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  1. 67 Nickey Camaro

    That's a real beauty! Love the wheels and tires! Great work!
  2. '65 Falcon A/FX

    No doubt!
  3. '65 Falcon A/FX

    Very nice, to finally have a good model of such an iconic, if not hugely common engine.
  4. Junior Fueler--More Of These @!$#*&g Injectors?! 02/01/19

    I got the body back on, and fitting correctly, again, after installing the steering box/shaft/arm assembly. Never found the issue, I could see that none of it was interfering with the panels, so...Anyway, i did a bit more shaping on the windscreen, and it now fits perfectly! It's being held in place in these photos, only by pressure from the brake handle (which will have to be tweaked, a tad--no biggie). I'm going to attempt to get the seat finished and installed, tonight, and tie up the rest of the loose ends toward mounting the body, permanently. Questions and comments welcome and appreciated! Thanks for having a gander!
  5. '65 Falcon A/FX

    I am going to have to pick up one of those kits. That engine does look great. No more need to cobble together parts from 15 kits to build a decent one!
  6. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    Quick update on the digger: For some reason, after I installed the steering box/shaft assembly, the body decided it didn't want to fit like it had, up to that point. I couldn't find anything that was interfering with it, so, I kept moving it forward and backward, until I found the sweet spot. I hope it's easier, when I am ready to permanently mount the body. I got the seat covered with kitchen parchment and got a coat of paint on it (no photos, yet, but, I may get it installed, later on tonight). I also did a bit more hammering on the windscreen. It, and the cowl fit so nicely together, that, in these photos, only pressure is holding the cowl down, and the only thing holding the windscreen, is the pressure the brake handle/know is applying against it, and the cowl! That works! A couple of shots of the progress...
  7. '65 Falcon A/FX

    Very nice! Looking killer!
  8. Krylon Premium Original Chrome

    Well, obviously, we're not going to be spraying chrome from a can, anytime soon!
  9. Decal help needed, please

    It is VERY forgiving! Good point about using a Q-tip to avoid contamination--that's what I'll be doing, from now on.
  10. Lottery Winner- What Model Car of Yours Would You Build 1:1 ?

    Well, I guess if I won, I wouldn't have to worry about a daily driver, so, I'd maybe go for this one, and go hang out at nostalgia drag race events.
  11. Lottery Winner- What Model Car of Yours Would You Build 1:1 ?

    Let me guess. A Corvette!
  12. Decal help needed, please

    Microscale Super Decal Film (I think that's what it's called) should fix the problem, as well. You can just swab it on with a big brush, and it'll lay down virtually invisibly. It's great stuff!
  13. Junior Fueler--More Of These @!$#*&g Injectors?! 02/01/19

    Thank you, Ray. Not to worry. Although I would like to make the deadline, unless it meets my satisfaction, it won't move forward. I don't generally mention all the things I've done two or three times, just so they're acceptable to me. If I hadn't, it might be done, already, but I wouldn't be happy with it!
  14. Junior Fueler--More Of These @!$#*&g Injectors?! 02/01/19

    I keep pushin' on! Gonna' give 'er a helluva go!
  15. Junior Fueler--More Of These @!$#*&g Injectors?! 02/01/19

    Thanks, Mike. I got the steering box installed. I swapped out the old one, because I liked this one better, so, I had to rebuild the mount, itself. The new steering box required moving the mounting arm, so, I have a little touch up to do, there. There's a decent view of many of the other cockpit details, along with the steering box. The butterfly isn't properly home, yet. I also decided to add a helmet bar to the cage--it just looked too dangerous. If I make it by the end of the month, it will be pretty amazing, if I don't, it's not for a lack of trying! Thanks for looking!