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  1. Thanks, everyone! It was a lot of fun. I met quite a few new fellow modelers, too! The same club sponsors another show/contest, in the spring. I'll probably check that one out, as well!
  2. I eschewed sleep, when I got home from work this morning and went to a local contest/show. I was trying to talk myself out of going, to the point of putting on my knit shorts I wear, when I am not planning on going anywhere. Next thing I know, I am seemingly, involuntarily, loading four of my models in boxes to take to the show. Guess I'd better get dressed to go out, again! I'm glad I did, because I came home with these, a Revell MT Challenger 1 and $40 in Hobbytown gift cards. This is my very first Best In Show! Even though it's from a small contest, it still feels pretty danged good!
  3. This is a thing of absolute beauty! You done good, Tim!
  4. I made this simple jig, to build the intake manifold. I've also begun drilling the holes, to build the header. I'm trying to turn an acceptable taper, for the header pipe. I think I will use the carbs from Mongram's '40 Ford pickup. They look proportionally correct, with the manifold. I still need to add flanges to the manifold. Sorry for tthe crappy photos.
  5. I've heard/seen that a lot of guys use cheap windshield washer fluid. Seems like a good choice, because of its surfectant qualities.
  6. Indeed, we are! I had a feeling you'd understand. 😀
  7. Thanks, David! It's not a jig, really. It's just a hunk of balsa with some t-pins to keep the front axle and wheels in place. I stacked stuff under the rear of the car, to get it close to the desired elevation. I have and do use , balsa and pins to build jigs, once I get a bit closer to finalized ride height, and begin work on the suspension.
  8. Thank you, Bill. I appreciate that! I enjoy your work, quite a lot. It's really a cool kit. I was supposed to keep it simple, but am already making springs, and brass engine assemblies, wondering if I should just scratch build the engine block. I'm friggin' hopeless! I should be working on the Surfers dragster, but...
  9. I was surprised at how the white handles. It's more flexible than I expected. I'm very happy with the line!
  10. I did that, then promptly forgot to be watchful of it, when I cemented it! i think I can fix it with some judicious scribe work, as it's not too far off. Been playing with some brass tubing, to make headers and a new intake manifold. I'm leaning toward a pair of Strombergs, for carburetion. Thanks for the heads-up! it will help me remember to fix that.
  11. I've been using the Blinggasm paper for a couple of years, now. I love it! It's very reasonably priced, too!
  12. That Nova axle looks narrow under the Nova! 😀
  13. Tom was always helpful, when I asked for information. He shared great stories, too! I wish I hadn't become frustrated, years ago, when this project was pretty much stillborn. I always wanted for him to see my completed model. At the rate I build, I hope I get to see it completed! I have installed all the diagonals and cross bracing. Still need to clean it all up. Mike, there's no doubt, about that! Those are some beauties! I love stuff that looks used, on my models.
  14. At some point (maybe even now) I had a sheet of red stripes. I think mine were Microscale. I actually used them to do a dragster. This thing needs a rebuild!
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