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  1. magicmustang added a post in a topic Mako Shark. Custom   

    Yep, did the same to my Custom Corvette/Mako, sanded off the hood lump. Yours is looking good, press on. 

  2. magicmustang added a post in a topic Model rubber tire rot, has it happened to you.   

    Yep, Revell 1/16th drag slicks and front tires have cracked and shrunk (dry rot) over the years. Oh, and Tamiya 1/12th formula I tires also have cracked and shrunk on a Matra FI built in 1972.. 
  3. magicmustang added a post in a topic Post your "MOONEYES" builds here   

    Old Revell  kit.

  4. magicmustang added a post in a topic Got bit on ebay   

    I've been lucky with Ebay transactions, but Ebay has been very good about getting problems resolved. Stay after him.
     Yes, I agree, the pre Round 2 DOH Charger does have the flush rear window (I have a couple) but it does not contain the flush Charger 500 grill/bumper.
    Does anyone out there do a resin cast? I know Modelhaus did but their now OOB.
  5. magicmustang added a post in a topic Legacy '55 Chevy 3100 NAPCO conversion   

    I'm calling this done.

  6. magicmustang added a post in a topic $30+ kits - hows it affect you?   

    Being old enough to remember when some of these $29.95 (MSRP) reissued AMT kits sold for $1.50 ($2.00 MSRP) in the 60's, I have a hard time justifying a repurchase. Gas was 25 cents a gallon then and now it's $2.00 a gallon. So using that for a price gauge, a reissued kit should be around  $16.00 a kit. I mean it's still mostly plastic which comes from oil, and the labor in China is a lot lower than here. I feel the model companies are testing the water to find a price point that will yield an acceptable  profitability/ volumn level. As I used to tell my marketing department, "There is no sale on Earth that can't be killed if you apply to much profit".     
  7. magicmustang added a post in a topic Polar Lights M & H slick decal   

    Got a set on the way. Thanks Vince.
  8. magicmustang added a post in a topic Polar Lights M & H slick decal   

    Have many decals for trade. Ask, and I'll search.
  9. magicmustang added a topic in Wanted!   

    Polar Lights M & H slick decal
    Am in need of a set of M & H Racemaster decals for slicks from a Polar Lights funny car to complete a project. Have Goodyear slick decals to trade. Please advise.

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  10. magicmustang added a post in a topic Trophy question   

    Thanks guys, I knew someone out there would know. I thought it should go with the Revell Orange Crate kit but I knew it was not from there.

  11. magicmustang added a topic in General   

    Trophy question
    Okay, found this in my spare parts box. Rebuilt it. Looks a lot like the Oakland Roadster Show trophy but is a scale 4 feet tall. My question is: What kit was it included in? I don't remember. 

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  12. magicmustang added a post in a topic Revell question   

    It usually takes about three to six weeks to receive your replacement parts. They usually do not reply.
  13. magicmustang added a post in a topic Let's See Some Survivors!   

    Okay, Snake.
    Here's one I built in the early 60's. A Fumin Fiat built from a Revell Parts Pak double kit. Even has the oozing plastic around the wheels from the tight vinyl tires melting the plastic that was common in those days. I think I had to replace the front wheels for the same reason.  

  14. magicmustang added a post in a topic Let's See Some Glue Bombs!   

    Decided to toss in the tread one of my Ebay glue bombs that I converted. I knew what the first owner had tried to do but he missed. I will say the epoxy glue he used was nearly impossible to remove.    Before and after pics.

  15. magicmustang added a post in a topic Kelly Chadwick   

    Great replication of a rare car. You have motivated me to get back to working on my Bill Jenkins '75/6 Monza Pro Stock "Grumpy's Toy" XII. Thanks for sharing.