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  1. Local Hobby shop closing up shop had a Garage Sale today. Picked up a resin Chopped 33 Ford, Revell 3 Window Kit. R&M 29 Ford kit, Blueprinter parts Pack with 4 engines and some chrome grilles, a Revell parts pack with 4 427 Ford engines and a Revell Parts Pak Caddy 354,
  2. I picked this up today at a garage sale a local hobby shop had as he was closing his shop. I picked up a bunch of stuff at great prices including this resin Chopped 33 Ford 3W, Nothing on the box to indicate where it was from, Any clues ?
  3. Using aluminum oxide with a small opening like that I can see it blowing thru the plastic. Maybe with baking powder at a distance it might work OK but then again $70 compared to $22 , will be going with the HF
  4. Just used baking baking soda at around 50 or less psi held 8" away. On the new body it mainly just took away the shine. On the painted body it took some of the paint off, down to the white primer, might be useful for a patina effect.
  5. I have been experimenting with a media blaster I picked up at Harbor Freight. I wanted something that would assist in paint removal on paint fails. My first attempt was using baking soda on a relatively thinner paint, Candy2o over a rattle can silver flake. What little I did seemed to work but needs more testing. I just blasted a new unpainted Revell 3W and it didn't seem to harm the body but left a satin looking finish and I thought this may be a better surface for paint to grip than the smooth out of the box surface with out all the light pre-paint sanding. Anybody ever give this a try ?
  6. Your thoughts on using 4030 1/1 with Candy2o then clearing over it with 4053 .
  7. Thanks for the advice. I just ordered some 4053 and 4011 (to replenish my supply from sraygunner on ebay. I just watched those videos. I am considering upgrading my NEO to a .5 and revisiting my Paasche VL and H
  8. I was not familiar with the 4053, I have been using the 4050 1:1 with the the Candy2o's reducing with 4011. What tip size are you using ? I have been using a Iwata Neo CN and a Iwata Eclipse HP-CS I think they both are a .35 and I am considering upgrading to a .5, what are your recommendations on this ? (currently checking into the 4053)
  9. Yeah that, On my newer laptop I also have to push the "prt sc" and the "window key" (lower left between "fn" and "alt') button at the same time.
  10. The beginning of the Kookie T also arguably the beginning of the T Bucket. Tommy Ivo built his after getting measurements off this one . Snuck into Norms garage to get them
  11. Thanks, great link. I am building a version of the Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe Album Cover car ‘Silver Sapphire’ and needed more details and photos. Found them there on the July 61 issue.
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