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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures, Jim. There's the third body variation and the cowl hood that I recall seeing in the "leaked" photos. Aside from the hood and the rally wheels, I wonder what the other differences/additions are? I can't recall if the stock '64 included that mesh air cleaner (I know it had several sets of valve covers). Regarding the '65 SS hardtop, I believe this will be the first time that Moebius has kitted a subject that was released previously by a different manufacturer, although I believe the stock '65 AMT was only a Craftsman kit (curbside). And, of course, it got butchered into the altered wheelbase "Rat Packer" long ago.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Seems like over the last year especially, they've added very few of the new Revell releases. I'd like to see them add the '56 Del Ray, the '37 Ford pickup, and the '30 Model A coupe. All those seem to be in short supply at my LHS, so I'm assuming strong demand. In fact, I haven't seen the '30 coupe in months - I'm assuming the first run was completely sold out (?) I only managed to get two, but would like several more. There's also plenty of upcoming stuff I'd like to see them add like the ex-RR '32 Roadster and the '71 Olds 442.
  3. Jim, thanks for the heads up. Guessing you were probably at the Valpo location? On my way to Menards I stopped at the Hobart store, and can confirm they have a similar selection of markdowns. I got the last of the '70 Vette and the '76 Stepside. In addition to the five above, I also saw the Revell snap Ford Raptor and Ford GT, and the AMT snap Chrysler Concord. Wouldn't be surprised if there were some others that were already gone. Closeout price is 75% off original. That's why the Revell '66 is cheaper than the others, since it was originally $26.99 vs $29.99. Same here - haven't seen it in years, and didn't expect to ever see it again at these types of prices. (Maybe less disposable income = sales slowdown?)
  4. Oh ye of little faith: Under $40 out the door for all five.
  5. From the front end I can tell it's based on the 1975 Caprice kit.
  6. The weird thing to me is that Round 2 continues to release certain MPC-tooled kits as AMT, even now. Can't understand the rhyme or reasoning to when they decide to tag them one way or the other. But no great loss regarding the Lindberg brand, IMHO.
  7. At lunch I stopped at an "Antique Mall" near my work. Been there a couple times before, and have never even been tempted to buy anything. Seemed like another waste of time, but I decided to go down one more row of vendor booths before I left. Wouldn't you know it, someone was selling a box of five built-up AMT sixties Ford kits: '61 Sunliner and '63, '66, '67, and '68 T-birds. All are well-built, definitely too nice to call glue bombs. Fortunately no custom parts on any, except the mags on the '61, which I don't mind. That one has plastic pins on the chassis, not screws, so I'm suspecting it may be the late sixties reissue? The '63 body is bare white styrene. The only one that seems to have any missing parts is the '66, which also has a crunched windshield frame. Frankly I could care less about that one since its still available as a reissue. It just came along for the ride with the other four, since it was a set price for the whole box of five. For the bunch I paid less than the cost of one typical new kit.
  8. Stopped at my LHS yesterday after work and picked up an AMT 1965 Bonneville. Somehow managed to never get one before. (I typically have multiples of most other sixties-vintage AMT kits)
  9. I think the last time the AMT '66 was out was when they were getting blown out at Ollies (what, maybe about 12 years ago?). Unfortunately, there were no Ollies in my area at that time. I always wanted to get a second '66 kit to try to graft the Lindberg front and rear ends onto the better AMT body.
  10. My typing got ahead of my thoughts: my intent was to say that the AMT/Ertl '66 442 KIT is superior to the Lindberg '67 KIT. The general body shape of the Lindberg '67 is just off in roof shape and the quarter panel and front fender profiles, whereas the AMT '66 seems spot on. The Lindberg also has some fit issues with the front bumper/grill assembly and the separate chrome side trim. The rear axle housing in the Lindberg also looks wacky because they tried to mold the rear sway bar with it as one piece, and it just ended up bizarre-looking.
  11. A bit surprised but also not surprised by the '67 Olds 442. Since it was out more recently, I would expect there to be more demand for the AMT '66. Notwithstanding the '66 vs '67 model year differences, I and many others would argue that the '66 is superior to the '67. On the other hand, maybe the fact that the tooling is here in the states and ready to run is a big factor? I'm sure with current conditions, they can get these cranked out and on the shelves in a fraction of the time it would take for production/shipping from China and then getting them through the ports. I am glad to hear that this tooling is remaining in the USA (at least keep a couple of eggs in a separate basket). Smart move also to rebrand as AMT, the Lindberg name is just too associated with the junk they made pre-1990s.
  12. Mike, the tires in the picture you posted are the new style: each of them has only the "Goodyear" tampo. The previous versions are shown on the box art: in addition to the Goodyear logos, they also had "Polyglas GT" and the size lettering on each.
  13. I recently had the same thought and did the same thing. Unfortunately, at some time Round 2 made a change with this kit and is no longer printing the "Polyglas GT" or the size lettering on any of the eight tires, just the "Goodyear" white letters. (As shown in your picture above) The kit is still a good deal and the tires are still nice, just not outstanding like they were in earlier runs of this kit. Round 2 really needs to revise the box art to correctly show the tires that they're now including.
  14. Stopped at my local HL on the way home from work. No new releases (as usual), but the shelves were pretty well stocked again. (maybe they've caught up on their staffing shortage, so it's easier to keep the shelves stocked?) One additional Revell kit was now also stickered at $37.99.
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