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  1. AMT Trojan Horse funny car completed

    This is why I scan these threads daily. To get helpful info on how to improve a kit. As per your suggestions and iBorg I have been hard at work trying to improve the AMT Trojan Horse kit I have. I have fitted in a rear window flush, same with the front windshield (my idea and a lot of sanding), sanded down some the front wheel bumps, straighten some the lower side panels (iBorg suggestion), raised the rear axle mounting point to lower the stance (my idea), added a '70's Revell funny car drive shaft, added 426 heads and valve covers, added thicker headers, widened the fuel cell, found a gas pedal, cluch pedal, shift lever and better fire extinguisher from the parts box. Now if it will warm up some (9 degrees yesterday morning in Plano,Tx), I can start to paint. Thanks guys for the helpful advise.
  2. AMT Altered wheelbase kit ?

    There were 14 in the Funny Car series. Pic does not show the Corvair, Allison Thunderbird or Piranha. There was another thread recently about this, that is where these pics came from.
  3. Jo-Han '69 Roadrunner custom taillight lenses

  4. Just scored a Jo-Han '69 Roadrunner body on Epay but it is missing the taillight bezels and lenses. Any body got the stock or custom taillights they would be willing to trade. Please advise.
  5. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Yep, they used whatever they wanted to. I will probably not get a new release of the Dyno Don Cougar because I know from the past that the chassis, rollcage, and floorpan are not correct for that car, even though they show the right one on the box. Even Epay makes you give a refund if what you ship is different from your pics!
  6. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    But they teased us with a certain chassis on the box art and a different one inside the box. The chassis shown on the box was used in the '68 Color Me Gone Charger funny car, so it was available. Lazy or careless?
  7. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    But they put the early logghe chassis inside the kits instead of the later one shown on the box. Same thing in the Dyno Don Cougar kit. Compare pics.
  8. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Hey Snake, here's one that I did years ago. Moved the wheelbase back to stock, added a Fireball 500 grill insert and used a Polar Lights chassis/roll cage with MPC tin and floorboard. Slixx decals.
  9. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Kenz & Leslie AMT (MPC) FC chassis (upper pic) vs. Polar lights FC chassis (lower pic). Although I did raise the Polar lights roll cage on mine, it seamed a little squashed to me in this pic.
  10. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Here's a pic from Fotki. The roll bar cage is closer to the Polar lights chassis than the Kenz $ Leslie kit rerelease (which is closer to the later '66 Comet chassis and roll cage) . Don had a three post roll bar in his '66 Comet (as shown above) until the body blew off at high speed (grazed his helmet) and he then went to a four post roll bar.
  11. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    You mean like this?
  12. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    I agree, the current Polar Lights funny car chassis would be more correct for Dyno Don '68 Cougar body.
  13. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Will it have the correct '68 Logghe chassis as shown on the side of the original box, or the incorrect '67 Logghe chassis that was actually inside the original box and the Kenz & Leslie rerelease?
  14. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    I used a Jo-Han Pinto (or Mustang) Funny car set, they are a good match for the double square tanks Fred used.
  15. Fearless Fred Goeske road runner

    There's a chassis photo if you don't have it.