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  1. Chas SCR added a post in a topic GoodGuys Model & Pedal car contest   

    The modelers are not getting in free. It does not cost to enter the contest with a paid ticket on either Fri or Sat, you will get a ticket to get back in for free on Sunday only to pick up the models.
    Not one time has they change from this and been going to the GG Nationals for 10yrs now.
  2. Chas SCR added a post in a topic 1/16 68 Dodge Charger   

    Here is the new front cover, since this photo was taken it has been updated one more time as a longer oil connecter and water neck put in. Plus the one side has been stretched out a little to make more room forother brackets. The first mock up motor and then the new mock up motor with the right size heads, valve covers with script, oil pan with detail, Bell housing with T56 adapter plate and new front cover.
    Still was done in .080 185% feed rate.

  3. Chas SCR added a post in a topic Nason 2k Urethane Automotive Clear Coat Question   

    Yes the Nason line is Du Ponts lowest end line its a panel clear (not a finish clear) you can put this over any thing and every thing. ( also water decales)
    Mix 4:1 ratio and shoot it at 12psi as it works good and then light wet sand from 3200 up to 12000. Now this look will not be inscale to any racing related look of a real car so please take note in that.
  4. Chas SCR added a post in a topic 1/16 68 Dodge Charger   

    Thank you for the kind words Darren as this was done at a very high speed and I was just wanting to get some thing mocked up to start the frame work is all. The main motor will be fully detailed and done in .080mm and ran about 85% feed rate as with the older motherboards that are two years old it seems to like a lot better.

    Mike this was done using ABS Industerial matearl solid white as it's for me. For clean up I have a shelf of .003mm on each edge that needs sanded off but that is more from the speed that im running the machine at. This is a Solidoodle Gen 3 with a few custom things they did for me two years ago. I'm getting a new machine next month that will be fully updated with all new stuff that can run at .060 at 150mm per a sec and use specialty material. I hope that I answered you on what you need to know as for resin and styrene the clean up is min and it does not soke up any paint, this is ready to paint on finish and clear. For gluing use CA or 5min epoxy like it was a model kit and it holds a lot stronger.
  5. Chas SCR added a post in a topic GSL XXV...March 30th, Exactly a month away..are you going to be there?   

    I will be flying in with Tom Nungester on Wensday morning and we have a meeting in Sandy Ut at Weaver Custom Hot Rod shop to take a tour and then heading down into the desert as Tom has never been down there. So later on Wen night or thursday morning you can find us around the hotel. I can't wait to see every one again and see every one's great models that they been working on for so long.

    Remember this is about freind ship that you will make as once you come to this show, we are not friends as much as we are family.
    Have a great time and looking forward to it.
  6. Chas SCR added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/16 68 Dodge Charger
    Been working on a new project and hope every one enjoys this build. First here is some peaks into the ACR V10 that is a mock up mule motor, it's ran at .080mm at 185% feed rate with ABS material.
    This was to cut down the run time for the mock up so far to just a little over 12hrs. There is still a few tweeks to work on some of the parts but other then the front cover every thing is more of a go right now.
    The front cover was design off the revell kit and it lacks detail so I'm working on a full new cover and the T56 trans next week. Hope you like what you see so far.
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  7. Chas SCR added a post in a topic Heartland Model Car Nationals June 7 & 8/ Who's going from here?   

    Hi Len it was a great show and great to see you again, thank you for sitting and getting to know you a lot more as I know we don't get that much time like that at GSL.

    See you in Salt Lake or maybe sooner as I'm really going to try and make it down to Texas for a show soon.
  8. Chas SCR added a post in a topic 3D Modelling anyone?   

    Here are a few things that I have drawn and printed here at IRC 3D Imaging and in the last 6 months we have been able to get the machine work a lot better with some new programing and made a big brake though to do scrip lettering in .1x.3 mm high resolution for detail that other company's are still trying to figure out with out doing them in SLA machine.

  9. Chas SCR added a post in a topic 3D printing growing as we speak   

    For doing stuff in 3d in as smooth as resin parts you will pay more for the machine time it takes and also what it takes to draw out the part for the stl programs. So doing casting g is the cheapest way to go in the long run. Like it has said 100 times all ready the videos you see have been time inhance as to do eeven a 1/24 scale valve cover at .008mm high resaloution it takes more then 4hrs toprint just one part.

    For thinking about going to use the nice little makerbot at your local library they can only do .2mm red and that very poor quality to try to sell to the public and more detail is lost because of this issue.

    Now if you are a resin caster and want to have the masters done the price for either abs in .080 or .008 or even in stainless steel at .1 or .050 then you would make your money back but I do not seeing a ton of you people paying for this machine to do stainless steel or even a machine to run abs under .1mm
  10. Chas SCR added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    Looks great Bill and hope to see you next weekend
  11. Chas SCR added a post in a topic Hot Rod power tour   

    It ended in Michigan last year in Grand Rapids and was in Detroit back in 03. I have done the long trip once and would like to do it again some day
  12. Chas SCR added a post in a topic Heartland Model Car Nationals June 7 & 8/ Who's going from here?   

    Tom Nungester and my self will be there again and also please stop by on Sunday and say hi as we are vending for the first time as IRC 3d Imaging will have some great new parts and special show prices for the new Ride Tech air ride kits and 3d printed parts.
  13. Chas SCR added a post in a topic Another Super 7   

    I want to say thank you for the collector pic as I did up a set this last weekend and with your help I think they came out real nice.
  14. Chas SCR added a post in a topic GSL 25...Exactly a year from today!...Who will be there from this forum?   

    Yes and all you can eat sushi for lunch
  15. Chas SCR added a post in a topic GSL 25...Exactly a year from today!...Who will be there from this forum?   

    Wonder where my Puerto Rican clan is going to kidnap me next year on are normal sight seeing days?

    I say we head down into the canyons in the south part for a day