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  1. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    Thank you, Trevor. If Snake institutes round two of "Gitter Done", I'll strive for the end of March!
  2. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    I'm in with the junior fueler.
  3. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    Quarterly would be good. I'll play! What do I have, until the end of March? :-)
  4. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    Thanks, GoatGuy! I finally have four sets of stacks that are usable, after some clean up. I'm very happy with their shape. I've also begun working on the manifold, since I cannot find the first one I made, for the life of me! Long way to go, on that piece. I also made a cap for the magneto. As always comments and questions are welcome. I also made a cap for the magneto.
  5. Looks beauty, Bernard! Good luck with your entries!
  6. Cool, Bernard! I like this scheme, better. It looks more period.
  7. Excellent, Bernard! So happy you were able to save it. Now, go get 'em!
  8. The Oddest Thing...

    That would be my guess, too. I was being a smart arse!
  9. The Oddest Thing...

    Wait, what?! Gold doesn't tarnish! :-D By the way, I grew up not too far south of Calgary, just south of the border, in Browning, MT.
  10. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    Yep, Snake, I just need to take a little off the bottom! I'll bet you're right about that Chevy digger, in the background! Pretty funny! Actually, Bernard, the one you can see in the foreground in a couple of those pics are from Speed City, and you are correct, they lacked the detail (that thin lip) I am looking for. You are also correct in that that thin lip is the major pain, here! At least I'm closer, now! Thanks so much, Tim! And thanks for stopping by! I'm a huge fan of your fuel altered, as well. I'd be interested in any ideas you may have, regarding making those things, because I haven't dubbed them complete, just yet!
  11. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    I am falling in love with this project, all over, again. Here's the thing that stalled it, so many years ago: fuel injection. My inspiration for this model originally came from an article in HRM's Yearbook No. 8 (I think) entitled "Junior Isn't A Bad Word". The article features three or four different cars, and a few action shots of some of the real "hitters". It seems that the majority of the small block Chevy cars ran these rather squat Enderle stacks. Enderle also made sets that were taller, yet still tapered. Hilborn's stacks were simply straight tubes, siamesed. The stacks I wanted to use had never been kitted until the Slingster--and those aren't any good (I'd begun my quest several years before then, anyway.). In the opening post to this thread, you can see that I had thrown some stacks together, that were some bastardized version of the taller Enderles and the Hilborns. Below, are photos of Enderle's short stacks (pancakes, anyone?), and where mine stand, as of now.Casting them has been hit-and-miss, but, I should have four usable sets, before too long. I'm using acrylic nail powder and liquid to cast them, as it's excellent for casting small parts. The "hit-and-miss" is due to my questionable mold-making skills, although in my defense, this is my first try at two-piece molds. The manifold in the photos of the model isn't the one I'll be using. I'll use the one in the other two photos, provided I can find it! I've seen it in the past few months, so, I know it's not gone, altogether. I also tacked on another shot of the first wire wheel I made for it, using the refined technique. The new method of construction not only looks better, it creates a much sturdier wheel.
  12. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    Yessir, Roger. I annealed this. In the attached photo, you can see the discoloration left behind, from the burnt coating on the flashing. After that time, I've sanded it off, first! Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you like it! Thank you, as well, Ed. Your comments are much appreciated! Here's the body I'm attempting to replicate. I will probably just scribe the lines for the axle panels, since I've no need for removable anything, beyond the cowl.
  13. Junior Fueler--Injectors Getting Closer 01/17/19

    At the time I started building this car, the AMT Blue Streak slicks didn't exist. Since I put it on the bench again, it hadn't dawned on me, until tonight, that I had the tires in my stash. It may result in having to do a complete new pair of wheels, but it'll be worth it. Anyway, once these babies have the treads sanded and they're flat-coated, they are going to be beautiful. I can't begin to say how fond I am of those AMT tire sets. They're just fantastic! I am going to install a pair of tabs for the front motor plate, and cut the plate, so that I can get a little of that "Tampa Dump" on the engine. It's been so long since I built an engine, that, I hope I can remember how!
  14. The Oddest Thing...

    That P-47 looks great! You can never have too many ways to simulate/replicate metal finishes. I bookmarked that. It's going into my bag of tricks! Same goes for the grey-black spectrum--the more options you can create texturally, and tonally, the better. Thanks for the link.
  15. Name that movie quote