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  1. Carved Wooden Ferrari Models

    Those are super cool!
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I didn't actually get it today, but, I did find it, today, and, I didn't know I had it, so, that's kind of the same thing! Wish I knew where the body went!
  3. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    I think you may be right.
  4. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    One down! I am pretty happy with the way this looks! I'll never use any other method to do light assemblies again. I'm going to hit the edges of the lens with silver, to hide its thickness. There's no comparison to the plated original parts.
  5. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    Thank you, Mike and Ray. I'm using Steve's method to make the front turn signals/parking lights, as well. First I built the form to create the reflector "pans" for the headlights, etc. Then I used tooling aluminum to create the pans. I discovered that it would likely be difficult to assemble three pieces just to make the reflective backs for the turn signals. So, I formed a piece of the tooling aluminum over the model's parking light. I then measured where the pan for the turn signal should be, and, using the form, created the dish where the amber bulb sits. I stretched some amber sprue, then melted end after end of it, to make a supply of bulbs. I'm not sure if I'll use them yet, or see if I can find/figure out something else. I found a pair of lenses in my spares that should work beautifully, once they are fully sanded, polished and shaped to fit. Thanks again, Steve. That's an awesome way to make lights! More, as the story develops! I've also attached a couple of photos of the painted body on the wheels with the interior in place. The completed fire bottle is visible in its bracket, between and behind the seats. Thanks for looking, guys!
  6. Cut off saw

    Man, I gotta get me one of these! I'm thinking a Dremel speed control (since I already have one, anyway) would work.
  7. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    Perfect! Thank you, Steve. one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" moments. Those look excellent!
  8. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    Here's what I am going to do with the headlights. I am opening up the Monza's bezels, and cutting the "buckets" from the backside of the headlights from Monogram's Pro Street Thunderbird. The T-Bird's buckets will be cemented to the rear of the Monza's bezels, and the lenses from the T-Bird fitted to the headlight assembly. I am looking for another headlight from the T-Bird this one came from, to no avail. At any rate, after digging through every body parts box I could find, and through boxes of parts kits, I am sorry to say, Rick, that I apparently no longer have the hood I was hoping to find for you. Would anyone happen to have a set of headlights for the Monogram Pro-Street T-Bird? The first-generation T-Bird Pro Stock kits have them, as well. I'm sure we could work out a trade, or I could buy them, outright. As many of those damned kits as I had, I can't believe I can only find ONE headlight unit, and it was assembled and painted. I know I didn't do that! Anyway, if anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Big Three engines by FTB

    Man, I operated a bunch of different forklifts, over the years. Always had a soft spot for Hyster 80s!
  10. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    The rarest kits I have were all purchased with intent to build. Except for the Garlits kit, I borrowed these photos from the interwebs. Both my Aurora kits are sealed.
  11. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    First of all, Snake and espo, thanks for your input regarding the stripes! Your thoughts led me to almost decide to go with no stripes, at all. However, my vision for the car, when I decided on green for the color was a single stripe of scales, although I was thinking more along the lines of snakeskin. It finally dawned on me--"Isn't the green mamba one of the deadliest?" I had my answer, although it also gave me a whole new line of thought to consider! So, as of now, I'm going with the darker set of scales, because I think they will show up better than the lighter ones, and I really don't expect them to be too obtrusive. I really appreciate your feedback!
  12. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

    Excellent piece!
  13. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    As soon as the decals are dry, and the gauge is painted, this baby will be done. I used a 1/8" ball-ended mill bit to dish the bottom, since that will likely be visible when it's mounted.
  14. 1975 Chevy Monza Turn Signals One Done 07/14/18

    A "little something" I'm working on. I didn't want to use the kit piece pictured (I'm pretty sure it's from a Johan Roadrunner), because I wanted a little more detail. I folded filed and sanded a piece of aluminum sheet to make the top handle, and flattened, and sanded to shape, the actuator handle. The valve body is a piece of 1/16" aluminum tubing, filed flat on two sides, and drilled for the hose nipple and on the near flat side for the gauge. I think I will also add a megaphone end to the hose, also. Still to come, the mounting bracket, once this is all put together, and it's decaled.