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  1. But I don't think you could get George Barris and his brother Sam to build one for you
  2. Hirohata Merc Sold yesterday at Mecum Auctions for $1,950,000, Lots of crazy prices and cool cars.
  3. I built a home made light box since all my pictures turn out a bit underwhelming. I thought I would see what kind of tips I can get for good lighting. It is just a 14X10 plastic bin with white cardboard on the inside. I thought about cutting a hole in the top and putting a light shining thru, maybe with some copy paper to defuse the light some. From all the great pictures I see here I am fairly confidant you folks can give me some tips. Car photo is just with a light shining in from the front left ,( definitely tell that I need more light from the right front)
  4. Yes indeed, I have had issues when I have used polish's and then had to repaint
  5. There is a couple that looks like what I want but they are out of stock. I will keep checking back with them. Thanks
  6. Working on a couple T.R.O.G. builds for a local build-off and thinking about putting them on a trailer and pulling it with a vintage (30's, 40's, 50's) heavy duty truck. Are there any kits that would have suitable truck , C.O.E. maybe ?
  7. I did discover that I wasn't getting enough on the edges and corners so now I make sure I give them equal amounts of coverage. I don't like using rattle cans because they waste so much paint and apply the paint to heavy. Normally I decant them and apply them with an airbrush
  8. I find when doing the googly search method mentioned above I do the search on the "image" setting. I find a image that applies to my search query then check out the page that is attached to it. Your results may vary.
  9. Painting is not my forte, and the thing I struggle with the most. I have been using Candy2o over a metallic base. The UVLS clear that I reduce it with doesn't get the results I want so I have been using Alclad Lacquer Gloss Klear coat and spraying several coats, wet sanding and applying additional coats and re-sand and polish. One of my problems is when I lightly wet sand I inadvertently sand thru to the base coat. I use a lot Createx products and watch their videos on how to use them so I contacted the person that did most of the videos on Candy2o paint. I told him what I was trying to do and what airbrush I was using. In his response he told me that airbrush with a .35 tip was to small for clears and I should use at least a .5 tip. I also stated that a 2k clear would probably work better for my application. He recommended I use SprayMax in aerosol cans. Any thoughts on this and any experience with SprayMax ? thanks
  10. Norm only has Strombergs. I may have to use them. Norm told me he probably won't be back to making parts until January
  11. One of your club members found this picture and was wondering what it's origin was. I'm thinking home made,
  12. Only seeing two barrels , need one barrels Love their stuff wish they had them
  13. Looking for some Holley carbs similar to the ones in the pic. Thanks
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