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  1. Yes sir, thanks! I am wondering about thoughts buggy wheels. And I hope when it all comes together you see an improvement on the fit and finish. Theses photos i have up are not showing tubed rear tire wells yet, so when that does get done like I said I hope it looks much better. It will have a lower stance and rear tires a bit higher in the wheel well.
  2. Well Well turns out I have a box and name for this kit... crazy what happens when you orgonize your stuff! So hello Mr. SandMan. On the buggy... I did start the V8 motor conversation from the bitty flat 4 VW air cooled.
  3. Since we last update I've cut out the handle in the dash for an extra TV, working on shaving the door handles. I've tubbed the rear tire wells. I've done my best alien looking motor. Paint is going on and fix's are made!
  4. right now 'm trying to find the best frame work to basically splice on, and not re-create a one off frame, ( not to brave and bold of a builder yet) and try to keep that possibility it could be done in real life. Hope you like this project, I think it's turning out quite sexy!
  5. I appreciate ti! Wheels I decided to go with are the chrome (Less work) things might change. I painted the accent blue into the wheels so I hope thats the ticket.
  6. Just started this one. I fell like messing with different plastic right now, I plan to use some Caddy avalanchy interior and stereo equipment. Hoping all goes well to plan...
  7. Cool Starliner cop car!
  8. Yes John, I see them on ebay, last one was $55.00 sealed. no truck comes with the kit so you ad your own anyway. I am stuck on the interior + busy life+ sickness means I'm not building to much at the moment. Good luck with your search, Or I just might sell you mine, I'm kinda tired of looking at it, it's been 2 years.
  9. Thank you. Yeah It did look like clearance was going to be an issue, I thought thats why you have the option... But i do think now it would fit. And will you see it? well you did lol. Good eye Christopher! I'm still working out the trailer hitch, BMF, and finish assembly. ready just in time for summer!
  10. Looking good still a "mock up" Having to much fun with this one! i highly recommend this kit!
  11. Thanks Rick, Great tip's, And I am now excited to try. This helps so much.
  12. Cool David. I dig the trailer it came with! The foil is a good idea, some of us struggle with paint job's... eh-hem, me... So I might try this in the future.
  13. Thanks Jt and Rick, I will finish it before I start a new project. and thanks for the duck tape trick. I've never painted wash wood grain, a bit intimidated by it.
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