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  1. The old paint really soaked up the clear coat. After three coats, it's finally got a little bit of gloss to it. I mocked it up here just to see how the wheels looked in silver.
  2. I picked up this built-up on the auction site several months ago. It's a pretty amateur build. The chrome was flaking, it was covered in dust, and the decals were peeling, but this is one of my favorite kits, so I bought it. I managed to disassemble it without too much damage. Upon stripping the chrome parts, I discovered the carbs had been assembled upside down, but I was able to get the flanges off, so I'll correct that and get them painted and reassembled. There's a lot of glue on the intake, and it's not properly lined up, but I'm going to leave it. I couldn't get the rocker covers off, so I just put the whole engine in purple power with the rest of the chrome. The holes in the rear mags were literally filled with glue. I managed to break it free with a dental bit and a gentle #11 blade. The red paint is very, very thin, but I like the character of the model. I hit the window trim and side markers with the silver sharpie, and painted the marker lenses. I touched up a few spots where the white was flaking on the side decals. I'm going to give it a coat of clear gloss today, and after I repair some damage to one of the headlight surrounds, I'll paint all the chrome pieces with Tamiya silver. Hoping to have this thing back on the shelf by the weekend. It was missing the firewall and core support/radiator when I got it. I have an original unbuilt kit I may use as a guide to make some replacements, or I might just leave it.
  3. I recently acquired an R75/6 as well, but mine is Havana Gold. My neighbor has a Monza Blue 90/6
  4. this was one of the first kits I got when I was a kid (4-5 years old). I don't think my dad and I ever completed it. at some point I'll buy one and build it just to say I did. I agree about the headlights. Seems more like KW lights in the fender.
  5. I managed not to buy any kits yesterday at Hobby Lobby, despite the 40% off sale. It would have been easy to justify but there wasn't anything I didn't already have or anything I thought I "needed."
  6. Trying to wrap up this build. This kit has fought me every step of the way, most recently my discovery that I've lost one of the tail lamps. Does anyone have one available?
  7. Revell's '69 Corvette kit. Aside from the odd treatment of the rear window, it's my favorite kit. Close runner up is the AMT '53 Ford pickup mentioned by Tom Geiger above.
  8. I like to see this one. I spent a summer in San Diego with my aunt and uncle when I was 17. She had a red Beretta GT and I got to drive it a few times. It was a fun little car.
  9. "I take this hat off for one thing, and one thing only."
  10. beautiful. nice choice to use the PO2 wheel covers, too. You don't see them often but they really give the car a different look.
  11. great job! this is such a great kit, and the '69 is my favorite of the early sharks, especially in orange.
  12. awesome. I have a 1:1 Westinghouse cooler like the one from the ranchero kit, but it's the wider version. I will need to get two kits to build one.
  13. I enjoy catching these things. My family thinks i'm nuts for noticing. A few that come to mind: The Last Boy Scout - 1988 or newer mustang convertible gets blown up. When it explodes, it's clearly an earlier 4-eyed model. Happy Days - Fonzie finds a haunted '55 chevy and works on it in his shop. It's a '51 or '53 (been a while since I saw it) with a '55 hood ornament CHiPs - Ponch's gold firebird changes years and equipment throughout the course of the show.
  14. I don't think I've ever purchased a built up kit before, but the one I received today was very well packaged. The seller wrapped it in cellophane, then put it in a bubble wrap bag, and put that in a box with foam peanuts and more bubble wrap. It arrived intact. I was really impressed.
  15. this was delivered today - a vintage built up of the Jo-Han Maverick in Dyno Don livery. The paint is thin and the chrome is shot, but I had to have it. I'm going to try my hand at the "Snake-Fu" and put it on the shelf with the build-up of the kit I haven't started yet.
  16. not too surprised to get the email. I only recently started subscribing to the digital format, and imo, the content seemed a bit lighter than what i remembered. Oh well. I probably get more tips and new ideas here than i did in the mags anyway.
  17. I've bought and sold a lot of kits on the auction site. For most domestic kits, I've found the Priority Mail Regional Box A is the perfect size for one kit. I wrap the kit in paper and or bubble wrap, slide them in the box and ship them that way.
  18. here's an old one I built probably 10 or more years ago. Sold to someone on the auction site.
  19. nice work! Clean build of one of my favorite cars.
  20. I always liked the old AMT '65 Chevelle wagon. I sold this one on the auction site a few years ago.
  21. I got this kit recently for a decent price. I needed the front clip to build a replica of the worst car I ever owned. The more I think about it, I should probably abandon that idea.
  22. I passed one of these on the highway about 10 years ago. Nearly caused a pile up with people gawking at it. Weird concept but I guess they sold at least one. 😆
  23. I like it! Nice clean build. Is the pattern on the shift knob a decal?
  24. Nice! I had an '05 Mazdaspeed in Black Mica. It was a fun little car. Surprises a lot of people
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