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  1. I've never understood the fuss over swaps. If you put a coyote in a '32 just because "it's a ford," it's still a swap, and it's not as though it's more correct since it didn't exist at the time the car was built. a different engine than what it came with is still a different engine, regardless of manufacturer. Some of y'all are probably familiar with Duntov's letter to the head of Chevy R&D, laying out the idea that the SBC could, and should, be the next big thing in hot rodding. I'm not saying he advocated for Chevy power in Ford cars, but he certainly saw the potential to make it a popular hot rod powerplant. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/the-duntov-letter/
  2. great work! I love the silver over red combo, especially on sports cars
  3. neat model! Lately I've really started looking at the JDM cars. those pencils are interesting. Nice work. based on your efforts, I ordered a set a little while ago.
  4. Nice! love that Turbine with the movie paint job
  5. sold all my old magazines and model books several years ago. I always regretted selling Ken Hamilton's diorama book, so I got a new copy this week
  6. excellent. as you mentioned, aside from that goofed up rear window, this is one of my favorite kits too. I have everything to build a replica of my former car ('69 coupe), and several other variants. Looking forward to watching your progress! I like the AMT '70-72 also. they got the back window right, but I feel like the buttresses of the "sugar scoop" around the rear window are off a bit. The interior tub and chassis are much better on the Revell offering. I kitbashed the two to build a replica of my uncle's old '72 that got me interested in the sharks when I was a kid.
  7. I like it, other than not offering a manual trans. And it's not just the BMW engine. it's basically just a rebodied Z4. that interior is all BMW.
  8. this is a really great concept, and well done!
  9. have y'all used a similar process for removing a burned-in groove from a rubber tire?
  10. I certainly didn't mean to imply that. I've never done the really superdetailed stuff, but I do appreciate the amount of work that goes into it. I enjoy seeing some of the wild stuff y'all are building in here, especially when it looks like it would actually function in full scale.
  11. i've had a magnifying visor for several years now, but I use it all the time now.
  12. this topic really resonates. I only recently completed a build for the first time in years. I've got probably 30 kits in my stash that I want to complete. I recently started wearing glasses, but even with them, I still don't see the detail as well as I used to. I've decided I'm not wiring engines or adding alternator brackets, etc. anymore. going to focus on clean builds with smooth paint jobs, maybe some weathering here and there. Time to get some stuff on the shelf!
  13. the "deluxe dress up wheels" look like the PO2 wheel covers for '68-72 Corvettes and Camaros.
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