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  1. You didn't ask but I found suitable chain at HB in the jewelry chain area,
  2. Looking for trunk louvers for a 32 3 window. I thought maybe the one that comes with the 5 window might work but it is not wide enough and has the wrong curve. Any other sources available ? Thanks
  3. I put the entire car into the dehydrator with the front propped up so the wheels were just off the ground and left it for awhile and the axle returned to shape (mostly). I will just have to store it with the front propped up from now on.
  4. Whether you pronounce it "Porsh or "Porsh-a" depends on if you own one or not. I watch Curse of Oak Island and Gary sometimes finds artifacts made from "Pooter" but not during a "Hurrycan"
  5. I sent this kit to one of my Grandkids but apparently it did not have the instructions, He is Autistic and won't be able to put it together by himself with out them. It may be some time before I can get together with him as he lives in another part of the state. Any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. I built this straight axle car about a year ago using a 3D printed front axle. I brought it out from storage the other day and found that the axle had developed a bend . I assume this is from the axle being to soft and over time it bent with the weight of the car on it. Is this a common problem? I am thinking the next parts I get I will be more selective on their use.
  7. definitely more brown. here is an interior I am currently working on. The floor is the red primer with embossing powder and the seat is red primer with a satin clear over it
  8. Well that looks a lot easier than what I am doing, Cut out a section of round styrene tubing for the center and cutting down headlight buckets for the ends
  9. Thanks, there is some great building tips, I will be checking it out.
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