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  1. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Jeep   

    I really enjoyed this kit myself. Heres how I went with mine....

  2. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Money spent on this hobby   

    It is like any hobby. I just dropped 2k on new rims and tires for my Ranger. The tire that were on it were fine, but they get tore up on the street (35" BOGGERs and I went with 36" IROCs)Pic, just cause I like whoring it out....

    This does not include the other monies spent on getting to this point (425 hp, 347 stroker engine). I also just bought sliders for my Samurai. Another 300. When I replace the tires on my wifes JEEP I will have to spend another 2k on just tires (38" Super Swampers). Compared to the other things I enjoy, I feel its on the cheaper side. Sure its nothing to spend 100.00 at the hobby store on supplies or kits, but what I want for my vehicles runs in the 1000's.
    Enjoy it while you can, and you will have the memories always. Is it pointless? Is it a waste of money? Probably, but if it brings you some happiness, do it a lot more. This world needs more of that.
  3. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I just got the Stomper Blazer and dune buggy. I also picked up a 1/16the General Lee the other day. Dont know if I will ever build either of them. I want the Stomper since I was a kid and bought the Lee because of all the stuff going on (Confederate flag drama).
  4. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic sneak peek #3   

    Nice work.
  5. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Another on the bench. A lot of bench space. Lol   

    Nice. Watching....
  6. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic The view from my chair   

    Very nice. Love the watch as a wall clock. Nice touch.
  7. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic My first diorama   

    The rocks are some pre-made that I picked up from HobbyLobby. I am starting to make my own, so we will see how that works out.
  8. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic My first diorama   

    Yes, I did a lot of searches on Youtube, and seen how to use everything. I was worried about my painting skills, but it turned out alright. I had electric trains as a kid, but havent messed with them in years. I have a few of the old US Tyco trucking sets that I might try to use with a train set up some time in the future.
  9. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 34 ford pick up   

    I like it as well. Nice use of left over parts.
  10. BLOODBANE added a topic in Dioramas   

    My first diorama
    As the title says, this is my first diorama like this (be kind, Im still learning). I like how it turned out, but I need a couple more things to actually finish it. I made it for 1/64 scale....

    A little rough on the edges, but like I said for my first I like it. This will help me continue on these. I really enjoyed making this. Any tips are welcome...Thanks for looking, Mark.
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  11. BLOODBANE added a topic in Under Glass   

    My take on the Go Mad Nomad
    My wife tells me the other day that she found a model for me. Well it came and it was the Go Mad, Nomad. Here is my finished version......

    Fun kit. I really enjoy these cars. I already had the 57, so this one will fit in nice alongside it. Thanks for looking. It just stock build. but fun.....

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  12. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Your worst builds   

    Oh sure claim that pic as your own. Thats the time I tried to use that napalm based stripper. Worked really good, maybe too good...LOL
    I never could figure out why someone would try to take credit for someone elses build (especially here). I cant build for BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, but they are my builds. I would rather be remembered as someone who was trying, rather than someone who was trying to lie about what I can do. Just my thoughts....
  13. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 2007 DODGE MAGNUM SXT   

    Nice. Very clean build.....
  14. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 1969 Torino Fastback - Back on the Bench - 7/18   

    The dash was huge in these cars, (I had a GT in High School). Loved that car, but it could get you in trouble real quick. As far as the rear deck, I had a ton of speakers in mine.
    For the build, great job. Makes me go back (more than a few years) to a wasted youth....Good times though
  15. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 84 CJ7   

    The wheels and tires are a set of So-Reals that I picked up off of E-Bay (I think thats the only place to get them anymore, and then they only come up once in a while). B&L Resins has them in resin. I think B&L has them listed as 44's (a little bigger than the 38's on the real JEEP). The work pretty well with a 1.20 scale rim (I used a set of So-Real Boggers on my Hi-Jacker FORD Van)