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  1. Finally got a chance to dig in. Fortunately this kit is pretty simple. I started assembling the engine. I went with the 427 SOHC option (which was the main reason I bought the kit when I was a kid. I wanted that engine for a ‘56 Ford truck I was building). not getting carried away, just cleaned up all the flash and got the block and heads, bell housing, transmission and intake manifold assembled. I’ll do a little more cleanup in the seams and joints once everything has dried for a bit.
  2. apologies for not posting any pics yet. Dealing with a perfect storm of work and family stuff. I should be able to get out to the model cave this evening and make some progress though
  3. Today’s the day! Going to pause my current build and dig into the Maverick this evening. i will update the list of participants and subjects this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who has joined in. Looking forward to the builds!
  4. My goal is to build a model for the shelf that looks a lot like what I remember. I know I didn’t plumb the engine compartment or foil the chrome trim back then. i don’t plan on wiring this one either, but I’ll prep everything and give it a good paint job, and either use foil or molotow for the chrome. I got some decals from a fellow forum member some time ago that match those I used on the original. looking forward to kicking off next week!
  5. Went ahead and dug into this kit. I’m pretty excited for this build. I had a sealed one and then found a deal on this one that was open but complete.
  6. You’re certainly welcome to join with an airplane Sorry I hadn’t responded. Taking a few days vacation and hadn’t checked this thread
  7. Sounds good, thanks Tim. i tried to edit the original post but i couldn’t. I will make a new post with all the participants and subjects shortly before kicking off on 9/15
  8. sounds good! I built that same kit at one point. My stepbrother at the time had a '57 hardtop and I tried to make it like his car.
  9. Was that the same chassis as the Sneaky Pete/Midnite Cowboy Chevy also? All three of those have the same squarebody Chevy stepside bed. I had the reissue of the Desert Rat with the bikes and trailer. As soon as I opened it, I thought i had the wrong kit since it looked so similar to the Sneaky Pete
  10. Sounds good! I’ll add you to the list. Welcome aboard
  11. 6 months sounds good. I have one quick build I want to wrap up, so let’s say we start September 15, and aim for March 15 to finish? Here’s the interested parties so far: JJ - JoHan Maverick Jhedir6 - Monogram Camaro Cool Hand - TBD 64SS350 - TBD Snake45 - TBD disconovaman - TBD Thanks to all who have expressed interest. Looking forward to getting started.
  12. Thanks all for the replies! Glad to see there's some interest. Personally, I do better if there's a deadline. Would the end of the year be enough time? My planned build is mostly OOB, but I understand if y'all want to get more detailed.
  13. Updated with list below Gauging interest for an idea I just had. Forgive me if it's been done before. Lately I've been building quasi-replicas of kits that were important to me growing up. Most everything I built growing up is long gone, but it's kind of fun to see if I can put something on the shelf that looks more or less like what I remember. So my premise is this - choose a kit that you built at some point in the past, whether you still own it or not, and take another shot at it. Make it the same, or better, or whatever suits you. The kit I have in mind is the Jo-Han pro stock Maverick. I built one in high school, and later stole the 427 from it for another project. I have a complete kit in my stash, and I'm going to build it pretty much the same (as well as I can remember) as the one from back then. Participants: JJ - JoHan Maverick Jhedir6 - Monogram ‘69 Camaro Cool Hand - ‘50 Ford F-1 64SS350 - TBD Snake45 - AMT ‘66 Riviera disconovaman - TBD can-con - convoy van
  14. I usually enjoy these "Reality" car shows, but this one is terrible. They put out some junk imho. That '33 ford was a decent replica hot rod, but all the "delahaye" stuff they tried to do was really half-assed. The exposed screws on the fenders, terrible gaps in the new bodywork, and the windshield doesn't fit at all. I felt bad for the guy that commissioned the work.
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