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  1. Like I said--there isn't much left of all that angle stock. One motor...mounted! Complete with real rubber biscuits!
  2. I had to do a little reshaping on the block, where it meets the pan rail. I installed the tubing that makes the space for the crankshaft too far out, over the pan. The flathead four has a flange cast to the block, that the pan bolts to, rather than the pan's flange overlapping the block. I got that mostly fixed, less a little more rounding-off. The beginnings of the front engine mount are in place. When I am done with it, there won't be much left of that angle stock! I carved the water outlet from .125"X.156" Evergreen strip. I need to find something I can flow into all these gaps. I am wondering if maybe Mr. Surfacer, applied with a fine brush would work. I'm asking, because I don't have any, and am wondering if it's worth the investment. Also attached is a photo of the block, before I cut the flange.
  3. A read through the rules says I will be good! It says no parts newer than 1953. The rear brakes are about 1950, and those are the newest parts I can think of, on the car. Thanks, Tom! I can get my real hot rod, and a TROG racer, all at once. I want it to be streetable, too, so I will need headlights. I'll put tape on the lenses, because I think that looks cool. I'll do it like I did on my Aluma Coupe.
  4. Excellent, Bernard! I am looking forward to watching this one come back to life! Thanks for your kind words, re: my junior fueler. I will probably get some wet sanding done on the Firebird, this weekend (if I don't get lost in the Model A!). Would love to have it off the bench, and in the display case.
  5. Thanks, David. Glad you're enjoying the thread. I am, indeed using the truck wheels with the baby moons on the rear. Once I made the "moons" from tooling aluminum, I knew that's what I would use. They just looked too good! Thanks, so much, Tom! You know, I was worried that I might be illegal, as a TROG racer, but, at a glance, my equipment all might be old enough. Thanks for the link! When I get home from work, I will have a more in-depth look at your album, because I might be able to whack two project birds with one rock!
  6. It's on the wheels! I've included a shot of the new trunk lid. I think next up will be the front motor mount.
  7. I do. I work nights, so, when I am off, I maintain my regular schedule. My schedule is fairly similar to your.
  8. I've got a few more things done. I got the trunk lid cemented into place. The spindles are built. If I can get the front axle remounted before I go to bed, I can get it on the wheels! Always a big step! As always, questionsm comments and critiques are welcome.
  9. Holy cow! I've had a Cricut Explore for a little over two years, and have done nothing with it. It looks like you have unlocked much of the machine's potential. I need to get busy, I guess!
  10. The more I look at the Cobra, the more impressed I am, with it. That is some fabulous work, Peter! That it's 1/43 scale is mind-blowing. Great piece!
  11. Sweet! I've long thought about doing one of those--or maybe the Corvette. A friend of mine, Derek Brown, built a Bill Elliott Thunderbird from a Starter kit. It was unbelievable, how thin he was able to get that body, so he could install a scratchbuilt chassis and cage in it. I wish I had photos of it. It may have been in MCM, back in its day.
  12. I always enjoy watching guys build, who are as nuts as I am. Love all the little details you're implementing, Steve. Very fine craftsmanship, sir!
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