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  1. Early Funny Car Reference

    The Aurora chassis is most definitely a Woody. That, straight out of Tom West's mouth(fingers): " The second day we went down to Anaheim to Nelson Carter's place. I had done quite a few projects with Nelson, and he said he would be happy to help us out. We got there and the entire car, except for the rear end, was disassembled on the lawn. I think Keeler thought he had gone "Through the Looking Glass," as it was like driving up to a full shop scene. I guess that was part of the reaction from Jim, although I wasn't to know about it until much later. We did everything on the 426 and the Woody Gilmore Funny Car Chassis there." I am not sure about whether that Johan FC chassis is a replication of a one-off, or not. I'll keep digging around, and see what I can find.
  2. Early Funny Car Reference

    It is, indeed, a Logghe. The article is easily the best single source reference for funny cars of that era, and likely any era. Glad I could help!
  3. Early Funny Car Reference

    Thanks, Steve. I am always happy to help out, when I can!
  4. Early Funny Car Reference

    Here are photos I took in the shop, during the Hawaiian's restoration. Interesting story as to how these came about. I threw in the hula girl in Gregg's honor!
  5. Early Funny Car Reference

    It works on my end. Enjoy!
  6. Early Funny Car Reference

    Let's see if this works: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=146407
  7. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Wow! A virgin is a rare find, indeed. Nice!
  8. Tweezers

    Thanks for the heads-up! I have a set on the way!
  9. Early Funny Car Reference

    I have the entire Unraveling The Snake Pit article, along with a fair amount of other photos of the restored Hawaiian. I'll use them, if I ever resurrect the StraightLineModeler website. The article files are pretty large, but, I am happy to post them, if there's interest.
  10. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    Thanks, Vince and Bob! It is much appreciated. As Snake says: I gotta "GITTER DONE!" I'm beginning to have a little hope, myself. Was hoping to get some done, this morning, but, heavy snow (Yeah, on May 20-21!) took out the power while I was at work, and it wasn't on, until I got up at 2:30, this afternoon. I really could have used the therapy, this morning!
  11. The drawings are very cool! If I drew all that in AutoCAD (I say ACAD, because that's what I have available), I'm afraid, I would call that a model, and be done with it! I've never used printed parts. How much time do you spend cleaning up the layer lines? Looking forward to watching this beauty come together!
  12. Junior Fueler--More Of These @!$#*&g Injectors?! 02/01/19

    I have finally begun to work toward getting the body mounted! Still a couple of little things to do in the cockpit--mostly touchup. With any luck, I can get it up on the wheels, next weekend. As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome!
  13. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    A little fanfare, please? I have begun working on getting the body mounted! That's a BIG step!
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have all kinds of stuff on the way, now! Moebius Dyno Don Comet, I won an auction for a Johan Pinto Funny Car (under $50, shipping included!), carbon gouging rods (for a resistance soldering probe I am going to build), and a right angle mounting base for my Sherline rotary table.