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  1. Another vote for the IMC Avenger. I wish you patience, IMC kits can be challenging as I'm sure you are aware. As for the "Uncertain T", I hope you never build it. Just wave it in Steve Scott's face for the way he's treated all his investors.
  2. Should be a good fit and a vast improvement.
  3. As I stated in an earlier tread, somewhere between a Tom Daniel's custom and a Palmer attempt. What it was.
  4. I wondered if anyone would say something. Had to sub a tire from a built kit and didn't finish sanding them. Will get on it. Thanks. Windscreen was split in front, glued and Future coated it.
  5. Had this in my stash for 30 years. Got some decals from Indycals, so decided to work on it. Some fit problems and the windscreen was broken but finally drug it over the finish line.
  6. Gasser, reminds me of the old "Flintstone Flyer" (it was a 1949 Packard ).
  7. I agree, that 's the body I used on my Ramchargers Challenger FC build,
  8. Great work! I have this one in my to do slash.
  9. Have two, will buy more. However, those side wings will be left off and the mounting holes covered!
  10. Yes, just like the Malco gasser model.
  11. Salvaged glue bomb I rebuilt and hinged the front end years ago.
  12. Found a replacement part for the top of the shock tower detail. A three point wheel center knockoff spinner from the spare parts box looks very close.
  13. Thanks. Yep, I made the engine bay from the spare parts box. Wow, outstanding paint work. Hope you're faster than I was.
  14. What If Dyno Don had a backup to his '73 Pinto Pro Stock. Maybe a '73 Mustang Mach I. Well, I started this project in 2020 and finally got around to decaling it. I'm calling it done. Had a WIP thread I started years ago. MPC Mach I kit, Testors rattle can Bright Red and Slixx decals.
  15. Finally got back to decaling it and drug it over the finish line.
  16. Have another winner but I need help to remember what year and drivers. The 936 Martini Porsche is a 936/77, I think (1977 winner?) by Tamiya, driven by Hurley Haywood and Jacky Ickx.
  17. The 1978 winner, Renault A442B by Tamiya, driven by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud and Didier Pironi.
  18. How about an IMC kit, Ford Gt40 1969 winner. Drivers -Jackie Oliver, Jacky Ickx.
  19. Thanks guys. I wish I could remember who made the decals, they were very nice.
  20. Thanks. Nope, they are from the recent MPC Cosmic Charger dragster kit rerelease.
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