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  1. Ever find a project you haven't seen in awhile? I opened this old Revell Corvette kit and found an extra body I had started modifying, probably 10-12 years ago. I thought it was among some kits I liquidated in the last year, so it was nice to find it still here. As I recall, my plan was to build a phantom '69 Z06. I removed the "sugar scoop" window buttresses and started grafting in the rear window from a convertible hardtop. I opened the headlight doors as well. I need to get back to work on this one. I think will fill the t-top lines to make it a fixed roof coupe, and also try to build a set of pop-up headlamps.
  2. That (and the '69 coupe) is one of my favorite kits. If I remember correctly, the tires that come in the kit are the old Goodyear Gt radials. They are a bit large to my eye. I think they may be 1/24 scale. Regardless, I swap them for something smaller.
  3. I agree it seems most similar to the old Stude v-8.
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