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  1. Back in the late '90s, some friends and I used to frequent the street races at Doty Road on the South Side of Chicago. One weekend a guy showed up with an old resurrected Chevy II 2-door sedan street racer. From the taillights I knew it was a 62-64. It had obviously been sitting dormant for years prior, and it didn't have any modern speed parts visible on it. It had a set of slotted mags and sat EXACTLY like this! At the time, the gasser look and "patina" were absolutely NOT "cool", but I thought that car was all kinds of awesome. Never got a peek under the hood, but I'd like to imagine it was Rat-powered like this. Gonna be following this one for sure!
  2. Now that we know that this Powell is going to be 3D printed, shouldn't this topic get moved to the "Truck Aftermarket / Resin / 3D Printed" section, where it belongs? Just slapping the "Johan" name on stuff like this doesn't mean it belongs in this section, with legitimate injection molded styrene kits.
  3. Rick, my HL also had the new Charger stickered for $29.99. Did a double take when I saw that - never expected to walk out of a store paying less than $20 for one of these. Also grabbed the lone '64 Cutlass hardtop kit that they had at mine. They had a single mangled one over a year ago, and I hadn't seen another one till the other day. (The convertibles are always crowding the shelves)
  4. This 👆 Not sure why, but the last reissue of that Blazer a!ways seemed scarce, to the point that I never actually saw one in the flesh. Which is surprising since my LHS at the time pretty much carried anything that Round 2 produced. At the time, I casually assumed that they would eventually get it in, or I would find it somewhere else, but that never happened. At the time it wasn't a "gotta have it" kit for me, but now I wish I'd tracked one down.
  5. Welp, I didn't think I needed another Super Bee kit until you just confirmed this, Steve! Good stuff! In case anyone hasn't seen a 1:1 with Ledger Green "C stripes":
  6. Tim, Agreed, I have the first issue Pro Street kit with those C-stripes. I know one of the more recent Round 2 reissues also offered them in black or white: However, I don't think they've previously offered them in blue, which is quite rare in 1:1. In my opinion, its quite eye catching:
  7. Thank you for posting these pics for us, Tim. Glad to see the '60 F100 will include an engine and have the bed separate. Also really liking that new box art for the '70 Super Bee. Sure seems to indicate that the decals will include the C-stripe in blue, which I think will be a first. Will be doubly sweet if they also include a blue bumble bee stripe.
  8. Very, very cool. All your effort paid off!
  9. This is turning out great. Looking forward to the completion!
  10. Personally, I wouldn't put much stock in some of those pictures: many of them are obviously placeholders. Safe bet that Round 2 isn't planning to use that bland '90s box art for the '67 Chevelle and '57 T-bird, or the Model King box art for the '70 Wildcat. Bet someone just Google searched "AMT 1967 Cyclone" and grabbed a pic of the old annual. Although, with some of the things Round 2 is doing, it's conceivable that they could add to the Ertl tooling to replicate the old annual. Also questioning the Revell 1970 Torino GT box art. I've seen listed elsewhere that it's actually the 1970 Torino Cobra that's getting reissued. That one is more "due" for a reissue, so that would make more sense. Probably someone doesn't understand the difference between the GT and Cobra versions.
  11. About a year ago, there was an interview with Jim Keeler posted to YouTube. In it, he showed some mockups of the various projects on which he was working. He clearly had an assembled Nailhead on the bench. My presumption is that it was the Parts Pack version, so I'm assuming there's plans to include it in one of the upcoming "Keeler's Kustoms" releases.
  12. Good to see the 1970 Wildcat coming back. Don't think I previously heard about the '59 Cadillac ambulance w/ gurney. Guessing that's the AMT tool that was last issued as the Surf Shark. Wonder if they've tooled up factory stock Caddy wheelcovers and a correct rear bumper? To pass as a correct "factory stock" ambulance, it really needs those items. Guessing the '66 Galaxie "Sweet Bippy" box art will mimic the original quite closely:
  13. Not sure if your source was Stevens International, but here's what I'm seeing for recent AMT announcements on their site:
  14. I suspect there will suddenly be renewed interest in this thread. Looks like Stevens International (allegedly) let the Kat out of the bag:
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