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  1. Thank you, JC! I hope that I can pull it all together, once the sub-assemblies are ready. Thanks for looking, sir.
  2. Opened the roof on the '31, and started working on the wood header. It's likely I won't use this one, as it's a mule to test wrapping the header with tooling aluminum.
  3. Thanks, Mark! I got some more work done on it, today. I cut the roof open, and started working out the metal-clad wood header. I mounted the shocks, but have already decided that I want to re-mount them. I have some figgerin' to do, up front, with the radiator and water pump clearance. Now, looking at these photos, I can see a little work that needs to be done with the water pump. Here are a few photos. As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome!
  4. Nice work! Those collectors worked out real well!
  5. Fantastic work! I've soldered a few dragster chassis, over the years. I'm not sure that combined, they have as many joints as this thing does. This entire project is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.
  6. 1/24 on the Coupe. The dragster is 1/25. Thank you, Pat!
  7. Thank you, Sonny! Thanks for looking! Glad you're enjoying it.
  8. This is a neat thread, that I don't recall seeing, before! Here are a few things I've built, over the years. The four-banger Flattie is for a current project. The engine is scratched, above the oil pan. The first two photos are the water pump, I just built. The other photos are of a junior fueler I completed last year (after a 20-year journey). Much of it is scratchbuilt, including the entire fuel system, headers (which are brass), aluminum body and front wheels.
  9. Thanks, David. I appreciate that, very much! I try to build each sub-assembly as a model, unto itself, but, sometimes, I talk myself out of it! 😀 I want to thank you again, for the photos of the trans/clutch/brake/bellhousing assembly. The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning toward going that direction. Your photos will be a handy reference.
  10. Here's the stuff I got done, yesterday. Just got home from work, tonight and haven't been to the bench, yet. Here are the water pump and the shocks for the Model A. The rear "bushing" for the pump isn't in its final location, just yet, but, I plan to get it mounted later tonight.
  11. I admire you guys who do this kind of work, Tim! I suppose that I could figure it out, but, for now, I am content to under-use my mill to make the odd part, here and there. That said, beautiful work, sir!
  12. Here are a few things I have worked on, the last few days. I scratchbuilt some shocks from Evergreen rod. The arms are made from K&S aluminum tube, flattened, then drilled and cut out. The water pump still needs a little cleanup. It's constructed from some Contrails plastic tubing, and Evergreen flange, and two sizes of brass tubing, on a music wire shaft. I got the radius rods cut and mounted, as well. As always, questions, critiques and comments are always welcome!
  13. Indeed! Rush's influence spans the pantheon of music.
  14. I built the front shocks for the Model A. The day before yesterday, I got the radius rods installed. I'll post photos on my build thread, once I have the shocks installed.
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