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  1. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I had the same thought, seems like it would be easy enough to tool up different wheels and wheel backs to fit some of the current tires that Revell already produces.
    No telling how much of the tooling they might still have for which of the '62 Mopars, and what condition it is in.  I thought someone (Art Anderson maybe?) stated that they lent a windshield unit from their '62 Chrysler kit to Revell to allow them to get dimensions, presumably to possibly reverse engineer new tooling.  This would imply that they at least have the '62 Chrysler tooling, minus the windshield glass tooling.
    We do know that the body for the '62 Dodge Dart got hacked and turned into the Revellion funny car, but even that hasn't been reissued since the '70s, I believe?  Even with the modifications, most of the details on the body remained intact, including the 4-door hardtop doorlines and front fender scripts:
  2. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS   

    Another impressive build as usual, Yuri!  Really like the vinyl top and the fact that you went with a blue interior vs. the typical black that is used too often.
    Once again top notch photography, too.
  3. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1971 Pontiac GTO Doyusha   

    Huh, never knew such a kit existed.  Body actually looks pretty accurate.  Nice job.
  4. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Most accurate kit(s) ever (1/24-25)?   

     Main problem with the'56 is the angle of the fins/taillights is too vertical.
  5. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    New tool Revell releases would be tougher to predict, but here's some they SHOULD do:
    Really wish they'd get on the stick and bring out a 1970 442 W-30 hardtop based on the '72 H/O tool.  This one's a no brainer.
    Speaking of 1970 A-bodies, how about a 1970 GTO Judge?  The MPC hasn't been available since, what, late '80s maybe?
    A '27 Ford T Roadster would be a heck of a follow up to the new Model A's they just released.  Just sayin...
  6. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    Oh yeah, my reckless spec-uh-lation for Round 2:
    '64 Comet Craftsman, right about the time the Moebius '65 is also hitting the shelves.
    Haven't seen the '34 Ford 5-window in a while.  What with all this hot rod fever going around, my gut tells me we'll see that one again within about a year.  If they'd include both the stock and street rod parts, they could even do retro style Trophy Series box art.  I recently picked up the original issue "stock" version from the '90s, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they also included some basic speed parts for the flatty (heads and intake), which wasn't indicated on the box.
    We know the MPC '73 Cougar tooling is good, bet that gets reissued with some kind of retro box.
    The Beverly Hillbillies truck in proper retro MPC box art.
    Seems like the "malaise-era" kits (mid '70s through early '80s) must be selling well for them, I'm hoping to see the "Bear Bait" MPC Chevette come back.  I know I'd be in for a couple - good drag car material there.
  7. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I had similar thoughts on the '65 GTO.  Finally ordered the Modelhaus repop of the correct original bumper/headlight assembly, so figured someone will finally release a new tool '65.
    Same goes for the MPC '67 GTO: ordered the correct seats and steering wheel from Modelhaus, so now is the time for Revell to announce a new '67 based on their '66 tooling.
  8. Robberbaron added a post in a topic ´32 Ford 5w.   

    Man, that is nice!
  9. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Round2 July 2016 Announcements   

    Interesting news on several of these.  Very cool to see the '68 El Camino with the soap box derby car.  Only problem is I already have several of the original 90s issue factory stock version.  Don't know if the soap box car is cool enough for me to drop that kind of coin on another one.  Now if they can manage to also include the street machine parts to make it a 2 in 1 kit, I'd probably bite the bullet (I only recently learned about some of the features of that version, including the mini tubs).
    Kind of curious about that AMT Monza, too.  Was really hoping for the MPC to be reissued, but will need to wait and see to find out more about this one.
    Don't think anyone's pointed out yet that the classic '57 Ford Fairlane is on this list.  Kind of curious to see what the contents of that one will be.  That's popped up a couple times the last few years on release lists (maybe not official), but never seemed to happen.  So wondering if some of the original custom parts have been restored?  That tool made it through the mid 90s pretty much unmolested, then AMT/Ertl eliminated pretty much all the vintage custom/racing parts and replaced them with "modern" parts, that ironically are now totally out of date.
    Not sure if the original stuff was left intact/gated off, or destroyed or lost.  I suspect the latter, which may be why a couple of the retro releases weren't able to happen when announced a few years ago...
  10. Robberbaron added a post in a topic revell 4Q2016 Release Annoucement   

    Nothing earthshaking for me in this announcement.  Glad to see the black widow '57 back, since I missed it originally when it was first released.
    Think I'll also get one of those Caddy kits.  I also would love to see a factory stock version, but this is honestly another one of those where I'm just happy that a kit exists of the subject, period.
    I have zero interest in the Bronco, but glad to see it being released, since I've been seeing a LOT of interest in this as a kit subject the last couple years.  Kind of like the Moebius Ford trucks, the 1:1s are so far off my radar I never would have guessed there was so much demand for a kit subject.
  11. Robberbaron added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Stopped by my LHS & picked up the MPC '75 Vette, mainly for the bare rally wheels.  Toughest choice I've had to make in a while: also had the Revell '30 Model A coupe, stock '48 Ford coupe, MPC Pinto wagon, and GMC "Deserter", which are all on my "to buy" list.
  12. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1977 Monte Carlo   

    Great build, and once again proves just how good this kit can look with careful detailing.  (I also owned a 1:1 '77 Monte, so I am biased)
    Regarding the ride height, this kit was originally designed as a lowrider with adjustable height front and rear suspension.  Each axle assembly pivots, and there are three (I think) detents for setting it at low (slammed), medium (stock-ish height), or high (jacked up).  Due to the way the axle assemblies are "hinged", the wheels also change positions fore/aft in the wheel wells depending on the suspension height.
    The most recent Revell release finally provided stock style rally wheels (actually very nicely done, with open slots), but the goofy adjustable height chassis remains.  That is the biggest demerit for this kit IMHO.  But then again, if we're being honest, this kit never would have been produced if not for the lowrider craze of the mid to late '90s.
    I for one am glad it got designed and produced before the great model apocalypse happened.  There's close to zero chance of a subject like this getting kitted today.
  13. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Out for a Cruise   

    Inspiring story Steve.  I feel like I'm on a similar trajectory, though not nearly as far along.
    My keeper is my first "nice" car, a 1977 Malibu Classic coupe, 350/TH350, low mileage honest-to-goodness "Grandma" car, bought when I was 20 in my hometown where I grew up.  Even with the low miles, it had some bondo in the quarters with paintwork that didn't match.  After I graduated college, I had the funds to get the body repaired correctly and repainted.
    After that I moved on to disassembling the engine/underhood to degrease, repaint, install an intake, headers, etc.  Right after I started that process, I met my future wife.  Love leads to marriage leads to kids, so the Malibu has been sitting in the garage waiting patiently ever since.  Sometimes it feel like I'll never get to it again.  Nice to read a story like yours as a reminder that it is possible to acheive those goals, as long as we keep our priorities straight.
  14. Robberbaron added a post in a topic 1976 Ford Gran Torino   

    Man there are some great factory stock builds getting posted here right now.
    Really looks great with the Magnums 500s and the gold paint, nice job!
  15. Robberbaron added a post in a topic Aunt Ruth's Duster   

    Great job - perfect color for one of these.
    The streets were swarming with Dusters that looked just like this when I was a kid.