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  1. One of my first blunder's was when I was just starting the hobby as a kid. I had won a new '62 Impala kit at our school model car contest. Being that the kit was free I decided to buy my first can of spray paint. I put the body on newspaper on the floor of our carport an sprayed. Being enamel paint I went inside and left it to dry. I did not notice that my mother was taking our parakeet's cage outside to be cleaned in the carport. When I returned to check on the body I saw it was covered in birdseed hulls and parakeet poop! My fault, I should have never left it outside. Wish I had had purple pond cleaner in those days.
  2. Man, talk about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse! Great work.
  3. Okay, here is my collection. A Hawk Chaparral II unbuilt, a restored Monogram 2D, Marklin 2F and a Politoys 2J. Also have a built IMC Chaparral 2E somewhere in my collection. Also here is a great pic (from the internet) of the Jim Hall's Chaparral reunion. From left to right in the pic: A 2D, 2F, 2H, Chaparral Indy car (2K), 2E, 2J and a 2A.
  4. There were 14 in all. Pic is missing Chezoom Hemi-Corvair, Piranha and Allison Thunderland T-Bird.
  5. The one in the bottom pic was scratch built from a Monogram 1/32 rear engine dragster.
  6. Walmart by me has them at rollback price of $1 for a 2 liter bottle.
  7. I like how he offset the "Oxdrive" to the right for a less obstructed driver view on the left! Also, less direct pollution of the dreaded methane "ox farts".
  8. Great rebuild and wow, what a collection. Love that blue and white "Smirnoff?" FED.
  9. Scratch built one from a stock AMT '58 Edsel kit. Made my own fender skirts and used the chassis, engine and tin from the AMT awb Dyno Don Comet funny car. Looks more like a real funny car than the "Unreal" one.
  10. Found this built 1/48 Monogram F-14A in the attic that my son had done 30 years ago. He had not painted it but the decals were shot, so I cleaned them off and we started over. Got some current 1/48 Maverick F-14A decals and had my son air brush the current camo. Couldn't save the landing gear so we rebuilt it in flight with closed doors. A true survivor.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Dealer wanted $1100 more for the blacked out wheels on my Durango, I passed.
  12. Sorry to be so late in answering your question, but yes it slides back to meet the cowl when closed.
  13. Good start. Love those Daytona's. Always impressed with Doug Whyte's Daytona Charger build.
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