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  1. I recall an old article in the other mag in which the builder of a Petty car used Candy red over fluorescent red, or orange (I don't recall which, now). It looked pretty good, as I recall. You might want to give those a try.
  2. I have always had good results using Krylon in spray cans. It goes on smoothly, dries quickly and evenly. I use their primer, beneath it. It's also inexpensive.
  3. Perhaps to you, it is. For some of us, it's not pointless, at all. I guess all of us should just build, as you do.
  4. Thank you, Greg! Again, that brings up the issue of painting. Try as I might, I could not get the DM wire to stick. I ended up using some old MSC plug wire, which is too big, but...
  5. I tried out the straight knurls and made the caps for the hand pressure pump. I bought a set of 100 TPI straight knurls, to make blower drive pulleys. This is the first time I used them. I like the way the pump looks! I made the brake handle from a piece of stainless wire, and the head of a pin. Wire insulation serves as the back nut. As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks for looking!
  6. I would guess they're Humbrol, based on the tins. Excellent paint, in my experience!
  7. That looks very nice, Richard! I am sure I've used DM's detailing wire for piping, at least once, before, and maybe twice. It's much closer, in scale, than even smaller diameter plug wire material. I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility that the insulation on the red is a different material, than the black.
  8. David, thanks for your input! That's what I would use, if I was starting with bare plastic, for sure. I'm not sure of the viability of painting it either before or after installing it. That could prove tricky, either way.
  9. Excellent, Tom! I have some old MSC plug wire that just might do the trick. It's a bit larger in diameter, but, shouldn't be grossly out-of-proportion. It stays stuck in the distributors and plug boots, so, it should work, here! Thank you, kind sir!
  10. I am looking to use red Detail Master Detailing Wire for piping around the cockpit padding for my Indy car project. The wire's coating seems to be Teflon, as it doesn't seem to stick with super glue. I'm thinking something more flexible might be a better option. Has anyone else used DM's detailing wire for piping, and, if so, what did you adhere it with? I'm open to suggestions! Thanks!
  11. That's very cool! It's shaped like one of their Dope bottles, only smaller.
  12. I got an Incra Tiny T rule. I'd been considering one, for a while. I think it will be super-useful.
  13. Thanks, Alan! Glad you like it! That hood should help, too, I agree! I have four more Monogram projects hanging around the bench, too. I derive a great deal of enjoyment, from them!
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