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  1. Picked up another of the JoHan Maverick. This one is open but complete. Probably going to build this one and sell the sealed one I have.
  2. right. I understood the question to be whether kits had been issued with the show/movie tie-in on the box. I wasn't aware of the CHiPs kit, but like the Rockford Firebird, you could use almost any 70s Firebird/Trans Am as the basis for either tv car since they varied so much over the course of the series.
  3. Rockford's firebird. Poncharello's Trans Am
  4. gonna need this one then. I have a 1:1 Westinghouse cooler in my backyard. I guess I could build a model of my friend's ranchero with the kit.
  5. I could be wrong (it's happened before) but I think it would be an inline-6. The 300 was 4.9 liters, and I believe the only other displacement for the truck 6 was 240, but that would be less than the 4.6L you mentioned, and I believe it was out of production by 1977 also. If the inline is correct, the 6 from the Moebius F-150s would be a good start.
  6. I agree. The manual gearbox issue is frustrating to me. It's hard to find a new car that even has it as an option. Even then, you usually have to order it as dealers won't stock them. Couple that with people that just aren't even interested in driving or even owning a car. As to mechanics/bodymen, it seems all the trades are suffering from a lack of new entrants. Plumbing, welding, etc. So much emphasis on college and tech for the younger crowd is stifling the fields where we have so much need for new blood.
  7. I know this is an old topic, but I found this on the auction site: it appears the builder used the Boss rocker covers but the SOHC front cover. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-AMT-Maverick-Pro-Stock-Outlaws-Model-Kit-Body-Engine-and-Chassis/164012154737?hash=item262fe2df71:g:FGoAAOSwK9heCnwr
  8. Yep. I have all the cars going back to 1991 or so. most of the pickup series also. My aunt used to buy them for me every year, and then my mother-in-law started but it sounds like maybe she didn't get this year's. Maybe I should hit the hallmark store tomorrow just in case....
  9. looks great! the Sharks are my favorite Corvette, and I think the Revell '68-69 kits are my favorite to build. Nice work - you even got the grills correct in black like the 1:1. 👍
  10. I was pleasantly surprised with it. I probably wouldn’t have purchased it if not for the go-kart. I like the detailed chassis since I was able to lower it like I would a real truck.
  11. Started this kit a while back, and finally have a little progress to post. I felt like the truck sits too high out of the box so I wanted to lower it. I modified the spindles to drop it about 2 scale inches, and cut a coil out of the springs on the trailing arms. Last night I assembled the chsssis, and this morning I mocked it up to see if I'd gotten the results I wanted. It sits just about how I had envisioned, but I'm still not sure on tire choices.
  12. ha. I just got this part pack yesterday, and wondered why that was there. I have two available if you'd like.
  13. The (Keaton era) Batmobile kit had the blank sidewall tires initially. I remember reading a tip in the old AMT Blueprinter, that the tires from the Batmobile kit were the same size as the slicks that came in the Pro Street '66 Nova kit, if you wanted to build a road-legal Nova. I assume the treaded tires then made their way into the other pro-street kits that came later.
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