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  1. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Brockway 361.... Let out of the bag   

    Impressive looks awesome, can't wait to see it completed
  2. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Pete 359 Big Sleeper Updated (6-3-2014)   

    Looks great JT. Nice colors and detail work. Awesome just for fun build.
  3. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    Thanks guys, So far so good. I started on the cab a little tonight. I cut out an oval for the rear window, re-sanded and glazed some of the low spots, measured and cut out for the floor. I am using scale diamond tread for the floor and doghouse. I found brass racing seats on eBay and once assembled they don't look too bad.

  4. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Diamond Reo Tray   

    Impressive build, I like what you did so far.
  5. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    Worked on the back end today for a little. Cutting some clear acrylic for the fuel tank, and messing around with what I should put there. I filed, cut and refit the quarter fender, then added the mud flaps and dry fitted the 5th wheel.

  6. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 Tri-axle logging truck with KFS crane   

    I love it, excellent work so far!
  7. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    I just about completed the front end, all I have left is the steering linkage, air brakes and radiator mount. I finished making the motor mounts. Almost ready for primer.

  8. kgvarrato added a post in a topic AEC ROUTEMASTER RLM double-decker bus   

    Awesome build I really like what you did!
  9. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    To my surprise I found a box in the mail today from All American Toy Co. It was the grill I ordered in the beginning of the week. Have to say I found a very top quality chromed metal grill. Immediately I headed to the workshop and started messing with it. It is a little taller than I imagined but I think it will work out just fine. I bent some brass for a mock up. Here are the pictures.

  10. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Phantom '37 Ford cabover Update March10   

    Cool looking I like it so far great job!
  11. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Freightliner Build (Last and Final Update) 9-03-2014   

    Looking great so far. FYI I just saw this on another page and didn't know if you have seen this. www.czechtruckmodel.com look under catalogue US trucks they have a 1/25 scale WFL P/E kit. Just passing it along
  12. kgvarrato added a post in a topic Another 1938 Ford is on the bench   

    Great build so far, love your attention to details. Can't wait to see it completed
  13. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    I have always loved Kenworth's styling especially the late 40's through 50's. I purchased her back in 2000 from a small rural department in eastern WA that had just purchased a "newer" fire truck a 77 IH. she was retired from the Seattle FD in '74. I drove it back from WA to PA took 5 days with no problems other than top speed 50 mph, 5 mpg and Spanish steering and A/C (el-manual). But it was a hell of a fun time. I stripped the cab, hood and fenders to the bare metal and repainted it to Seattle original red and markings. I had the misfortune after a couple years loosing oil pressure and spinning the mains blowing out the babbits. When Seattle took delivery it was powered by a Continental then replaced by a Hercules and in the late 60's the Hall-Scott. I might rebuild the Hall-Scott or jut put a diesel in, up in the air.
  14. kgvarrato added a post in a topic 1/16 KW Rat Rod   

    Thanks for the idea and drawing terry, I see where you are going, I thought of something similar but like your idea. Once I get the grill I will work with it, but I think it will work out nicely. As far as All American Toy Co. (www.allamericantoyco.com) Pat deals with 1/16th scale Kenworths from the late 40's early 50's. Check out the website he has some cool stuff. He also has a 1/12th scale "Toter". Looks almost like an early Ford. Another good site I found is (www.gardentrucking.com) They deal in 1/16th scale R/C semi trucks. He also has a wide variety of stuff. I found both by chance because of a future build I and researching. I own a 1949 Kenworth fire truck. It is a retired Seattle FD Model 721 with a 400 series Hall-Scott engine and Spicer 4 speed tranny. I have for years wanted to build a model of my truck. Now I will for a winter project.

  15. kgvarrato added a post in a topic chevrolet wirh roll off forest   

    Looks great so far, love those classic medium duty trucks, Love the log load looks very realistic. Cant wait to see it finished.