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  1. Great kit. Built one back in 1972. Still have it (had to replace the decals). Is it still motorized?
  2. Got three Grumpy's Toys Pro Stocks almost ready for paint. The hardest one was the Camaro, tried for years to fit a 1/24 Revell Pro stock chassis into a 1/25 MPC Camaro body , it ain't gonna happen. Found the AMT Snapfast Pro Street Camaro kit and the chassis/ wheels and interior dropped right in the MPC Camaro body. Curb side but that's okay.
  3. Oh, and it had a tach drive distributor.
  4. Lenco trans came in '73, the crankcase tubing is for the dry sump oil system on the '74 vega.
  5. Got some work done on my restoration of an old USA-1 '74 Vega pro stock to a 1974 Grumpy's Toy Vega. Installed the SB Chevy engine (yes, I painted it black) with a Lenco trans and made and installed a Lenco style shifter.
  6. Outstanding build. Great paint work. I have one in my stash but I am going the easy way out and build the white car version.
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the positive comments. On to the windows, trying to flush fit them into the doors.
  8. Another update. Lengthened header pipes and routed up through body. Raised rear wing some, may try to find longer mounts.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Tried a Daytona wing but that is overpowering for this low car. May just try to raise the wing I have. Did find some low exit headers from a Trojan Horse Mustang FC kit that may work.
  10. Progress update. Staged a rear wing. Definitely helps the look. Still haven't decided on exhaust openings location.
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