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  1. This is my favorite of all the EM Series Porsches. I've never had one, before. I managed to get this one, shipped, for a surprisingly nice price! I also got these six bundles of twenty pieces, each of .020", .032", .040", .060", .080" and .100" plastic rod. hey were less than $20, shipped! Nice!
  2. Thank you, Richard. I always appreciate your insights. I try to keep my stuff accurate. Even if, like this project, I'm building something that someone may have built in his home shop, then, I had better be able to explain just how I figure he might have done it, in the real world! I'm glad you enjoyed this!
  3. I am awaiting some items to arrive, for this project, but, there's still plenty I can do. I remade the exhaust, and got it hung. I've been working on little items for the interior, like the door handles (knobs), and the switches for the spartan interior. I am thinking I'll make the switches for the lights, main power and fuel pump resemble the factory switches/knobs, in white, red and yellow, respectively. I'm blocking off the radio and heat controls. I opened the grille, but I nicked the face with the Dremel (DOH!), so I have another kit on the way. I also am getting some stainless steel screen for the headlights. Anyway, here are a couple of shots of it, back on the wheels. Thanks for looking!
  4. I have Tom Medley's book, entitled "Hot Rod History". There's a ton of stuff in there about the early days--El Mirage, Muroc, Bonneville... There was an obscure car called "The Coca-Cola (Coke) Stand", so called because it looked like a big aluminum box. It was built on a T chassis. The car eventually became Chrisman's No. 25 dragster! At any rate, this will be a fun project to watch!
  5. Ya' gotta have a pair! I still need to make the ring for the headlight, itself. I'll probably end up making more of the screen rings, until I get an even pair--these punches aren't exactly simple to align! Anyway...I now know I can have nice headlights. Thanks for looking!
  6. And, it has two sets! I just checked mine. Thanks, John.
  7. Any chance we could see the Polyglas packs, again? I love those tires, and I keep going through them. They'd be appreciated, over here!
  8. Halfway home! Thank you, Dennis. That's the kind of stuff that's most fun, for me! That, "How can I do that?" kind of stuff.🙂
  9. My friend, it was a pleasure to watch this come together, over these past few years. These might be my favorite pickups--these '60s Dodges. You nailed it, sir! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It's been informative and entertaining. Your work has also inspired me to stick my toes in the water, so to speak, with my mill. Thank you, for that. Very well done, Francis! I'm looking forward to seeing what's next on your workbench!
  10. I got the headlights sorted. I will grind away the rear of the tunnels, before any paint goes on the body. A bit more trimming and fitting, and the screen will be perfectly fitted. I punched the screen bezel from tooling aluminum, using homemade punches, then shaped it with a doming block. I turned the headlight ring on the lathe. It was a tight squeeze, getting that in. Everything except the headlight "tunnel" (I still have to do all of this, for the other side) is only white glued in place, and will be fine tuned into position, upon final assembly. Questions, comments an critiques are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
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