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  1. Your fenders look great. Really close. I have fiberglass fenders on my Ranger and as I say yours are close to the real thing.
  2. Nice work on the 'Stang and sorry to hear about your medical issues. I do at home dialysis and while not as bad as your cancer, still a PITA. Keep a positive attitude (as you know) and if we can help, let us know.
  3. Same here. I have a 87 TinTop and this is the closest I have found to matching it...Yours looks super. Nice, nice work.
  4. Watching this one. I have an unbuilt Giant Tracks Chevy (the yellow one with a camper shell), but not sure if I want to even build it. I built the one you have back when I was kid, which is what got me to find the Giant Track version (I built it as well when I was younger). All my kit is lacking is the decals and it would be 100%. I seem to have a lot of motivation to start and then that stalls out and Im left with a half built kit. Maybe seeing what you do with yours will motivate me to get off my duff (hind end)...
  5. This is soooo cool. All I can say is thank you....
  6. Very nice. I have thought about these before, but need a lot more weathering pratice.
  7. Looks super. Sometimes the simple paint is perfect....
  8. These are nice as well as the fender flairs will be super. Any chance of a lifted suspension (4"/6"/8" scale) for these. I can do them as Im very familiar with the suspension, but a already made kit would be nice. Not to be pushing. LOL
  9. Looks great from here. I always like machinery like this. I could never build them to look decent, but always liked them...
  10. I just picked up the revell Giant Tracks, 1/16th Chevy pickup. Been watching for one to come up that wouldnt break the bank. I built a couple of them as a kid and really wanted to get another, now that my patients is a lot better. Worst part is it will probably sit in the stash and never get built (I have a few High Rollers, some snap tite ford pickups as well)
  11. They both are super cool, but that restored one ROCKS. I would go that way myself.....BUT the stock, working version is neat as well.
  12. That looks fantastic. The falls look perfect. Im learning how to do them and havent got it down yet, but seeing this I will keep trying.
  13. They are fun, simple kits. I have enjoyed building them. yours looks nice.
  14. That is cool. Nice idea and work so far...
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