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  1. I know I don't post to much, I admit I never got into it. I rarely go online in general, But I seen a few posts lately regarding people commenting and giving criticism and feedback on people's builds, I know some people like to receive this as it helps you improve, and others don't, I suggest making a new section in the forums called "Brutal Honesty - Critique Centre" A forum for constructive criticism, be honest and helpful, Warning! To post your works in here you must be able to handle the criticism. That way only those who want to be critiqued can post there. Problems solved..? I see this type of section on forums of military and figure painting sites where some can be very nit picky lol
  2. I'm no expert at all, i believe they have been available in the aftermarket for a few years now. costing around 500-700 bucks. http://www.rosevillemoparts.com/product_info.php/hemi-engines/intake-manifolds-and-hardware/p/hemi-dual-plane-intake-manifold-six-pack/cPath/150_160/products_id/6485
  3. thanks, i use German grey, tamiya XF-63. then went with some flat clear to really give them a chalky look, then painted in some black shadows with multiple layers of acrylic. wish that showed up better in the pics!
  4. the Stinkworks Facility has been hard at work on the most awesome Hemi, when we heard they make a six pack intake for the 426, we knew we needed to build one and drop that into a Cuda. or maybe a Superbird, still a toss up. but when we decide it is ready to be dropped in the frame! the motor is from the '68 Dodge Charger, the six pack is from the '71 GTX thanks for looking smell ya later!
  5. For the steering, I just didn't glue the spindle to the control arms it fits snug in between and is then moveable
  6. thanks I just do some dry brushing with a grey color.. this kit has really nice parts but the detail would be lost in the black paint if you don't highlight the edges. also a few washes of black on the floor pan if you want to know anything in specific just ask! thanks for lookin
  7. thank you! I managed to finish the chassis. I painted the floor pan in body color to add some life to the underside. will start on the interior parts next.
  8. lol! thanks guys made some progress today with the frame. got it all assembled and painted. thanks for lookin!
  9. lol thanks guys, beans are to healthy to stop eating them the alternator bracket i just cut out from some brass sheet. color on the engine is Nissan Orange Mist from a duplicolor spray can, i thought it was a pretty close match to some internet photos
  10. Hey guys. here is the current project underway at the stinkworks facility. I have the engine assembled, I went and added different air cleaners and fan belt setup. will start on the rolling chassis next.
  11. Wow what a beautiful ride! Nice work
  12. Lol, there haven't been any meltdowns in the facility yet
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