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  1. I really do have a thing for curbside models. I'm waiting to tackle a couple of clearance issues with the Chevelle, so thought I'd play with this thing, for a while. Obviously, it's a promo--I ain't afraid to modify them! I've accrued a few of them, over the years, because I've always loved the styling of this car since GM introduced it (I love Vegas, too!)--too bad the underpinnings weren't better. That said, I've also been hankering to build something road-racing inspired. I like the looks of the early Trans Am series cars. Unfortunately, by the time the Monza was introduced, "IMSA" flares were en-vogue, and I'm not nuts about those. So, I decided to build this as a street car with early T/A influences. I've removed the rear seat and covered that area. I'll probably replace the floor, as well. I've begun work on a basic rollbar assembly. It'll get a pair of racing seats, and a cleaned-up dash. I'm going with these Minilite wheels (I found them on Ebay, last year. They're very nice!). Tires are from the AMT parts packs. I will put disc brakes at all four corners--one thing I enjoy when I build curbside models is adding as much detail as I can, while still keeping it curbside (don't turn it over; it'll retain the promo chassis!) You can see the aluminum chin spoiler, and, I'll add a simple spoiler to the rear, as well. Not much done, so far, but here's a first look! Comments and questions welcome!
  2. AMT '29 Ford TROG/Box Art Build

    Glad you did, Dave. What a cool freaking model!
  3. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 12-5

    One of the very best builders I have ever known, Dave Abell, built cross-legged, on his living room floor. He drilled holes with an Xacto knife, and painted virtually everything with those cheap water based craft paints, from Walmart. He built a Caterpillar that nearly won Salt Lake, in 1990. The hard-facing he did on the blade, and the ripper was astonishing! I just saw it in an old issue of SAE, a couple of weeks ago (GSL coverage). Sadly, I believe he's gone, now.
  4. I put the old page from the SLM site back together, so, here's another method to make wire wheels for a dragster. This method is good for folks who don't care to work with metal. It's pretty straightforward. Sorry for the file size.
  5. Wire Wheels--One More Way To Make Them

    Thanks, Joe. You are correct, it could be used to make different styles of wires, as well. It requires no special tools or materials, and, the only "skill" required is patience!
  6. wire wheels???

    I just posted the article from the old SLM site on building wire wheels,here:
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I heard that! I don't know what I'd do without that stuff. I have mine in an old Evergreen retail bin that I picked up, back when I was working in the hobby shop/distributor.
  8. Nostalgia Fuel Dragster--Scale Archaeology

    Well, I finished something that I'd neglected, before. The power train is now connected on a single shaft, from the crank snout, to the third member! I wish someone would start making the Strange nameplates for the differentials. I got these as a one-off deal an armor builder , here, did back in the mid-'80s. Don and I decided that we could use them, because he'd scratched one, and cast it, before there ever was one in a kit. Anyway, it's not much, but, it's progress. Before I continue, I am going to finish the Monza. I should have an update in a couple of weeks, or so.
  9. I just dug out this project I have barely looked at in nearly 20 years. I never had a decent camera, when I was working on it, so I figured I'd take some new photos of it--the way they came out, you might not suspect that I have a decent camera, now! The chassis is brass tubing and rod. The nose and tail sections are K&S tin sheet that I formed over wood bucks, then soldered. Rust is fairly evident, especially on the tail section. The rest of the body panels are tooling aluminum (before I discovered 5"X7" aluminum flashing), and would be re-created in flashing, should I ever decide to revive this thing. All the body mounting tabs are cut from K&S shim brass. I made a jig from plexiglass, so that I could cut and drill them, uniformly. I'm not sure what caused this project to stall, unless it was because one of my non-modeler friends bent the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of the cowl--due to the softness of the tooling aluminum. I wish I could remember what I used to engine-turn the windscreens and firewall, because it's very nicely scaled! The engine mounted in the chassis is a late-model Donovan. Some of its "accessory" parts are visible, as well. In some of the shots, there is another engine. That one is a vintage Donovan I created using the block from the AMT Chrysler 300. I used Plastruct letters for the "nameplate" on the crank girdle. The oil pan and valve covers are laminated Evergreen strip and sheet. In one shot here, some of the smaller details are visible. These include the brake handle, chute release handles, master cylinder, Enderle barrel valve, throttle pedal, etc. I had originally planned to create graphics from the old Header Flames board on Nitronic Research. I'd still like to do that, but, it's not too likely that I can come up with art to work from, at this point. Comments and questions always welcome!
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Easily the nicest looking aftermarket dragster fronts I have ever seen! Nice work, Curt!
  11. Nostalgia Fuel Dragster--Scale Archaeology

    Thank you, Bernard! As soon as I started looking at it, for whatever reason, I knew I wanted to work on it, again, and it feels great! Like I said, I want to finish the Monza, first, but, this siren is singing loudly! Hahaha, Mike! Or maybe just finish one?! Well, this should give me plenty opportunity for photos to illustrate it, no?
  12. Nostalgia Fuel Dragster--Scale Archaeology

    Thanks, Brad and Goat Guy. I think the spark to continue downtrack with this has re-ignited! I removed everything from the chassis, but the firewall. I'm going to determine whether or not I can replace the mount for the steering box without having to remove it, first. I am going to attempt to build a new steering box around a worm and sector gear assembly I was playing with a few years back. I am also going to try very hard to finish the Monza, before I jump fully back into this thing. Here are some shots of the stripped-down chassis.
  13. Tom McEwen dragster

    It's 1/24. It was originally a Monogram kit. The reissue is in a Revell box. They did Snake's car, as well (when they were originally released). The kits have some innovative features, like molded vinyl fuel lines.
  14. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    Thanks, Rick. I think the thin strip might be the way to go. I was considering something more rubber-like, but, that always leaves the possibility of a reaction, as with the tires from old kits. Thank you, David. Glad you like it! Apparently, I have a thing for green Monzas!
  15. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    That was the first one I built! Cool!
  16. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Group Build--It's On!

    I think I might have eyeballed them, and gritted my teeth. Got lucky, on this one!
  17. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    Yes, you do, sir. I'm guessing that description might be a bit harsh! :-) Michael, did you pick up a kit, or a promo? The first one I built (in '75, I guess, it was an original release annual) was a kit. This is the second one I've done, since. Of course, it's a promo. I have another promo that I built and stripped back down, that I plan to build a curbside model of Grump's car with. Already have the Cady sheet to do it. I have a kit, as well, but it's an '80. They can be had, fairly reasonably priced. Thanks, Espo! I love making little detail items--that's where a great deal of my "zen", in modeling lies. I hope it's one of those models that people don't really notice, until they actually look at it. I prefer subtlety in my models. I'm working on the wipers, now. I have the arms cut out of .005" aluminum sheet. I need to finish filing them to shape. I am using flat nichrome wire to make the "bow" part of the blade assembly, and am still deciding what to use for the squeegees. I am open to suggestions, in that regard. At any rate, I am enjoying the "drive", as Snake likes to say!
  18. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Group Build--It's On!

    A slammer chassis should be a quick and easy, down and dirty deal to get done. Here's the one I did for a SS/GT Firebird, that would qualify for this thread.
  19. AMT garage accessories

    Right?! I think we've all mastered the art of the spill! Hahaha
  20. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    Inching closer...I got the bumpers painted and foiled. I made the decals for the license plates. They are Montana's U.S. Bicentennial plates, with 1977 tags, which places them correctly, time-wise, for my internal "back story". The "Xanadu" isn't a reference to the movie of the same name, but, rather to Rush's great song from Farewell To Kings, released in 1977. The plates, themselves are .005" aluminum flashing. Also printed the "Flying Bison Garage" fender badges (since I shot these photos, I have applied Micro Sol to the fender badges, and they've snuggled right down). I followed Rooster's suggestion, and gave the wheels a wash of raw umber and permasol black oils, then, I hit them with Rub N Buff, again. I will pick out the lug nuts with a mixture of silver and aluminum. I had to laugh at myself, when I realized that I hadn't yet glued the wheels/tires to the rear axle--after I had resigned myself to having to live with the unpainted white plastic of the interior tub! That's fixed. About all I have left is to do, is to make the wipers, the fuel cell, and touch everything up (I think!). Hope you gents like it!
  21. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    Thank you, all, gentlemen! I'm happy that you appreciate my "vision"! Rooster, I think you might be right, about a light wash, on the wheels. I dusted them with pastels, for brake dust, but, it's not really visible in the photos. I don't really want chrome-looking lugnuts, though. I painted them flat aluminum, because I wanted them to look like bare metal--you know, kind of utilitarian. Snake, I still have a few things to finish up, but, if I get them done, say, over the weekend, if I'm not too late, I think I'd like to throw in on the "Get 'er done" deal. That'll give me a few days to decide which of my flounders I want most to revive. Upon looking at this thing, there's no way I'm getting any brush in those wheelwells, so, I guess I'm gonna' have to live with that. I'm disappointed in myself for several oversights I made. It's all stuff that I thought I'd "outgrown". Guess I'll be more aware of it, in the future. Overall, though, I'm very happy with it! Thank you, Steve. The Minilites really do work with this car. I was working on a Sunbeam Tiger, a while back, and it will have Minilites, as well. Beautiful wheels! A funny thing about the green, is that I have built three Monzas, through the years--the first being a brand spanking new MPC annual kit, in 1975 (maybe even late '74?). I've loved the body since they came out, but, I digress. Every one of them has been green!
  22. 1975 Monza Getting Ever Closer! 11/24/2018

    It's finally back on the wheels! I still have the bumpers to finish, license plate, wipers, and some touch-up. I think I'll probably dummy up a fuel cell, too. The windshield gave me fits, and I finally settled on this one, after five attempts at heat forming, I decided I could live with this one. Anyway, it's getting closer! As always, questions/comments are welcome. It never fails--as soon as I publish photos, I see something I missed! Guess I'll have to sneak a brush with some flat black into the wheelwells! DOH!
  23. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 12-5

    That toggle bitch assembly is switchin'! Love the Cirello mag, too. Excellent work!
  24. There is nothing not to love about this piece! Just...WOW!
  25. Need help sourcing parts for an early sixties blown Chrysler

    I don't guess I ever noticed that! I was simply referring to the block and heads.