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  1. Stock Model A frames ??

    This may not have what you need but I will do some poking around tomorrow , I know I saw some somewhere'
  2. Stock Model A frames ??

    Thanks Ace, There are a lot of good tips and ideas there, I was considering making my own spring cross member by bending some channel styrene but your way looks much better. Thanks for all the info and how-to's Jon
  3. Stock Model A frames ??

    Interested in building some early style Model A (&32?) track nose style Hot rods. Like the type that were built to "go" and not show. Most Kit frames are setup with newer rear suspension such as airbags or coils. Not counting the Revell 29 Ford P/U of which I have already robbed the back spring perch from, are there any body out there supplying frames and/or rear suspension for "stock" A's ?
  4. Roadster Door Hinges ?

    It is going to be a Track Nose Roadster. I want to put a fuel tank and battery and a vintage style fire extinguisher in the trunk . I decided to have it open rumble seat style so you can see the trunk interior better. This is my first attempt at doing hinges. Next one I think I will make the inner support thinner.
  5. Race Hemi and max wedge info.

    Good information, thanks for posting
  6. Roadster Door Hinges ?

    Thanks That gives me some good info to start with. I just finished doing the trunk lids on a 32 and 29. After cutting out the trunk on the 32 I had to add plastic to the edges so the gap was not to large. On the 29 since I wanted louvers I used the one from the Revell 32 5W kit and it to my surprise it was a drop in.
  7. Roadster Door Hinges ?

    Thanks I will have to hunt down some smaller tubing. Mine scales down to 2". Is there a problem on a roadster keeping everything in line since you are separating the front and back ends of the body with no roof to keep things together ?
  8. Working on a 29 A . Just did my first hinged trunk lid. Thinking about doing the doors. Any tips, hints or tutorials on hinged roadster doors? Thanks
  9. 64 Dodge 330 question.

    Keep in mind that the Hemi and Max Wedge had different had scoops
  10. Not that exact kit but this may help https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/revell-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/chevrolet/1951-1960/revell-56-chevrolet/
  11. Happy Ford/Chevy Day!

    Smaller list: How many songs with 427 in the lyrics vs how many songs with 426 in the lyrics ?
  12. Need I.D. of car in photo

    Looks to ba about a 82 Dodge Diplomat or Plymouth Grand Fury
  13. Is there a source for Early Ford (model T& A, 32) outside door handles ? I know R7M has the interior handles and cranks but I do not see any outside handles. Thanks
  14. Molotow Chrome -Can you clear coat

    Spastik Clear is reported to not dull Molotow. I have only done some minor testing and it seemed to work well. Use at your own discretion. I plan on doing more testing at a later date.
  15. R&M has the Duvall separate but it is for the 39/40. He has the Duvall for the 32 but it comes with the body and hood, as was mentioned before it is a tad bit wide for the 32. I am building a 29 also using the Revell 29 kit. Using the A frame as a channeled track nose roadster, I will be using the 32 frame and highboy parts on a 32 Phantom Vicky Roadster project. Love all the extra parts in the Revell 29 and 32 5 window kits. I was disappointed that the 29 did not come with a flatty.