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  1. The pipe tape came out of a little Moleskine note book. I looked everywhere for the right ribbon. Finally I e-mailed Moleskine in Milan Italy and they sent me 3 ft. I glued it at the top. Wrapped it and glued it at the bottom. The ties were fabricated out of sheet aluminum. Thanks for checking it out. I think this pic is better than the ones originally posted. Better lighting.
  2. Cobraman, I'm new to this forum. What do you mean by "it will most likely be moved." Barrio Dog
  3. Here are some photos of my Custom Bobber. The organ donor bike was a Tamiya 1/6 scale FLH. Scratch built items include the rear frame from the gas tank all the way back to the axle plates; the seat, the air cleaner, license plate and tail light bracket, fender braces, and the oil tank. Many parts were altered or repurposed from a second kit. These include the gas tank, turn signals, tail light, head light, kick starter,and exhaust pipes. Thanks for checking it out, Dog
  4. I just joined and wanted to say hello. Until recently I built 1/24 scale Tamiya cars, mostly stock Porsches. This was a relaxing hobby while I was working. Now that I am retired I have built 2 Tamiya 1/6 scale Harleys. (I ride too.) The first was an out of the box FXE. The second I just completed. The organ donor bike was a Tamiya FLH Classic. The finished bike is a custom bobber with plenty of scratch building and repurposed parts from a second kit. Look for it in the Under Glass section.
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