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  1. Gosh, Francis. I haven't had a drink in about four years. Not for any other reason than I don't care to! But, to be honest, these probably came from bottles of Scotch. Yes, I like to use it, for its "poseability". I got the wheels and tires mounted, and test-fitted the body, for the first time, in a spell. Spent the last few hours of my modeling time working out and working on the dash panel and gauges. Comments and questions are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  2. I have the seat and harness set mounted/installed. I need to do a little touch up to the paint, and I still want to adjust the straps, a bit. The belts are made from wine bottle "lead" foil. Hardware is Detail Master. I also installed the tube that mounts the dash panel. Next, I think will be that very panel, with its gauges and switches, and a shut-off valve. As always, questions, critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking! Also shown here: When I build the engine for this project, I wanted to replicate the look of a hand/home sand-cast throttle body. Considering the roughness of the casting, I rolled some aluminum tubing beneath descending grades of sanding boards. I think the texture looks as it should. Unfortunately, I don't think I want to make four pairs! However, it occurs to me that the texture might also serve as galvanized fence poles?
  3. I've wondered for decades, why so many agonize, over this. Nothing lasts forever--not even the earth and sky. We should be happy with the fact that we've found something we're passionate about! The important thing is to share with those who want to learn about our art-form; Child, novice or otherwise.
  4. That's a new one on me! El Mocambo was pretty early. Well, before "First Glance", anyway.
  5. Is that "Live At The El Mocambo"? I have it on vinyl, and maybe CD. They got some decent airplay, with a few songs, down here, but, there's so much more great stuff, from them. I saw Mahogany Rush, back in about 1980. Andy Curran and Alex Lifeson are supposed to have a record out, later this year. Thank you, Canada, for so many fantastic bands!
  6. Oh, yeah! Kim Mitchell is one of my very favorite guitar players. He and Max Webster should be better known, on this side of the border. Oh! And April Wine!
  7. Thanks, Ira! I hope that I can pass along useful stuff, as it's been passed along, to me. I appreciate that, Art. Thanks for your comments, sir!
  8. I saw them open for Rush. It was the band as on Surveillance. Cameron Hawkins, Martin Deller, and Ben Mink. I would guess many in the US aren't aware that Ben Mink has spent much of his career writing and playing with K.D.Lang. He also played the beautiful violin solo on Rush's "Losing It" from Signals. That's probably the tour that FM opened.
  9. That's some beautiful work by my friend who is gone too soon. Hard to believe it's almost four years , already .
  10. Maybe one of Revell's 1/32 aircraft models? The Typhoon has a Napier Sabre.
  11. Thank you, so much! It will prove to be very helpful, at some point. It will get some work in with the. 032" mills I have, first, them, I will graduate myself to the smaller ones. Your work (as is Francis') is ultra-inspirational.
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