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  1. 15 hours ago, Ben Brown said:

    My first car was a 71 B GT in that color! Sadly, I totaled it less than a year later.

    My current toy is a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata. I’ve since switched to lighter aftermarket wheels.



    Nice!  I had an '05 Mazdaspeed in Black Mica.  It was a fun little car.  Surprises a lot of people

  2. 1 minute ago, Snake45 said:

    If it had a 350, it wasn't stock. The only original 350s in first-gen Camaros were 4 bbl, and they were in SS350s with domed or ('69) CI hoods. If it was a 2 bbl and flat hood, it was probably a 327 or 307. 

    Unless, of course, it had a swapped or replaced engine. B)

    That's entirely likely.  My dad purchased it from a Dr. who really didn't know much about it.  Dad shaved all the emblems and painted it Ford Wimbledon White, so factory-stock issues are out the window already.  🤣

  3. got a couple, for sure.  One is a replica of the '69 Camaro my dad sold when I was about 5 years old.  He still feels remorseful when I mention that it was my birthright. 🤣  I've got the kit and most of the necessary parts to build it as accurately as we can remember it.  350, 2 bbl, TH350, flat hood.  I need to configure some header mufflers and straight pipes, and build the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing.  

    Similarly, I've got everything I need to build a replica of my former '69 Corvette coupe.  350, TH400, small block hood. 

    Now that I think of it, I've also got an '84 Cutlass, with a flat hood, earmarked to be a replica of my first car, and a Dobbertin J2000 to donate it's front clip towards a replica of my unfortunate second car.


  4. 50 minutes ago, StevenGuthmiller said:

    Thanks guys!


    If you look closely JJ, you'll see a Texas inspection sticker on the windshield as well. :D





    very nice - the "Hemisfair" plates always strike a chord for me, because it was in San Antonio.  A little before my time, but I still like the connection.  I bought a bunch of texas plates for future builds from 67-72.  I need to find a good '68 project so I can use that tag.

    Nice touch with the inspection sticker.  But I'm not surprised you got that detail too!

  5. 8 hours ago, slusher said:

    Those Johan Mavericks can be found just expensive. Sometimes a Testors Comet shows up on eBay....

    yeah I found both of mine on ebay.  The first one was expensive but less than I'd seen in a while.  the second one was not too crazy of a price, and I was familiar with the seller.

    I'm going to sell the one I have that is sealed, and go ahead and build the opened one.

  6. 1 hour ago, highway said:

    Rockford's Firebird, other than a tie in to the TV show, can be built from available kits. The series used multiple model year Firebirds according to this Wikipedia article and these photos:




    The 74 through 76 cars would be somewhat pricey to replicate since the only kits are the old MPC annual kits that car can be built. The same goes for the 77 and 78 versions since there are numerous kits available of that car, and all that would be needed to be done is to leave the Trans Am pieces off the build and also fill the shaker hood hole and vents in the front fenders. 

    As for Ponch's car, with a little work the recently reissued Revell 70 1/2 Trans Am (Firebird) would make a decent replica of his car. 


    At least the 70 1/2 would be a lot closer than this feeble attempt of it in 1981 from Revell all it shares is the "CHiP's" connection and the fact that it is a gold Trans Am! 🤣


    If you couldn't tell also, even though I realize the whole licensing aspect between the Firebird and Trans Am names, I have loved these cars since I was a kid and have owned two of them, both a Firebird and a Trans Am GTA, so I call them by what they are properly called despite model company licensing. I have even bought many older kits with good decals that may have reissues with much better and expanded decals, such as the recent 70 1/2 from Revell just so I have the proper Trans Am markings to use with the newer kit that does not have them. 


    right.  I understood the question to be whether kits had been issued with the show/movie tie-in on the box.  I wasn't aware of the CHiPs kit, but like the Rockford Firebird, you could use almost any 70s Firebird/Trans Am as the basis for either tv car since they varied so much over the course of the series.  

  7. 17 hours ago, niteowl7710 said:

    Don't know about the dolly/cases, but it is coming with that "ice chest" style Coke cooler that's under the window just to the left of the dolly.

    gonna need this one then.  I have a 1:1 Westinghouse cooler in my backyard.  I guess I could build a model of my friend's ranchero with the kit.  

  8. 44 minutes ago, Jim B said:

    So, I was looking at this kit in a LHS over the weekend, and was considering picking it up.  I saw that the kit has a V8 engine (302 or 351, not sure).  Now if I do get the kit, I'm not going to do an engine swap, but it got me to thinking.  The standard engine in the 1977 Econoline van is the 4.6L six cylinder (V6, I'm guessing).  Does anyone think Coca-Cola would spring for the optional V8 over the V6 in this type of van?

    I could be wrong (it's happened before) but I think it would be an inline-6.  The 300 was 4.9 liters, and I believe the only other displacement for the truck 6 was 240, but that would be less than the 4.6L you mentioned, and I believe it was out of production by 1977 also.  If the inline is correct, the 6 from the Moebius F-150s would be a good start.

  9. On 1/18/2020 at 5:33 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

    But the mags are going AWAY...not just going to a digital format.

    There are MANY more people in the country than ever before, but far FEWER real hardcore dirty-hands car enthusiasts.

    Just as the percentage of drivers who can operate a manual gearbox is declining every year (in 2017 it was down to less than 20%), the percentage of the population that would even think working on a car was something they might like to do is dropping rapidly. I'm in the industry. Even though a good mechanic or bodyman/painter can still make high five- to low six-figure incomes, we have NO entry level folks coming in. 

    I agree.  The manual gearbox issue is frustrating to me.  It's hard to find a new car that even has it as an option.  Even then, you usually have to order it as dealers won't stock them.  Couple that with people that just aren't even interested in driving or even owning a car. 

    As to mechanics/bodymen, it seems all the trades are suffering from a lack of new entrants.  Plumbing, welding, etc.  So much emphasis on college and tech for the younger crowd is stifling the fields where we have so much need for new blood.  

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