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  1. And it has a Flathead that's a plus
  2. Looks great. I have two of the bodies and firewalls and the up top. One will be full fendered with the top and the other one open and fenderless. Plan using the beds from the Revell 29 .
  3. For me the Milner Coupe is almost perfect other than having a SMC in it. I like the attitude
  4. For me it has to have that "wow" factor and not look like every other Deuce out there The Black 5 window in the original post is cool but I see the same thing everywhere. The Green Roadster while not yet perfect for me does draw my eye to it as something built with some individual taste
  5. What would be on your list of requirements to define the "Perfect Deuce" ? My list: #1 Ford or Hemi motor #2 If it is a Highboy it must be chopped #3 No "mail slot chops #4 Big and little's and no rubber band tires (tires need to have some meat on them) and none of those skinny drag style front wheels #5 No race cars (that would fall under the "Perfect Drag Car" category) #6 Mildly customized That is my top 6 (for now) Whats yours ?
  6. Deuce frames made for old style cross spring suspension. Motorcycle fenders for Ts,As and deuces
  7. Going to the intake side, I was told that painting aluminum intake manifold should not be done as it interferes with the cooling process.
  8. Anybody have any experience with a Senco ? I picked this one up at Goodwill today for $40 seems to run great ,1/2 hp with 1.4 cfm
  9. Thanks, I found a 34 5 window street rod kit in my stash that has it
  10. Building a 32 Roadster with a modern suspension, Using the rear set from the 90 T Bird SC. What are my options (if any) for a IFS setup for the 32 ?
  11. Oh, a wise guy, eh? Why I oughta..Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!"
  12. I found this article thought I might try and do it on a model. Using 1/2 round for a new fender arch may be easier than how it was done in the article. . https://www.hotrod.com/articles/0601rc-1932-ford-body-section/
  13. I would like to use it as a learning experience and do it myself.
  14. I am currently in the process of building some A's and Deuces in various configurations. Thinking about a slick looking sectioned highboy.
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