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  1. OK, this is a little weird: http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/4174-coming-off-the-shelf-what-a-gasser/#sthash.w2hdEbbh.dpbs Sounds like the "bonus" pad printed redlines won't work with either of the wheel types included with the kit? (or maybe they're too wide to fit an out of the box build?)
  2. '87/88 Oldsmobile

    Clearly Scale seems to make lots of great stuff, but it looks like something's off with this one. Even though the description says it has flush, Euro-style headlamps, they sure look like sealed beams to me. Grille texture should be finer, also. If they could make some improvements, I'd definitely be interested.
  3. 1/25 AMT Mazda Rx-7

    Nope. Engine detail is similar to a low line diecast like a MotorMax, etc. I got the Mikado version for Christmas from my Grandparents back in the day. I built it, of course, but it was my least favorite model at the time, between subject matter and the green/yellow color combo. The graphics probably would have helped lessen the ugly factor, but the rub-on transfers were a non-starter. All I have left I believe is the wheels and tires (the good old knobby Goodyear Rally GT's). The rest was sacrificed in an unsuccessful experiment in trying to create a crushed car for a junkyard diorama (couldn't get the effect I wanted).
  4. Moebius Belvedere

    Thanks Ron.
  5. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    Now THIS I find fascinating, and sets the mind racing as to what else might still exist. Perfect example of something I wouldn't expect to still be around.
  6. Moebius Belvedere

    Ron, can you comment on the differences between the California Flash version and the first "street" version? I know the engraving for the panel lines was supposed to be improved, not sure what else may have changed. My LHS proprietor mentioned that one of his other customers recently bought one of the California Flash kits. He came in the next day and bought three more, saying how many improvements they'd made compared to the first version. Didn't get any more information than that, but my curiosity was piqued.
  7. 70 Chevelle, snap...

    Color/Stance/Wheels: all good. Great build!
  8. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    I think we need to pin this thread - it's the gift that keeps on giving! The above one is another classic: my favorite part is that they have the girl on the box art popping a wheelie. I can just imagine the directions they gave to the artist: "Eh, all them dumb kids like the wheelies. Better show the girl popping a wheelie. Oh yeah, also: We based the figure on Mabel in accounting, but you better not make the girl on the box look like that..." 😂 Honestly, I'm with you Scott, she really doesn't look bad at all. But I bet the average 12 year old buyer back in the day would have been PO'd...
  9. 1980 Ford Pinto Wagon 4x4

    Redneck awesomeness!!! Haven't seen one of those in 1:1 in quite a while, but just Google "4x4 Pinto" to see how many of these things have actually been built in the real world.
  10. My '17 4 Pack

    That's a pretty top notch group there, you can be proud.
  11. Want to build a 57 Vette gasser, which one is good?

    Interesting! Never realized there were 2 different versions of the MPC gasser Vette, in addition to the factory stock '57. Did these earlier gasser versions share the body with the stock '57? (I recall several people on this forum stating that the rear wheel wells on the stock '57 were way too big, maybe to accommodate this version?) Or did MPC actually make 3 different '57 Vette body tools?
  12. I believe once Round 2 got the production rights for the AMT/MPC tooling around 2007, their official policy was to discontinue doing production runs for 3rd parties such as Model King and Stevens International. The Round 2 guys seem much more "in the know" about how to market their product and the sales potential for the different tools in their inventory, as opposed to RC2 (Racing Champions) which seemed to be literally clueless most of the time. As the model car hobby shrank, I believe Round 2 also accepted the reality of smaller production runs for pretty much all their kits, which used to be the territory of MK. Previously, RC2 seemed desperate to stay in Wal-Mart's good graces to keep their "checkerboard" kits on its shelves. Not sure what Revell's current policy is, but I don't think I've seen an MK release of any Revell/Monogram kit in quite a while, either. The only MK stuff I believe I've seen the last few years are the Moebius releases.
  13. Round 2 January 2018 Product Spotlight

    Count me as underwhelmed, as well. There's at least a couple previous Model King releases that are begging to be reissued: The '64 Comet in particular is a no brainer, since the Moebius '65 is now available for kitbashing for those that want to upgrade it to full detail. And for those who want to chime in about how these were such slow sellers for Model King, curbside kits don't sell, etc.: hold your breath (or keystrokes, I suppose). The name of the game is price point, and MK way overshot the price point on these when they released them 10-15 years ago (?), especially the Comet. You can't try pricing a curbside 50% more than a typical full detail kit and expect them to fly off the shelves. If Round 2 would price these equivalent to most of their other kits, I think they'd do fine. Since they like to gild the lily, throwing an extra set of wheels/tires in with the Comet would probably help sales for those that don't want to build a granny-fresh car. Round 2 has a couple different sets of newly tooled mags that they could choose from.
  14. AMT 57 Chevy Pepper Shaker - Newest reissue

    Just looked at the above thread: Yikes! I might have to agree with your assessment on that MPC Camaro. The poster sure gave his best effort, but as he said: lipstick on a pig. Between the narrow body, incorrect wheel wells, taillights, and bumpers, that thing actually seems a little Palmer-ish. Makes the old Monogram 1/24 '69 Camaro seem elegant...
  15. 1972 Buick Riviera - Boat-tail

    Excellent! Clean build all around, and I concur: those wheels work on this car.