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  1. Thanks, Anthony! I don't know that I'm the guy to ask for photography pointers, though! 🙂 I can't seem to get my photos to look as good as many of the other modelers, here, even when I take the time to set up my tripod, and use long exposures. Oh, well! Stance is very important, especially when it comes to race cars, for sure.
  2. Well, I am fine with whichever you decide. If it helps, I had planned to have it done about two and a half weeks ago, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. I wanted to take it outside, and really hose it down, with clear. Anyhoo...I'll be happy to be the first one in, and done, for Round 7!
  3. As a show of good faith, I went ahead and finished it, except for markings. It has its warts, that I have learned to accept, thus, I was able to move on. 😁 Here she is!
  4. I totally understand! I hope to have it done by Sunday! I tell ya', it's nothing but curveballs, the last six months, or so. 😥
  5. The stars finally aligned, and I think I just shot the final coat of clear on the Firebird, today. This whole virus thing really shifted my schedule, and it's been like jetlag. Anyway, I am going to let that dry, then glue in the side windows and the last details and call it done. After that, I will work out the graphics for it. Can I get in?
  6. It's awesome to get in that zone! This thing is looking great.
  7. Francis, such excellent work, sir. Thank you for sharing the process.
  8. I have to agree! I've used the "Amazing" brand, which is also made by Alumilite. It's what I use to cast pre-"drilled" distributors. You can go from zero, to never having to buy another one, or drill another one, ever again, in less than an hour.
  9. That suspension is looking excellent! Enjoying your work, Andy.
  10. Thank you for that heads-up! I will keep that in mind.
  11. This looks very nice! Good work! Chaparrals are such cool cars. I started scratchbuilding one, years ago, based on the article in Motor Racing Replica News. Was that your article? All I got done was cutting out and putting together the middle section of the body. It's still sitting here. should I ever decide I need to finish it.
  12. My favorite aspect of racing and hot rodding, in that era is because so much of that stuff was either cobbled together, or handmade. It led to such unique and interesting vehicles. This post is certified...well, "virus-free" has a whole new meaning, now! My hands were freshly washed. A couple of shots of the brass pedal arms, in place. Still a bit of shaping to do, and I need to make the clutch linkage, yet. The pushrod for the master cylinder is just lying in place awaiting completion of the master cylinder, to find its home. The master cy;imder will be built atop the piece of Contrails tubing sheathing the pushrod, behind the crossmember. I will have to cut a hole in the floor, to access the master cylinder cap. I am debating front brakes. The parking brake will be one of those Mico brake locks.
  13. Thank you, Mr. Sapiro! I've been watching that little Cooper of yours coming together. Love that project!
  14. I would begin by searching for plans, online, first. I am pretty sure there are some, out there.
  15. Thank you, Robert. I now have both arms made in brass. I need to make the rest of the clutch linkage, and make and mount the master cylinder. The dang floor is bowed, again. I need to flatten it...again.
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