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  1. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Custom / Concept '09 Challenger SportWagon: Back on the bench, Feb.28   

    Very cool concept. Im glad on the other hand that they didnt make these in 1:1. We have a 2014 challenger and seeing yours, I could only imaging the blind spot on this car (the Challenger has a terrible blind spot on it, sucks when backing out of parking places). I love the car on everything else.
    Keep up the great work....
  2. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 1990 Suzuki Jimny   

    My 87 has a gray interior (1:1) and my 86 had gray (its puled apart).

    Best pic I have of the interior of my 87....The steering wheel is not stock (Grant).
  3. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Pro Street   

  4. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic 1990 Suzuki Jimny   

    I love it. Of course I have 2, 1:1 scale Samurais (Jimnys). I have a 87 TinTop and a 86 Convertible (like the one you have here). The 86 is in the middle of becoming a rock buggy.
  5. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Show us your pick-up truck models!   

    Here are a few of mine.....
    My Lindberg 1/20th Explorer. It started life as a 2 door sport model

    My Superstones FORD (this is on a MCRC chassis (Mini Losi). Used model building techniques to build it....

    Both of these are 1/25th scale kits on MCRC chassis (the red F-250 is all custom) model techniques used here also..

    my '69 drag truck....

    I have some others, but as you can see, I dont have any really good finished pics yet.
  6. BLOODBANE added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    My '69
    I think Im gonna call this one done for now......

    Wheels and tires are from the Ice T kit, engine is from the Zingers Dune Buggy (headers and wheelie bars are also). I tubbed the rear tires. i really enjoyed this kit. it went together great (no real fitment issues, considering the extra's). Nothing fantastic about the engine (no wiring). When the weather gets a little nicer, I will try to get some outdoor shots. Thanks for looking....
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  7. BLOODBANE added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    My take on the Moebius '69
    Here is my take on the moebius '69 Ford.....

    Engine is out of the Zingers dune buggy, tires and wheels from the Ice T kit. I tubbed the rear using a pill bottle. Its not accurate, but its not suppose to be. Have to decide on a color for it now and if Im gonna have the hood on it or not....Thanks for looking
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  8. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic My Explorer   

    Thanks for the comments. I agree on having a model of your 1:1's. So far i have done one of my wifes Challenger, my old 69 Torino (High School car), the wifes JEEP. I need to get my styrene skills up to par and make this one next...

    Its an 84 and I have never seen anything close (maybe start with a late model Ranger and go from there). This truck is my favorite and I have had it in some scary places....
  9. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    Got to agree on the mpg. I have a 84 Ranger that I put a 347 Stroker in (see pic <-). Its rated around 425 hp (from the engine builder)and gets around 6/7 mpg. This is with all the extra things I did to it (69 block, 68 heads, matched to the cam and ready for unleaded fuel, the stroker kit itelf, Lunati VooDoo cam (351 profile), all machine work, etc....) My wifes 2014 Challenger with the bone stock V-6 is rated at 305hp and gets around 23/24 mpg. True my Ranger sounds wicked cool, and has tons of power (of course I didnt build it for mpg, if I wanted that I would have rebuilt the 2.8 that was stock). 
    If you wanna play its gonna cost you.....
  10. BLOODBANE added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    My Explorer
    I have been wanting to do a version of my 1:1 Explorer and finally got around to doing it. I started with the Lindberg 1/20 scale Sport model (2 door) (mine is a 4 door) after combining 2 kits this is what I came up with.....

    I still need to make the light bar, tube bumper and snorkel (in the works now). Its off just a tad from the 1:1 but I think its really close (I used actual Dark Cranberry that I had mixed for touch ups on the 1:1 for the paint). I really enjoyed this kit as it went together really well, no real fitment issues, otherthan me extending everything. Thanks for looking, Mark....
    Almost forgot to add a profile of the 1:1 for comparison....

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  11. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Lindberg Explorer   

    Here is a update on the body....

    I have some blending to do, but I think its getting there.
  12. BLOODBANE added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Lindberg Explorer
    I just started this and trying for the 4 door model (these are the Sport model). I had to get 2 and cut them apart and re-glue to what I needed. Anyways on to what I have so far.....

    I love the detail on this kit (I have a 1:1 Explorer that I have built up) and from what I have seen so far, its really close. Anyways this is what Im trying to recreate.....
    (yes this is mine).....
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  13. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got the Moebius 71 Ranger and 69 SWB in the mail today, picked up a Fire chief Blazer the other day at Hobby Lobby and also got the Ford pickup High Roller from E-bay yesterday (dont know if I will build it yet, might just hang on to it like with my snap tite ford pickup)....
  14. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic Money spent on this hobby   

    It is like any hobby. I just dropped 2k on new rims and tires for my Ranger. The tire that were on it were fine, but they get tore up on the street (35" BOGGERs and I went with 36" IROCs)Pic, just cause I like whoring it out....

    This does not include the other monies spent on getting to this point (425 hp, 347 stroker engine). I also just bought sliders for my Samurai. Another 300. When I replace the tires on my wifes JEEP I will have to spend another 2k on just tires (38" Super Swampers). Compared to the other things I enjoy, I feel its on the cheaper side. Sure its nothing to spend 100.00 at the hobby store on supplies or kits, but what I want for my vehicles runs in the 1000's.
    Enjoy it while you can, and you will have the memories always. Is it pointless? Is it a waste of money? Probably, but if it brings you some happiness, do it a lot more. This world needs more of that.
  15. BLOODBANE added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I just got the Stomper Blazer and dune buggy. I also picked up a 1/16the General Lee the other day. Dont know if I will ever build either of them. I want the Stomper since I was a kid and bought the Lee because of all the stuff going on (Confederate flag drama).