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  1. Thanks for all the replies and info, I have a place to start Jon
  2. Wifey picked up a Revell 68 VW Beatle kit for me. It seems like it is mostly a stock version with the only option being right or left hand drive. Are there any aftermarket parts such as engines or Baja parts available ? Thanks
  3. I have a bunch that I inherited but haven't tried them yet. One thing that I read was that on some in order to thin them down enough for airbrush you will lose a lot of the pigment in the paint.
  4. On my FB Model page I have started posting a feature on some of the custom car builders of the past, Ed Roth was the first one and now I am researching Joe Bailon for the next one. In the researching process I ran across this photo of one of his builds "MISS ELEGANCE" . This dash might be considered a bit busy.
  5. Funny, the first word that comes to mind is "Jalopy"
  6. Your proving my point < almost everybody has them. And how many different styles of flames can you name ?
  7. Personally I think "Flames" are over rated, Prefer "Scallops"
  8. On my FB Model Page I have been featuring the AMBR Winners. I have been watching as the winning trends seems to change. In 1950 was William Niekamps's 29 Roadster. In 1958 with the Ala Kart things started to change They started to be way out there and in 65 with Caspers Ghost the imaginations were working hard My page is now at 77 with the Candy Man but it looks like things are changing with tomorrows 1978 winner Phil Cool's 32 Roadster It will be interesting in seeing the trend changes in the upcoming winners
  9. I will have to go check out my 2019 GC Trailhawk ans see if I can find one
  10. I wonder how well they will fit in a Revell body ?
  11. I have a few T bucket build that I have started and about to start. Most of the kits are Revell Tweedy Pie or from the same molds. I would like to find some different interior options other than the Tweedy Pie (which is not correct) . I know R&M has several available for the Model A and 32 but I see nothing for the T. Any info on source or modifications would be very helpful. Thanks Jon
  12. Normally I just spray Rustoleum Satin or Semi Gloss clear over the black primer or anything else that I want to have that type of finish such as engine blocks, transmission , interiors etc.
  13. Your right. I found another view from the other side and you can make out the linkage . If you need more Tweedy pictures found a site with a few
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