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  1. here's an old one I built probably 10 or more years ago. Sold to someone on the auction site.
  2. nice work! Clean build of one of my favorite cars.
  3. I always liked the old AMT '65 Chevelle wagon. I sold this one on the auction site a few years ago.
  4. I got this kit recently for a decent price. I needed the front clip to build a replica of the worst car I ever owned. The more I think about it, I should probably abandon that idea.
  5. I passed one of these on the highway about 10 years ago. Nearly caused a pile up with people gawking at it. Weird concept but I guess they sold at least one. 😆
  6. I like it! Nice clean build. Is the pattern on the shift knob a decal?
  7. Nice! I had an '05 Mazdaspeed in Black Mica. It was a fun little car. Surprises a lot of people
  8. sure didn't need it, but I picked up an old issue of the AMT 72 Nova. I always liked the "Old Pro" box art, and I found a decent deal on the auction site.
  9. That's entirely likely. My dad purchased it from a Dr. who really didn't know much about it. Dad shaved all the emblems and painted it Ford Wimbledon White, so factory-stock issues are out the window already. 🤣
  10. got a couple, for sure. One is a replica of the '69 Camaro my dad sold when I was about 5 years old. He still feels remorseful when I mention that it was my birthright. 🤣 I've got the kit and most of the necessary parts to build it as accurately as we can remember it. 350, 2 bbl, TH350, flat hood. I need to configure some header mufflers and straight pipes, and build the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing. Similarly, I've got everything I need to build a replica of my former '69 Corvette coupe. 350, TH400, small block hood. Now that I think of it, I've also got an '84 Cutlass, with a flat hood, earmarked to be a replica of my first car, and a Dobbertin J2000 to donate it's front clip towards a replica of my unfortunate second car.
  11. eager to see this one. Reminds me I need to finish my own tiger build
  12. very nice - the "Hemisfair" plates always strike a chord for me, because it was in San Antonio. A little before my time, but I still like the connection. I bought a bunch of texas plates for future builds from 67-72. I need to find a good '68 project so I can use that tag. Nice touch with the inspection sticker. But I'm not surprised you got that detail too!
  13. just going back and looking at the pics, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't notice the Texas plates before!
  14. just beautiful. fantastic work!
  15. yeah I found both of mine on ebay. The first one was expensive but less than I'd seen in a while. the second one was not too crazy of a price, and I was familiar with the seller. I'm going to sell the one I have that is sealed, and go ahead and build the opened one.
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