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  1. JaredE added a post in a topic Future (pledge) becoming milky   

    That does help! Thank you. I have NOT thinned it at all. It's stright out of the bottle. I didn't like how thin it was already. It's easier to thin something out little by little. But impossible to go back. I will wait this out and see how it looks in a week or so. I'll fill in later with my results, but please keep posting ideas and comments. Any help with knowing what the long time pros do can never hurt! Thanks again
  2. JaredE added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Future (pledge) becoming milky
    I am using pledge for the first time. My base is a heavy metallic nail polish. I have put down three coats of the pledge product. The first coat looked great, but I needed more clear to hide the rough base finish from the metallic. After the second coat and then the third, it looks like a haze in direct light. Outside of the light, it looks dull. Like it has no "pop" any more. What's going on?
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