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  1. Steve, thanks for posting those. Couldn't find a good pic anywhere, and I'm not sure which box/stack my original is hiding in (haven't looked at it since before my last move)
  2. Also hood (though they look similar with the W-30 scoops, the 71/72 hood was revised due to the grill redesign)
  3. Crossed my fingers and stopped at my LHS this morning, but none of the new ones that niteowl listed yet. Figuring another week and they should have em'.
  4. Glad to hear the '37 trucks are finally hitting the shelves. Seems like that one has been in the pipeline forever. Maybe its just my perception since that's the main one I'm intersted in.
  5. It's the original sixties-era Revell "opening everything" kit.
  6. My LHS had this one on the shelves the other day when I stopped in: No, I couldn't bring myself to buy it.
  7. Got a chuckle out of this. Considering that easily 90% of the employees at my local HL are middle aged women, I'd say you were lucky that they managed to set aside some version of an actual Mustang (as opposed to a Camaro, etc.) It's just a reminder that to the vast majority of the world, anything smaller than a 1:1 is a "model car", which usually is also equivalent to a "toy car" in their mind.
  8. Thanks for posting this! Skipped around a bit through the video, but I agree - very impressive. I'm also not normally much of a fan of the low rider style, but there's no denying the skill amd craftsmanship in that segment, both in scale modeling and 1:1. Having said that, his 1:1 Impala is one of the most tasteful low riders I've ever seen, basically taking the already excellent '65 Impala styling and purifying it as much as possible. With a simple wheel change it could look right at home at Autorama, competing against Foose, etc. The fact that he built his 1/25 version first as a prototype for his 1:1 confirms that scale model building should be taken seriously.
  9. AMT actually marketed two different versions of the '55 2-door sedan. The stock/street machine version, which Round2 just reissued. There was also a 2nd version with the street machine parts plus the Nomad drag parts (which couldn't be built stock, I believe). With all the current gasser madness, I really thought Round2 might reissue that version, emphasizing the gasser/drag parts vs. the '80s/'90s street machine parts, as you mentioned. Since they have the only game in town if you want a '55 sedan, maybe it doesn't matter. But I thought playing up the gasser theme could have helped.
  10. Current pics of that car show it as a '67 (grill/taillights different than '66): Of course I'm no expert, so I'm not sure if it originally ran as a '66 and got updated. As Brian mentioned, most teams ran Galaxies in '66, but this was right when the transition to midsize was happening. I know I've seen pics of at least one or two post-66 Galaxie stock cars. Can't be sure if those were actual NASCAR or one of the other competing associations at the time (USAC, etc.)
  11. Interesting, never saw one of those. At first glance that looked like a shorty 2nd gen Corvair...
  12. Just to confirm Luc and Matt's comments, earlier this year I also requested a warranty replacement part from Revell using the link provided above (windshield frame for the '30 Ford coupe). I entered my request on a weekend, but within a day or two I got a reply saying they would send a replacement, and it would take about 6-7 weeks. Ended up receiving it in about 2 weeks (shipped from Germany) - better lead time than many US based shippers. I also recommend uploading pictures, and specifying the kit # and the part # of the defective part. The way I see it, the more info they have, the better chance of you receiving the correct part (in your case, since you need a new body, that's fairly cut and dried, but with the smaller widgets it's critical to specify what the part number is on the tree)
  13. I've scratched my head over this one too. Since they've converted several of their other diecasts from that era into plastic kits, it seems like a no brainer. Especially as hot as gassers are right now. Then again, maybe the subject of this thread is the answer: maybe those in charge think it would be too similar to this existing tooling? With the low detail and poor proportions, I for one have no interest in this 1/24 kit. But I would definitely be interested if they converted the 1/25 AG '55 diecast. Plus, if they marketed it as the AG '55, that gives them the movie/pop culture tie-in that we've been told is so desirable. With a few changes, they could do a Two Lane Blacktop version as well.
  14. If one were feeling ambitious, they could chop up an MPC Cyclone stock car to replicate the Mercury Cyclone Sportshauler show car. Not sure if the kit of the normal Amphicat would fit in it, though. Apparently they used an Amphicat "Papoose", specially built for the show car, (and presumably smaller than the normal Amphicat)
  15. The 442 body and chrome are from the MPC/AMT kit. That's also the source of the interior bucket pictured above.
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