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  1. Anyone making some nice looking alternators?
  2. I just started making door and trunk hinges, I started with these round pliers But found that I have more success with these wire bending pliers
  3. I do a bunch of Google searches for car pics related to one of my current builds, often when I click on a picture it will bring up old threads. Often when doing a search using the "site:modelcarsmag.com (what you want to find)" (so I don't have to receive any guff about not searching before I ask a question feedback) It will bring back old threads I just don't respond to the threads
  4. I just started using this for temporary glue for mocking up and doing windows
  5. And what if you wanted to build it in it's original configuration ?
  6. I fully understand. For me the futility and struggling to accomplish a goal is where the enjoyments is. I do have some diecast and they are in a box somewhere. I can look at a diecast and think "yeah I bought that" and look at a built model and think "wow that was a pain to get such and such right" or/and "that paint job was a real pain" and I also think about how much I enjoyed researching the build and overcoming the obstacles to get it right to my standards. Truth be told if I found a DM Kookie Car I would most likely buy but that would not stop me in building one.
  7. Mainly because I am a model "Builder" not a model "buyer" It is not the destination it is the the roads you take to get there.
  8. Anyone interested in building a Kookie T and a few other old celebrity Hot Rods. Hot Rod Deluxe Jan. Star Car Edition has lots of information and reference photos I have been researching the Kookie Car for a few years and just found a bunch I didn't know about it
  9. Here is a starting place http://roybriziostreetrods.com/progress/myers_22/img_09.htm
  10. It will be interesting to see how the exhaust systems is duplicated on your builds
  11. Keep us posted on your progress. I will be starting mine sometime in the future. Util then I will be hunting for reference picture thru Google.
  12. Thanks for the info . I don't think it would work for an era correct 60"s build (JK)
  13. What transmission is attached to the Nailhead engine in Revells 29 Roadster kit ? Thanks
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