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  1. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Mild kitbash/under two week project - Revell '30A Five Window....   

    Tim, really like this, especially the "corrected" roof opening and wood work...
  2. Robberbaron added a post in a topic My Take on Revell's '30 Model A Coupe   

    Really nice.  This is what an A coupe should look like!
  3. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 55 Nomad   

    Outstanding build as always!  Gotta agree, nicest version of this kit that I've seen, I believe.
  4. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Do any resin casters offer the 1/25 Motor Wheel Spyder wheels offered in older releases of AMT's '70 Impala?   

    One other source that I know of for a pair of Spyders (NOT a full set of four) would be certain versions of the old Monogram 1/24 scale (bad) 1969 Camaro.  These versions came with a pair of Spyders for the rear, and what I believe are supposed to be Motor Wheel Flys for the front.  I never had this version myself, so I can't speak regarding how decent these wheels actually are.
    Being an old 1/24th Monogram kit, there may be a size difference as well, although some older Monogram kits seemed to have underscale wheels that do interchange with 1/25 kits.
    Not to sidetrack the discussion too much, but this wheel combo (Motor Wheel Spyders in back, Motor Wheel Flys up front) was high dollar equipment on early '70s Pro Stockers.  For these applications, Motor Wheel custom built all-alloy Spyders (no steel rim like the street versions).
    The Flys were also race-only magnesium wheels that were too fragile to run on the street.
    Bogart Wheels patterned their Fly Star wheels after them, and they were also the inspiration for the Weld Pro Star design.  Whenever I see pics of these early Pro Stockers running Motor Wheel Flys, it's jarring to me because it looks like such a modern design, even though it's not...

  5. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Playing With Thunderbirds   

    Cool!  I always thought this generation of T-birds were very sharp.  In HS one of my buddy's dads had a white LX V8 very similar to your red one, cornering lights and everything.  I always liked the LX's of this generation a bit better, since they still had the chrome grills.
  6. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1957 Del Rio   

    Very nice!
  7. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 72 nova pro street!!   

    Another nice one, probably the nicest build.of this kit that I've seen.  Almost missed the white pinstripe along the sides, nice attention to the details....
  8. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 65 Chevy ll pro street.   

    Nice job - tough looking little car!
  9. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I have a soft spot for AMCs as well, my Grandpa always bought AMCs, along with several of my uncles,  actually going back pre-merger to the Nashes.  My mother likes to reminisce about teasing my Grandpa and Uncle Bob about their "Nash cans", which is what the younger kids called the bathtub Nashes, since they thought they were so ugly.
    My Grandpa eventually switched to AMC wagons.  His Rambler wagon survived (barely) the infamous 1967 Oak Lawn tornado.  My mom recalled looking out their basement window and seeing the back wheels actually briefly lift off the driveway as the tornado passed nearby.
    Last car my Grandpa bought was a Matador wagon (guessing it was about a 1977), complete with woodgrain, of course.  Last AMC in the family was my Uncle's Concord coupe.
  10. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks for confirming, Scott.  I also always thought that Pacer wagons had better proportions than the coupes.
    This is another kit that I love just for the absurdity of it.  Back in the day, a Pacer wagon was just about the most "uncool" car you could imagine (even more so than the Pacer coupes).  Kind of amazes me that it was kitted.
    Nowadays, Pacers are so unusual and bizarre looking that they really are kind of cool.  Of course, if you try hard enough, you can make anything cool:

  11. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Round 2 September '16 Releases   

    Dont forget that the fourth monster truck in the series was the El Camino, with the original "standard" flat front end with chrome front bumper.
    That one of course wasn't really "restored" back to its previous version.  Instead Ertl converted it to the AMT-branded SS, complete with poor-fitting nose with unevenly spaced grille bars (then reissued by Round 2 as an MPC).  About the only plus is that they finally updated the dash to the 81-85 style.
  12. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Also picked up one of the MPC Pinto wagons today.  Not sure what it says about me, but 4 of my last 5 kit purchases have been these old MPC reissues.
    My LHS also had the AMT Pacer wagons, but figured that might be a purchase for the next visit.
    Scott, does the AMT Pacer have a promo type chassis like the MPC Pacer, or is the drivetrain and exhaust separate, similar to the AMT Gremlin kits?  Don't think I've seen pics posted yet of the AMT Pacer kit contents.
  13. Robberbaron added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Harry, just heard about your situation in one of the other threads.  Thoughts and prayers for you as you fight this.
    Sorry to here about your experiences with the new healthcare bureaucracy, unfortunately it's now the new normal.  As my mom has gotten older, unfortunately she has had to be hospitalized multiple times over the last 10 years.  She's been in 3 times in the last 2 years alone, and let me tell you the last couple hospitalizations have been a 180 degree bad turn from just a few short years ago.
    One key factor in the Obamacare scheme is denial of coverage to try to keep costs down, so your physician's recommendations are often no longer good enough to qualify you for coverage.
    I'm also in charge of my family's finances, which includes monitoring health insurance statements, paying bills for our copays and deductibles, etc.  With me, my wife, and 3 kids, it sometimes feels like a second job just figuring out what you legitimately owe and making sure the insurance is paying what they should.
    I'm in the middle of fighting my insurance right now for my wife's hip surgery this past June.  They're currently refusing to pay because they've deemed it "medically unnecessary".  Because of course there's an epidemic of people getting hip surgery purely for the heck of it...
  14. Robberbaron added a post in a topic AMT 68 El Camino   

    I had the same thoughts, Mark.  Though I never bought one, I recall the Street Machine version had Halibrands, while this new box art sure looks like big and little Torq Thrusts.  I believe Mike Wherry (Pack Rat on this board) advised that the new TT's in the '64 Plymouth Lawman are also included in the AMT-branded (former Lindberg) '61 Impala.  Wonder if they're also including those same wheels in this one?
    I suppose optional wheels/tires would be enough (technically) to describe it as a 2 in 1, but if there aren't any other optional parts, it'll be a tough to get me to pry my wallet open for this one, as cool as the soap box car is (since I have several of the first issue Ertl stock version).  Just too much cool stuff coming out, with finite finances...
  15. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Old Revell "H" part # kits   

    Oops, sorry for the bad info.  I think in my mind I was merging the AMT '58 Impala engine (which DOES have a separate crank) with the Revell engines.  That's what I get for trying to go off memory instead of actually digging a kit out of my stash to confirm visually.  Hate to spread misinformation...