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  1. Bobby Isaac Dodge Daytona built 30 years ago

    I believe that MPC did have two releases of kit #731 in 1970. On one the box art said DAYTONA and on the other the box art said CHARGER DAYTONA, but the internal contents were the same. A corrected Charger Daytona race body (without the door scoops) and a full race NASCAR chassis was released as the Richard Brooks NASCAR Charger in 1972.
  2. Different car model video

    Great use of outdoor lighting.IMG_3370.MP4
  3. Post retirement modeling

    Having been retired for 14 years now, I find that my building time is split. Between surfing on Ebay (both buying and selling), going thru my parts boxes (wish I had a nickel for every time I been thru them), pulling out old kits from the attic (and putting them back), and going thru the MCM forum, I find my actual building time hasn't increased much. I try to finish at least one build a month (I've never been into major detailing), so this is obtainable. My new problem is all the information available on the forum and the internet, I find I am constantly pulling out old builds and adding newly discovered details or completely redoing them. But I will admit with doing all this, I don't know when I would have time for my business that I sold 14 years ago.
  4. another one for yall kit historians

    Yep Vince, you sent me the article with the centerfold. Gerald
  5. another one for yall kit historians

    Found the files Meister Brau Express.pdf Meister Brau Express 2.pdf Meister Brau Express 3.pdf
  6. another one for yall kit historians

    It was called the "Meister Brau Express" built by Bud and Steve Jaske. Was powered by two 575ci Arias-Hemis. Used a '34 grill and the '34 Tudor body. Have the article, will try and download pics for you. He later converted it to a single engine "Miller Special" as seen above.
  7. Stanfding or setting?

    I agree. Remember "Spell Check" is your friend.
  8. Joey's Shell/Pennzoil 2018 Ford Fusion ( wip)

    Looking good. Congrats to Joey on winning the 2018 Championship.
  9. Back from the Dead!! I'm calling it done. Ivo 1960 Twin Buick engine dragster made from a gluebomb Ivo Showboat. A fair three-footer.
  10. Can I play. I have so many in the "Deadpool", it's so hard to chose. I would like to enter this one. It's a Tommy Ivo Showboat that I've been trying to save. Started out as a gluebomb I acquired over thirty years ago. I have decided to go for the Twin engine Buick dragster as I could not save two of the engines (that's why it sat for all these years). Here's where it stands. Enclosed a pic of what I'm trying to replicate.
  11. Bobby’s Coke Machine

    I found a pic of Benny Parsons restored '73 Chevelle. I presume this is close to what you did.
  12. Bobby’s Coke Machine

    Okay, I've seen some like that before. Thanks for the pic.
  13. Bobby’s Coke Machine

    Tim, where did you come up with the idea for that air cleaner? I've never seen one like that before. Do you have a pic you could share of the Allison engine bay?
  14. Bobby’s Coke Machine

    Wow, great job. I just finished one that I had to convert back from stock to Nascar.
  15. Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

    I believe it looks better than the real car!! Incredible build, again!!