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  1. Just not looking for the right thing, I was searching for a Parts Pak and not for a Engine Pack, thanks
  2. I know they are not the same but either there isn't any AMT Parts Paks for a 421 Poncho or there scarcer than hens teeth
  3. I found this car on google that I would like to use as an inspiration. The Engine is a 455 Pontiac with a 2X4 manifold with cross rams and adapters for 4 Strombergs.I can start with the Parts Pak 421 but I will need a 2X4 manifold, I can probably scratch build the carb adapters. Any suggestions on finding manifold to fit this 421?
  4. Anybody ever try these louvers from Louverit ? https://louverit.com
  5. This will be my first build with opening doors. I will be using the Orange Crate body. Do you paint with the doors on and cut thru the paint to open the door or do you paint with the doors off and then trim down the paint to install the door ?
  6. Thanks for all the advice, got-r-done. I ended up back filling it with my go to putty , Tammiya Extra Thin with styrene melted into it. After a bit of drying time (couple days in the dehydrator) Then carefully filed and sanded smooth on the outside . Now I need to decide whether I am going with the fenders on the body or remove them and go the full fendered route.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. Your build is great. I really like the way you did the exhaust, very out of the box thinking.
  8. From what I can find there was never a factory Town Car Delivery in 1932, There was some in 1931 and older but in 32 there only seems to be a Town Car. My thoughts are to make one from the new MPC Coca Cola 32 Sedan Delivery kit. Any thought's or suggestions (or opinions) on such an adventure ?
  9. I will be using the Orange Crate Body on another project. Is there any easy way to flatten out the cowl bumps ?
  10. Almost finished the 32 extended cap p/u, just needs exhaust and a radiator hose Getting the paint finished on the Not Too Tall T and going to start on the frame and running gear,
  11. While at the auto parts store picking up some wet sanding paper I ran across this 3M 3000 grit polishing pad. Has anyone any experience using it ?
  12. I have not used baking powder or soda , only baby or body powder with success. I used to mix baby powder with super glue as a filler. I now use flocking powder as it is easier to apply using a small salt shaker and mix styrene with Tamiya extra thin for filler. (also known as "sprue glue") I do use baking powder to clean car batteries LOL
  13. I used baby powder in the past now I use embossing powder. Baby powder is not water-soluble when sealed with paint
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