually like!
  10. 1991 Geo Storm Beater

    Chuck, you nailed this, especially the rust in the rear quarters! I clearly recall that flaw in this body design that caused the quarters to rust through prematurely. A former co-worker "inherited" his wife's bright yellow Storm after she decided she needed an SUV. By the time he finally got rid of it, the quarters looked just like this.
  11. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Ha! Shows you what I know! I thought that was some sort of K.T. Keller era Mopar in the far lane (either a Dodge or a Plymouth). Shoulda known better - the fact that they're both "more doors" probably should have been a clue...
  12. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    Interesting, not quite a 100% pure reissue of the original. Looks like chrome reverse rims will be provided instead of original wheel covers. Guessing it will probably be the same rims provided in the 1936 Ford 3-window reissue from a few years ago? I'm sure a few people will be disappointed, but honestly I suspect the vast majority of purchasers will prefer these. Aside from the original wheel covers, were there any other optional parts that were lost to time and not included in the Lindberg reissues?
  13. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    Yup, I've been wondering for years why Round 2 has been waiting so long to reissue this kit, and hoping they'd be smart and rerelease it as a faux retro Trophy Series 3 in 1. The majority of car modeling trends follow the 1:1 car world, and gassers are hot right now. Including the gasser parts in this release and thereby allowing that version to be featured on the box art probably would have helped move the most kits for Round 2. I still suspect this will sell OK, since it's the only game in town for a '55 2-door sedan, but if they'd tried a bit harder this could have been a home run. I already have 2 of the first issue stock/street machine versions (red/white box art above), so I'll pass on this. But I would've bit if they included the gasser parts and some good retro style decals.
  14. Revell Super Spyder Monza re-release

    The red hatchback in the above image is the Monza 'S' coupe, which is the body style depicted in the MPC "Twister Vega" kit. Yeah, it's pretty much the old Vega body with the nose from the "Monza" wagon, which itself was just a facelifted and renamed Vega wagon. I was just trying to figure out which kit Horsepower was asking about. Since the Twister Vega kit was basically a Vega/Monza mashup (just like the 1:1 cars), I guessed that might be what he was thinking of. I think I've succeeded in completely derailing this thread...
  15. Revell Super Spyder Monza re-release

    Oh, it's more than just 2 totally different cars. These are all various versions of Monzas, in no particular order: