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  1. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    I've put together a bunch of parts and pieces for the interior. I still need to clean up the roll bar, and cut openings in the interior door panels for the door handles. Pictured here, you can see the NEW gauge panel--I am just about to add the ignition switch and the starter button. Also visible are the window cranks and armrests--it is still a street car, after all. That means the steering column will have the turn signal switch. I will add some corrugated piping just beneath the dash to provide heat on cooler days. I'm not 100% sold on the P.E. steering wheel, so that's pending. The floor has been covered with embossing powder because, even though I want to convey the image of a racer, I want it to be at least somewhat practical. I chose the leather-booted shifter because it has a more of a sports car flare, than, say, a Hurst...
  2. Flathead

    First, I'll say that I LOVE this subject! The CAD models are very cool. It sounds like you've discovered (as did I!) that this isn't as simple a build as it first appears.grin You've got an excellent start! I'm looking forward to seeing it come together.
  3. Revell Super Spyder Monza re-release

    I was going through a box of parts, and came across this. Let me have a mailing address, and it's yours!
  4. Revell Super Spyder Monza re-release

    I have a whole slew of Monzas. I think I have 4 promos from '75-'77, and none of them cost more than $20. Last year I scored an MPC '75 Annual kit, but I don't recall what I paid for it. I think the AMT Monza looks too wide and kind of "flat", for lack of a better term. Robberbaron, I agree with you--the way to go would be to use the MPC body with the guts from the AMT kit.
  5. Slapper Bars

    Unfortunately, it's no longer posted, Daryl. I have all the old files; in fact, I have the entire website. I wouldn't re-publish it without some freshening up. I will probably do some more screen captures, like this, and share them as I have time.
  6. Revell 1974 rear engine dragster question

    Thanks, Jesse. We probably went over this, back in the old days! When you mentioned it, I thought, "Seems like, at some point, I remember hearing that, about the Snake car." But, I certainly didn't remember it, offhand.
  7. Revell 1974 rear engine dragster question

    Pretty sure the only difference in the plastic may be the wheels.
  8. Slapper Bars

    This is something from the old SLM website I thought I'd share, because that is what it's all about! I thought perhaps this should go in the tips, etc., but, they're used almost exclusively for drag racing, so, I opted for this page. I reckon an admin should feel free to move it, if that's a more appropriate location. They are so easy to build, that there's really no excuse not to, if you need a set!
  9. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    In that case, they are in the proper position! Same for aircraft. Guess I won't be switching them, after all!
  10. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing it! Thanks for the kind words re: the dash panel. I'd like the turned pattern to be more uniform, but, it does have the look.
  11. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    Hi, Joe. Thanks for the kind words! Those are the AMT Parts Pack tires. They are beauties! Rooster, I think you have a point! I'll get that taken care of!grin
  12. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    I've been playing around with gauges. I used photos from around the web for the gauge faces. The bezels are made from aluminum tubing. I have yet to install the lenses. I'm not thrilled with the engine turning on the panel, but it'll have to do, until I figure out a better way to accomplish it! I still need to add a few knobs and switches. This tool from Micro Mark was extremely helpful in cutting the bezels to thickness, as it has a bent rod that can be inserted above the clamping slot, and adjusted to regulate the length of the tubing to be cut. It made it an absolute breeze!
  13. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    Today, I got some paint and valve stems on the wheels--still a lot to do, before they're finished, but, I like the color. It's Design Master Modern Metals "Metallic Taupe". I also got the dash panels cut and formed. Next up for that will be poking some holes in the faceplate for gauges, switches, etc. I shot some white primer on the exhaust dumps. I still need to paint their insides dark grey/brown/black, and dust them with a blend of powdered pastels. I will be washing/shading and highlighting the wheels, and dusting them, inside, with a pastel blend, along with some powdered graphite, to simulate brake dust.
  14. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    JC, those are from Johan's Sox and Martin 'Cuda. They are very nice!
  15. Chevy Monza Street Machine Interior Progress

    Snake, I hope I can inspire you to get your Monza out and work on it. Would enjoy seeing your vision! Thank you, Karl. The stance has to be right, or it just doesn't work, no? Thank you, Ron. I've been spending some time on the interior; The door panels, in particular. I cut them from .005" aluminum flashing (can't say enough, how much I love this stuff!), then rolled them at the top, over a length of 1/16" brass tubing, to create a rounded bend. As you can see, that left the upper edge of the panels straight, so they didn't match the window line. To correct that, I cut a section of aluminum door threshold I'd picked up, somewhere, and cut and filed it to the desired profile. Then, using a ball peen hammer, I formed the top of the panel to more closely match the window line. I'll do some fine tuning to the panels, yet, but, the improvement is apparent. Lastly, I cut the reliefs for the dash. I'll also add some rolled beads to the panels, along with window cranks and door handles. I'm planning to smooth the bumps on the promo's dash, and form some aluminum sheet over it, to make a new dash. I've also begun work on the trans/driveline hump. Attached are a few progress photos. Comments welcome, as always!