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  1. Has anyone built these?

    Been waiting on finding a 22 Touring body for Norms T. Ivos needs a 25 Phaeton body.
  2. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    R&M does not list the Tweedy Kit in his 2017 Catalog (he just sent me) but he told me the W-8 Tire and Wheel set are the same as the ones in his kit.
  3. Has anyone built these?

    Lots of good closeup pictures and some info on the Meecum website. May have to use the prtsc button and paint to download them https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0118-313114/1929-ford-hi-boy-roadster-pickup/
  4. Has anyone built these?

    Both a interesting vehicles. The Firebird III was on Leno's show and he drove it. It has a turbine engine in the back for power and another gas(?) engine in the front to operate the hydraulics. It's controlled by a joystick style handle. The Happy Days car has fake 4 pipe headers bolted to the side of the block and the flathead 3 pipe headers going down under the body.
  5. Has anyone built these?

    Ran across these while watching Leno's Garage and the Meecum Auction. Didn't see any kits for them and was wondering if anyone try building one up? Found the Happy Days Rod at the Meecum Acutions And the GM Firebird III concept car on Leno's Garage
  6. 2019 Mustang Bullitt

    Mustang Fan Here. but I have a hard time seeing a Mustang in the 2019. All is see is Darth Vader ?? They seem to be putting them little wing things on the front corners just like most everybody else.
  7. Tweedy Pie parts

    Tanks I did notice in your RM list of parts it showed .010 x .080 piece of styrene. I assumed that was what it was for. Since I have the Tweedy II and the new release I will probably build the original flathead version and one of the later versions. Still trying to find the original style bias tires in big-n-little.
  8. Tweedy Pie parts

    I just picked up the new kit and it doesn't seem to include the chrome band going around the right side of the tank. Did you scratch build it or did it come in the RM kit?
  9. Just checked my Deuce box, none in there
  10. AMT 1950 Ford Showboat

    Interesting, looks like it might be a great choice. I did graft in the Deville roof from the 50 convert kit onto the 49.
  11. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    I think they still list the kit at R&M , I have considered getting it ,not sure about spending $31 then getting it plated. What was the cost on getting this done? Did a version of it have the curved intake like yours . I definitely like that style better. I may go back to my original plan and do the flathead version first
  12. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    My Tweedy II kit did not have the tank. I may try scratch building one .
  13. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    This is the only correct version of Roths Tweedy Pie The Correct version of the first Tweedy Pie (built by Bob Johnston not Ed Roth) had a flathead and no pin stripes. Bob later changed out the engine for a Chevy with a single 4 br. and later added a Offenhauser manifold and six Strongbergs. Roth bought the car from Bob reportedly with a $1500. check from Revell. Roth added the pinstripes.
  14. Engine wiring question

  15. Which Dremel?

    I personally stay away from cordless. I also stay away from HF, chuck parts won't interchange with Dremel/Craftsmen and you are stuck with only being able to use 1/8th shank tools.