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  1. I would have to go with the "32". It has it's own nickname "The Deuce" . The Model A, just gets called "The A" (Maybe)
  2. Thanks for the replies . Looks like I will be building a 4 Banger Thanks Again
  3. One of the club ,members maybe starting up a T.R.O.G build off. I never build 4 cylinder engines but thought about it for this one. The AMT 27 Model T kit comes with a 4 Banger wit an overhead valve conversion. Is this period correct for T.R.O.G. or did it come about in later years ?
  4. I think the OP was asking for experience's and user input as well as product information
  5. Thanks. I found this. Looks close just have to darken the blue and add some pink spots here and there. Looks better
  6. I am not sure if I could find any lace material that work for a smaller scale. The idea of making decals sounds very doable. I haven't found any patterns real close to the photo but I found several that will work. Thanks for the idea
  7. I am thinking about building the Testers Coupe Napoleon and would like to get as accurate as I can. The kit calls for the rear interior to be black but from what I can find online it had a patterned interior . Is there a good way to replicate it or should I stick to black ?
  8. From the show , looks to be black with black wall tires
  9. I found a couple promos but my pockets aren't that deep. Not sure how well the Comp Resins would convert to a factory car. I may do some comparison between the 66 and the 67 the rear body lines are similar.
  10. I would like to build a replica of my cousins 66 Mercury Comet Cyclone . Is this doable ? All I can find is a 65 and a 67, both are a ways from a 66. Thanks for advice and or info
  11. Keep in mind that you cannot wet sand acrylic paint or Future .
  12. I watched his show for awhile , and classify it as an oddity , It seems like he his biggest fan, maybe only fan
  13. Go to the web site there are lots of informative videos, Also you can go to youtube and to look for videos
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