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  1. Brandriet16

    GM G-Bodies

    Hey all, If anyone has any G-Bodies they'd be willing to part with I'd love to know. Have plenty of kits, and parts to trade for. Already have a GNX kit would be willing to take another though but mostly looking for Montes and Cuttys. Thanks!
  2. This is really awesome! Super cool subject too!
  3. This is awesome! Where did you get those shocks from?
  4. Chris, I'm originally from Oakes, about an hour south of Valley City but am currently at NDSU in Fargo. Once again, fantastic build!
  5. Just went through all 200+ pages. Here let pick my jaw up off the floor first, and then let me say holy cow. This is insane. Wonderful execution Chris!
  6. Just finished a trade with Intmd8r, great trader. First part he sent me got lost in the mail so he sent a second one! Trade with confidence, Steve is a sound trader and a man of his word.
  7. A fantastic 1:1 and the scale model is turning out great as well!
  8. Just read the whole way through this one. Fantastic stuff here Randy. Looking forward to following along the rest of the way.
  9. I look forward to everyone of your updates Tim. Truly ridiculous stuff you have going on here man.
  10. Holy cow Steve this is some fantastic building. Awesome subject, even better execution!!
  11. Where did you get those spark plugs and the 90* boots?
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