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  1. 1975 Monza Back On The Wheels 11/19/2018

    It's finally back on the wheels! I still have the bumpers to finish, license plate, wipers, and some touch-up. I think I'll probably dummy up a fuel cell, too. The windshield gave me fits, and I finally settled on this one, after five attempts at heat forming, I decided I could live with this one. Anyway, it's getting closer! As always, questions/comments are welcome. It never fails--as soon as I publish photos, I see something I missed! Guess I'll have to sneak a brush with some flat black into the wheelwells! DOH!
  2. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 11-14

    That toggle bitch assembly is switchin'! Love the Cirello mag, too. Excellent work!
  3. There is nothing not to love about this piece! Just...WOW!
  4. Need help sourcing parts for an early sixties blown Chrysler

    I don't guess I ever noticed that! I was simply referring to the block and heads.
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I got a piece of 3/4"X12" Delrin rod, today. Roger Lee has used it to make slicks for some of his dragsters. I'm going to attempt to make slicks for an AMT 1/43 scale 'Vette stock class drag racer I've had sitting around, for years, because I couldn't find anything suitable for slicks.
  6. Need help sourcing parts for an early sixties blown Chrysler

    I would go with the one from the Miss Deal, as well. It's the best early hemi going!
  7. 1975 Monza Back On The Wheels 11/19/2018

    Thanks, Art! Well, it's done. It looks great, in some places, and not so much, in others. I found myself frustrated, at times, and just having to walk away, for a while, anyway...WHEW! Gotta touch it up, then, it's on to windows. I can see completion, now.
  8. 1975 Monza Back On The Wheels 11/19/2018

    No wonder I prefer dragsters! This Bare Metal is kicking my arse! I'm about 6 hours in, and almost halfway done. I also wanted to add a shot or two of my final solution to the faux pas of not opening up the grille. I drew up and printed some decals to fit the slots. It really looks a lot better than it did with simply the "markered-in" slots. If anyone is interested, I'll find the file for them, and post it, so you can print your own set. I'm hoping to have this done within the next week, or so. Well see...
  9. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    I had this thing almost finished, once, about 17 years ago. At that time, I decided that I didn't like my injector stacks, or the manifold. As I looked for a suitable replacements, I discovered that there had never been a set of decent Enderle stacks for a small block. I ended up making a set, but, never got around to casting them (I am rectifying that, as I type this). At some point, several of my friends mentioned that the Slingster had a nice set. Those were too small, and the manifold didn't fit the engine I am using (display small block from the '66 Nova), as it was too narrow. Then I heard that one of the resin casters made a, Enderle manifold and stacks. Better, but still didn't look right, to my eye. Next, I decided to use the car as a mule for a piece I was putting together for the old SLM site about building aluminum dragster bodies using a pair of articles from Hot Rod Magazine, back in '67 or '68. In the articles, Tom Hanna (Couldn't have a better guy to teach you that!) explains step-by-step how to build a "shorty" dragster body. That worked out. So, now, all I need to do is get myself a decent set of Enderle injector stacks (fingers crossed!), make a set of front wheels, finish the motor, and put it all back together. I have looked at it many times over the years, but, haven't touched it since I did the body, back in 2010. I'd love to have it done, but...
  10. Hasegawa Buick Sled (Slammer)

    I'm not sure of the accuracy of the bodies, but, I really didn't care. I just wanted to say I had a lead sled! Thanks, Snake.
  11. Hasegawa Buick Sled (Slammer)

    I built this about 20 years ago, or thereabouts. It's one of those Hasegawa kits of 1965 American cars. I picked up a couple of that series on closeout, and figured they'd make fun slammers. I also built an Impala Stock Car, even though I've never seen any that ran in NASCAR. I digress. I used some Evergreen strip and the "fogging" method to make the vinyl top. The spotlights are from the parts box. Lakes pipes are aluminum tube. I don't recall where the wheels and tires are from, other than the parts bin. I used some little, blue model RR "lights" for the Blue Dots. Clearly, I lowered the suspension. Being it's a slammer, the windows are blacked out. Anyway, I finally got around to taking some photos of it, today. It was a fun, really quick build. Any Qs and comments welcome! Thanks for looking!
  12. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Group Build--It's On!

    I would love to! I have tons of options, as well, but, I think I want to see the Monza across the finish line by the end of the year!
  13. Porsche 917-10, Matchbox, 1/32, L+M Donohue

    Nice work, for sure. I love this series. I need to find this one. I have the Tyrrell, Bugatti, and Auto Union kits. They really are beautiful.
  14. Realistic Speed Racer Mach V - Completed!

    Man, Art, this is very cool! I can't imagine myself saying that about this kit. You absolutely aced the interior! Great work! Is it just me, or is there something in the lines of this car reminiscent of Jocko's 'liner? Nice work, sir!
  15. 1975 Monza Back On The Wheels 11/19/2018

    Thank you, Curt! Much appreciated. I am pretty happy with them, all the way around! Snake, you are correct about the "white" lights. After I scribed the detail on the inside of the lenses, I stopped short of fully polishing them. That left them a little hazy, and got rid of the complete transparency of them. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to tone them down, and have them look a little "milky". Thanks for your kind words. Thank you, Rooster! That means a lot, as that was kind of what I was hoping for. Until now, I'd never really noticed how neglectful of them, I'd always been. Because this is a curbside model, I figured it would be a good opportunity to stretch my "light-building legs". Thanks, Steve. I definitely put more effort into them, than I ever had, before! :-)