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  1. Oh! Thanks for your reply. I'll have to pull it out and look.
  2. Chris, yours looks great! Here's the Car Craft cutaway pic for those who want total accuracy. Seems I remember TooOld on the forum was doing a scratch built frame!
  3. Snake, it looks to be a silver colored frame in this shot.
  4. Well, I am retired. I have nowhere to go, and all day to get there. Naps, however, do slow down progress.
  5. How about a Snap bomb. Got one off the bay. Took it apart and redid it.
  6. Been looking for one too. Just picked up a Hawk Bobcat on Epay. Will try your described improvements.
  7. Here's two of my glue bomb rescues. Before and after.
  8. Stunning!!! You sir, are in a class by yourself. Your model is more realistic than the car I drive.
  9. First thing I noticed, too. Like the way you are getting some mess on it!
  10. Be sure and use 90% alcohol as 70% may not do it either.
  11. I surprised no one nominated the AMT Nascar Earnhardt Tbird and the Petty Grand Prix. Even as curbside there were very few useable parts. The decals were of some use. The chassis and glass were Palmerish.
  12. Had a Jeep Grand Cherokee in '97. Was driving to work on the freeway in rush hour traffic and it was raining. We were going about 50mph when the guy in front of me slammed on the brakes. I swerved right, now I'm up on two wheels and about to roll over. Swerved back left and brought it back down in the next lane. Don't know how I didn't roll or hit someone else. That Jeep's high center of gravity could be exciting. My next SUV was a Durango.
  13. "I didn't mean to turn him around, I meant to rattle his cage though." Great build of "Old Ironhead's" Bristol winner. I watched that race on TV. Dale got alotta of boos for spinning Terry LaBonte on the last lap. Good weathering job.
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