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  1. Thank you, Jim. I appreciate it! I just figured "What the heck?", and dumped in some powder. It worked out, pretty well!
  2. Yes, Francis--as you know, it's a fine thing to be afflicted with! Those details were what drew me to your work, as well, my friend!
  3. As I continue to compile parts for the engine, I discovered a couple of things that caused me to slap myself in the head, in one of those "I could have had a V-8!" moments. I'm not sure how I never noticed that the Piranha has a nice "Frankenstein" mag. Miss Deal's timing cover appears to be a Donovan unit. If it's not--it's very close! Here are a few better shots of the pegs I installed to help align the heads, and keep them in place, once they're permanently installed. I did an initial, quick test of the spoke lacing jig. It's a game-changer, perhaps. Thanks to Mike Woellner for that handy tip.
  4. Thanks, kindly, David! I find myself casting something, with every project, anymore, it seems. Somehow, this thing's gone off the "rails of simplicity". Weird. That never happens!🤣
  5. Very cool! I find this to be more impressive than large-scale stuff. Nice work!
  6. That's what I like best about them! In the lathe, I can bore a .020" hole on a .030" rod. I don't have any center drills that would start a hole, that small in a rod, that small!
  7. I did NOT envy you, for that! Every installment , I could hear a voice in my head "I sure am glad that's not me!"😃
  8. I got the molds made, and cast some valve covers. I tried some "mad science"--I know they make powders specifically for adding a metal cast to resin parts. I didn't have any of that. but, I do have some aluminum powder, and two different tones of bronze powder. I tossed a little of a couple of the powders into one "side" of the resin, and stirred it in, before mixing the two together. It worked out, pretty well. I may have to experiment with some other colors. I also got the slicks reshaped, and decaled. I still need to flat coat them. Up next, the motor plate, then, on to getting the axles mounted, so I can get it on the wheels. To that end, I made jigs, for both 32 and 40 spoke wheels. We'll see how that goes! As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  9. I poured molds for three different sets of valve covers and a set of heads for the Donovan 417, and for a Scheifer Frankenstein mag. All for my current, and applicable future projects.
  10. Thanks, Tim. Glad to see you looking in! Thanks, much, Dennis. It should be a fun one! I've had a delay (sort of) with this project. I say "sort of", because I am reworking some parts, to mold and cast for it, that I may want extras of, in the future. Speaking of parts, while looking for parts, for this, I rediscovered that the Piranha has a pretty nice Schieffer mag in it...
  11. Thanks, Brandon! I'm not sure, about that on, but, it will surely be at the Fall show, in Westminster.
  12. Sorry! I just mean that I hold it by the shank, to hand drill, rather than chucking it in something.🙂 I only use them for drilling, with the mill. As you know, they'll snap, if you look at them, crooked!
  13. You can find boxes of 50 resharps for about $25, shipped. I absolutely love them, in the lathe, drill press and mill! For me, when I am drilling with them, by hand, I just use the bit, itself. It's kind of like choking-up, on a bat, to hit for contact!🙂
  14. Well, I appreciate your kind comments, and your support, Francis. There's a show, in the Fall--I guess we can find out, then! Thanks again, my friend! Thanks, very much, Philippe! I am happy that you like it!
  15. Thanks, Kenneth! The valve covers came from the Piranha. I am using a set of 392 heads--unless I decide to build a set of proper Donovan heads. It's pretty cool, where some of those cars came from. Surfers from a motel garage!
  16. JC, this is looking great! Your fabrication is always so fine. Very nice work!
  17. Agreed! That is an excellent resource. I may have to go lose myself there, for a while!
  18. I first saw these on my phone. There was no justice, in that! Very fine work, my friend! The grille looks fantastic!
  19. Ride height determined. Looking good, there!
  20. I've gotten the body farther along. I also turned a Moon 2 gallon dragster tank (8.5" diameter by 15" long). I had to use a file on one end, because the tank, once parted free, was too short for my radius tool to reach the second end. I think it will be okay. I got the rain gutter shaped, and made a cowl. The cowl will have more work performed, to make a greater flare, around the opening. Next, I'll see about getting it on the wheels. I need to build and cast a pair of breathers, and two different sets of valve covers, and "Donovan-ize" a set of 392 heads, and mold and cast those, as well. Anyway...questions, comments and critiques are always welcomed. Thanks for looking!
  21. It's interesting to note the two different fuel tank locations, in these photos. I have read some pretty wild stories about "The Last Drag Race" at Lions! Tom West was a great guy. He's truly missed. Thanks again for sharing these!
  22. Thanks, David. It's balsa. It's what I've always used. I've soldered on it, and everything. It's always worked, well.
  23. Thanks, Edgar. Those are nice shots! I'm not doing a replica, however, just something inspired by it. Mainly because I don't want to build a Woody Gilmore chassis.😃
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