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  1. I think I may have heard, a time, or two that may have actually still been easier than sorting out the Lucas injection! 😃
  2. Uh...no. Just a change to "shipped". It's been that way for several days, now. Which leads me to believe that it hasn't, actually.
  3. Cool! I did a proper Enderle for my junior fuel dragster, a couple of years ago. I wanted something different, for this one.
  4. I made the injector stacks using a punch and die setup I made back around the turn of the century. It's a very simple, basic setup, and is pretty much limited to making one size injector stacks. Fortunately, they're the size I need, here! They're long, so that they insert through the throttle bodies, ensuring that everything will end up in the same place, so to speak. I had to mock it up, again, with everything where it belongs, just to check it out. I'm liking it, so far! Lots of details to add. I also have to find out what's suddenly keeping the engine from "nestling", up front.
  5. The manifold: I have always loved the way the cross-rammed FI setup for the Big Block Chevy looks. I can't find anything about there ever being such a setup for a small block Chevy, other than newer electronic setups. I decided that I would build my own. It will represent a home-built unit, constructed by a craftsman, using the tools available to him. Think of a Burt Munro kind of guy. In this case, our builder was interested in seeing if he could build it, and make it work. If it's competitive, so much the better! Making it work was the aim... I began with the cross ram runners from Revell's '67 'Vette. I then found an old AMT (I believe) tunnel ram, for a small block. I cut the runners from that, and milled the upper surface flat, and cleaned out a place for the mag. I added a water crossover from an '80s Monogram NASCAR kit. So far, I am happy with it. I have just begun work on the throttle bodies. I selected some aluminum tubing that is very close to the size of the throttle bodies from a Monogram sprint car. To create a more cast-looking texture, I rolled it under sanding boards of diminishing grits. An ink wash, and a shot of Dullcote should do the rest. I couldn't help myself from white gluing them to the manifold, along with the Corvette script valve covers set atop the heads, to really begin to get a look at what I envisioned, when I started. As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcomed...even encouraged. Thanks for looking!
  6. The status of my preorder was changed to "shipped".
  7. In case anybody's interested--here's what they look like, after paint. I was a bit premature in dabbing on the pastels, and some of the dust was embedded in the paint in the freeze plugs. I will clean it up, once everything's well-set. Fortunately, that dusty gunk provides an illustration of the realism that can be achieved using this method. It's not a necessary modification, but, it's an added bit of "eye candy".
  8. I've gotten a few things finished, recently. The in-and-out box engagement mechanism is scratchbuilt from 14 various bits and pieces. I got the block painted, and the oil filter installed. The bracket and manifold for that, are soldered brass pieces. I also turned a harmonic balancer, and started building the fuel pump. I have joined Andy Sapiro's Parafilm club. Good--nay--great call, sir! Questions comments and critiques are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  9. I am really enjoying watching this come together! I have a serious thing for these old Monogram kits. It seems like they're all I ever build, anymore.😃 I love them, despite their shortcomings. My old friend, Mark Brown built his roll cages, that way. Said he couldn't stand seeing a model with the halo, hanging down in the window. I built one of these, years ago, too. I gave it to a friend, who has since died, unfortunately. I have a few not very good photos. I wouldn't build another one, without implementing some of the changes you've made. Those look like the same tires I used, as well! They fit the car, nicely. I also have a bunch of friends, up there, in the Flathead valley, and grew up just east of the park. Carry on! This baby's coming along, nicely!
  10. My Atlantis pre-order of Mooneyes has had its status changed to "shipped"!
  11. Thank you, sir! I am always happy to share anything I have learned. That's just how I was "raised" as a modeler. I have never seen any reason to keep a technique a secret. I also never suspected that posting a simple idea, like this, would generate so much discussion! 😅
  12. In the late '80s-early '90s, Ertl was using plastic that was very rubbery. It was difficult to work with. You may have an issue, from that era?
  13. Oiling is mocked up, in place, to recheck fit. I made and printed the decal for the filter. It looks like the ink ran a tad, when I wet them. Oh, well. It's still obvious to be an AC. It also says "PF-25" and "FULL-FLOW". I also started messing around with the grille. It's an old automatic transmission filter screen that I domed and polished. It still needs work on its fit. As always, questions, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  14. It's a racing engine. It's just something that I think will be an interesting touch, with little chips out of the paint, because it didn't adhere as well to the slicker surface.
  15. My thought is to use tiny dabs of petroleum jelly as masking agent on the freeze plugs, before paint, then swabs it off with a Q-Tip, once the engine is painted. That should expose bits of metal, beneath. It should look pretty convincing. I hope!
  16. Glad you're enjoying this! My research led me to the conclusion that you stated. Here's my idea: I wanted to use a mechanical pump, for sure. Once I discovered that the Webers and a mechanical pump wouldn't play well, together, I decided that I would modify the intake manifold. That done, I will build some throttle bodies, and turn it into a home-built injection system. Also, I really didn't want to put a battery in the car, either. Thus, mechanical gauges and the mag. I don't know if my idea for the injection would work, but I don't know why it wouldn't be feasible, at least. I really appreciate your comments regarding my models. They've been a big help. Thank you!
  17. The song was inspired by a short story in Road&Track, called "A Nice Morning Drive." I loved his writing. He loved cars, and even carried a small box of tools and supplies to build model cars while on the road, in their earlier days.
  18. "My uncle has a country place That no one knows about"...Neil Ellwood Peart, The Red Barchetta.
  19. I've seen a truck, around here that has a big "Brazzers" across the top of the windshield. I couldn't believe it! Then I realized that most folks probably don't know what that is.
  20. It's very nice. I did The tires for my Monogram Midget with Krylon Ultra Flat Black, and sprayed the tread surface with the Tamiya paint.
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