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  1. lingham added a post in a topic Ecto 1A Ghostbusters II   

    Sorry to bump this but I'm getting round to painting mine this weekend and if it looks half this good I will be impressed!!
  2. lingham added a post in a topic Fujima Honda Civic EP3   

    I have assembled all the paints and stuff I need in terms of build number 2 I HOPE....

    On this model I have noticed a lot more mould lines - what sandpaper would be best to remove this ready for primer?

    Ignoring the obvious mess on the below photo but I was testing the clear red on build number one and noticed it clearly looks painted, anyway of solving this?

  3. lingham added a post in a topic Fast & Furious Tribute build!   

    Can someone tell me out of the MANY skylines that are out there which is the best one?

    Ive looked at loads and can't find which would be best...
  4. lingham added a post in a topic Window Surrounds   

    Spot on!
  5. lingham added a post in a topic Any UK based sites?   

    Thanks. I now have three forums to spend time on
  6. lingham added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Any UK based sites?
    I know this might sound a really dumb thing to post on a very good and detailed forum but any other links, forums or websites that you guys know of that are UK based rather than like this one USA based?
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  7. lingham added a post in a topic Fujima Honda Civic EP3   

    My second model has arrived so this will be commenced very shortly. My "messed up" one wil be used for trial and error

    Come back shortly!
  8. lingham added a post in a topic Window Surrounds   

    If you imagine the windows themselves and then around the window is a black "plastic/rubber" seal
  9. lingham added a post in a topic Fujimi ferrari f430 challenge ika musume 2nd edition. Stickers. 3-30-14   

    That decal work on the grill is seriously amazing. so much detail in such a small amount of space. 10/10
  10. lingham added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Window Surrounds
    How is best to paint them as I said before I tried permenant marker and it looked awful and messy.

    ANyone got any tips?
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  11. lingham added a post in a topic Fujima Honda Civic EP3   

    Yeah I thought that but I dont have any spare plastic bodies so would mean buying one to test on basically.
  12. lingham added a post in a topic Fujima Honda Civic EP3   

    Hey Shaun,

    Would that remove the permanent pen then? the paint isn't too bad but the marker looks awful
  13. lingham added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Fujima Honda Civic EP3
    Ive always wanted a model car of MY actual car so when I bought my type-r I found this model so the challenge was set. My only issue is that Ive come from the die cast scene not the plastic one so I've never done one before....

    This is MY car

    Test fitting the wheels

    Bumper fits fairly well

    Paint went on fairly well but never done this before but hasn't had a clear coat go on just the base




    Then I had issues with the doors - I tried permanent marker and it just looks awful so I've had to order a replacement model


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  14. lingham added a post in a topic UK Numberplates   

    That is an american website - im in the UK so it wont work
  15. lingham added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    UK Numberplates
    ANyone have a good website to use as I can quite easily go onto a number plate website and create one but then its a case of printing it in the right scale or is it a case of trial and error?
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