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  1. I don't know. But I'm sure someone on this Forum could answer that. I do know it was a close match for the one they left out of the AWB Cyclone FC kit.
  2. Yep, I used the kit's body (moved the rear wheel wells back to stock) with the kits headlights/grill (added the grill insert from a Fireball 500 Barracuda). The interior tin and floorboard from an old MPC FC, chassis, engine, wheels and tires came from the Polar Lights Mustang FC. Slixx decals.
  3. Walmart movie cars, long version

    Agree, is a great commercial. I go to Walmart very rarely, but if I do I take my Walmart Bingo card to play.
  4. Great kit for parts but not real accurate.
  5. MPC/AMT '69 Barracuda?

    Agree with both Force and Snake, the original question of this tread was what can be done with this kit? It does come with a Hemi for custom or race options but it does need help.
  6. MPC/AMT '69 Barracuda?

    Pic from Sox & Martin Memorial. Show's '67, '68, '69, '70, '71, '72, and '73 Plymouths. All Hemi's?
  7. MPC/AMT '69 Barracuda?

    Built this Sox & Martin version years ago from the MPC "Killer 'Cuda" kit. Did use the Johan S&M Cuda wheels, tires, chassis and engine though. A lot of work on the interior to fit it to the Johan chassis.
  8. Tognotti's King T Gluebomb recovery

    Got this built one off Epay. Wasn't too bad, chrome had not been scraped so it came apart okay. Couldn't get the lacquer paint off so had to sand it where I could. Sprayed it Light Purple, but it looks like light blue in the photos. Let me know what you think. Last pic with iPhone camera, true color.
  9. I suffer from CSBM too!

    Our Model Club motto: "You will soon forget what you paid for one, but you will never forget if you don't have one."
  10. IMC Ford J car

    I redid my one. That cured me of trying another. I will you much patience.
  11. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    I have a set of 1/32 Monogram drag cars I did many years ago.
  12. MPC Jolly Roger

    I used a Jolly Roger hood to correct the one on a Multi Maverick. Still have an prebuilt one (Jolly Roger) and a spare body from two glue bombs. I don't believe it (JR) was ever a real car
  13. Tom Daniel - Most Famous Kit Designer Ever?

    Agree entirely.
  14. Garlits build"

    The body panels were only over the driver in it's first outing, but full front panels and a rear wing were added later.
  15. Garlits build"

    I agree, the MPC Wynnscharger re-release is closest, just need to leave off most of the front panel and rearrange the decals.