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  1. Google Play has an app for paint reference called "Scale model helper", also "Hobby color converter" Check them out. Woodland sceneics has a App for scale conversions also.
  2. Vantastic! I wonder if AMT used this exclusively for shipping the Auto Transport Trailer kits.
  3. They have larger boxes, sometimes they sell for 5 bucks or so. I've scored a few bigger boxes as well as display boxes too.
  4. Really cool... Is that a low temp alloy?
  5. Wow! Does anyone know if this is still available?
  6. Great tip! They'll probably be less likely to oxidize too!
  7. Very nice...I was considering skipping the clearcoat, not anymore, it looks great!
  8. Wow! They are about 10 minutes from me too Clayton. Strange! Blown away they had the new 71 Fords the other day. I remember thinking hobby peeps' model kit prices should be better considering they probably make a mint on all that R/C stuff. Only been to Pegasus a couple of times, and would stop by a hobby shop in Whittier, but can't remember the name. I think it was on Greenleaf St. across from the theatre. Pretty sure they're gone though.
  9. Nice touch with the bailing wire on the exhaust. What a cool build!
  10. I don't recommend going to Hobby People, but sometimes I end up there for a tool or some metal. They are up in Pasadena off of Hill Street., after you're done you can go to Tommy's down the street for a chili burger and fries.
  11. Fantastic job on the Cammo, and hand lettering!
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