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  1. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    Totally believe it. I also got one of the '48 Ford police cars last year on clearence, when it was grouped with a bunch of other kits. Seemed at the time like it was pretty soon to have put that one on clearance. They also put both the S&H Torino and the factory stock version (blue car on box art) on clearance. But after the clearance ended, they've continued to carry both since then. None of it makes any sense, so I'm convinced all of those were mistakes. The '68 Chevelles and AMT branded '34 pickups.are just hitting the shelves, so there's no doubt that was a mistake, too. I was at my local HL today, and there were no kits on clearance, so I don't think it's anything from corporate. My guess is the local store manager screwed up.
  2. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Crimony! Every other release is a Coca-Cola!
  3. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Would this be the Street Rods kit that was only issued once back in the '70s?
  4. VW Beetle Mooneyes

    Incredible! That is some of the most convincing rust I've seen on any 1/25 scale vehicle.
  5. I've got to say, about a year ago it seemed like Round 2 was off their game a bit, but seeing some.of their recent releases, it seems like that was just a lull. Nice to see the extra effort they put into this one. They'll be rewarded with my $
  6. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL, 427 R Code.

    Absolutely stunning! Outstanding work, as usual.
  7. Don't forget Frank Drebin's car from The Nekkid Gun:
  8. Top Sportsman '69 Camaro WIP

    That's too cool!!!
  9. I don't recall ever seeing the R-M branded engine parts packs in stores - probably was during my "modeling hiatus". Anyone know if these were still molded in America? If so, let's hope Atlantis got the tooling (can't see the Germans being too interested in these...)
  10. Airfix VW Beetle?

    Anyone know if the old Revell 1/25 Beetle tooling ever made its way to China? If it remained stateside, I wonder if Atlantis has it now? Can't picture the Germans really being interested in the old 1/25 tooling when they already have the new 1/24 tooling. If it ended up in China, I think we'll never see it reissued.
  11. Revell '77 Monte Carlo SnapTite

    I give up! Tried posting a detailed response last night, repeated 404 error. Still happening, yet I can post this? Maybe it doesn't like what I'm trying to quote?
  12. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Sure looks like poverty caps on steelies on that D100...👍
  13. 1951 Bel Air Convertible

    Huh, so THAT was the inspiration for Round 2's most recent box art! Learned something new (and useless) today...
  14. WOW, thank you for this link! That entire site is a gold mine! Gonna be going there a lot for reference, highly recommend bookmarking it: http://vintagewheelcatalogs.com/
  15. 1/25 MPC The Grand Superfly

    Aside from the front end, hood, and front portion of the roof, the rest of the tool appears to have remained agonizingly stock. Even the "Grand Prix" scripts remained intact on the c-pillars (and the trunk lid, I believe). If this tooling still exists, I have no doubt that Round 2 could return it to stock. They pretty much had to do the same thing in restoring the AMT Gremlin tooling to stock. The question is whether at this point Round 2 is still willing to make that kind of investment. I can't think of any tooling on which they've done this kind of major restoration work recently. The Bruce Larson USA-1 Vega would have required a fair amount of changes, and it seems like they've given up on doing that one (at least for the time being).
  16. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    ^^^ "All American Trucks" - love the irony! Pretty cool nonetheless.
  17. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    As you said, probably because you don't see them anymore especially in that condition. I'd also wager that many of the people drawn to it had a personal connection to one of these cars in their past. Fairmonts were ubiquitous around here back in the '80s. If someone in you immediate family didn't own one, chances are that you knew a friend or co-worker with one. My sister's first car was a well-used black 4-door Fairmont, 4-banger, no AC. It smelled like an ashtray from the former owner (a chain smoking little old lady). It truly was the 1970s equivalent to a Model T.
  18. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    4-door Mavericks had a longer wheelbase, so that would require a different chassis than the 2-door, in addition to the different body, interior, and side glass. Aside from Gapp and Roush, don't think anyone else ran a 4-door Maverick in pro stock (at least that's the only one that people remember and would be interested in building). There might be about 100 people worldwide interested in building a stock 4-door Maverick, so tooling one up would be a financial disaster. This is the perfect example where resin would serve a niche market. I thought someone did cast a 4-door Maverick already. Don't recall who it was or when I may have seen it, since I have zero interest. As far as no agreement with GM, that's nonsense. Moebius has already produced the '61 Pontiac Catalina and Ventura kits. Now, I realize Moebius has been sold to Pegasus, but there's no reason to assume they won't be able to get new licensing agreements, if necessary. My big concern is whether or not Pegasus continues to allow Moebius to develop new automotive subjects. I suspect their main interest in buying Moebius is the sci-fi side of the business, and the automotive stuff may be low priority/no interest.
  19. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    I'll admit I didn't notice the bullet center caps on the new box art. Since Round 2 had to change the box art, I'd be (a bit) surprised if they didn't show what's actually going to be in the box. So my reckless speculation was probably way off base 😉 The other obvious factor I didn't think about till now is that with the side-mount spare, they can't just throw a set of four wheels in from a different kit. So pretty much no way they're throwing the wheels from the '36 into this kit.
  20. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    Comet front bumper is different - center section extends forward to match the protruding grille. Maverick bumpers/grilles/hoods are flat front.
  21. Barn find...

    I like everything about this, the screwdriver trunk lock is the icing on the cake.
  22. 1970 Dodge Hemi Charger RT in factory B3 blue

    I think this is the nicest build that I've seen of this kit, excellent all around.
  23. Finished a “Lovable Loser”

    Very nice! Most of those Motor Max diecasts have at least some of the proportions incorrect, but this one looks spot on. Might need to get one or two of these to play with. I have one of the Johan Pro Stockers, but I'd be less guilty modifying one of these.