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  1. "Mystery" Ford Panel Van

    3/4 ton truck https://www.google.com/search?q=41+ford+truck+3/4+ton&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjxzsuDjKHjAhUlPn0KHfPTCeoQ_AUIESgC&biw=1366&bih=663
  2. "Mystery" Ford Panel Van

    Maybe it is a Panel Truck rather than a Panel Van the body style is not the same. I found this photo on google but it there was little info on it
  3. Moved my question???

    My truck was just totaled (while it was parked) by a drunk driver) and I have been on the phone with two insurance companies, the last one for an hour. So EXCUSE ME for not missing the joke, and as a side note it was not a "Joke" it was "sarcasm"
  4. Moved my question???

    Is that like "humor is just reason gone mad"?
  5. Moved my question???

    Why would anyone actually ask to start an argument ?? Maybe just a discussion ?
  6. 50's Era Helmets ?

    Thanks but I figured I will scratch build a couple half shell helmets, Thanks to all for you information and suggestions. Your a great bunch of Folks here.
  7. Hurst shifter

    I had a hard time trying to attach the shifter balls supplied. Found these piercing barbell that have threaded holes and come in various colors and sizes https://www.ebay.com/itm/5x-Stainless-Steel-Barbell-Ear-Cartilage-Tragus-Helix-Stud-Bar-Earring-Piercing/222981519926?hash=item33eabbfa36:m:mnlR-CQC73BbUXu58o32LQg
  8. Thanks for all the information and links to past posts. I have known Harold Perry for a few years now and consider him a friend. Unfortunately he lives a ways away from me and only occasionally see each other in person. When I decide to do the build I will pick his brain and with what you guys have given me hopefully it will be half as nice. Thanks Again
  9. YUp ,your right thats why the grille has that wonky insert in it.
  10. Thanks Ace. I have two of the newer kits and I do see a difference in the parts from the Classic kit. Thanks for the link to workbench post. I will give it a good read They do have a similar grille shell assembly, Current price is $8.95
  11. I just opened the AMT Classic Model A Roadster and included in the box were parts that look to be from the Ala Kart. I know in the earlier editions that the Ala Kart included a Stock Mode A as a two car kit. In the Classic there is a set of custom fenders similar the the AK but a bit different. Also is a Model A pickup roadster body similar to the AK but minus some of the custom touches. Could these parts be the one used in the Mod Rod/Ala Kart kit ? Any history on the kits timeline and changes would be interesting and appreciated.
  12. Building a 50's Era Track Nose Model A and thought about getting a helmet for a prop. Not sure what the wore if anything back in the day. I know that after the war they used leather flight helmets and goggles They may have worn the half helmets with the leather ear straps. Are there any scale helmets in scale that would work ? Bonus Question: Looking thru online pictures I noticed they didn't have any roll bars and not sure about seat belts either ?
  13. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    You might just put "2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI Diesel reviews " in a Google search. That is where I usually start. I have Edmund's a good place.
  14. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    Since the song was released in 63 I would lean towards it being a 63, The Little Old Lady from Pasadena was released in 64 and the lyrics call it a " a brand new shiny red super stocked Dodge" so I figure it to be a 64. (your results may varie)
  15. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    Well for a real challenge try building Jan & Deans "Schlock Rod" Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! I own a '48 Buick and it's olive green Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) All the kids on the block say it sure looks keen Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) There's big chrome stars on the side of the hood And those six extra taillights sure look good! Schlock Rod! Schock Rod! I, er buy all my car parts from a mail-order house Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) And everybody says my car is sure Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse! (Squeak Squeak!) I got lights in my wheel wells and Portawalls I burn cheap gas and she always... stalls Schlock Rod Schlock Rod I got one big truck tire that's low on air (That's cool! Cool! Cool!) Makes her sit a little lopsided, but I don't care! Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) I got twin antennies with a raccoon tails Spare in the trunk, well, it's full of nails Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! Look at us go Goodness gracious, we're traveling fast! Schlock Rod Zippity zip down the street Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) (You betcha, Red Ryder... Follow me, Muscles) Schlock Rod! (Squeak! Squeak!) Race that Honda Don't wind her up too much Oh, oh, oh oh Take him! I can feel the vibrations We're gonna take off, I bet you I wouldn't bet you... Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod! Zipping around wet corners I can make her brody Schlock Rod! (Oooh! Oooh!) And then I stop at the drug store, well Just for a sody (That rhyme...Ewwww! Ewwww!) With a bright orange bug deflector with a great big jewel When I make the drive-in scene, I sure am cool! Schlock Rod! Look at me, I'm hep! Schlock Rod! I just bought a propeller for the front of my grille (That's swingy... Hi, boys, it flies!) Well, looks so nifty makes my heart stand still (Ahhhh...Uhhhh?) And if you ask me if it's slow I won't lie I can shut down any Honda With the uh, wink of my eye! Schlock Rod! Schlock Rod!