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  1. Those pedals look really nice. The texture is gorgeous! She's coming along, beautifully!
  2. I took a few days break break from this, as I just wasn't "feeling it", regarding the manifold. I played around with one of those RM Kustom Chopper kits I have up in the closet. I made a couple of mods to it, that I had planned, then took another look at this. I have decided that I don't need to build another one, because I like this one, better than I thought I did! That said, I went ahead with working on the linkages. The throttle shafts and links went together much easier than I was expecting. That was a nice surprise! I glued the fuel valve in place, as well. Next job will be installing the injector lines and fittings. Comments, queries and critiques are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  3. That's Scale Model Supplies! Down in the basement. Locals call it "The Dungeon". That place is like stepping back in time! It's one of my favorite hobby shops, ever, and anywhere.
  4. My brush is a Badger 100G. It's the easiest thing, ever, to clean, and, still. I have a few aircraft kits, sitting around here. I reckon if I ever get around to them, I'll put in some time, with it.
  5. Which one? I assume you've visited Scale Model Supplies, in St. Paul? I loved that place, when I lived up that way! Very nice "comeback" build. Like the colors--stance is right on! Nice work!
  6. Same here. When I can be bothered to use my airbrush! I really should use it, more often. I mean, it's right there, ready to go--but, if I have a spray bomb that's close by...yeah!
  7. Yes, Francis. I cannot count the number of things I've built and/or detailed, and hidden, over the decades! In fact, I probably don't even remember most of them! Yet, here we are. 😄 Yesterday, I actually considered building another one, because I know I could make it better. That kind of stuff can be a real project killer, for me. "I know I can do that, better, but I don't want to, right now. What else is in the closet, to play with?" I thank you for your kind words, my friend.
  8. As I recall, back when P.E. was really just getting to be a "thing", somebody did one of the wrong foot!
  9. Dig the Rickenbacker! I should build one, and send it to Geddy Lee, somehow. He may not have one of those in his collection, yet!
  10. I jst wanted to post this, because, once it's installed, nobody will ever see it, again!
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