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  1. I liked the C5 kits from Revell, aside from the interiors molded with clutch pedals and stick shifts, but the transaxle was an auto.
  2. indeed. Looks sharp. I built one around 1991 or so. I wish I still had it.
  3. gorgeous! are you selling these? My dad had a '77 Gran Fury coupe that he loved. I'd like to build one for him
  4. nice. I had one that color, I painted it black and detailed it, later sold it on the auction site. I still have a red one that was a gift.
  5. Yes, '59 and '60 were the same. IIRC, the only thing different was the pattern of the vinyl on the seats. '58 was essentially the same, save for the fake louvers and the hood and chrome "straps" on the decklid. Nice work on a neat subject!
  6. I built this kit once in high school (around 1990), painted it black, and used the decals from the Monogram '55 Ford Panel truck. I don't remember what happened to it but it's long gone. I finally found one for a decent enough price to build it, and so I tried to replicate the one from back then. I started a community build thread and several people did similar replicas of models they had built and wanted another shot at. I built it box stock, and used the 427 SOHC option for the engine. The original build was Testors' black enamel, but I ran into issues with the Tamiya lacquer I initially used on this build. The only other black lacquer paint I found locally was Testors' blazing black metallic, and honestly, I like it better with the flake. This is the first time I used the Molotow pens for the chrome trim, and I learned some things, but overall I like it. I am a little disappointed in my application of the decals, but they're all at least 20 years old, and even with solvent, it was hard to get them as clear as I would have liked. I'll post a thread in Community Builds later with everyone's finished builds. Thanks for looking!
  7. DONE! Got the last few bits done this evening. I’ll take some better pictures outside tomorrow with a nicer background. This was a lot of fun and I’m glad to be putting some of my modeling history back on the shelf. Thanks to all who participated. I’ll make a new thread with all the completed bullds later.
  8. it is indeed separate on the real cars. It's right there behind the air cleaner so it's probably just easier to mold it as one. On the small-block cars, there were additional shrouds from there, down underneath the exhaust, most of the way to the plugs. It's a real hassle, and most people removed it. Here's a pic of the AMT LT-1 small block with the shielding. I suppose the smaller air cleaner makes it easier to mold them separately, and also facilitates including the shrouds to the sides. the bonus is I didn't have to wire the engine. 😄 Note, on an L-88 car, there was no shielding (no radio). other big block corvettes (including the L-89) used the shield around the distributor, but the leads were wrapped to provide some protection from the interference.
  9. Getting close to final assembly. Everything is in place except the engine and associated parts (rad hoses, exhaust, front axle). The headers are a pain but I’ll get the thing done and onto the shelf this week.
  10. I was hoping to wrap this one up by tomorrow but some work stuff has come up that's gonna keep me from getting it done. I'm going to change the end date to March 31. Hopefully that is enough time to finish it up. Thanks for following.
  11. Still need to polish part of the hood but I went ahead with the decals. Thanks to @Oldcarfan27 for supplying the “bootlegger” decals a couple of years ago. I don’t remember what contingency stickers I had on my original build but I did use the name from the Monogram ‘55 Ford panel truck. Still got a few little details to paint and put together but aiming to have it done by the 15th. Thanks y’all for looking.
  12. Thanks! I had to buff out part of the hood because it fell on the garage floor, but I ended up not polishing anything else. I did the chrome trim with a Molotow pen, and I've started painting the marker lights. I need to take some pictures later today after I start decals.
  13. Awesome! I saw it on Twitter (Jr. retweeted it) but I am glad to see the photos and detail here. great work!
  14. No worries. It’s been fun watching the progress. Please post even if it’s after the “due date”
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