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  1. making slow progress on this old Dukes' Charger. I still need to paint and install the engine, and finish up some trim on the body. Hoping to put it on the shelf next week
  2. Thanks for posting. February 1987 issue has the first annual Model Car Contest winners. March '88 and '89 also. also the Caddy Hack which was one of my favorites at the time 😁
  3. Great work. As others have said, the trash is particularly well done. I worked briefly at a Mack dealer, and we had waste trucks in for service often. The mechanics hated working on them because they smelled so, so bad. 😄
  4. Got a shipment from the auction site today. It was an impulse purchase but too good to pass up. Box is open but the bags are sealed and it appears to be complete.
  5. sometimes it's stuff I see on the road, or a replica of a car that belonged to me or a friend/family member, but usually it's just stuff I would want to drive in 1:1
  6. Well done! I had a friend that drove an Escarado. I always thought that was a cool conversion
  7. I generally use masking tape, whether it's the blue stuff from the hardware store or the tamiya fine line. I tried BMF once with not great results. I'm interested to try out the Molotow liquid masking pen I've seen recently
  8. Local Hobby Lobby was restocked with some new stuff, on a 40% off week, but I managed to resist the urge to buy any new kits. Settled for a chrome Gundam marker, since I've been wanting to try it out. Hard to pass on the reissued Supra, but I have an original issue in the stash. Also considered grabbing another prostreet Nova, but I have two already, in addition to the engine stands and blocks I saved from earlier ones I had.
  9. Finished the movie last night. I agree with @Snake45. It was really well done. Obviously there'd been a lot of footage and time invested in telling the story before the unfortunate ending. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that plans to watch but, while it was a sad ending, I liked the way they focused on what Ms. Combs accomplished.
  10. Here are a few I've made just for the shelf. The first two are just wood plaques from the craft store, with glue and sand applied (per the Ken Hamilton technique). I painted a few shades of gray and black on one to look like asphalt, and the other, I added some small rock and diorama grass, along with some stray brush fibers to make weeds. The larger one was an extra shelf from an Ikea cabinet. I painted it black and used plaster to cast the sidewalk. I scored the pattern with an old #11 blade, and then painted the sidewalk with craft paint. The asphalt is just white glue and a couple different colors of sand.
  11. Well done! I bought that Dobbertin kit with the intention of doing the same. But every time I opened the box I had terrible memories of my 1986 Sunbird, so I finally resold the kit. 😄
  12. My neighbor just finished building this Manx knock-off. He’s let me drive it a few times. It ain’t fast but it’s fun!
  13. Well done! I never cared for those Montes in the past, but with that roof, I kinda dig it!
  14. It was yesterday, but here's a 1924 Buffalo hose truck. I talked to the driver at a stop light. It now belongs to a local transportation museum but was originally in service in the FD of a small local community.
  15. Love this kit. I bought a clean builder last year and haven't gotten to it. Glad they're reissuing it. Nice work!
  16. hard to pinpoint the first one. I know I built several of the 1/32 monogram snap-togethers, and later the snap-tites. I remember a blue Jo-Han cadillac of mid-70s vintage, too. Also the MPC snap-together 50 Merc.
  17. "You can't pit now. We're eatin' ice cream." 😄
  18. I liked the C5 kits from Revell, aside from the interiors molded with clutch pedals and stick shifts, but the transaxle was an auto.
  19. indeed. Looks sharp. I built one around 1991 or so. I wish I still had it.
  20. gorgeous! are you selling these? My dad had a '77 Gran Fury coupe that he loved. I'd like to build one for him
  21. nice. I had one that color, I painted it black and detailed it, later sold it on the auction site. I still have a red one that was a gift.
  22. Yes, '59 and '60 were the same. IIRC, the only thing different was the pattern of the vinyl on the seats. '58 was essentially the same, save for the fake louvers and the hood and chrome "straps" on the decklid. Nice work on a neat subject!
  23. I built this kit once in high school (around 1990), painted it black, and used the decals from the Monogram '55 Ford Panel truck. I don't remember what happened to it but it's long gone. I finally found one for a decent enough price to build it, and so I tried to replicate the one from back then. I started a community build thread and several people did similar replicas of models they had built and wanted another shot at. I built it box stock, and used the 427 SOHC option for the engine. The original build was Testors' black enamel, but I ran into issues with the Tamiya lacquer I initially used on this build. The only other black lacquer paint I found locally was Testors' blazing black metallic, and honestly, I like it better with the flake. This is the first time I used the Molotow pens for the chrome trim, and I learned some things, but overall I like it. I am a little disappointed in my application of the decals, but they're all at least 20 years old, and even with solvent, it was hard to get them as clear as I would have liked. I'll post a thread in Community Builds later with everyone's finished builds. Thanks for looking!
  24. DONE! Got the last few bits done this evening. I’ll take some better pictures outside tomorrow with a nicer background. This was a lot of fun and I’m glad to be putting some of my modeling history back on the shelf. Thanks to all who participated. I’ll make a new thread with all the completed bullds later.
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