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  1. Lots of good stuff here , Thanks for posting
  2. Favorite is researching a build and locating the right parts most hated is chrome foiling trim
  3. Badgers Facebook page has a great video explaining air brush facts including feed , action and mix.
  4. Thank You Actually I built that from various pieces of exhaust parts, Did some heat and bend. Jon
  5. The Beach Boys added a line to their version "You'll see her all the time, just gettin' her kicks now, (Go Granny, go, Granny, go, Granny, go) With her four speed stick and a four - two - six now;"
  6. Also found that a red felt pen works better than red paint
  7. I had an old can of Sapphire (?) Blue Metalflake that I decanted for a project. Needed more none of the local stores carried it. So I ordered a can off ebay along with a couple bottles for backup. So yes it is still out there just not locally in my area
  8. Thanks for all the responses , Ordered the P by P long fined.
  9. That may work, I could polish it and it would look more realistic
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