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  1. My choice would be the Revell '41 Willys. I've built 7 versions so far and have 2 or 3 unbuilt in my stash.
  2. Well, it's not a car, but it was in a movie. Bigfoot from Roadhouse .
  3. Cool, love the open casket for "viewing" the engine.
  4. America Graffiti '58 Chevy, Road House '65 Riviera, 77 Sunset Strip Kookie's Kar.
  5. Had an MPC Fonzie's Dream Rod kit that I built as a Monkeemobile. What to do with the 1/25th Fonzie figure? Well, I acquired a Revell Parts Pack 1/25th Triumph motorcycle. Here's Fonzie and his Bike. Aaaayyyyy!
  6. Well, it's not a car but it was on TV. How about Fonzi and his Triumph motorcycle. The 1/25th Fonzi figure was in the MPC Fonzi Dream Rod kit (that I converted back to a Monkeemobile). The 1949 Triumph motorcycle is an original 1/25th Revell parts pack kit from 1962.
  7. Got the body painted. The decals shattered in warm water (kinda figured they would, they were dated 1-74 on the back). Yes, I sprayed them with clear lacquer first. I'll order a set of Dyno Don 1973 Pinto Pro Stock decals from Slixx.
  8. Saw your '55 Vette Gasser for sale on Ebay. You got 6 watchers. Best of luck.
  9. And back to Pro Stocks. Some progress, stance looks right and 429 sits better. Almost ready for paint. have decided on Testors Bright Red.
  10. He did run a white with blue markings Pinto. Slixx has the decals for it, but I prefer his reds and orange cars
  11. Yep, found this on the internet, so I know it was done.
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