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  1. You did well. Isn't it rewarding to finish a difficult kit.
  2. My only intent was to add some humor to a bad situation. Come on Guys try and lighten up. This will pass. "When life gives your a Lemon, it's time to make Lemonade."
  3. How did I know you would be the one to answer this? PM sent.
  4. magicmustang


    Got this today from a fellow modeler.
  5. Have acquired enough parts to complete an AMT 1940 Coupe gasser, except for a chrome front grill. If you have an extra let me know. Have a stock Revell Willys coupe grill I could trade for one or let me know what part you might be looking for.
  6. And "Rap Music" will be the Golden Oldies.
  7. That's for sure. What happen to chocolate ice cream? Finally, "Expect nothing and ye shall not be disappointed".
  8. The decal sheet is the key. It was packed in May of 1978.
  9. I like that. I did the opposite, used the Revell Willys pickup body and chassis but fitted the AMT Willys pickup bed on it.
  10. Not yet, but I'll try to put one together for you. PM sent.
  11. Very nice collection. I have done a similar grouping but they all are race car versions.
  12. Agree, NASCAR lost me when the came out with the cookie cutter CoT. Nice Road Runner.
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