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  1. Mike, the tires in the picture you posted are the new style: each of them has only the "Goodyear" tampo. The previous versions are shown on the box art: in addition to the Goodyear logos, they also had "Polyglas GT" and the size lettering on each.
  2. I recently had the same thought and did the same thing. Unfortunately, at some time Round 2 made a change with this kit and is no longer printing the "Polyglas GT" or the size lettering on any of the eight tires, just the "Goodyear" white letters. (As shown in your picture above) The kit is still a good deal and the tires are still nice, just not outstanding like they were in earlier runs of this kit. Round 2 really needs to revise the box art to correctly show the tires that they're now including.
  3. Stopped at my local HL on the way home from work. No new releases (as usual), but the shelves were pretty well stocked again. (maybe they've caught up on their staffing shortage, so it's easier to keep the shelves stocked?) One additional Revell kit was now also stickered at $37.99.
  4. Outstanding work! You're accumulating quite a collection, adding this to the El Caminos you've already done. Can't wait to see the '79 when you get going on it.
  5. Steve beat me to it. If nothing else, check out the link to see how sketchy that old body work was when they were redoing it in the '80s!
  6. This one was reissued by RC2 (as an AMT 🙄), so shouldn't have been a need to retool anything. Just as well. If that was the "mystery" kit, that would be a huge disappointment. At least Round 2 is using the proper MPC branding.
  7. The '50 Ford "Showboat" was reissued not too long ago:
  8. From your map it looks like you will be taking I-80/94 through Northwest Indiana. I highly recommend visiting G&G Hobbies in downtown Griffith. It's less than 10 minutes off 80/94. It's a classic old-school hobby shop with a great kit selection (almost the entire east wall is kits, and mostly automotive), been in business for decades. Downtown Griffith has quite a variety of shops and is pretty happening, so the rest of your family could easily find something to occupy their time while you hit G&G. They also have a couple micro-breweries and several great independent restaurants if you're getting off the highway to eat.
  9. I stopped at my local HL yesterday. Deja vu from the week before, so no additional price jumps on any other kits. 👍 I was hoping to get another Revell '29 Ford roadster, but they haven't had any in quite some time. Not sure if they're restocking them and they keep flying off the shelves, or if they're out of inventory on those.
  10. I'm assuming (?) that Thomas meant that he never sees items marked down on clearance. As far as I know the biweekly 40% model discount is nationwide.
  11. I've been doing the same thing the last couple months, picking up kits that are parts goldmines and/or that have chassis I'd like to slap under something else. I've gotten additional copies of the '63 Stingray, '53 Ford PU, '68 Camaro, and '66 Nova PS. Yesterday I picked up another '67 Chevelle PS. Might want to stick that chassis under a 442 someday.
  12. Glad you mentioned the Pontiac, I was starting to think I hallucinated it (think I only saw it that one time). Didn't notice the spotlight difference between the Chevys. Main thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is that the '65 is an Impala hardtop, while the '66 is a sedan, either a Bel Air or a Biscayne (think I spotted Bel Air side trim) You're right about the continuity issues, I've noticed a bunch of scenes showing Manuelito driving in the '65 (with no B-pillar). Then the scene cuts to her getting out of the '66 sedan. Overall it seems like they use the '65 more. I'm a bit on the fence about the '65 being an Impala hardtop. Certainly not something any typical PD would order new back in the day. However, if the Navajo police were seriously underfunded, I suppose it's possible they could have purchased used vehicles. An example is back about 15 years ago when Indiana revised its property tax system, and suddenly our county (Lake) and local municipalities started crying poor. The K.O. punch was the Great Recession in 2008. Lake County flat out didn't have the $ for new Crown Vics, so they actually started buying used civilian CVs and Grand Marquis from rental car companies and retrofitted them. (So I figure anything's possible)
  13. Anyone else notice what this subject 👆 and the Green Hornet Black Beauty 👇 have in common? So looks like they will already be creating a set of Appliance Apaches for the GH BB. And they already will have the chassis/engine they need from the '66 Mustang. So add those to a retooled body and interior and you should be there. Betcha it's the Mach 1.
  14. And THAT'S why there is no reason for R2 to mess with that vintage tooling - it consistently sells. (even to guys that complain about it!) It would be pure insanity for them to start changing it or, as you suggest, replace it. Don't mess with a good thing.
  15. From Niteowl's pics from the 2021 IPMS show, they also displayed the '55 Bel Air, so I've been assuming that would be the next Tri-Five. Personally, I think this is probably the best proportioned of the old Revell Tri-Fives. Another plus is that previous versions have included both a small block and a 409. Assuming that will be the same. Revell's modern new tool 1/25 '55 hardtop hasn't been out in quite a while, so Atlantis should be able to move these pretty well (IF indeed this is their next release). There is the old Monogram 1/24 street machine/ex Badman getting reissued, but that body is a hot mess IMHO.
  16. Welp, it might be happening. With the manufacturer's climbing MSRP's over the last year, I've been wondering when we would see the next HL price bump. Stopped at my nearest HL, surprised to see the shelves pretty well stocked. No new kits, and nothing out of the ordinary price-wise until I spotted the $37.99 price tags 😬 on the Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 Drag kits. Didn't see any other kits with similar increases, but I'm expecting as they restock we will probably see more increases. Since that kit had been $29.99 like the majority of their other kits, I'm expecting this may be their new baseline. If you're like 99% of the people on this forum and buy on the weeks with the 40% off, that works out to a $4.80 price increase per kit. Unfortunately that's not too different than what I've seen at my LHS.
  17. Earliest version I've seen was made by Rader in 1965. As Steve mentioned, several different manufacturers offered similar wheels. There are differences in the lace spoke design between some of the different manufacturers. The ones in the '68 Impala seem to most closely resemble the Raders, which makes sense for the era. Some of the copycat designs didn't come out till later.
  18. And a much better rendition than all the versions that Revell put in their various drag car kits.
  19. Picked one of these up the other day at my LHS. Really just for the bonanza of parts. I will admit that I'm slightly tempted to not part it out, so I could attempt to build this. Found pics on the H.A.M.B. Never seen pics of this car before, but it was local to my area. Incidentally, Van Senus still exists and is one of the few remaining "old school" auto parts stores still in our area.
  20. No, it would be an awful surprise. See Patrick's comments: The point is moot, I'm 100% certain Round 2 would not recreate that butchered mess. I and many others would love to see the 1968 and 1969 MPC Impalas come back, but those could be built stock, so they obviously aren't the "mystery" kit.
  21. Funny this should come up. I just purchased another '68 Camaro at HL a couple weeks ago. The current kits still include the 2 full sets of tires (4 bigs and 4 littles), each with "Goodyear" tampo lettering. BUT, they no longer have the "Polyglas GT" or the size lettering anymore! Quite surprised by that, since I've bought several previous versions of this kit, and the tires were as you both described above. PLUS, the box art pics still show the full lettering, with the F60 and L60 size callouts! So, really is a bit of false advertising now. But if I'm being honest, overall these kits are still a steal (40% off $26.99 = $16.19 before tax). And the 2 sets of tires are still nice, just not AS nice. Just be aware that they no longer have the full lettering with sizes.
  22. I know we're sidetracking a bit, but I always thought those 88 Holiday coupes were cool, kinda like a throwback to the early-to-mid sixties full size muscle machines like the Impala SS, Jetstar, etc. I recall occasionally seeing the 78/79 models, but it seems like the 80/81 were as rare as hen's teeth, at least in my area. I seem to recall seeing only one in a local junkyard in the mid-90s.
  23. Round 2 reissued the '75 "Open Corvette Roadster" several years ago, and that version did include the bare rally wheels. Also had a set of 8 metal injector stacks. My brother built a version of this reissue, and I seem to recall that it did not have the bare rallys:
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