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  1. Thanks for the info . I don't think it would work for an era correct 60"s build (JK)
  2. What transmission is attached to the Nailhead engine in Revells 29 Roadster kit ? Thanks
  3. Jon Haigwood

    Cars in Songs

    I stand corrected . What next some "Prius Rap" ?? I would rather listen to "Schlock Rod"
  4. This gives you a rough idea of what the shape is. Front half needs the sides blended into the back. The back has the general shape of the roadster . Roy Brizio's build of the Kookie T
  5. T Touring body is basically flatter across the back where it was cut off behind the seat back . My plan is to add sharper corners to a roadster body
  6. That would be interesting, Main problem would be making the front half of a 22 Touring body. Not sure if they could use that in any other kits. A resin body would be very helpful but again would the market be there to justify the cost.
  7. Jon Haigwood

    Cars in Songs

    WHAT no "BEEP BEEP" by the Playmates ???
  8. That's before it became the "Kookie Car", then it was the "Lightnin Bug“
  9. Story goes that Tommy snuck into Norms garage and got the measurements from the Kookie T so he could build his T. They had a good rivalry going that ended in a drag race.
  10. Thanks for posting the link with all the great pictures. One of my future builds will be to duplicate the original as much as possible One of the hardest things to duplicate is the front half of a 22 Model T Touring car. From what I can find, no one has kitted a T Touring suitable. The exhaust will also be a challenge
  11. Jon Haigwood

    Cars in Songs

    more info https://www.rodauthority.com/news/the-magnificent-mopar-max-wedge/
  12. Jon Haigwood

    Cars in Songs

    I believe it was available to the public but may not have been with the Hemi only the Max Wedge
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