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  1. Milner's dragster decals?

    They are the same as the kit decals. They do not go under the engine.
  2. Ivo's T Bucket

    Good start! How long have you been working on them?
  3. Has anyone ever see these kits?

    Have the R2D2 and Darth Vader ones in the attic. Son built them 30 years ago. They are in various stages of parts.
  4. Ivo's T Bucket

    I would say if you wanted to adjust the rake and add "Outlaw" headers you could call it a replica.
  5. Ivo's T Bucket

    Oh wow, good job. The closest match for the Kookie's Tee headers and engine I found in the Revell Ed Roth's "Outlaw" kit. I didn't even try to do the pinstriping on my Ivo T.
  6. Ivo's T Bucket

    Thanks for the comments Phil. The Kookie's Tee was beyond my level, like to see your build.
  7. Show Your T's

    More T's.
  8. Show Your T's

    Just finished an Ivo T.
  9. Ivo's T Bucket

    After seeing the thread on Kookie's Tee and comparing it to Ivo's, I decided to try and build one (Ivo's) from the parts in the AMT '25 T double kit. Engine is from an Ivo Showboat Dragster, wheels are from a Deora kit, tires are from a '49 Ford Gasman kit ( thanks Alexis), inner wheels from the parts box and the rest from the '25 T kit. Liked the chrome wheels better than the black steelies. Still working on a rear bumper. Comments, pro and con are welcome.
  10. AMT 1925 Comp T Bucket tubular front axle

    Am in need of the chrome front tubular axle (part #321) from the AMT 1925 Model T Ford double kit. Have much to trade. Please let me know if you have one you would be willing to let go of.
  11. AMT Novacaine Funny Car?

    I'm content with my Old Pro Nova body and a Polar lights tin and chassis.
  12. Project Absurd. Prowler 3.5L V6 in a Morris Mini

    Alright, let's go race a Prius. Here, hold my beer!! Great work.
  13. What are your Bucket List Kits?

    I remember building one as a kid. The only thing that survived was the capsule with it's escape jato boom, still have it in the drawer, somewhere.
  14. Boy, were you right. I tried Super clean on my '71 Monte Carlo black vinyl roof laquer paint. Nothing! Then I read what you said about 91% Alcohol (tried 70% on other models before). It came right off. Good advice.
  15. '82 MPC War Horse kit revue

    Still love Bob Crozier's build