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  1. If I may make a suggestion. Look for the Airfix kit verses the Aurora one. I had them both. The Aurora model is toy like (curbside only) compared the the detailed Airfix kit. I sold the Aurora one and kept the Airfix kit.
  2. What a great project. I'll be watching. I always wanted to do one like the '63 Corvette conversion shown below, but do not have the skills to attempt.
  3. On minimally glued parts I have had good success with Tamiya Extra thin liquid cement applied between the parts to be separated. It's capillary action (flowing in the seams) tends to soften the old glue and or parts long enough to pry them apart. If heavily glued I tend to agree with Rocking Rodney Rat, a well placed firecracker is in order.
  4. Here's a pic of the underside of the restored 1970 S & M Cuda. They got the engine color wrong too, so I would stay with red (Hemi orange). Added a pic of the restored one's engine bay.
  5. Well, here's where I'm at. Acquired an AMT Vega Panel Funny car body, had a Revell '72 Vega funny car body in the parts stash. Had a MPC Soapy Sales Funny car kit I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby. Got out the razor saw and we start cutting. Wish me luck and patience.
  6. This shows the Chuck Wagon as 1/25th. The MPC Baja Bug, Spitfire Corvette Funny car and the Yankee Clipper AMC funny car all share most of the same parts in 1/20th scale with the Altered T.
  7. Almost done. Still need to find some good AA/FA decals and clearcoating.
  8. The MPC Baja Bug was in 1/20 scale also and shared the same funny car chassis. You could build it as either the dune buggy or T Bucket. Found another one. "Spitfire Corvette Funny Car" 1/20 scale. Probably was where the parts started from.
  9. Got this off Ebay. Wasn't built too bad, but decided to disassemble and start over. Was missing a few parts and changed a few others. Still haven't decided on decals and need to wax it. Let me know what you think. Before and after pics.
  10. Wow! Incredible engine and bay detail.
  11. Love them Pro Stocks. Great collection!!
  12. Thank you sir. Love to see all your Tony Nancy builds.
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