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  1. Now, this is what I was looking for! The front steering is pretty much as it will live, with a bit of cleanup. I moved the axle forward a tad. I moved the cab back, a hair, as well. I am likely going to do something slightly more prototypical, instead of this ridiculous bumper hinge mount! I scuffed the front tires' sidewalls with steel wool, to dull them, a little. Now, it has just the look I wanted...
  2. Thank you, Dan. I narrowed the rear axle, some. Adding the brake drums, in front pushed the front tires out, which is a help. Although it wasn't completed in these photos, I have since got the front axle centered in the cab's wheel arch. I think the latest modifications are a big improvement! Questions, comments and critiques always welcome! Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks, Pat! I really like trucks that are something less than glamorous. You definitely are not the only one! I keep finding stuff around here, "I must have started this about twenty years ago."...
  4. Thank you, Doug! Cutting the front of the chassis was exactly what I was thinking, to get the cab centered over the wheels. The sad part is, you have to get it to this point, before that becomes apparent! Had I known, I would have simply installed the front axle about three inches forward. I've been hankering to build a truck for a few years, now. I decided it was time. I was lucky enough to get a nice, clean cut, on the cab. I think a little stretched sprue, and some liquid cement will fill it, and leave the cleanup easy enough to save the rivets, since I'm not sure what the proper decals would be to order from Archer. Thank you, Bill! Thanks, Jim. I'm really having fun, with it! Thanks again, Guido! Got a couple of bugs to work out, but, it'll be fine!
  5. Cab is temporarily mounted, along with the rear cab supports (which is I had to get the cab mounted)...
  6. Thanks, Guido! I think I just need to narrow the rear axle. I think that may be what looks odd, to me. I dry-assembled the hinges to the bumper (not worried about its finish, it will be painted, and likely, bobbed), then I mounted some Evergreen strip to extend the kit's molded-in "tabs" to locate the bumper. Once those were cured, I was able to insert them into the hollows at the front of the chassis, to mount the cab. At that point, I was able to install the rear cab supports. Then, I cemented one side of each hinge to the cab (the same side--left, or right, otherwise the hinge will be trapped between the hinge halves.). To disassemble it, I only have to remove the loose hinge side, and slip it apart. At any rate, here it is with the cab mounted.
  7. It was a big, slab-sided thing that somebody said resembled a Coca-Cola stand. I have only ever seen one photo of it. That's cool, Tom! That's just the kind of fun I like to have with my models. I always dug that Setzer 'liner! Nice start on that! That's neat. Looks so long and low. Here are some more of mine... Just playing around with some gold leaf, on (yet another) Revell snapper '34. The nostalgia fueler is brass with an aluminum and tin body. Finally, is a Studebaker powered dragster built on the frame of a Heller BMW. I thought the chassis resembled some home-built jobs, from back in the early days.
  8. I milled this holder for all these cool 1/8" lathe bits. I can tighten the last set screw to keep the holder in place, and serve as a stop for the bits. I used aluminum, because I didn't have any 1/4" steel, on hand. The aluminum should be fine, since you don't want to put too much pressure on a 1/8" bit, anyhoo...
  9. Got it on the wheels. Something looks off, to me. Any ideas? I made yokes for both ends of the driveshaft. Questions, comments and critiques are always welcome! Thanks for looking!
  10. Since this is all I've worked on, today, I am declaring in, with it:
  11. Indeed! Otherwise, it would be congress, and we all know that's no BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH good! 😃
  12. Thank you, Randy! I appreciate it, a lot, when a craftsman such as yourself notices my work. Thanks for stopping by!
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