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  1. Had a set of those simulated wire wheels on my 240Z but they were by Appliance Wheels.
  2. Redid my Johan '70 Petty Superbird doing the same chassis parts swap as my '64 Belvedere.
  3. Thanks. Alot of modelers on this forum have used the AMT '69 Plymouth GTX/'68 Plymouth Road Runner chassis/suspension as a replacement for the Johan promo style one. It's well detailed and a close fit.
  4. Had this one in my stash for decades. A Johan (molded in green) Richard Petty 1964 Plymouth Belvedere. Painted many years ago but never assembled because of that (promo style molded in mufflers, tailpipes, drive shaft, rear axle, springs and shocks) chassis. Well, I finally decided to cut off the back of the JoHan chassis at the transmission mount and add an MPC DOH Charger frame (of which I have many) bottom to it, cut off at the rear torsion bar mounts. Painted in Testors rattle can "Petty Racing Blue", scratch built air intake and front suspension, added drive shaft/rear axle/springs and shocks. The Johan decals shattered in warm water (they were very old) so I used a replacement set from Power Line. Glad to have it done.
  5. Am in need of an AMT 1/25th set of 1964 Richard Petty Plymouth decals. Have a set of JoHan 1964 Petty Plymouth decals to trade. I have many other decal sheets available for trade, also. Please advise.
  6. Now that's a great collection of builds! 'it ain't braggin' if you done it" Dizzy Dean
  7. Following your work very closely and taking notes. I also have one in my stash and have had it out and put back up many times over the last few decades. Excellent work and good information.
  8. Yep, the body is a stock AMT '66 Comet Cyclone, engine from the spare parts box, decals off Ebay and the roll bar was scratch built but the floorboard, chassis and suspension are a MPC stage I Logghe set from a recent AMT/Model King '69 GTO funny car.
  9. Here's my grouping of several chassis buildups from the late 60's funny cars. From top left- early Johan (Logghe stage I?), current Polar Lights (Logghe stage II), current Revell (Hawaiian Logghe stage III),next row-Logghe stage III MPC, MPC Logghe stage III (Charlie Allen), and bottom -late (1971?) Johan. Last pic, lower- MPC Logghe stage I chassis with a kit bashed 1966 Dyno Don Comet body, upper- MPC 1967 Color Me Gone Charger with the Logghe stage I chassis. Hope this helps.
  10. Great build. Used to watch them takeoff and land in Shreveport, La.
  11. Another vote for the IMC Avenger. I wish you patience, IMC kits can be challenging as I'm sure you are aware. As for the "Uncertain T", I hope you never build it. Just wave it in Steve Scott's face for the way he's treated all his investors.
  12. Should be a good fit and a vast improvement.
  13. As I stated in an earlier tread, somewhere between a Tom Daniel's custom and a Palmer attempt. What it was.
  14. I wondered if anyone would say something. Had to sub a tire from a built kit and didn't finish sanding them. Will get on it. Thanks. Windscreen was split in front, glued and Future coated it.
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