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  1. That is very cool! The only nicer one I have seen is the one Steve Catron built. It won Best Of Show at GSL, so, you're in good company. Excellent work, sir!
  2. It will fit. I used the one from the Beretta in one, way back when. It would work for a SG car, but, it's too modern for that vintage of Pro Stock.
  3. Juergen, I have to say that I am as clueless as you, regarding what those might be! ☺️ There is absolutely nothing near them. Hmmm... The cab parts have been painted, and are sitting on the fender/chassis assembly while they dry enough so that I can weather them. The lights and the flash are washing out a lot of the weathering--especially in the places I've used an 8B pencil to represent worn through paint, through use. I think it'll look good as a lumber truck.Anyway, here are the latest photos. As always, questions, critiques and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks, Casey! I guess I could have worded that better. I was/am interested in others' experience with different ones, and whose is best?
  5. Looks good. If you are looking for the spoiler, I may have one. I'll look when I get a chance, and let you know if I find it. If so, you can have it.
  6. Does anyone have a good source for chain binders? I'm going to need some for my current project. Thanks!
  7. Juergen, I will have to look at it, when I get home. The rivets may be for the hydraulic cylinders. I have decided to leave off the box sides and tailgate, and install stake pockets on the sides of the bed. I drove lumber trucks, for many years. I have long wanted to build one. Since they all had dump mechanisms, I am finally going to build one, using this truck. There may not have been many set up this way, in the late '20s-early '30s, but, the technology was there, and trucks have been infinitely customized, so, I am going with it! Thank you again! Thanks, kindly, sir!
  8. Home Depot carries Weld On 4. Works just like Plastruct's cement, and it's much less expensive.
  9. Thank you, Francis! You certainly do inspire me, my friend. I'm always happy when my work encourages others to try new things!
  10. While waiting for the paint on my Mack to dry enough, I found wheels and tires for this, and got it set up. I'm thinking 1975 L/S. Curbside.
  11. Thanks, Rusty. I'm thinking that, generally I would be looking to mix enough to last over a three or four day span, as I'm working on a couple of sub-assemblies and weathering them. Sounds like your suggestion will fill that bill, perfectly. And, I already have plenty of those lids, lying around. Thanks again, sir!
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