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  1. So, if you bought the new mack dm800 model kit. Would you be able to use the frame from the psystar kit for the 800 and make a mack dm800 mixer??
  2. Just got my kit today, and after seeing the posts with the parts and instr. And seeing what's in the box, I see a similarity between the way this kit is made and the old '77 jeep cj kit. They both have individual Trim parts like hinges, lights, gas caps, interior parts, steering column, and individual chassis parts. I'm thinking we're going to see an off-road version coming down the pipeline from revell in a little while! I like what i'm seeing and if i'm right, I think that we will be seeing a lot of new things coming from them. Stephen D. Whelen36
  3. Does it have the f-350 badge in the chrome Spue that goes on the front fenders?? the picture on the box doesn't show it??
  4. Does anybody out there make a resins 4x4 conversion for 1988 and newer Chevy/gmc trucks ????
  5. Dave, there were picks of the kit parts that showed 4x4 gear, these kits that are coming are all 2 wheel drive. How many more versions are coming after these if there are in fact 4x4 versions of these excellent kits?? after the fords do they think they're going to do other makes of trucks like GM or Dodge ??
  6. I'de like to see both rereleases and new tool trucks, big rig and pickup/van. But one thing I noticed is people are saying round 2 is only making rereleasea they just released a snap kit of the general lee last year and it was a new tool. i know it's not a truck but it's a possible start for the future of the company. So who knows what the future may hold for them though it may be in the distance it's still a possibility now more than before.
  7. Even if it didn't make a lot of money or didn't sell because of the discrepancies they wouldn't fix it, it would just get discontinued and the future line of them including any other brands like dodge or chevy, etc.... Would never come to be. Something I can fix or change ( I'm a kit badger anyways) is better than nothing new at all. Having something to work with as a base point to cut apart and change that's much cheaper than resin isn't that bad to me. This is just my opinion and I want to make sure that is out there. And yes, it should've been done right from the start.
  8. They said, if I remember correctly that this was to be the first in a series of full size trucks??? If true has anybody heard if it was successful enough to continue the series, and what the next truck would be???
  9. The last picture does have black front fenders Edit: never mind, I just enlargened the photos and the fenders are blue, real fun looking at photos on an iPhone. Really really small pictures Sorry, my mistake
  10. Depending on price and 4wd option it would be of definite interest
  11. Looking forward to seeing her in paint, she's going to look good
  12. Looking forward to seeing this in paint, Looking really good !!
  13. I have them both ordered from mega hobby as well, good to see they're both due at the same time, Is there any chance that there are 4x4 versions in the works too???
  14. Your right guy, when you said about the injection line. My mistake, that is what he said, been a while since I saw the movie, the memory isn't what it used to be LOL. Are you going to high detail the kit?? Like gauges, seatbelts, wiring???
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